Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1854
Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but complexion changed, revealed a ratio to cry also ugly smiling face said : mister to chat, our Hundred Flower Valley and mister were friends, with Freedom Alliance was the ally, why mister must cope with us?” Does the Zhao Hai look at Li Xunhua appearance, smile said : is being a friend? HaHaHa, you also really dare saying that our first meeting time, was I nine Great Sect forming an alliance matters pounding, your Li looked for flowers said that we were the friends, must move with our together, I had not opposed, even everything was I takes the lead, what this did not have, after all our common enemies, but I want to ask that Li Xunhua mister, did you give my liquor what's the matter?” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but complexion changed, he knew certainly that liquor what's the matter, but he was unable recognize, the person who because that liquor Hundred Flower Valley manufacture few of , knew were less, moreover they so far, only and other on individuals used in Zhao Hai, moreover hit was the names that the hundred flowers fermented, he does not believe that Zhao Hai knows, what therefore he can only die to nip recognize said : mister not to ask was what liquor? Is I gives your hundred flowers to ferment? That is the nice wine, even if our Hundred Flower Valley few people have also recompensed the nice wine.” Zhao Hai sneers said : looks like Li mister thinks really my what don’t know, that liquor simply did not call the hundred flowers to ferment, but called the viper the beautiful woman was right? That is the one type of new type poisoned liquor, he does not include that type to make the person directly in deathtrap toxin, even is not chronic toxin, making person simply not have the means to realize. However he can actually let person of to become Yin. Let the person unable to leave that liquor, I said right? You just saw both sides to give to me with me that liquor, but also dares saying that with me is a friend? Li Xunhua, you will not think me naively really what thing, no matter others give me, I will bring to eat? Your sinister intentions I already know that afterward your Hundred Flower Valley hid the strength, coming our Black Tiger Group to pray for rescue, you, when my don’t know? You are want to weaken our Freedom Alliance strength, good you to obtain even bigger voice Quan to come to prepare for later in Northern Divergent Province, but this is also good. Some of we also such plans, therefore I brought cultivator of some Law Idol times to go, making you believe that our Black Tiger Group has projected on not to have the Expert situation, you will put aside the vigilance to us. Such nine Great Sect will also reveal that they biggest card in a hand, spoke of here, I to should probably well thank you, was a pity that one Sect like you, I will not make him save in the world, because you had become enemies with us, you can go all out wanted to retaliate us, but our Black Tiger Group, does not need to your such enemies. Treats the enemy, I am have eliminated it to be then quick.” Zhao Hai said with the one type of calm expression very these words, Li Xunhua is actually dull look at Zhao Hai, he does not think that Zhao Hai actually knows all, moreover all in his planning, this was too scary. Some little time Li Xunhua comes back the god to come, his complexion paleness, he also knows that today was removed the bottom has had no consideration for face, Li Xunhua look at Zhao Hai. Ruthless sound said : your other proud, thought some Immortal Stage Undead Creature your proud, if Heavenly Demon Race has tidied up you, in the blink of an eye will tidy up you, when the time comes you same will die without the burial ground. You have any good proud.” Does Zhao Hai laugh said : to tidy up me? By heaven Demon Realm? I had told you, one year ago I know that day Demon Realm must invade Cultivation World. You think that my don’t know day Demon Realm so many Undead Creature, you think my don’t know nine Great Sect do have Immortal Stage Expert army in Soaring Dragon Realm there? If my don’t know these, I already release came Undead Creature to spell with day Demon Realm hardly, I have been waiting for this opportunity, now the conditions were ripe, Cultivation World and day Demon Realm has shown the card in a hand, they hit, I looked that who can laugh last.” Li Xunhua complexion removed the bottom was black, he has not thought that Zhao Hai actually already knew these matters, he cannot bear sneer said : Zhao Hai, has not thought that you unexpectedly is a such mean villain, entire Cultivation World your trap.” Zhao Hai sneers said : that to be also what kind, sufficing of nine Great Sect scenery for a long time, Soaring Dragon Realm, there originally is the place that Cultivation World any Sect can send, but they dominate in their in hand, our Black Tiger Group just unfolded, by the Ten Thousand Monster suppression, why, reversal of the wheel of fortune, they sight that long time, has sufficed, should be one's turn our Black Tiger Group time, Li Xunhua, I have not killed you today, you go back, you are hire oneself Ten Thousand Monster Sect to be also good, the words that I spoke said that to the Ten Thousand Monster Sect hear also good, I do not care, the truth told you, Has resistance day Demon Realm and nine Great Sect strengths from me most from the beginning, now is day Demon Realm and nine Great Sect alliance copes with me, I did not fear that you have that time to do a lot of talking with me in here, might as well thinks well how goes back later to deal with Heavenly Demon Race.” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has gawked, he thinks that Zhao Hai says these many to him today, that must keep here him, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai simply not that meaning, his look at Zhao Hai said : „do you want to put me to walk really?” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : to leave behind you to do? Provides your food? Do you want to be separated from Hundred Flower Valley join our Black Tiger Group? If is really such, I to am welcome, will think the means to meet in the Hundred Flower Valley there family members you.”

Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but in the heart moved, but he has stood finally, deep looked at Zhao Hai one, forced smile said : suddenly good, Zhao Hai, great, has not thought that all people were given to play by you, my Li Xunhua admired, says goodbye.” Said that turn around walks outward. The Zhao Hai look at Li Xunhua back, shows a faint smile, personal appearance flashes vanished in the conference room, next one passed through one already in Zhang Feng study room. Actually sees Zhang Feng to sit in his study room a look at signalling jade sword, looked at Zhao Hai to come, this put down jade Sword Dao: Laid cards on the table with that Li Xunhua? This is also good, avoid they in disturb us, come, you have a look at this thing.” Said that has given Zhao Hai jade sword that. Zhao Hai received the jade sword. spiritual force searches toward. Cannot help but stares, because this jade sword unexpectedly is the signalling jade sword that Hundred Flower Valley alliance there small Sect Sect sends, he early must be separated from the Hundred Flower Valley alliance unexpectedly, join Freedom Alliance. Zhao Hai gains ground look at Zhang Feng said : this is the good deed, we did not plan that immediately and these small Sect relations of Hundred Flower Valley alliance, do receive in them Freedom Alliance? Now they have walked, this arrived is makes us save many troubles.” Zhang Feng nodded said : I also to think that their driving request join we, to were make us save many troubles, I want to use this opportunity. Meets some small Sect to come , do you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this arrives is a great idea, but we want against, that is the Hundred Flower Valley trend. We want against them to hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race.” Zhang Feng stares, then frowns said : to hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race? Their meeting? Will Heavenly Demon Race accept them?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this not saying that extreme methods of Heavenly Demon beforehand although under to Cultivation World cultivator, to frighten everyone/Great Clan, moreover initially wants hiring oneself day Demon Realm these cultivator, almost single, but if Hundred Flower Valley must hire oneself collectively Heavenly Demon Race, Heavenly Demon Race must think, to add on Cultivation World here nine Great Sect to show the card in a hand well now, has no less than their strength. In adding on us, day Demon Realm at this time, will perhaps change the manner to cultivator, if they can accept the surrender of Hundred Flower Valley, the non- position weakened the Cultivation World strength, expanded itself, will also let these small Sect person understand, their Heavenly Demon Race will not be ruthless Cultivation World, the resistances of such these small Sect will be lighter, this regarding Heavenly Demon Race. Advantageous and harmless, therefore I want not to do well the Heavenly Demon Race person to accept the surrender of Hundred Flower Valley, but we refused requesting reinforcements of Hundred Flower Valley, Hundred Flower Valley it can be said that to entreat without the gate, if they think own knows Dao doctrines passed around. That hiring oneself day Demon Realm is not impossible.” Zhang Feng nodded, then frowns said : „to have this possibility. If their really surrender day Demon Realm, to is really a trouble.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that we to be inferior to who strikes the first blow has the advantage, First Senior Brother, we will spread now the Hundred Flower Valley possibly surrender day Demon Realm matter, making nine Great Sect know that I think nine Great Sect will certainly not let Hundred Flower Valley surrender day Demon Realm, nine Great Sect perhaps will take when the time comes an action, we can watch the fun in behind.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then laughs, is pointing at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai Little Hai, your youngster may be really ruthless enough, HaHaHa, good, presses you said that we come to employ two methods to achieve one goal, on the one hand digs the person, on the one hand goes to this information release, I to have a look, after nine Great Sect people hear this information, what response will have.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : present Freedom Alliance here already by our complete control, we did not need to fear that other people will have anything to respond, now our most important, receives these small Sect in Hundred Flower Valley alliance enters to Freedom Alliance, we were formidable, in the future with nine Great Sect dialogs time, the energy was fuller, we must make nine Great Sect not dare to move us, that was true became the big influence in Cultivation World.” The Zhang Feng two eyes appearance dodges continually, becomes can with the big influence that nine Great Sect treat as an equal, this is the matter that Black Tiger Group beforehand Gang Master wants unable to think, must realize in in his hand, he believes that if his real achieving, his name met to keep the history. Zhang Feng deep voice said : good, this I will arrange, now our Freedom Alliance a short time non- little while had the enemy, you looked how that first regiment and second regiment can process?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „the second regiment if possible, can explain first that the first regiment retains, after all now Cultivation World is not peaceful, our in hand must guarantee that has a military power to be good, making the second regiment dismiss first, but stands by, this is to let them rests well, the fight of long time, making cultivator of two regiments, too tight, this that the god essence collapsed regarding them was not the good matter, should make them rest in turn.” Zhang Feng nodded said : well, now Cultivation World here is not only not peaceful, conversely, but also before comparing, danger, nine Great Sect recalled was strong in Soaring Dragon Realm there Immortal Stage, to fight a decisive battle with day Demon Realm, nine Great Sect want certainly before the Soaring Dragon Realm there ten thousand years one time examined greatly, caught up in Heavenly Demon Race returned to day Demon Realm, if were waited till the big exam, Heavenly Demon Race has not hurried back, that Cultivation World possibly entered to the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm on to be cancelled, nine Great Sect certain do not hope that this matter lived, I looked not to do well them also to be able with. We relate, like this our in hand maintains fighting strength formidable corps, is should.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the second regiment there situation I also to note, comes compared with the first regiment, is in the difference some, making the second regiment go back the rest first respectively some time, then in pulls out some people to come out from them, the join first regiment, making the people in first regiment rotate days off, this already can guarantee fighting strength of first regiment, but can also promote fighting strength of second regiment.” Zhang Feng nod said : this matter you are an expert compared with me, on give you, the first regiment retains, the second armed forces first dismiss, but the scale of first regiment must expand together, our Black Tiger Group also revealed that many strengths, should put out thing to come, I look at this, does the first regiment by 200 Great Magical Artifact and 4 million people of establishments, how you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I naturally not to have any issue, such manages, I go to first regiment there first, first regiment there should also trade Encampment.”

Did Zhang Feng nod said : what idea you to have?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : 4 million people, 200 Great Magical Artifact, all live is not impossible, I prepare near Hundred Flower Valley direction that army adjusted depending \; first, to guard against Heavenly Demon army in attack we, second can aid these to return into to Freedom Alliance small Sect, so long as these small Sect hoped join to Freedom Alliance, we can direct drove past to protect them the first regiment, no matter day Demon Realm or the Hundred Flower Valley alliance, did not have the means to cope with them, was been more confident by other's small Sect.” Zhang Feng nodded said : well, your look at means that 200 Great Magical Artifact enough? The words that suffices, can move from in the gang exit.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need, in the gang Great Magical Artifact keeps the protection base, does not need to be worried for me that I besides Yama Ship, several Great Magical Artifact that brings from Lower Realm, before did not take to use, because of these Great Magical Artifact intensities, can't compare with Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact has been refined by me now, is only the Great Magical Artifact quantity that I can take has several, enough has used, you do not need to be worried.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng then nodded, then two eyes fiery has stood, puts out a hand to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, Brother, lets both of us, delivers to the unprecedented altitude Black Tiger Group, making Black Tiger Group Xiong Cultivation World!” Zhao Hai grips the hand of Zhang Feng, said loudly: dominate Cultivation World!” Said that they cannot help but laugh, soars to the heavens boldly.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }