Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1853

Zhao Hai look at these people, show a faint smile said : everybody, you did not think that what keeps in hand not to do these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, too wasted? All I give two days of time adjustments, two days later, the first regiment will carry on attack to the Moli Ke regiment, repels them directly.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that an entire hall piece cheers, such long time, the although first regiment, when battles with the Moli Ke regiment, continuously at winning side, but the Moli Ke regiment has brought the huge pressure to them, but opposite party about 5 million people, but they have 3 million people. They innumerable were also vainly hoping for one day can give to repel the Moli Ke regiment, even hits remnantly, but they also know that is having a dream, these people are come from Freedom Alliance, some Freedom Alliance altogether many military strength, they are clear two dreams that knows, they know that now Freedom Alliance also can only put out these many military strength, in many did not have, they want to repel Heavenly Demon army, it seems like also needs a long time. However they have not actually thought that matter really on such appears the favorable turn, they really had has counter-attacked Heavenly Demon army, even repels Heavenly Demon army opportunity. The people who Zhao Hai look at cheered, deep voice said : present everyone/Great Clan can go back to rest, informs your under the hand/subordinate, over the two days rest well, two days later, the general attack starts.” People excited complied with one, turn around walked. The backs of Zhao Hai look at these people, show a faint smile, mutter said : two days of time, Heavenly Demon Race. I have given you two days of time. If in the time, you had not retreated over the two days, then on do not blame me for being rude.” Not wrong, Zhao Hai said two days later attack, to day Demon Realm two days, if within two days Moli Ke army has not retreated, his will take the initiative attack. Zhao Hai such did did not have any benevolence, did not endure to kill day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon, but was he wants to give to expel day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon, best was makes day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon go with nine Great Sect to doing. That is perfect. Naturally also has another point, that is Zhao Hai also fears to have the loss, he feared that his Immortal Stage Undead Creature will have anything to lose, must know for him. Any Immortal Stage Undead Creature, is not only representing extremely powerful fighting strength, represents huge Strength of Faith to provide, he does not want anything to lose by his Immortal Stage Undead Creature. Zhao Hai believes that now Moli Ke they received the second regiment there information, if the person also a little brain of day Demon Realm, how should understand they to do, must know that in second regiment there, may, not only 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes, massive is not Immortal Stage Undead Creature. Zhao Hai such does must let day Demon Realm person understand, Freedom Alliance in the military strength. It is not worse than them, if they in dare to come Freedom Alliance here to result in the Chinese zither, they will be impolite. Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, Moli Ke received the second regiment there information now, after he sees the report of second regiment there failure, Moli Ke felt that at present one black, his understand, Freedom Alliance here had hidden finally the strength.

Moli Ke gave day Demon Realm High level to send the letter immediately, inquired own next motion, he knows that his army was keeping here. Was unsafe. The fact ascends the sky the Demon Realm person now also some ignorant, their also don’t know lived any matter, why among suddenly looks like incomparably small and weak Freedom Alliance, turned into eats human fierce tiger, this makes them have the feeling that one type of is caught off guard. However day Demon Realm these person of although are militant. However will not get down also here with the Freedom Alliance person hardly to spell to the situation that clearly know cannot win stupid, they do not have that courage. Day Demon Realm person very clear. Freedom Alliance they cannot annoy, because of Freedom Alliance there Immortal Stage Expert, is Undead Creature, is the normalizing manages personally, spells in there with Freedom Alliance with it hardly, might as well turns the head to cope with nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect Immortal Stage Expert although are many, but these Immortal Stage Expert are nine Great Sect common Immortal Stage Expert, only does not belong to some one Sect or someone. Is adding on you to make normal Heavenly Demon go to spell with Undead Creature, how this account calculates how to suffer a loss, your kill opposite party Undead Creature, died Undead Creature, but opposite party kill your, you actually really lost a person, such loss day Demon Realm cannot undergo. Day Demon Realm most fears is, if Freedom Alliance there one cruel-hearted, making these Undead Creature come to perish together with their Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, their losses were bigger. Because has such idea, therefore day Demon Realm has to consider that treated the Freedom Alliance manner, situation of day Demon Realm in regarding Cultivation World did not know nothing. Day Demon Realm dares to invade Cultivation World also to be prepared, just because of appears of Zhao Hai this variable, making Black Tiger Group live the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, but this change, directly affected manner of day of Demon Realm to Freedom Alliance. Zhao Hai has not guessed wrong, day Demon Realm truly has some scouts in Cultivation World here, moreover these scouts are not low in the Cultivation World here status, because of this, therefore day Demon Realm regarding Cultivation World completely understand, they thinks that Freedom Alliance is the softest persimmon, but now looks like is actually not Freedom Alliance is not only not the soft persimmon, a piece has brushed red lacquer Stone, their bites, instead to own tooth collapsing. Is good are also many because of the Cultivation World here soft persimmon, Freedom Alliance is not good, that changed a place to be good, day Demon Realm after considering success and failure, finally set firm resolve, ordering army to evacuate the Freedom Alliance control area, with the Freedom Alliance direct engagement. They and second day after Heavenly Demon army war in Zhao Hai, two Heavenly Demon army evacuated the Freedom Alliance control area, advances toward hundred hua valley control areas.

But also on this day, Zhao Hai in hand has more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature matters, has spread in entire Cultivation World, immediately entire Cultivation World randomly has become pot gruel. It looks like such that day Demon Realm thinks, now nine Great Sect although have many Immortal Stage Expert, but these Immortal Stage Expert do not belong to one Sect, but belongs to entire nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect gathered to collect less than 1000 Immortal Stage Expert, but in hand of Zhao Hai person had 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, how this let nine Great Sect people able to sit still. Afterward also has information to transmit, said that Zhao Hai in hand Immortal Stage Undead Creature, is spatial from an sub obtains, but reason that he will go to that subspace, received planning of Heavenly Sword Sect, on Transmission Formation trick/hand and foot, therefore meets appears in there. This information lets Heavenly Sword Sect spits blood at the same time, made other Sect have the suspicion to Heavenly Sword Sect, must know that these year of bewildered disappearances passed on in the formation various Sect Expert to be not infrequent in Heavenly Sword Sect, how other Sect can not suspect this matter. But vanishes cultivator in Heavenly Sword Sect Transmission Formation, not only but these small Sect cultivator, but also has plenty nine Great Sect cultivator, at once atmosphere between nine Great Sect, became because of this information tight. Naturally these most anxious is hundred hua valley alliances, reason that hundred hua valley alliance there are so anxious \; first, because Freedom Alliance there two Heavenly Demon army came toward their here, second is because hundred hua valleys are at heart fishy. Hundred hua valley ambitions, they have wanted to obtain with the Ten Thousand Monster Sect same status, can dominate Northern Divergent Province, be because of this, therefore before them, does against with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, afterward hid the strength, but also wants to plan Freedom Alliance, when Zhao Hai one revealed more than when 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, the people of hundred hua valleys know that they lost with Freedom Alliance, puts down the qualifications that the draw makes with Black Tiger Group. When Freedom Alliance there two Heavenly Demon army expunge toward hundred hua valley alliance there, Li Xun hua in one time arrived at Black Tiger Group here, he comes Black Tiger Group here, only then a point, requests reinforcements! These time requests reinforcements not to previous such, to exhauste the Freedom Alliance strength comes, these time requests reinforcements requests reinforcements, because of their very clear, the strengths of just by hundred hua valley alliances, is impossible to fight day Demon Realm army. They can also look like nine Great Sect to request reinforcements, but now atmosphere between nine Great Sect are somewhat tight, simply has not emptied to manage them, place that therefore hundred hua valleys can request reinforcements now, only then Freedom Alliance here, therefore Li Xun hua has to one time arrive at Black Tiger Group. However this Black Tiger Group may not have to be so good to speak, Li Xun hua to Black Tiger Group here, was received in a small conference room, in inside waited dry for two hours. If normally, simply of two hours regarding Li Xun hua are not anything, a twinkling on the past, but these two hours, regarding Li Xun hua are actually the one type of suffering, his uneasy whether sitting or standing taking a walk back and forth in Cave Mansion, brow deep lock.

Li Xun hua is thinking where offended Freedom Alliance, but has thought quite a while he does not want to come out, before their although met Freedom Alliance, to some Zhao Hai petty actions, very covert that but they made, wants to come in Li Xun hua, these petty actions were impossible by the person present. In Li Xun hua patience soon exhausts, a sound of footsteps transmits, then person's shadow appears in in front of the door of this small conference room, Li Xun hua saw that this person stares, then one happy, because this person is his acquaintance, Zhao Hai. Li Xun hua these time does not dare to neglect, goes forward to bow said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai hastily, first congratulates the mister strength to rise sharply in here, may celebrate encouraging.” Zhao Hai look at Li Xun hua, showed a faint smile said : Li mister to be too polite, come, sat down the speech.” The conference room, asking Li Xun hua to sit. Li Xun hua looks at the Zhao Hai manner, cannot help but relaxed, after he sits down, mister can come to Zhao Hai said : is really fantastic, this time I am request reinforcements, asking mister to look in us is in the share of offensive and defensive alliance, put out a hand to help hundred hua valley alliance.” The Zhao Hai look at Li Xun hua appearance, shows a faint smile, open the mouth and said: Helps you? That is impossible, even if day Demon Realm does not tidy up you, I will also tidy up you, I have made your live was long enough.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }