Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1857

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to tell nine Great Sect, to swallow down Hundred Flower Valley, must swallow Hundred Flower Valley, can the excuse, now this excuse not be very?” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked slightly, then his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, could not bear to Zhao Hai looked at one high, Zhao Hai this was clarifies must swallow Hundred Flower Valley, but such swallowed Hundred Flower Valley not to have what excuse, therefore he must first hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race information release to go Hundred Flower Valley, no matter is true or false, has given a Black Tiger Group excuse, when the time comes Black Tiger Group was swallowing Hundred Flower Valley, did not fear that nine Great Sect have made, although said that Zhao Hai does not fear nine Great Sect now, but always made nine Great Sect so noisy, that was not the good matter.. Zhao Hai looked that Li Xunhua did not speak, his then deep voice said : sent the letter to other Sect representatives, making everyone/Great Clan meet to the hall.” Li Xunhua nodded, immediately turn around flies outward, transmitted orders, but Zhao Hai actually arrived at the meeting hall. Before long various Sect representatives arrived in the meeting hall, Zhao Hai looked at these people, he knew that after all he in Hundred Flower Valley alliance army here dull after a period of time, is still adding on normally surveillance therefore these person of him not to have one not to know. Li Xunhua also came back, aware station Zhao Hai side, after these Sect representatives hall, look look at Li Xunhua and Zhao Hai but who also in low voice speech, uses the one type of difference. Zhao Hai knows that these people in thinking anything, after waiting for all people, he deep voice said : peaceful. Today calls everyone/Great Clan. The matter must say to everyone/Great Clan.” Zhao Hai just spoke of here, hears person deep voice said : non- to injure Young Master to wait a bit, has the matter to ask below.” Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, deep voice said : Mister Liu, what matter has?” Li Xunhua thinks prompt Zhao Hai, has not actually thought Zhao Hai one said that person of surname, arrived at once has gawked. That Mister Liu is a medium grade Sect representative, but their Sect does not have Hundred Flower Valley to be so strong, therefore after having established the Hundred Flower Valley alliance, they also can only be present Hundred Flower Valley are Venerable. Mister Liu look at Zhao Hai said : non- injures Young Master. I heard information, heard the expensive valley Valley Master must surrender Heavenly Demon Race, can this words take seriously?” Mister Liu such asked that entire hall one peaceful. A sound does not have, look at Zhao Hai that all people decide, is waiting for his answer. Zhao Hai looked at Mister Liu one, nodded good that said : Mister Liu said that Valley Master truly wants to surrender Heavenly Demon Race, today looks for everyone/Great Clan, for this matter.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, an entire hall piece clamored, all people shout, an indignation of each and every one face. do not blame they are angry, they in here with the Heavenly Demon Race war, hit to live to kill, in that Sect did not die many people, can say that they have the big enmity with Heavenly Demon Race, now Hundred Flower Valley must surrender Heavenly Demon Race, how they can not be mad.

Zhao Hai look at these people, open the mouth and said: Peaceful!” This very enormous, the people stare, peaceful. Zhao Hai then said : I also just received this information. To be honest, everybody, just heard this information time, my very shocked, I have not thought that Valley Master will make such decision. Our Cultivation World and day Demon Realm has the big enmity, how can surrender day Demon Realm? Therefore I and Li Xunhua mister discussed. The decision asked everybody to say a hello with respective Sect, with our together, lost the pressure like Valley Master, asking him to change this decision.” Zhao Hai this saying made all people be shocked, they have not thought that Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua looked for this unexpectedly their, in other words, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua with a Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master heart, Mister Liu cannot help but did not relax, but he then turned the head look at Li Xunhua said : to look for flowers mister, I heard that mister went to Freedom Alliance there to request reinforcements, does not know that Freedom Alliance there can the agreement rescue us?” This Mister Liu obviously is a smart person, question that he asked on drop, not only now the Hundred Flower Valley alliance most essential issue Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master must hire oneself the Heavenly Demon Race matter, a matter was the reinforcement matter, Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master must hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race, they did not hire oneself with together at the worst and that's the end, if did not have reinforcement, they also can only by Heavenly Demon Race destroying completely share. Li Xunhua looked at Mister Liu one, deep voice said : don’t know because of any reason, the Black Tiger Group person already knows that Valley Master must hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race, therefore is not willing reinforcement, moreover said that must send out troops to attack Hundred Flower Valley.” The people are in an uproar, they have not thought that can be this, must say before them, somewhat looks down upon Freedom Alliance, but does not have a meaning of looking down upon now, since Zhao Hai one revealed after more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, dared underestimated Freedom Alliance in also nobody. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : suddenly everybody, if Freedom Alliance must come, I looked that everybody might as well surrender Freedom Alliance, becomes a Freedom Alliance member, such Freedom Alliance naturally can help everybody cope with day Demon Realm army, I hope everybody can with your Sect well discussed this matter, this relationship to Sect inheritance, I wants to go back Hundred Flower Valley there to urge Valley Master, Senior Brother Li to keep here, he and Black Tiger Group have dealings, but also is some friendship, if everybody must hire oneself really Freedom Alliance, Senior Brother Li can also be able to help, everybody, said goodbye below..” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, walks toward the hall outside. The person in hall looked that the Zhao Hai movement stares, Li Xunhua somewhat are puzzled, any medicine that in the don’t know Zhao Hai bottle gourd sells. Waited for Zhao Hai leave the hall, people then recovered, then all people the vision turned the head to Li Xunhua body, Li Xunhua to look at people one eyes, deep voice said : I know that everybody in thinking anything, really had some friendship below with Mr. Zhao Hai, below not leave here, if everybody had to serve a need below place, helped certainly below, I kept here point also very simple, here not family Hundred Flower Valley many cultivator. I must urge them to hire oneself Freedom Alliance with my together. Hires oneself Black Tiger Group.” Mister Liu looked at Li Xunhua one eyes, deep voice said : has looked for flowers mister, did you have the friendship with Mr. Zhao Hai really?” Li Xunhua nodded said : really to have the friendship, I do not need to deceive everybody at this matter.” Mister Liu nodded said : well, mister is refreshed, this matter is important, I want immediately/on horseback to go with Sect Master to discuss, everybody, said goodbye.” Said that Mister Liu turn around walked, other person also turn around walked.

Li Xunhua then sighed. Went to appease these Hundred Flower Valley cultivator, these Hundred Flower Valley cultivator, knew Li Xunhua, Li Xunhua Hundred Flower Valley these cultivator. Some well known welcome to conference room , after waiting for all people, Li Xunhua looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, told everyone/Great Clan not good information, Valley Master decided that surrender day Demon Realm, became the entire Cultivation World public enemy.” One hear of Li looked for flowers said that these Hundred Flower Valley people gawked, was one piece clamors, then cultivator has stood. To Li Xunhua said : Senior Brother Li, what you said is really? Did Valley Master such decide really?” Li Xunhua nodded, deep voice said : is, Valley Master has decided that I earnestly advised Valley Master not to listen, but also has injured me, I came here to tell everyone/Great Clan this information, now Hua Wushang Junior Brother went back to urge Valley Master, but I thought that he was also not necessarily able to succeed, what most important was. Now other Hundred Flower Valley alliance here Sect knew this information, they have prepared to hire oneself Freedom Alliance, if we in not as soon as possible makes the decision, that consequence is dreadful.” Li looked for flowers just saying that suddenly transmitted to fly a signalling jade sword. Li Xunhua received the signalling jade sword, looked at inside content one. On the face cannot help but stares, then a paleness, he turns the head look at people said : everybody, told everyone/Great Clan not good information, spent Junior Brother not only cannot calm down Valley Master, but also by Valley Master killing, this was information that my disciple transmitted.” On the although mouth said that but Li Xunhua is shocked is actually in the extreme, he has not thought that Zhao Hai will come such one, Zhao Hai just to play the role of the Hua Wushang appearance, leave from the hall, said that is urges Valley Master, but turn around ran up to there to go on don’t know, then said that Hua Wushang was killed by Valley Master, this jade sword was also Zhao Hai gives certainly him. Hundred Flower Valley cultivator actually don’t know these matters, they, as soon as listened to Li to look for flowers said that gawked, then a piece clamored, the people whooped, did not have an accurate idea. Li Xunhua looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, in not quarrelling, in quarrelling is also useless, I with Black Tiger Group some Zhao Hai friendship, I have decided to hire oneself Black Tiger Group, what everybody has chooses me unable to control, what I must tell everybody is, Black Tiger Group army came toward here, moreover other Sect must hire oneself Black Tiger Group, if everybody wants to return to Hundred Flower Valley, I did not oppose, but at that time, Black Tiger Group army one, feared that was everybody on must become the Black Tiger Group enemy, below word completely and this, please everybody choose..” Said that Li Xunhua turn around walks outward, when his returned to own Cave Mansion, presently Zhao Hai is sitting in his Cave Mansion is waiting for him, saw him to come back, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to come back, good, dry attractiveness, you today dry was very good, if these people must hire oneself really Black Tiger Group, you have contributed to a great merit, I even can Black Tiger Group to delimit these to you manage, making you establish one hundred flowers minute, passed around Hundred Flower Valley Dao doctrines, I must now leave, if these person looked for on you, you. Promises them, simultaneously gives me the signalling jade sword, I will catch up.” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but one happy, quickly said: Yes, mister, how my understand must do.” Zhao Hai nodded, personal appearance in a flash on vanish from sight. Place that Li Xunhua look at Zhao Hai vanishes, is actually long vented anger, to be honest Zhao Hai to his pressure was really too big, he has not thought that Zhao Hai formidable to this degree, this has stemmed from his unexpected completely, made Li Xunhua feel what fear was, Zhao Hai planned probably any matter, so long as he doing routinely were OK. Li Xunhua has wiped head perspiration, slowly sat, he, he wants to have a look at the response that other Sect people will have anything to want. not long after, outside Li Xunhua Cave Mansion suddenly has transmitted sound speaking sounds: „Can Senior Brother Li in?”

Li Xunhua hears this sound to know that this person is also Hundred Flower Valley, his quickly said: In, excuse me.” A person's shadow enters, Li Xunhua looks at this person, has stood hastily, this person is also an elder in Hundred Flower Valley, the prestige in Hundred Flower Valley is very high, known as pities to spend Young Master seedling Human Dragon. Li Xunhua holds the fist in the other hand to seedling Human Dragon said : originally is seedling Senior Brother, seedling Senior Brother please sit down quickly, how today to arrive at little brother here to come?” Li Xunhua this also asked something already known, but this was also the one type of probe. Seedling Human Dragon look at Li Xunhua said : Senior Brother Li, you speak the truth with me, you with Black Tiger Group Mr. Zhao Hai, relationship how? Must know the Mr. Zhao Hai strength, but very formidable, moreover by his status, certain one word is as heavy as nine tripods in Black Tiger Group, if we must hire oneself really Black Tiger Group, that walks Mr. Zhao Hai this line absolutely not to have the issue, feared that is Mr. Zhao Hai does not accept us.” Li Xunhua deep voice said : seedling Senior Brother, I do not fear to tell you, I am very good with Mr. Zhao Hai relationship, these time goes to Black Tiger Group to ask the reinforcement, although not to invite, but Mr. Zhao Hai invited my join to arrive at Black Tiger Group, he told me at that time that Valley Master could hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race, I do not believe that had not agreed the invitation of mister, wants to return to the valley to urge Valley Master, has not actually thought that after returned to valley, I instead to by Valley Master injuring, have not been able to run up to here to come, hopes that can relate everyone/Great Clan, making everyone/Great Clan together act, asking Valley Master to change the decision, actually. Has not thought that various here Sect know this matter, but non- injures Senior Brother return to Sect to urge Valley Master, was actually killed by Valley Master, I just went to the jade sword to Mr. Zhao Hai, is hopes that Mr. Zhao Hai can come our here.” Was saying a jade sword flew from Cave Mansion, Li Xunhua received the jade sword, looked at content one in jade sword, complexion changes said : seedling Senior Brother, Mr. Zhao Hai is leading army to catch up fully, but he also told me, Heavenly Demon army must prepare to carry on attack to us, asking us to insist some time, our quickly exiting warning.” Said that Li Xunhua threw jade sword to seedling Human Dragon, turn around outward walked. Seedling Human Dragon searching of spiritual force in toward jade sword, really this is the jade sword that Zhao Hai comes, above expression very polite, but the content said like Li Xunhua, Heavenly Demon Race army is just about to come toward their here, making their immediately organization people resist one first, he afterward. Seedling Human Dragon sees here, without demur, turn around flies outward, at this time Encampment here has heard the grating alarm sound, in Encampment all people flew, somewhat astonished uncertain look at is looking around. At this time Li Xunhua also sent out Hundred Flower Valley some cultivator to shout the person, he must shout other Sect people that now Hundred Flower Valley lost control ability to this Encampment, imagined beforehand is the same, calls the people with the alarm sound is almost is impossible, therefore he can only send for looking. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }