Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1860
In Zhao Hai words has plenty flaw, but actually has not managed now that many, after all the fact puts at present, their Hundred Flower Valley that so-called dark flower department, is really the day Demon Realm person, they have anything to say.

That elder of hundred flowers flower valley is face ashamed said : „, if not mister, we return don’t know, this dark flowered department unexpectedly is Heavenly Demon Race arrange chess piece, that dares to blame mister, mister please sit down.” The seats of honor in this hundred flowers palaces are still emptying, however other places actually put many seats, the people sat getting down person. Looked at these person of one, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in sitting was also the people on one's own side, I was impolite, Hundred Flower Valley ownerless, I and other today do not make a testimony unexpectedly, asking Hundred Flower Valley to select new Valley Master, what do you think?” Zhao Hai this saying could be said as very overbearing, normally did this choose Valley Master is the Hundred Flower Valley matter, did not have with his 10 cents relationship, but Zhao Hai actually manages now, but also nobody dares to say no, after all strength in that pendulum. Moreover now Hundred Flower Valley was also join to Freedom Alliance, but Black Tiger Group Freedom Alliance alliance leader, Zhao Hai must say that on the tube this matter, other people could not have said anything. Li Xunhua looked at these Hundred Flower Valley person one, deep voice said : mister, whether to make me chat with them alone.” Zhao Hai looked at Li Xunhua one eyes, nodded said : well, Senior Brother Li invited.” Said that was not managing them, Li Xunhua has stood hastily, to Hundred Flower Valley there long Old Daoist: Several elders invited.” Must say. Li Xunhua status be higher than these elders. These elders looked that now Li looked for flowers said that naturally does not dare to neglect, complied with one hastily, turn around walked. Li Xunhua got these elders to arrive around quiet room, look at people said : everybody, why my understand you have not selected new Valley Master to the present, the truth tell you, even if were you have selected Valley Master, after Hundred Flower Valley, can dig dispiritedly, I and participated in these people of allied armies. Had decided that join to Black Tiger Group, I have not wanted to take care this matter, but actually has to say now.” As soon as these elders listened to Li to look for flowers said that cannot help but gawked. Then complexion changes, their very clear, these participated in cultivator of allied armies, is the in the gang elite, if they participated in Black Tiger Group, then in majority of Elite Hundred Flower Valley has carried off on equal to, that Hundred Flower Valley can definitely dig dispiritedly. Li Xunhua look at their appearances, deep voice said : now your join to Freedom Alliance, Sect although in Freedom Alliance were also many, what is most tyrannical is Black Tiger Group. If you select some Valley Master to come, that Hundred Flower Valley has been existing, but , the status in Freedom Alliance will not be definitely high, therefore I hope that everybody can consider, best to be the same with me, join arrives at Black Tiger Group, naturally, I did not mean that lets your join Black Tiger Group, if you can select some Gang Master to come, then makes him bring entire Hundred Flower Valley join Black Tiger Group directly. This is great merit one, Black Tiger Group certainly will not treat unjustly you, moreover after you, was the Black Tiger Group person, Black Tiger Group very much hid shortcomings and ensure nobody dares to move you. The advantage will not be few, below all has been said. Everybody asked himself to think well.” As soon as these elders listened to Li to look for flowers said that cannot help but gawked, then each and every one complexion big change, if they said join like Li Xunhua to Black Tiger Group , after that did not have Hundred Flower Valley, that Hundred Flower Valley didn't Dao doctrines break? This makes them somewhat unable to think through. They want to stand to berate Li Xunhua several, but actually nobody opens the mouth, because they are clear, what Li Xunhua said is right, if their join to Black Tiger Group, by the Hundred Flower Valley present aspect, definitely will not receive the suppressions of all people, when the time comes their live difficult.

In entire Cave Mansion good silence, then before , to that old elder who Zhao Hai spoke, to Li Xunhua said : Junior Brother Li, if our real join Black Tiger Group, Dao doctrines of my Hundred Flower Valley [lineage/vein], has been possible also to pass around?” His here Dao doctrines finger is practice Cultivation Method, cultivator very regards as important regarding this, because of cultivator Cultivation Method, especially some Great Sect amends the practice method, this is in itself the one type of inheritance, therefore many Sect Dao doctrines, refer to is cultivator amends the practice method. Li Xunhua deep voice said : certainly, in fact, I, when join Black Tiger Group, Mr. Zhao Hai told me, will establish Hundred Flowers Hall in Black Tiger Group, I recognize Hall Master, is used to inherit Hundred Flowers Sect Dao doctrines, if your also join Black Tiger Group, feared that is not only can pass around Dao doctrines, the Hundred Flower Valley domain can also complete protect, but turned into Hundred Flowers Hall from beforehand Hundred Flower Valley.” all Elders one hear of Li looked for flowers said that started humming sound the discussion, to be honest they really somewhat have moved now, although their join Black Tiger Group, after that turned over to Black Tiger Group to manage, but before them, was not Gang Master, now they were join to Black Tiger Group, can make elder dāng dāng, moreover can pass around Hundred Flower Valley Dao doctrines, like this looked like also is really good. Old that elder look at stands Li Xunhua who did not speak in one side, in two eyes one bright, deep voice said : „did everybody, how you think the proposition of Junior Brother Li? I thought that this proposition is very good, we can join Black Tiger Group, we all issues of surface prison solve like this now.” These elders think that also nodded, truly is this, the issue that so long as their join Black Tiger Group, they now have faced was solved, this regarding them, absolutely is the good matter. Old that elder look at looked that the people agreed that this then said : „, since everyone/Great Clan agreed that was easy to do, I look at this, we recommended that Li Xunhua as Hundred Flower Valley new Valley Master now, Li Xunhua Junior Brother very much has the prestige in in the gang, moreover he with Black Tiger Group Zhao Hai relationship intimate, has him to make Valley Master, after our join Black Tiger Group, certainly will not be bullied.” Li Xunhua has not thought. They will project on their body the idea. He just about to refutes, actually does not think that other people simultaneously nod to echo unexpectedly, this makes Li Xunhua complexion cannot help but change. His quickly said: Everybody, does not want talk nonsense, this Valley Master your any can work as, is I cannot work as, I join to Black Tiger Group, outside many people know, if I in Hundred Flower Valley Valley Master, how that outside these people will see Black Tiger Group. Such does, not only will not let Black Tiger Group happy, may also cause Black Tiger Group to be discontented, this does not have to a Hundred Flower Valley advantage, therefore this Valley Master position. I cannot do.” As soon as the people listened to Li to look for flowers said that gawked, then changed mind one to want also really to be such a matter, if Li Xunhua has made this Valley Master, that other Sect people will certainly regard as this are an expansion of Black Tiger Group, was arranges, this these Sect will guard against Black Tiger Group, this was an advantage does not have to Black Tiger Group. However has thought through this point, made everyone/Great Clan violate difficultly, they really cannot choose one to be able now, when Valley Master person, didn't this make them feel embarrassed? Li Xunhua also saw clearly their meaning. Li Xunhua cannot help but criticizes these people are the pig head, can he then said : everybody, why you probably select Valley Master to come? So long as you by Elder Assembly name surrender Black Tiger Group, were then asking Zhao Hai to assign Valley Master, Isn't this better?

One hear of Li looked for flowers said that these elders gawked, then that old elder was actually he he the chuckle, bowed to Li Xunhua „the completeness that said : Senior Brother Li thought that good, such managed.” Said hand signal that has made invitation. Made Li Xunhua leave quiet room. Actually in quiet room lived anything, purity that Zhao Hai knows, but Zhao Hai has not thought that Li Xunhua unexpectedly such knowing the limitation, if Hundred Flower Valley merged into Black Tiger Group. Then to Black Tiger Group is very important. However Zhao Hai has thought afterward this Hundred Flowers Hall hall Master elects, thinks. Finally Zhao Hai decided that before this hall Master elects should give to spend money recklessly, spends money recklessly now to Black Tiger Group is very loyal, was Black Tiger Group gave many strength, this Hall Master position, before giving spent money recklessly, is the best choice, in this Hall Master below, but must suppose Vice Hall Master, this Vice Hall Master, should better to the Han Clan person. Han Clan is the Black Tiger Group Gang Master firmest supporter, although the people of their family has been doing living in secret, but cannot treat unjustly them, if good to Hu Clan, does not have what reward to Han Clan, Han Clan will possibly have the opinion, therefore Zhao Hai wants in Hundred Flowers Hall Hall Master below, in supposing Vice Hall Master, this Vice Hall Master position, gives Han Clan, in such Black Tiger Group, the biggest two big aristocratic families obtained the advantage, after believing them, certain to Black Tiger Group loyal. But Hundred Flowers Hall here other elders, hold the post of by the Hundred Flower Valley person, but Li Xunhua they must return to Black Tiger Group with his together, he has other arrangements to Li Xunhua, this Li Xunhua is a talented person, Black Tiger Group now the personnel time, arranges to be quite good to Black Tiger Group General Hall there him. First even/including Xiang these, Zhao Hai has been putting out a signalling jade sword at the same time, after his idea records, let out, he just went to jade sword release, Li Xunhua and Hundred Flower Valley these elders came out. Now in the hall all person look at these people, how don’t know these people decided that Zhao Hai has actually been well aware, but he has not expressed that but sits in there static look at these people. After Li Xunhua comes out, has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, bows to Zhao Hai, then took a seat Zhao Hai, was not speaking. At this time Hundred Flower Valley that old elder arrived at side Zhao Hai, bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister, my Hundred Flower Valley this previous Valley Master such person, really did not have the face to base in Cultivation World, discussed after our Hundred Flower Valley all elders together that our Elder Assembly decided that Hundred Flower Valley merged into Black Tiger Group, asking mister to give shelter.” The this old elder bows to Zhao Hai, other people also bow said : to ask mister to give shelter to Zhao Hai.” Hundred Flower Valley these people display like this, making other Sect people one scared, other Sect people cannot help but changed to the body of Zhao Hai the vision, afterward changed to Li Xunhua body, he knows that these elder suddenly must merge into Black Tiger Group Hundred Flower Valley, certainly has relationship with Li Xunhua. Sitting that Li Xunhua unemotionally in there, Zhao Hai had actually stood at this time , helping up that long Old Daoist: Everybody does not need so, if everybody is to merge into Black Tiger Group , is also not, but this matter I do not have calculation that the means said that must ask for instructions Gang Master to be good, if everybody is really this meaning, please slightly wait a minute.” That old elder quickly said: Must, mister invite.” Zhao Hai nodded, has put out a signalling jade sword, inputs the content in let out.

But Zhang Feng is sitting in his study room now, in hand takes the signalling jade sword that Zhao Hai previous time is delivering, the content in look at jade sword, he has not thought really that Hundred Flower Valley can merge into Black Tiger Group unexpectedly, he thinks that makes Hundred Flower Valley Freedom Alliance, turning over to this alliance leader tube to be good, has not actually thought that now Hundred Flower Valley is reaching one's goal instantly unexpectedly, direct join Black Tiger Group. , when that proposition of Zhao Hai, before letting spends money recklessly, Hundred Flowers Hall Hall Master, making Han Clan have the person, becomes Vice Hall Master, this proposed that is very good, Hu Clan in having ambition, has Han Clan Vice Hall Master to immobilize in the one side, impossible becomes the Hu Clan domain the Hundred Flower Valley there scripture hall. Moreover as the matter stands, simultaneously looked like two big aristocratic families to curry favor with, it can be said that the best disposal plan, thought of here, Zhang Feng immediately/on horseback said : comes the person, went to Elder Hu and Elder Han quickly invites.” This Elder Hu naturally is Hu Liangchen, Elder Han is Chancellor Han Clan person Han Ren. Outside had the person to comply with one, invites person, before long Hu Liangchen and Han Ren arrived at Zhang Feng study room, after both sides saluted upon meeting, sat, Zhang Feng has given Hu Liang the in hand jade sword early morning said : Uncle Hu, Uncle Han, this was Little Hai just came back, you had a look.” Hu Liangchen received signalling jade sword to look toward, on face cannot help but one happy, then lightly wrinkled under the brow, then a brow Shu, has given Han Ren the jade sword, Han Ren received jade sword spiritual force to search toward, some little time then has taken back spiritual force, then turns the head look at Zhang Feng said : Gang Master, is your meaning?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : I to agree that opinion of Little Hai, before the flower, in second regiment there to gain experience was also good, making him work as Hall Master to be also good, Hán Bùlí strength under the help of Little Hai, progress very fast, moreover his also very intelligent, heard now in Han Clan also Steward, but these time must ask Uncle Han to let this talented person, if your two agreements, before this Hundred Flowers Hall Hall Master were the flower, Vice Hall Master is Hán Bùlí, two what do you think?” Hu Liangchen smiles said : Gang Master this idea to be good, does not leave with Little Hai is on good terms, after was Little Hai to Black Tiger Group, earliest friend . Moreover the ability that did not leave I did not suspect that making him work as this Vice Hall Master, I did not have the opinion, to be honest, making the flower go to work as this Hall Master, my somewhat feel relieved, has not let not depart to help him be also good.” Zhang Feng nodded, this entered the Zhao Hai second jade sword also to arrive, Zhang Feng looked at content one in jade sword, showed a faint smile said : to them matter has become, Uncle Hu, Uncle Han, you called the person, helping them pass for two days to take office.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }