Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1861

Zhao Hai sits in the hundred flowers palace, in entire Great Hall also has plenty person, but actually nobody makes noise, Great Hall dies the general silence, other cultivator do not make noise , because their really don’t know must say any good, they are pondering over now, after Hundred Flower Valley merges into Black Tiger Group, what change will bring about to Black Tiger Group, but this change regarding their Sect, means anything, what will influence bring to their Sect. But these person somewhat anxious sitting of Hundred Flower Valley are actually waiting for Zhao Hai information in there, before they wholeheartedly are also thinking must select Valley Master, since decides to want join Black Tiger Group, they also on with all one's heart thinks that join Black Tiger Group, they had feared now Black Tiger Group does not want them. Zhao Hai release jade sword sometime, he also knows that now the jade sword almost soon came back , a jade sword flew before long, stopped the Zhao Hai front. Zhao Hai received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, then nodded, turns the head in that old long Old Daoist to Hundred Flower Valley: Everybody, Gang Master accepted request, Hundred Flower Valley starting today, official merge to Black Tiger Group, becomes Black Tiger Group Hundred Flowers Hall, comprised of Elder Assembly everybody, temporary management Hundred Flowers Hall here all things, two days of Gang Master will have sent Hall Master and Vice Hall Master, but Elder Assembly will not dismiss, Elder Assembly will manage Hundred Flowers Hall with Hall Master and Vice Hall Master together.” In Hundred Flower Valley that old cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that this relaxed, his immediately/on horseback has stood, bows to Zhao Hai said : is, Venerable the Gang Master command.” Zhao Hai has stood, held after that old cultivator got up said : „, we were the whole families, you had any matter. Although start to talk, so long as is I can achieve, certain help.” That old cultivator quickly said: Does not dare exhausted mister, our present immediately arrange, Hundred Flowers Hall here will not leave absolutely chaotically. On arrival of Hall Master and Vice Hall Master.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said loudly: Good, prepares, puts out some hundred flowers to ferment, today these many other Sect friends. I must drink to heart's content one cup with everybody.” That elder immediately/on horseback complied with one, turn around has arranged, at this time other Sect people, whether or not the sincerity, ran over to congratulate Zhao Hai, congratulated Black Tiger Group. These people are actually admire to Zhao Hai now seriously, not only Zhao Hai can hit. This method high, such a few tricks, Hundred Flower Valley merged into Black Tiger Group, such person, was seriously extraordinary. Zhao Hai naturally also with a laugh is dealing with these people. Chats with these people, chat time these cultivator present, Zhao Hai actually remembers that each of them's name, this lets them with Zhao Hai chatted, cannot help but had the one type of warm feelings.

Before long Hundred Flower Valley these elders arranged, in Great Hall has displayed the table. The hundred flowers fermented also to suspend, moreover arranged in Hundred Flower Valley these female cauldron furnaces to dance to add to the fun, although they were not the sex maniac. But is very happy. Has made for two hours, various people then retreat, Zhao Hai also arrives in Cave Mansion that in Hundred Flower Valley has given him to arrange, before Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai called in Li Xunhua Cave Mansion. They arrived at Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, after Zhao Hai have made Li Xunhua sit down. Then to Li Xunhua said : Senior Brother Li, this time you do is very good. Especially does not have, when Hundred Flower Valley this Valley Master, this point is very good, my Zhao Hai must thank you.” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but at heart jumped, he presently resembles any matter not to hide the truth from Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can always plan each matter, including the matter that he handled, the purity that Zhao Hai knew, this was really too astonishing. However he has not actually displayed, but holds the fist in the other hand said : „to Zhao Hai, I now was also the Black Tiger Group person, naturally must be Black Tiger Group considers.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : tomorrow I will make various Sect people dismiss part, in selecting about the 1 million person merges into the first regiment, with, tomorrow do not return to Black Tiger Group General Hall there, Gang Master there have the arrangement.” Li Xunhua has complied with one, Zhao Hai look at Li Xunhua said : you do not need to be disappointed, Hundred Flowers Hall here all your although very familiar, is better, but here that here you can do after is only branch Hall, you go to General Hall there, depending on your ability, will certainly obtain the promotion of even bigger.” A Li Xunhua face grateful holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : thanks a lot mister.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to be good, you rest, was right, helping me have a look at person to settle down of allied armies how to want.” Li Xunhua complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai looked that Li Xunhua walked, this flashes body entered in Space, Laura they now to are not busy, but in the responses of other look at Sect. Zhao Hai this release that many Undead Creature, ran away in fear Heavenly Demon army, not only has blown Heavenly Demon Race, same also has blown nine Great Sect.

Nine Great Sect originally think that their population are more than Freedom Alliance, even if to Freedom Alliance period of show time, impossible to have anything to threaten to them, but has not actually thought of Zhao Hai release that many Undead Creature, in other words nine Great Sect vanished compared with Freedom Alliance sole superior thing, this makes nine Great Sect also real don’t know should not to know what to do at once. But now is most bad luck must say that was Ten Thousand Monster Sect, in Northern Divergent Province here, resistance day Demon Realm altogether on three big influences, Freedom Alliance, the Hundred Flower Valley alliance, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance, the Hundred Flower Valley alliance merges into Freedom Alliance now, in the Hundred Flower Valley alliance and Freedom Alliance here Heavenly Demon army, by Zhao Hai expelling, Heavenly Demon army that these ran away, naturally cannot great power Demon Realm go, but went to Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance there, this Ten Thousand Monster Sect must all of a sudden alone facing about 30 million Heavenly Demon army, the pressure increased at once. Heavenly Demon Race person also understand, they wanted occupying entire Cultivation World actually, or gave to extinguish nine Great Sect, that was not very realistic, the Cultivation World strength in that pendulum, they could not be eating up Cultivation World. Reason that they now also with the reason that Cultivation World does against, and other years a Soaring Dragon Realm inspection, the person who they must let Demonic Dragon sees, they compared with Cultivation World person, because they have invaded Cultivation World now, that naturally was they compared with Cultivation World, when the time comes they can replace Cultivation World, entered Soaring Dragon Realm, this was the Heavenly Demon Race point. Zhao Hai also knows the idea of Heavenly Demon Race, but he does not have immediately to dispatch troops these Heavenly Demon Race people to catch up with returned to day Demon Realm to go, Zhao Hai knows that now nine Great Sect also worry certainly compared with him, what response he wants to have a look at nine Great Sect to have. Nine Great Sect just started to face up to Freedom Alliance to come now, if Zhao Hai now extremely in positive, will make nine Great Sect people take lightly, therefore Zhao Hai is not anxious. Naturally is only impossible to block about 30 million Heavenly Demon army depending on Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Ten Thousand Monster Sect prays for rescue like nine Great Sect several other Sect, nine Great Sect several other Great Sect to also show due respect for the feelings, they also know, if let Ten Thousand Monster Sect such but actually, they also with bad luck, therefore their immediately has also sent out reinforcement, Ten Thousand Monster Sect has then blocked the attack of Heavenly Demon Race. Zhao Hai, nine Great Sect does not save his him to be motionless now, in any case regarding him, not necessarily must enter Soaring Dragon Realm in here, even if were Cultivation World is cancelled entered the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, he can also enter from day Demon Realm to Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore he did not worry. Stayed for day in Space, next morning, Zhao Hai other Sect representatives welcome to Hundred Flower Valley Assembly Hall, after waiting for all people to arrive at Assembly Hall, Zhao Hai then to people said : everybody, you from various Sect comes out also for sometime, going on an expedition that these days turned continually, was very laborious, my these time called everyone/Great Clan to come, told everyone/Great Clan, you can return to respective Sect, now five million army, so long as left behind 1 million, merged into the Freedom Alliance first regiment on to be able, other people can go back, as for whom stayed behind who walked, that on looking at everybody own..” As soon as these people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai will make them dismiss, but changed mind thinks that these person understand, Zhao Hai in hand so many Undead Creature, naturally has also had no need for that many people.

How however because of anything, this regarding them is the good matter, now these cultivator in allied armies, are various Sect Elite, lost has sufficed them to be grieved, now they can go back, that naturally was it would be the best, although cannot all go back, but can actually go back the majority, as the matter stands various Sect strengths can also restore. After these Sect representatives apologized Zhao Hai, immediately has arranged, but at this time, army of first regiment also arrived at Hundred Flower Valley here, entire Hundred Flower Valley one has lived it up, but fortunately, other Sect people diverged the majority, total number of people of first regiment also arrived at 5 million. Zhao Hai they temporary reason that in Hundred Flower Valley here to settle down, Zhao Hai such did \; first, to train these people, now old person of first regiment are many, but also had many new people, these new people did not have complete achieving to strict enforcement of orders and bans, therefore Zhao Hai must keep well the training they some time. although Zhao Hai in hand has plenty Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature he does not hate to use, these Undead Creature oysters to provide Strength of Faith to him, he easily will certainly not use. Zhao Hai stays in the Hundred Flower Valley here second point, is waiting for nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect although have sent out many reinforcement toward Ten Thousand Monster Sect there, but now is also just can block Heavenly Demon army . Moreover the Heavenly Demon army quantity also not only such selects, nine Great Sect really cannot extract other reinforcement to come, Zhao Hai believes that it will not take long, nine Great Sect will certainly ask his head, he Great Sect people asked him and other. Moreover nearest/recent these days, the Freedom Alliance change is very big, now still in digesting some influences of original Hundred Flower Valley alliance, needs one to enter rests and builds up strength, Zhao Hai keeps Hundred Flower Valley here to assume personal command, if dares to have that Sect to do any small sound, he did not mind that destroys completely several Sect, in Cultivation World here, anything wins popular support with kindness, that is the bullshit, your fist is big enough, the heart is ruthless enough, can go on living, the beam energy spread expands. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }