Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1852

Big demon army in retreat, saw this situation, Li Kuangge immediately excitedly, but he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, did you look?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to deal with these Immortal Stage fellows by all means that how other fellows process, that was your matter, but I can send some Immortal Stage Expert to help you.” Li Kuangge one hear of Zhao Hai said that also not polite, he nodded said : well, all have, line up in formation the attack.” Along with issuing an order of Li Kuangge, the second regiment that morale rises sharply, kills toward Heavenly Demon army. But at this time in Zhao Hai also person Hu Dawei under the hand/subordinate, pulled out, making them help Li Kuangge attack day Demon Realm army. Day Demon Realm army now morale was low, now Li Kuangge in such an attack, appears flurried incomparable, time when Zhao Hai these Immortal Stage Undead Creature kill, day Demon Realm these people do not have the means to resist, root edge after these Immortal Stage Undead Creature attack and sink several Great Magical Artifact, Heavenly Demon army is finally chaotic. Standing of Zhao Hai face calm in there look at Heavenly Demon army, what response he wants to have a look at Heavenly Demon army then to have. At this moment, listens to Heavenly Demon army a sound to transmit said : Immortal Stage Expert retreat, with this convergence, meets the enemy with joint forces.” Zhao Hai one hear of opposite party saying to stare, then shows a faint smile said : also to calculate a little brain, he he, but this is also good, routed directly them.” After day Demon Realm these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon hear that order. Starts retreat slowly. Before long converged with Heavenly Demon army, but Hu Dawei they have also pressed. The war of both sides started, because second regiment here has Hu Dawei their help, is adding on morale to surge upward, presses Heavenly Demon army to hit at once unexpectedly. But the Heavenly Demon army there present to has stabilized, after all these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon came back, to make the war with their together shoulder to shoulder, their mood naturally also calmed down. although has been calm, but aspect does not have to go to there well, Hu Dawei their attack strength were really too formidable. Day Demon Realm these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon simply cannot block.

What most important is, some time day Demon Realm Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon several fallen, day Demon Realm has been possible unable to bear such loss. Heavenly Demon army retreat slowly, but the second regiment is actually pursuit. Heavenly Demon army suddenly present, oneself do not have the place to draw back probably, although they have also constructed camp, however speaks the truth, their camp defense strength is not really strong, feared that cannot block the attack of Cultivation World army. Zhao Hai does not have a meaning of relaxation, pursues Heavenly Demon army one to hit ruthlessly, he present Heavenly Demon army could not support how long, so long as scatters this Heavenly Demon army, he can turn the head to cope with the Moli Ke regiment. However speaks the truth. Heavenly Demon army pliable enough to was stems from the expectation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not have the time to play with Heavenly Demon Race, the hand wielded release large quantities of Undead Creature, these Undead Creature although strengths were not very formidable, but the quantity was numerous, its quantity was not smaller than Heavenly Demon army, was adding on these Undead Creature in hand were taking is the improved card flintlocks, Undead Creature of some beast shapes, the body also thought of some improved card cannon, the attack strength very astonishingly. These Undead Creature join. Let Heavenly Demon army one fall into passively, must know that Undead Creature volley, Might is not small, some strength weak Heavenly Demon, push a volley. The undead severe wound, balance of victory has also looked like Cultivation World to incline. Heavenly Demon army quantity in reduction fast. fallen that Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon also keeps, such a while, dozens Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon fallen, such loss, Heavenly Demon army really cannot be losing. Finally Heavenly Demon army looks this way is not the means that in Heavenly Demon army one of the a sound in time transmits said : to be divided into ten teams, the dispersion evacuates.” Along with this sound, Heavenly Demon army whish one dispersed. Heavenly Demon army has practiced this retreating way obviously very much, their this dispersion, is not all people in all directions runs all over the place, but is divided into a two hundred thousand squad, scatters in all directions to run away, making you pursue does not have the means to pursue, these Immortal Stage Expert are so, Hu Dawei they have not thought of this, pursued it to be inferior, making Heavenly Demon army escape smoothly. Zhao Hai looks at Heavenly Demon army that these ran away, shows a faint smile, has not made the person pursue, but turns the head to Li Kuangge said : Li mister, some first regiment there also matters, I must go back, here hands over give you, completed the defense to be OK, defended counter-attack of day Demon Realm.” Li Kuangge complied with said : is, invited mister feel relieved, I will process.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, they received Hu Dawei, then personal appearance flashes on vanish from sight.

Li Kuangge already knows that Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , therefore he extremely in being startled, but command(er) the person has been processing the injured person, then slowly drew back returned to Encampment there, compares most took over the second regiment time, Li Kuangge was maturer. But the first regiment there situation, with similar of Zhao Hai imagination, both sides fought is not once or twice, Zhao Hai although ran up to second regiment there to hit to live with day Demon Realm these Immortal Stage Expert to kill, but first regiment here command(er) has not actually put down, first regiment here originally command(er) was Lizzy they complete, now just Zhao Hai ran away, but oneself, Lizzy they in the Zhao Hai expression in command(er) the first regiment, were still not having appears any calamity. When the Zhao Hai returned to first regiment, both sides at the war, Moli Ke regiment simply presently Zhao Hai have not run to transfer one to come back. The war of both sides has the damage mutually, moreover Heavenly Demon army had the meaning of retreating, according to the past convention, at this time, attack of first regiment will also slow down, making Heavenly Demon army retreat. These time is also same, although Zhao Hai returned to first regiment here, but he has not thought immediately makes the first regiment counter-attack the Moli Ke regiment, because now is not the time, the first regiment wants to carry on the attack words to the Moli Ke regiment, must have these people of first regiment to coordinate to be good, but after such fight of long time, cultivator of first regiment, their fighting strength somewhat certainly will be affected, not in optimum condition, therefore Zhao Hai has not ordered to counter-attack, he must by the first regiment adjustment well one, then in counter-attacking Moli Ke army, directly. Gives dozen of remnants Moli Ke army. Really, Zhao Hai after coming back not long after, Moli Ke army retreated, but the first regiment has not pursued, but was returned to Encampment. After returned to Encampment, Zhao Hai all Junior Captain level above cultivator welcome to Yama Ship on, these cultivator should not be strange to Yama Ship, they were not first time come here. After waiting for all people to arrive in the meeting hall sat, Zhao Hai looks at people said : just I to go to second regiment there, today second regiment there by Heavenly Demon army attack, had been attacked their has more than 1000 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, is adding on 200 ten thousand army of second regiment.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that in the entire hall in an uproar, all people know this on behalf of anything, more than 1000 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, this figure is absolutely astonishing, these many Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon were destroys completely entire Freedom Alliance to be OK. However people quickly peaceful, they know now Zhao Hai appears in here, moreover calm of face, that represents the second regiment to be all right, their very wants to know, why the second regiment under more than 1000 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon attack, can unexpectedly safe and sound.

Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, nodded said : to have progressive, most at least can calm down, understood that has thought with the head, is very good, I can tell you, the second regiment is all right, moreover with Heavenly Demon army of second regiment battle, had been repelled by us!” Whish, in the hall has resounded sound of an applause and cheering, no matter how they the second regiment repel Heavenly Demon army, so long as has repelled well. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, the people then stopped, Zhao Hai then said : everyone/Great Clan certain very curious, how does the second regiment repel more than 1000 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon? Actually this his matter does not have what good security, repels these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon people are I, previous time goes to Heavenly Sword Sect to hold the slaughter demon congress, because I want to establish the idea of alliance stirring nine Great Sect, when sits Transmission Formation to come back, was planned by the day Jian Clan fellow, they on Transmission Formation trick/hand and foot, my Transmission to subspace, in that subspace, only then Yin Qi, Spiritual Qi, in that subspace, has not been living many Undead Creature, these Undead Creature strength very formidable, even has about 1000, already to Immortal Stage, if. Is general cultivator, to that subspace, that naturally had dead Unborn, was a pity that Heavenly Sword Sect is brings to frame me, they have helped my busy.” Zhao Hai decided that told all people these Immortal Stage Undead Creature origins, as the matter stands, other people will not be suspecting that his in hand Immortal Stage Undead Creature, him who came from there later can very convenient use Hu Dawei they. These people of first regiment static is listening, they know certainly Zhao Hai to be all right, because Zhao Hai now on living standing before them, they want to know, family what fortuitous encounter of Zhao Hai not in that subspace. Zhao Hai looked at people said : everyone/Great Clan to know that I was Space Divergent Warlock , simultaneously I was Undead Mage, Heavenly Sword Sect get so far as in that subspace me, I can actually free the difference in that subspace, and because of there has plenty Undead Creature, but Undead Mage was subdues Undead Creature to use for oneself, therefore I from withdrawing of that Space security, and has used some time, has subdued all Undead Creature in that Space, was relying on these Undead Creature, I success has repelled day of Demon Realm army.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that was a happy expression of face, now they belong to Freedom Alliance, Zhao Hai was also Freedom Alliance, that Zhao Hai strength was stronger, to them was advantageous, they naturally happy, do not forget, now in time of war, their primary opponents or Heavenly Demon Race.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }