Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1858

army static standing of Hundred Flower Valley alliance in there, they are suspending the fight lineup, the look at front that two eyes actually decides, in there, dark clouds erect quick moves toward their here, to person the feeling of one type of reactionary forces in the ascendant. All people know that dark clouds are not the dark cloud, but is day Demon Realm army, fully about 13 million Heavenly Demon army, although Hundred Flower Valley alliance here also 5 million people, but faces such Heavenly Demon army, they are in the heart flurried, the one type of desperate feeling from their bottom of the heart raising, did not have the means that the enemy were too many. However in the eyes of all people flashes through one completely, they did not have the retreat authority now, because of their very clear, if retreat, that own Sect ended, for Sect, for the family member, they do not have the qualifications of retreat. Li Xunhua stands in front of all people, is he convenes these people, he also told these people, Zhao Hai can support them, but Li Xunhua also knew from other person of there, Great Sect in these people divided the person, now can say that is the Freedom Alliance person, because their Sect have decided join Freedom Alliance. But all Hundred Flower Valley keep here cultivator, with a Li Xunhua idea, they prepared join Black Tiger Group, officially became Black Tiger Group disciple. Wants into Black Tiger Group disciple, that wants to display, they cannot draw back, if has drawn back, their impossible join Black Tiger Group. These cultivator know that Valley Master must surrender day Demon Realm, they do not want to surrender Heavenly Demon Race, like Heavenly Demon Race has thought one very noble. Cultivation World cultivator also thinks one are nobler than the Heavenly Demon Race person, in adding on these people does not want to turn into Heavenly Demon that appearance, therefore they decide join Black Tiger Group finally, but is not in returned to Sect. With Valley Master together surrender day Demon Realm. Naturally they do not want to surrender day Demon Realm reason, that is Freedom Alliance army is coming toward here, feared that did not have, when they surrender day Demon Realm, by Freedom Alliance army extinguishing, therefore they can only now join Black Tiger Group. The power and influence that Heavenly Demon army getting closer and closer, look at that has blotted out the sky, all people feel the heart fresh chill in the air, but actually nobody retreat. Was in this time. suddenly departs more than thousand person's shadows from Heavenly Demon army, these person's shadow each and every one imposing manner soar to the heavens, after although their imposing manner do not have the means pressure passes away army surely, but actually another such as sharp sword general implosion feeling. All cultivator know. These people are Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, their complexion are one white, if the match with level, they also has a courage at risk of life war, now facing these many Immortal Stage Expert. They were some he fluster.

Hurried Immortal Stage cultivator that not only Li Xunhua they, assumes in here, these cultivator really have flustered, here Immortal Stage cultivator is less than hundred people. However they must face is actually his ten times in their enemies, how they can not fear. At this moment. A big laughter transmits, sound speaking sounds: HaHaHa. It seems like I have not come late, has not thought that the good play just started.” This sound very peaceful, the people cannot bear turn the head to look, present black-clothed, cultivator of face smiling face, is flying slowly. Sees this person, all people cannot bear let out a long breath, because these people knew the cultivator that flies, this cultivator has come here, but also does to fight with their together shoulder to shoulder, comes person Zhao Hai. Li Xunhua looked at Zhao Hai to come, this let out a long breath, he knows that Zhao Hai will come, but when his don’t know Zhao Hai will come, he feared Zhao Hai the evening that to exhauste these Sect strengths can come, such words they will possibly be swallowed to one by the day Demon Realm person. Zhao Hai slow reality quick appears in Li Xunhua side, has held the fist in the other hand to Li Xunhua, smiles said : Senior Brother Li, I came late, making Senior Brother Li frightened.” Li Xunhua looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that Zhao Hai in thinking anything, Zhao Hai this is in improving his status, what status Zhao Hai now in Cultivation World is, Li Xunhua very clear, that is also wants existence of formidable compared with nine Great Sect Sect Master, now Zhao Hai called him Senior Brother Li, this explained his status. Li Xunhua returns salute said : not to be late hastily, mister comes just in time, Heavenly Demon Race army was also just, mister, now is not chat time, we fully meet the enemy to well.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to give me, Heavenly Demon Race, HaHaHa.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in front of Heavenly Demon Race army not far away, he has then laughed said : Heavenly Demon Race, we met, you can returned to Heavenly Demon Race, in that case, perhaps I be able to chase down you, but you remained, remains is my enemy, I to the enemy, will never be polite.” Heavenly Demon Race these Immortal Stage Expert have recognized Zhao Hai, sees Zhao Hai appears , these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon stopped, stern-faced look at Zhao Hai. And old Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Zhao Hai, the here your anything matter, you have not should better not to participate.”

What matter does Zhao Hai laugh said : not my? This is really a huge joke, here is Cultivation World, what I behind am standing is Cultivation World cultivator, what matter did you actually say here not my? What matter is that does not have your day Demon Realm? Moreover I also forgot to tell you a matter, my behind these people, now join Freedom Alliance, I are Freedom Alliance first regiment Army Commander, naturally had the responsibility to protect them, I urged you to be great power Demon Realm go, so long as your returned to day Demon Realm, I ensure did not chase down you.” That old Heavenly Demon one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, his coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, you were too then extremely arrogant, you think really our Heavenly Demon Race has feared you? You do not have a look, now you have many military strength, we have many military strength, we with crowd , the pile died you, happen, we put together one dead today, must extinguish you in here, had you, throughout was a big trouble of my Heavenly Demon clan.” Said that old Heavenly Demon waves, his behind these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon have not begun, but following that more than ten millions Heavenly Demon army is actually overran toward Zhao Hai. Does Zhao Hai laugh said : „the more than ten millions person to pile dead I? HaHaHa, Heavenly Demon Race, you are don’t know my Zhao Hai have killed many people really!” Said that Zhao Hai waves, his in hand appears in Undead Creature army that only blots out the sky, these Undead Creature army have many, the simply number is also innumerable. What most important is, these Undead Creature, are not suspends a plane the lineup, but suspended each and every one Rubik's Cube Great Formation, was becoming even bigger Rubik's Cube Great Formation by these Rubik's Cube big Formation Set, that quantity made the person look to feel the hemp of scalp. Not only Heavenly Demon Race head Pi Ma, Li Xunhua they also in scalp hemp, around their look at, in their all around, high and low about around, all places all are Undead Creature, standing that these Undead Creature decide in there, how many quantity has, their simply cannot count, 100 million? 1 billion? 10 billions? Innumerable. Before Heavenly Demon army that wells up suddenly looked like has hit invisible wall, stopped instantaneously, because this scene has really shocked, how regardless of they do not think, Zhao Hai unexpectedly so many Undead Creature. Zhao Hai Alien let out, he has stood in the body of Alien now, the look at these Heavenly Demon Race people, laughs said : Heavenly Demon Race, do you are more than the person with me unexpectedly? HaHaHa, we compare, attack!” Said that Zhao Hai proceeds to wield, before his behind Rubik's Cube Great Formation slowly presses, but walks in forefront these Undead Creature, their in hand is taking the flintlock. Bullet one after another like rain same has shot, simultaneously on some build quite big Undead Creature also thinks of cannon, these cannon were also starting the salvo to the Heavenly Demon Race person. Day Demon Realm army has flustered, was chaotic, their don’t know meet what monster is, when their one group flurried, the hail of bullets that blots out the sky has hit toward them. Was good also responded because of these Heavenly Demon Race people, their release Law Idol, simultaneously Heavenly Demon army, in not in the situation that used anybody to order, started knot retreat slowly, they have to draw back, at this time, if they have not drawn back, they were the fools.

These Heavenly Demon Race person very clear, these Undead Creature strengths impossible each one compared with them, but that is unimportant, these many Undead Creature, even if no them, died with the crowd also pile they. That Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon that before spoke was complexion is uglier, he also wants to use crowd dead Zhao Hai before, now actually feared that Zhao Hai piled them with Undead Creature, he really somewhat regretted now, his suddenly has remembered Zhao Hai a few words, thought of those words, his cannot help but two eyes narrowed the eyes, perhaps simultaneously muttered said : looks like draws back returned to Heavenly Demon Race is really a good choice.” Heavenly Demon army retreat, Zhao Hai Undead Creature army actually step by step forwards step by step, the distance of both sides has not widened, has not reduced, Heavenly Demon army presently Zhao Hai probably does not want to be ruthless them, at heart that flurried finally calm, retreat sped up slowly. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, actually show a faint smile, has not let Undead Creature speeding up advancing, because absolutely does not have that necessity. These Heavenly Demon Race people presently Zhao Hai has not pursued him, this feel relieved, retreat was quicker, before long leaves Zhao Hai Undead Creature army to have a distance, these Heavenly Demon Race people then relaxed, but then they actually made same to turn, turn around, used oneself quickest leave. Zhao Hai has not pursued, the Heavenly Demon Race people of his look at these retreats, show a faint smile, matter that Heavenly Demon Race handles strict, and no big deal, Zhao Hai is not the sage, he does not need to regard as the devil Heavenly Demon Race, must say really that Cultivation World cultivator, compared with on Heavenly Demon Race person good many, he not to destroy completely Heavenly Demon Race, because does not have that necessity. When the Heavenly Demon Race people walked, Zhao Hai then waved, receives all Undead Creature, stood in Undead Creature, simply could not see clearly outside has looked unfamiliar Li Xunhua of any matter they, in one time saw Zhao Hai finally.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }