Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1856

Li Xun hua complexion ugly look at hua does not have the wound, he has not thought that hua will not have the wound completely unexpectedly by a Heavenly Demon clan to control, already turned into Heavenly Demon Race Heavenly Demon, although his semblance has not changed, but the innermost feelings actually completely turned into Heavenly Demon, this regarding him absolutely will not be good information. Li Xun hua is adjusting own Spiritual Qi slowly, prepares for hua does not have the wound fatally strikes, but at this moment, his actually suddenly present, own Spiritual Qi met sunlight snow hua to be the same probably, by one type of fast was vanishing, this let his complexion big change. hua non- injures the look at Li Xun hua appearance, shows a faint smile said : is felt that own Spiritual Qi did vanish? HaHaHa, Li Xun hua, I said that you are stupid you not to be convinced, I was already telling you these, will also make you live leave? You should not drink really first are speaking, what killed you did not have, I was under the permission of Valley Master, although Valley Master made me deduct you, if your rebel, I let slip you have killed, wants to come Valley Master not to be strange I, didn't you say?” Li Xun hua eye socket wants crack look at hua not to have the wound, ruthless sound said : hua does not have the wound, has not thought that your cultivator, unexpectedly humble hiring oneself Heavenly Demon Race, you will really be the shame of cultivator.” hua non- injures coldly snorted said : to stop talking, you humble cultivator, how also to understand that great of my Heavenly Demon clan, I do not permit you to insult a Heavenly Demon clan.” , A Pa! applause transmits, person deep voice said : „is a Heavenly Demon clan very then great? How I have not looked. I only know. A Heavenly Demon clan like the dog that I hit.” Who!” hua turns the head to look in the direction that the sound conveys without the wound, an alert of face, he already let defend in his cultivator leave, but that sound conveys from his Cave Mansion. Li Xun hua also looks toward there, present person slowly walks from outside, sees this person, Li Xun hua cannot help but great happiness, but hua does not have the wound is actually complexion changes, the person Zhao Hai that because comes. Zhao Hai look at hua does not have the wound, sneers said : „a Heavenly Demon Race dog. Also dares to bark in here randomly, Heavenly Demon Race is great, HaHaHa, this is really I have heard the most joke of pleasant to hear.” hua non- injured two eyes to turn into the blood red completely. It looks like looks like true Heavenly Demon, but he does not have attack Zhao Hai, is only cold sound said : Zhao Hai, how do you come in?” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at hua non- wound, cannot bear shake the head said : I to think you is a smart person, after has not thought turns into Heavenly Demon, unexpectedly such stupid, won't you forget me are Space Divergent Warlock ? So long as I have gone to the place, I can at any time, your Cave Mansion. Have I come probably not only one time? I in have anything to be quite strange, he he, to be honest, this time I did not come for you, I want to receive Black Tiger Group to go Li Xun hua, let his join Black Tiger Group, no matter what, he is also true cultivator, has not actually thought that actually will hear these many splendid contents. This may really be the accidental harvest.”

hua non- injures the look at Zhao Hai appearance, sneered said : is you knew can be what kind, my Heavenly Demon clan was doomed to control Cultivation World, your cultivator, could not fight our.” Zhao Hai shook the head. Has smiled bitterly next step: I thought these many years, only then nine Great Sect these fellows turned into the arrogant idiot. Has not thought that a Heavenly Demon clan became idiot, first did not say these Immortal Stage Expert of Heavenly Demon clan were nine Great Sect these Immortal Stage Expert matches, even if were a Heavenly Demon clan leans the strength of entire clan, I can also extinguish them, in this case, you actually added that a Heavenly Demon clan will certainly rule Cultivation World? Haven't you awaked?” hua not felt bad the face to twist, his frantic said : stopped talking, cannot you insult a Heavenly Demon clan, a Heavenly Demon clan was among Heaven and Earth the greatest race.” Roars hua not to have the wound while throws toward Zhao Hai, a full fist strikes toward Zhao Hai. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at hua non- wound, shook the head, waved, hua non- injures suddenly to feel that own four limbs were brought to touch the iron hoop to be common probably, he turns the head to look that present four people of Heavenly Demon Race are grabbing his four limbs, but these four Heavenly Demon Race actually all are Immortal Stage Expert. hua does not have the wound to stare, but actually presently, these four Heavenly Demon Race are actually not lives afterward, but dies, they all are Undead Creature. This presently makes hua not have wound cannot help but complexion changes, then he turns the head you to dare a great Heavenly Demon clan to turn into Undead Creature to Zhao Hai roar said : unexpectedly, Zhao Hai, you die like a dog, a Heavenly Demon clan will certainly extract your soul, lets your experiencing suffering demon fire the suffering!” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : to depend on Heavenly Demon Race? They also wear.” Said that does not have the wound in the principle in hua that there whooshes, in this Cave Mansion has sound-insulated formation in any case, even if in overturn the heaven, some outside people will not know. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Li Xun hua, shows a faint smile said : Li mister, we met, has not thought really that can be that meets in this manner, initially I invites mister join our Black Tiger Group, mister had not agreed that what idea don’t know currently mister does have?” Li Xun hua look at Zhao Hai appearance, has smiled bitterly, he real don’t know must say that now any was good, initially Zhao Hai said that lets his join Black Tiger Group, he truly began, but has to recognize, his heart turn toward hundred hua valleys, finally he was returned to hundred hua valleys, has not actually thought that can be this result. Li Xun hua look at Zhao Hai, has smiled bitterly next step: Has not thought really that can be unexpectedly you asked me, the matters of hundred hua valleys did you know?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually after you walk, I guessed correctly that hundred hua valleys will possibly hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race, therefore I had already made the arrangement, now nine Great Sect people know that your hundred hua valleys must hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race, moreover I gave back to hundred hua valley alliance all small Sect to send the letter, told them you to hire oneself the Heavenly Demon Race matter, my first regiment, was coming toward here, I just have not thought that hua did not have the wound to be given control by Heavenly Demon Race unexpectedly.” Li Xun hua puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : you think that hundred hua valleys can hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race? Also has made these many arrangement?” Zhao Hai shrugs said : my don’t know, I guess that but is hundred hua valleys has not thought must hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race that to be also what kind, hundred hua valleys in any case are our enemies, do I use this method to make them chaotic first not to be good? Deals with the enemy, I may never meet the method, cannot the exquisite method.” Li Xun hua perspiration has gotten down, he understand Zhao Hai fearful place, treats the enemy now, he will never be polite, will resort to all means that runs into a such enemy, calculates that hundred hua valleys are bad luck. Zhao Hai looked at Li Xun hua one, the hand has wielded, in hand were many a small jar, he lost the small jar to Li Xun hua said : has drunk this, on you were poisoned probably.” Li Xun hua not polite, received the small jar, turned on the cover, actually presently is one type of water same thing, is not medicine pill that he imagines, but he has not thought that the water in jar drinking up, looks like the ordinary water is the same, a point flavor does not have, but Li Xun hua actually presently, own Spiritual Qi returned to bit by bit in own body. Li Xun hua has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : thanks a lot mister.” Said that looked at hua not to have wound said : how he to process?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to kill, but how can also process.” The hand wields, on appears neck of hua non- wound a bloodstain, among in the blink of an eye had breathed, then Zhao Hai waves, one group of black gas hua without the wound wrapping up, waited for black gas to vanish, hua did not have the wound to stand in there, but turned into Undead Creature. Zhao Hai looked at this Undead Creature hua not to have the wound, nodded said : to say the matter that you knew, Cultivation Method of meeting also said you, custom of normally.” hua did not have the wound response, immediately started to say incessantly, look at nearby Li Xun hua was dumbfounded, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai actually will obtain the information with this method, he has to acknowledge that this method was absolutely easy-to-use, because Undead Creature will not lie to his Master.

hua did not have the wound to say several hours, Zhao Hai then received without the wound hua, actually experience also no big deal of hua non- wound, he was the people of hundred hua valleys, afterward when participated in Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, was given capture by Heavenly Demon Race, used Secret Technique to turn into the Heavenly Demon Race person, then sent returned to him in hundred hua valleys, was the invasion of Heavenly Demon Race prepares, his Heavenly Demon Race invasion time, he has given Heavenly Demon Race many information, at the same time Heavenly Demon Race also told him, in hundred hua valley Valley Master sides, had another only Heavenly Demon Race strength, this only strength. Is dark hua. Other to does not have anything special, Zhao Hai hua after the wound receives, in the ground has stood small hua, then a personal appearance revolution, among in the blink of an eye another hua non- injured appears in Li Xun hua at present, this hua does not have the wound not to have wound not any difference with beforehand hua, the look, aura, completely was the same. Li Xun hua dull look at this hua does not have the wound, this hua does not have the wound gently holds to feel oneself in hand jade intent, to Li Xun hua said : what kind of? What flaw has?” Li Xun hua shaking the head, but his immediately sobered, his understand, this hua does not have the wound is Zhao Hai changes, is unexpectedly exactly the same, was too astonishing. Zhao Hai looked at Li hua one, shows a faint smile said : that to be good, now I using the status of hua non- wound, your status, must hire oneself the Heavenly Demon Race matter to tell these small Sect of hundred hua valleys hundred hua valley Valley Master, simultaneously our two take the lead the rebellion, has remembered, leading everyone/Great Clan to hire oneself Black Tiger Group.” Now Li Xun hua was also the Black Tiger Group person, although he did not have to say one wanted join Black Tiger Group, but Li Xun hua also understand, he now thinks that join was not good, his join, Zhao Hai will not comply, said it he thinks that join Black Tiger Group also no big deal, illuminates the current situation, hundred hua valleys must be finished ironclad, that might as well join Black Tiger Group, no matter what, he was familiar with Black Tiger Group. Therefore Li Xun hua one hear of Zhao Hai said that he does not have any rebuttal, but nodded said : well, but before you, said that you must hire oneself the Heavenly Demon Race matter to tell nine Great Sect hundred hua valleys, if you swallowed hundred hua valleys, nine Great Sect can not comply?”( To be continued { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }