Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1850

Before spending money recklessly, somewhat anxious standing nearby Transmission Formation, position very special that this Transmission Formation is, is in a tiger ship, this tiger ship also passes through one of the Zhao Hai modified tiger ships, in general Great Magical Artifact cannot install Transmission Formation. On Transmission Formation white glow flashes, person's shadow appears in Transmission Formation, this person has worn an ordinary black cultivator clothing/taking, appearance also very ordinary, cannot see a point special place. However spending money recklessly previous sees this person is actually somewhat intense, he walked hastily, holds the fist in the other hand to that person said : Senior Brother Zhao, you came.” Before Zhao Hai look at spends money recklessly, before showing a faint smile said : flower, did you personally run over? Walks.” Before spending money recklessly, has complied with one, is directing Zhao Hai toward the tiger ship in the cabin walks, before spending money recklessly, does not dare to be impolite to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai now in Black Tiger Group is any status, that is not inferior to Hu Liangchen existence, he comes compared with Zhao Hai, but must miss on one section. After they arrive in the cabin has sat down, Zhao Hai turns the head before spending money recklessly said : my this time, is secret, first do not tell anybody, if the day Demon Realm this attack second regiment, I do not want the returned to first regiment to go, these days you do not need to manage me, I will close up in the cabin, the matter of second regiment I will not manage, all according to the original that appearance, do not make anybody disturb me , should not be known me by them.” Before spending money recklessly, nodded said : Senior Brother Zhao feel relieved, I know how should do, Senior Brother you rest first, I went, if I leave too long time, will possibly be suspected.” Zhao Hai nodded. Before spending money recklessly, then turn around walked. Looked before spending money recklessly, walked. Zhao Hai then returned to in Space, face calm the picture on look at screen, the screen last present is nine Great Sect and situation of day Demon Realm war. Now nine Great Sect because of turning back in order to help friendly forces of Soaring Dragon Realm Immortal Stage Expert, what hits with day Demon Realm is inextricably involved, but day Demon Realm is not easy to deal with, both sides fight not to stop to the present, nine Great Sect although were in the upper hand, but actually continuously half meeting also takes day of Demon Realm not to have the means that during both sides to have confronted in time stalemate. However this regarding Zhao Hai to is the good deed, the both sides war. Has caused the massive casualties, Immortal Stage Expert fallen more than hundred, Zhao Hai naturally will be impolite, all received in Space. Both sides presently no one can occupy cheaply. Has drawn back, war of this day had ended, has to recognize, before day Demon Realm, by attacking the extension was defended, was a wonderful chess, nine Great Sect take day Demon Realm means of full defense not to have now.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath, changed to second regiment here the picture, turns the head to Cai'er their said : Cai'er, wants the join surveillance to nine Great Sect there, do not think that these fellows are any good thing. Does not do well has not waited for day Demon Realm to cope with us, they first began.” Cai'er smiles said : Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved, I have arranged, they will not have opportunity.” Zhao Hai then nodded, the look at screen that two eyes cold light sparkles, on the screen was demonstrating second regiment opposite Heavenly Demon army, this Heavenly Demon army Heavenly Demon army of Moli Ke regiment will be much more rampant, sometimes not send out some squads the second regiment to harass. Li Kuangge now although was not so arrogant, however his command(er) ability actually is still not very strong, the second regiment now is still at the defensive. simply does not dare to exit to attack, situation compared with Hundred Flower Valley there although , but also is the difference of Eldest Child and Second Child. Looked at a while screen, Zhao Hai also thought that does not have what meaning, Zhao Hai to want now in cloudy day Demon Realm and nine Great Sect. Today is nine Great Sect Soaring Dragon Realm Immortal Stage Expert first time with the day of day Demon Realm Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon to war, both sides protect the loss. However has not been in situation of having a fracture, believes that following nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm will have several wars, after all nine Great Sect these Immortal Stage Expert are suppressing a fire at heart, must make them give this fire. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai believes following some time, nine Great Sect offensive will be very fierce, but day Demon Realm wants to piling him , has certainly a mind to be incapable, therefore Freedom Alliance here for sometime peaceful day, but this peaceful day can how long, that unable to reach an agreement. Day Demon Realm these time comes prepared, calculated the Soaring Dragon Realm there matter, they will not be definitely easy to give up, attacked Freedom Alliance is the sooner or later issue, so long as and other Great Sect attack one weak, believes that they will begin to Freedom Alliance. Really like Zhao Hai thinks, then in the several days time, nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm army fights one after another, although nine Great Sect have taken some advantages, but Heavenly Demon army is not affable, has withstood the attacks of nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect then have to take seriously Heavenly Demon army. Nine Great Sect books think that Soaring Dragon Realm there Expert comes back, that tidies up Heavenly Demon army is also not the easy matter, but has not actually thought that day Demon Realm also hid the strength unexpectedly, they have shown the card in a hand, unexpectedly by the opposite party catching, nine Great Sect unexpectedly somewhat were at once flurried. Nine Great Sect this chaotic, attack naturally also slow, but has been paying attention to nine Great Sect and Heavenly Demon army Zhao Hai sees nine Great Sect offensive slow, the heart is one tight, he knows that the good play must come. However he to did not fear that now, nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm war, is the quantity that Immortal Stage Expert damages to fall is not only lower than 500, in Zhao Hai Space, currently had more than 1500 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, such strength, showed disdain for the outstanding heroes sufficiently.

these days Zhao Hai has not been idling, once for a while will go to first regiment there to beam with joy, making their opposite Moli Ke regiments think that he continuously in first regiment there, but his person majority of time actually stays in Space, naturally, stayed in second regiment there in name. But very smooth that also Black Tiger Group base there Freedom Alliance integrate carries on, small Sect in majority of Freedom Alliance agrees with join Freedom Alliance, Black Tiger Group automatically becomes alliance leader and General Hall, other small Sect become branch Hall. But some small Sect actually directly sent for giving to destroy completely by Black Tiger Group, naturally Black Tiger Group destroys completely these small Sect also well-founded, they have produced a large amount of evidence, showed that these small Sect have the relation with nine Great Sect, this type relates although normally seems like not anything, after all Freedom Alliance also has the relation with nine Great Sect, however had the relation at this time with nine Great Sect, that could not be justified, moreover they gave back to nine Great Sect to notify, Black Tiger Group naturally will not let off their. Naturally these evidence anything, are Zhao Hai take, other these join Freedom Alliance small Sect, did not have the opinion regarding Black Tiger Group such processing mode, they already join Freedom Alliance, after that was a whole, natural hated the rebel. In fact these small Sect are to refuse to accept not to be good now, the strength that Black Tiger Group this time shows was too strong, their very clear, oneself , if not agree, that Black Tiger Group will not let off their. These small Sect have to think wants alliance to get up, but they presently this wants alliance to get up not to be easy, Black Tiger Group now in Freedom Alliance is a monopoly of a single clique, does not have what competitor, but except Black Tiger Group beside, how many Sect strengths also has quite, if they abandon Black Tiger Group, in forming an alliance, whose calculation? Can establish Elder Assembly really? Such words do not say that has fought with other Great Sect alliances, feared that is Black Tiger Group they cannot fight. Because of this, therefore these small Sect, no matter is willing not to want, must join Freedom Alliance, only then their Dao doctrines can pass around like this, their Sect benefits can be guaranteed, some although above people were managing, but this regarding these small Sect, was actually not the matter at the worst, in fact before , they will also be being been managing, Ten Thousand Monster Sect spoke a few words at that time, they did not dare not to agree. Moreover Black Tiger Group to stand firm these small Sect, most pledge regulation from the beginning is not very strict, quite looks after regarding these small Sect, these small Sect also present this point, this makes them think that Black Tiger Group to resist nine Great Sect, meets integrate Freedom Alliance, the repel feeling at heart also lowered much. Freedom Alliance there integrate so smooth, is related with the day Demon Realm tactical situation with nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect in this several days time, still cannot give to repel day Demon Realm, this lets these small Sect, to nine Great Sect some disappointed, is adding on for own benefit considered, finally Freedom Alliance integrate so smooth. Now nine Great Sect offensive have slowed down, Freedom Alliance here also anxious, the Freedom Alliance here people knew that suspicion before Zhao Hai from Zhang Feng there, they also want to know that day Demon Realm can use this opportunity to cope with Freedom Alliance, if these time by Black Tiger Group were also said right, these small Sect think own join Freedom Alliance, perhaps is the most correct choice, after all Black Tiger Group when to ascending the sky Demon Realm, performance has been very powerful.

Zhao Hai sits in Space the look at screen, to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what kind of? What do the opposite these fellows have to respond?” Cai'er shook the head said : not any response, second regiment opposite Heavenly Demon army these days to very honest, they even stopped including the harassment of normally, because of this, I to is thinks that they attacked the possibility of second regiment to increase.” Zhao Hai nodded, the meaning of his also understand Cai'er, Heavenly Demon army could use this type to make the second regiment relax silent vigilantly, then gives the second regiment to come an surprise attack. The Laura look at screen, these days Moli Ke the regiment to Zhao Hai deep voice said : to one time moved, I thought that they will possibly take an action, Elder Brother Hai, you said that they can the first regiment and second regiment simultaneously carry on attack, one main feigns in one, takes the deceptive attack by the Moli Ke regiment, entangles you in there, then makes massive Immortal Stage Expert kill from second regiment here, gives to destroy completely the second regiment, is turning the head to cope with the first regiment.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have possibility very much, day Demon Realm these fellows are not good to cope, if is really such, that arrives does not have anything, in any case the first regiment war time, I must stay in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, which everyone don’t know I went.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }