Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1851

Moli Ke stands on Great Magical Artifact, a face calm look at front, in his side, with several Demon Race people, these Demon Race person each and every one is tall, the appearance is fierce, body killing aura is steaming. Demon Race suddenly open the mouth and said: Sir Moli Ke, this time we for the Zhao Hai first regiment entangling in here? Was inferior that we attack Zhao Hai fully they destroy completely consider as finished.” Moli Ke is gazing at the front motionlessly, in the mouth actually said : Schary demon, is not I do not want such to do, but is I cannot achieve, you had not fought with Zhao Hai, the place of don’t know his fearfulness, we, so long as can drag Zhao Hai in here, making him not have the means to supporting the second regiment, is the greatest victory, so long as we destroy completely the second regiment, can turn the head to cope with the Zhao Hai first regiment, so long as we gather soldier one, his first regiment on cannot be our matches.” Schary demon one hear of Moli Ke words, have cannot help but gawked, he very understands Moli Ke, Moli Ke very arrogant, he has not taken anyone, although said that his present strength has Transcends Tribulation Stage, but that is because he is young, so long as in giving his time, he certainly will become Immortal Stage Expert, naturally, most important his command(er) ability, Moli Ke with own command(er) ability, will let his Sect, from small Sect, turned into medium grade Sect, even in medium grade Sect, comparison powerful Sect. It can be said that Moli Ke some life legends, these time goes to battle with Cultivation World, most is favored is the Moli Ke regiment, but no one has thought. Moli Ke regiment that most is favored. Finally changes is the small achievement has not actually stood, this stems from the expectations of all Heavenly Demon Race. Now one hear of Moli Ke said that was extraordinarier, Moli Ke unexpectedly such attaching great importance to opposite party, moreover clarified said one were not the match of opposite party, was the opposite party so really strong? Was in this time, Schary demon their front were presently many starry skies, very big starry skies on that suddenly appears in their front. When Schary demon also don’t know lived any matter, hears Moli Ke said loudly: All people standing by, Immortal Stage Expert. Holds down, Great Magical Artifact approaches opposite party Great Formation, but do not depend too nearly, be careful was swallowed. The army preparation attacks!” Orders from the Moli Ke mouth, are systematic, entire Moli Ke army also moved, has achieved the order of Moli Ke within the shortest time. Schary demon dull look at Moli Ke army, he was just came from Heavenly Sword Sect frontline there, for delivered information to Moli Ke, he knows that Heavenly Sword Sect there Heavenly Demon army was any appearance, there Heavenly Demon army and Moli Ke regiment compares, simply was one group of disbanded soldiers, but the Moli Ke regiment was actually one hundred fights the mighty army. simply does not have what commeasurability. But is a such army, keeping off in here, that had been blocked their people to unexpectedly fierce? Schary demon does not dare to imagine simply. Quick Heavenly Demon army moved, Heavenly Demon army bypassed that starry skies directly, kills toward the starry sky behind, Moli Ke Great Magical Artifact also followed, other Great Magical Artifact actually continuously outside roaming of that starry skies. Schary demon has followed in the Moli Ke side, he pays attention to the Moli Ke expression once for a while, he Moli Ke expression very strict is presently towering, even can say somewhat anxiously. This cannot help but let Schary demon feel curiously. At this moment, present appears of Schary demon an army, a Cultivation World army, saw this only Cultivation World army, Schary demon two eyes cannot help but shrinks. What he sees the Cultivation World army has been, if the Heavenly Demon Race army is one group of disbanded soldiers. That Cultivation World army is in a state of disunity, even has not undergone any military training the loose sand. However in front of him this Cultivation World army is only different, this only Cultivation World army has a well-balanced cast, all people had revealed their Law Idol, one team of appearance equal Law Idol aggregated in together, one type of distinguishes right from wrong to the person, but the feeling of harmony and unity, making the person understand at a glance that this is one strengthens the armed forces.

Saw this Cultivation World army, why Schary demon finally understand Moli Ke so will only attach great importance, quick Moli Ke under the hand/subordinate Heavenly Demon has attacked, but the opposite party welcomed. Schary demon present this only Cultivation World army with other Cultivation World army different places, other Cultivation World armies, if population few times, is absolutely the will not take the initiative attack, they full defense like turtle, but this army is different, this army they meet the approach attack unexpectedly, this is he has not seen completely the Cultivation World army. army of both sides contacted quickly, but the situation in battlefield institute also stemmed from the expectation of Schary demon, he presently this only Cultivation World army, with their Heavenly Demon army to the war, is actually silk does not drop the wind, even Heavenly Demon army wanted to massacre an opposite party person, often must attach several Heavenly Demon lives to take the price. Moli Ke absolutely did not have time to manage Schary demon now, he can confirm that now with Zhao Hai that oneself fight, because only then Zhao Hai will have such military strategy. Now Moli Ke only hopes that Zhao Hai can be towed by him in here, when the time comes another army can annihilate the second regiment smoothly. Meanwhile, Cultivation World second regiment there has also met attack, the second regiment opposite Heavenly Demon army collective has pressed, the second regiment has also prepared defense. At this moment, suddenly from Heavenly Demon army, departs about thousand person's shadows, these person's shadow appears , the body has emitted heaven-shaking imposing manner, unexpectedly is Immortal Stage Expert. Li Kuangge the second regiment is preparing to meet the enemy in command(er), but these Immortal Stage Expert brave, Li Kuangge immediately felt, his complexion changed, then a despair. Li Kuangge is not a fool, after such long time to gain experience, he soon became qualified Commander, his very clear he, these Immortal Stage Expert what's the matter. He already heard, nine Great Sect Sect left large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert and day Demon Realm war, but day Demon Realm also sent out large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert to meet head-on. When he hears this information. Also feels shock, even somewhat is regrettable unable to see the scene of large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert to war. However now these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon actually appears in here, Li Kuangge, when these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon appears on understand the idea of Heavenly Demon Race, Heavenly Demon Race wanted certainly extinguishing their Freedom Alliance, but makes Li Kuangge feel what despairs, Freedom Alliance cannot be able to block the Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon strength probably. Li Kuangge also knows that now Freedom Alliance integrate, to become Bian a genuine alliance, teams Great Axe Group also turned into great axe branch Hall, but this does not have what influence regarding Li Kuangge, he to thought that this is better. As the matter stands cultivator in regiment united. However he has not actually thought that sent out these many Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon to come attack in this time day Demon Realm unexpectedly they, it seems like day Demon Realm wants to destroy completely Freedom Alliance. Li Kuangge said loudly: retreat, depends upon Encampment protective shield to defend. All Immortal Stage Expert retreat in advance, other people have opportunity immediately/on horseback to evacuate, quick!” The decision of Li Kuangge is very correct, at this time, second regiment simply could not possibly have blocked the attack of day Demon Realm, the best means retreat, but Immortal Stage Expert must retreat first, because of these Immortal Stage Expert with qualification of day Demon Realm resistance, if all dies in here, that Freedom Alliance also ended.

Li Kuangge just issued this order. Hears sound speaking sounds: Please wait, Army Commander, I had the words to say.” Li Kuangge turns the head to look, before spending money recklessly. Before spending money recklessly, arrives at side Li Kuangge, to Li Kuangge said : Army Commander, I had the words saying that before several days, Zhao Hai Senior Brother already secret arrived at the second regiment, he already guessed correctly that Heavenly Demon Race could cope with us, guessed correctly that day Demon Realm will possibly send Immortal Stage Expert to begin to us. Inviting Army Commander does not need to fluster, first makes everyone/Great Clan tie, other gave Zhao Hai Senior Brother to be good.” Li Kuangge stares, then did complexion change said : Mr. Zhao Hai comes? But before the flower, that is more than 1000 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon. Even if were Mr. Zhao Hai came, what to do can also take them?” He He. How that must have a look at the these days demon the level, if the level incorrect words of these days demon, that keeps this.” A strange sound conveys, this sound peace. Li Kuangge turns the head to look that own nearby don’t know when were presently many cultivator, this cultivator black cultivator clothing/taking, ordinary appearance, now face smiling face Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon of look at these getting closer and closer. Li Kuangge recognized, this person of Zhao Hai, he before had seen the Zhao Hai picture, he held the fist in the other hand said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai hastily.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to see Li mister, now is not the time of speech, when I hit these fellows to say.” The personal appearance moves, appears in the Battalion front, has met to begin to wield, 1000 Undead Creature appears in the Zhao Hai side, on these Undead Creature each and every one have put on full body armor, in hand is taking long spear great halberd, sees likely is an army of average person, but likely is not Cultivation World cultivator. However these person of appears , on them that heaven-shaking imposing manner is actually all people could feel that these people unexpectedly all are Immortal Stage Undead Creature. Li Kuangge dull look at Zhao Hai, he cannot think, Zhao Hai unexpectedly so many Immortal Stage Undead Creature, this was too scary. Opposite these Heavenly Demon Race Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon have also gawked, in abundance stops, face vigilant look at Zhao Hai, to be honest, Immortal Stage Undead Creature they always have met, even if listens is also the first time heard, but these Undead Creature imposing manner truly are Immortal Stage, this makes them have to be careful. Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon that Zhao Hai look at these stop, deep voice said : day Chancellor Demon Realm comes out to speak.” An age looked like not small Heavenly Demon flew slowly, his imposing manner was also Immortal Stage Expert, he looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : „were you Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, I am Zhao Hai, has not thought really that everybody also really came, he he, it seems like everybody also really regarded the soft persimmon to pinch our Freedom Alliance, but this was also good, happen to with your failures, let our Freedom Alliance name, spread over entire Cultivation World.” That old Heavenly Demon coldly look at Zhao Hai, snort|hum said : „has talk big, depended on your behind these Undead Creature? although my don’t know you had any method to make on these Undead Creature have a Immortal Stage Expert aura, but Undead Creature was impossible to have the Immortal Stage strength, this was everyone knows that if you want to deceive us with this method, that was really too disappointing, by wonderful Zhao Hai that Cultivation World passed on, was mediocre.”

Zhao Hai laughs said : you not to need to stir up me, useless, you do not want to know that these Undead Creature do have the Immortal Stage strength really? A while you knew, I want to tell you, you come Freedom Alliance here, absolutely is a biggest mistake that you make.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, Hu Dawei leads his these under the hand/subordinate to go toward these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon types. Hu Dawei they had revealed also oneself Law Idol, their Law Idol are the same with their appearances, what Hu Dawei in hand is taking is large Glaive, other people are also various very weapons, suspended Battle Formation to kill. Hu Dawei their forms of combat, with general cultivator completely different, general cultivator fight, looks like ordinary Warrior, but Venus Williams's their forms of combat are military strategy of army, is suspending Battle Formation, proceeds to rush ahead, in the process of rush, their Battle Formation unexpectedly is not chaotic, obviously this is Elite army. Day Demon Realm these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon saw Zhao Hai unexpectedly initiative attack, cannot help but complexion changed, but their immediately has also revealed Law Idol, moved forward to meet somebody, both sides fought one. However both sides contact, these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon were startled, these Immortal Stage Undead Creature that they presently Zhao Hai shines, strength unexpectedly extraordinary formidable, each Immortal Stage Undead Creature, the strength compares general Immortal Stage Expert to strive to excel on many, is adding on their attack strength very formidable, day Demon Realm Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon fell at once unexpectedly leeward. Such result is both sides does not have to think that the Heavenly Demon Race person has not thought that appears these many Immortal Stage Expert, unexpectedly by the opposite party keeping off, fell unexpectedly leeward, but the second regiment has not thought that a Zhao Hai unexpectedly person opposite party about thousand Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon keeping off, this made them be startled. The fight is still continuing, Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon appears the casualty, all Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon of dying in battle, were received in Space to turn into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, but he has not sent these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon Undead Creature to go to battle now, he feared that will frighten the opposite party. In fact now Zhao Hai has frightened the opposite party, these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon have not thought Undead Creature strength so formidable that Zhao Hai release comes, they could not block these Undead Creature. Day Demon Realm army looked an own side Immortal Stage Expert must defeat unexpectedly, is piece of chaos, their very clear, if a Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon defeat, waited for that what order their can be, Heavenly Demon army starts retreat slowly.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }