Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1859

Zhao Hai is only standing of calm in there, his Undead Creature does not have, but Li Xunhua they sees Zhao Hai time, not free bending the waist of slightly, they blotted out the sky same Undead Creature frightening by just that their very clear, so long as Zhao Hai wants, he can command(er) his Undead Creature army quell any to keep off in his front enemy at any time, but don’t know because of any reason, Zhao Hai in the past fight, has used little Undead Creature. Perhaps before they think that Zhao Hai is a talent, but they know that now the Zhao Hai fearful place, now do not make Zhao Hai let their join Freedom Alliance, even if Zhao Hai makes their all join arrive at Black Tiger Group, they do not dare to oppose. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, at heart is actually secret nod, reason that he today wants release that many Undead Creature, for must set up the prestige, he must let these person of understand, some of his many strengths, making them not dare to Freedom Alliance, is not loyal to Black Tiger Group. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : Senior Brother Li, set all person our soldier Hundred Flower Valley, I to have a look, hundred flowers Valley Master must surrender really Heavenly Demon Race.” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that without demur, immediately/on horseback complied with said : is.” Then he turns the head said loudly: All people gather, soldier Hundred Flower Valley.” Li Xunhua does not dare to have now violates Zhao Hai slightly, because he feared that he fears Zhao Hai to be in a rage, entire Hundred Flower Valley thorough ruining, if Zhao Hai broke Hundred Flower Valley Dao doctrines. His Li Xunhua was the Hundred Flower Valley person condemned for all time. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile. deep voice said : everybody also knows that Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master must surrender Heavenly Demon Race, this is the shame of my Cultivation World, today we want soldier Hundred Flower Valley, leaves!” All person bang complied with one, simultaneously turn around flew in the Hundred Flower Valley direction. Zhao Hai simultaneously release Yama Ship, flew in the Battalion forefront, other people looked at the Zhao Hai back to be the same, some people put out the signalling jade sword to let out secretly. Zhao Hai knows the movements of these people, but he has not prevented. The people of these release jade swords are various Sect representatives, they are this are notifying to their Sect, Zhao Hai will not prevent them to notify to own Sect, he has not planned to hide the truth from this matter in any case. Because Zhao Hai has not prevented. Therefore Hundred Flower Valley allied armies Encampment here war, with quickest has spread over entire Freedom Alliance, even entire Northern Divergent Province, and even entire Cultivation World. Hears this information time, entire Freedom Alliance one has caused a stir, then entire Northern Divergent Province also has caused a stir, finally entire Cultivation World has caused a stir, now dares underestimated Black Tiger Group in also nobody, other Sect in Freedom Alliance were one honest, to Black Tiger Group that was docile.

But Zhao Hai does not have mood tube that many now. He is bringing army of Hundred Flower Valley alliance to leave for Hundred Flower Valley, naturally Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master also received this information. When he knows that Zhao Hai brings army is opening, his understand, before Black Tiger Group had not sent reinforcement, originally is this. When Zhao Hai they soon arrive at Hundred Flower Valley, Hundred Flower Valley there transmitted information, Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master has committed suicide, Zhao Hai heard this information time, felt that accident, he has not thought that Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master will commit suicide unexpectedly. However his immediately understand, Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master must surrender the day Demon Realm matter, entire Cultivation World knew, if he did not commit suicide unable to live, instead to may be pulled to get angry in entire Hundred Flower Valley. Therefore he simply comes a suicide, carries to come up all mistakes. This nobody will look for Hundred Flower Valley troubled. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, it seems like that this Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master a little cleverness in trivial matters, what a pity, he was being given control don’t know. However Zhao Hai has not stopped, still leads army to expunge toward Hundred Flower Valley there, now Hundred Flower Valley Chancellor there is Hundred Flower Valley some elders, did not have the new Gang Master production. Hundred Flower Valley these elders are not fools, from all sorts of responses of Black Tiger Group, they knows the back of this matter, faint has the Black Tiger Group shadow, if they if now wants to select new Gang Master, person who that must have Black Tiger Group presents, if they dare not to undergo the agreement of Black Tiger Group to choose Gang Master, that will have any consequence, no one talks clearly, for own poor life considers, they do not dare to choose new Gang Master at will, can only and other Zhao Hai they arrive. After several days, Zhao Hai they arrived at outside Hundred Flower Valley finally, arrives at outside Hundred Flower Valley Zhao Hai to stare, outside Hundred Flower Valley is standing unexpectedly very my cultivator, these cultivator wear the Hundred Flower Valley clothes, respectful standing in there. Zhao Hai brought Li Xunhua to fly, these Hundred Flower Valley people, noticed that Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua flew, in which several old cultivator immediately welcomed, several people arrived at the Zhao Hai front, simultaneously bowed said : Hundred Flower Valley elder President always to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, mister has been able to come Hundred Flower Valley, Hundred Flower Valley you honor my humble home.” The Zhao Hai look at that Hundred Flower Valley elder, shows a faint smile said : this time I come before Hundred Flower Valley the Valley Master matter to come, now he has committed suicide, matter naturally also on the past, but I hope that Hundred Flower Valley can select new Valley Master, the forest day Demon Realm army has not retreated after all now, Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master position not vacancy.” A Hundred Flower Valley elder nodded said : mister to say is really, here is not the speech place, mister please first rest to inside, other people, I will arrange.”

Zhao Hai nodded, getting Li Xunhua to fly toward Hundred Flower Valley, other cultivator were actually arranged to rest, only then other Sect representatives, follow in Zhao Hai. Quick Zhao Hai their group arrived in Hundred Flower Valley, entered in hundred flowers Great Hall, enters to hundred flowers Great Hall, Zhao Hai is two eyes flash of cold light, then his hand wields, a giant palm departs, this giant palm one extended the Great Hall shadow place, that shadow located a suddenly distortion, probably in resisting that palm, but actually cannot resist, by that palm grasping in palm. Before Zhao Hai that person's shadow catches, look at this entire body of coldly by black-clothed is wrapping the person, this person of hitting snatches looks like looks like enduring, the whole person was being wrapped by black-clothed, besides two eyes, other places your simply cannot see point skin. A Hundred Flower Valley elder looks at the Zhao Hai movement, quickly said: mister do not misunderstand, these people are in my Hundred Flower Valley the person of dark flowered department, is not the enemy.” Zhao Hai looked at Hundred Flower Valley that elder one, shows a faint smile said : „?” The hand of his hand wields, Sword Qi has passed through the throat of that black-clothed person together, that black-clothed person two eyes turns, died cannot die. Hundred Flower Valley that elder looks at beginning of Zhao Hai, cannot help but complexion changes, although they fear Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai such does, actually too does not give them the face, that elder just about to gets angry, actually sees Zhao Hai to wield, one group of black gas have wrapped up that black-clothed person. Does the Hundred Flower Valley elder get angry sound said : mister what intent? Why doesn't have the premeditated murder my Hundred Flower Valley cultivator? Also can turn into Undead Creature him? If mister does not give us explain/transfer, my Hundred Flower Valley all dies in mister in hand, must want justice.” Zhao Hai looked at that Hundred Flower Valley elder one, deep voice said : do not worry, a while you knew.” At this time that rolled black gas to vanish, that black-clothed person has stood, Zhao Hai looked at that black-clothed person one eyes, deep voice said : said your status.” That black-clothed person immediately/on horseback said : is, Master, my status outwardly is the Hundred Flower Valley dark colored department member, is a day Demon Realm Dark Demon clan people, on Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master is killed by my Dark Demon clan Expert actually, after previous Valley Master dies, we pretend to be the person of dark flowered department, actually Hundred Flower Valley did not have the dark colored department, we to new Valley Master said that our originally is dark flowered, nobody knows our existences besides Valley Master, he on believing.” A that black-clothed person saying exit / to speak, in the entire hall a piece clamored, nobody thinks that this Hundred Flower Valley actually did not have what dark flowered department, this dark flowered department was a Heavenly Demon clan fabricates unexpectedly, moreover Hundred Flower Valley previous Valley Master died in Heavenly Demon clan in hand unexpectedly.

Zhao Hai has not actually paid attention to clamoring of these people, deep voice said : says your points.” That black-clothed person immediately/on horseback said : we must keep the Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master side, person who change bit by bit he impression to Heavenly Demon Race, with this method control he, turns into him finally to Heavenly Demon Race has the favorable impression very much, like this he might surrender Heavenly Demon Race, simultaneously will keep side him, can be Heavenly Demon Race inquires many information, this Heavenly Demon Race will invade Cultivation World, reason that will have such troop disposition, will be because will have our information.” understand, in the hall all person understand, why their understand Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master has been able suddenly to hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race, the reason because of existences of these Dark Demon clans, they have made Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master change unexpectedly to the view of Heavenly Demon Race, therefore Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master will want to hire oneself Heavenly Demon Race. Thinks of this one layer, all people could not bear hold breath a cold air, this Heavenly Demon clan also was really the one pattern after another, such means they could think, asked that in that one Sect did not have to be at the strength of hidden place, but these were at the strengths of hidden place, originally was little is known, even if were some real power elder possibly don’t know in Sect, but as the matter stands, happen to by the Dark Demon clan using, them has killed Hundred Flower Valley old Valley Master, then accompanies in the dark flower that pretending to be simply did not have, like this simply nobody will suspect them, only thinks that this was. Old Valley Master in hand at the strength of hidden place. But new Valley Master comes to power, naturally needs the strength to maintain own interests, appears of this dark flowered department, will only make new Valley Master happy outward, that thinks that they pretend to be unexpectedly. At this time Zhao Hai was actually the hand wields, a batch Undead Creature appears , then Zhao Hai deep voice said : struck to kill the people of all dark flowered departments, did not remain.” These Undead Creature turn around left, before long the Great Hall deep place hears the sound of intermittent fighting. At this time Zhao Hai turned the head to Hundred Flower Valley that elder, before deep voice said : „, I had heard from Hua Wushang mister there this dark flowered department, Hua Wushang mister very much suspected to the dark flowered department at that time, moreover had the card play, what a pity the mister body died, therefore can only my make a move, asking the elder to excuse me today.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }