Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1862
Jian Wuya sits in Cave Mansion, sits several people in his side, was Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery host Abbot Numu, according to legend he has practiced Major Mastery Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method Vajra Divine Art separately unexpectedly, if his use the cultivation stared the person, generally cultivator will be stared directly by his one eyes, therefore has also resulted in a name of angry glare Vajra. Wonderful Sound Pavilion Pavilion Master, wonderful sound ghost Saint Gui Lingzi, Gui Lingzi has practiced the boundary of Major Mastery the Wonderful Sound Pavilion secret Cultivation Method quiet ghost wonderful sound, so long as his use the cultivation, any sound can turn into the quiet ghost wonderful sound, attacks the enemy in invisible, virtually impossible to guard against. Ten Thousand Beast Sect Sect Master, Beast King Meng Wudi, this person of controlling beast millions and millions, very difficult to deal with, moreover Ten Thousand Beast Sect also gives up study the Ten Thousand Beast Sect town faction ten thousand beast fist practices to Major Mastery, begins with the person, such as ten thousand beasts bite the enemy, very difficult deal with. Ten Thousand Monster Sect Sect Master dragon Venerable Jiao Hualong, according to legend this Jiao Hualong originally is only Cyan Snake, afterward under the same reason coincidence, cultivated unsurpassed Secret Technique to melt Dragon Jue, finally becomes Ten Thousand Monster Sect Sect Master, when he can change to makes human-shape, to oneself gives a name Jiao Hualong, to demonstrate that he must melt the determination of dragon. Eastern Sacred Academy Dean, zither heart mister Dong Libo, sword balls zither Xingong of this person reached the stage of perfection, strength extraordinary. west Sacred Academy Dean, Master Yi Xizi You, Yi child Cultivation Method of this person Major Mastery, have fought with him, such as plays chess with Expert, cannot miss half-step good, will otherwise be beyond redemption. south Sacred Academy institute lord, Saint Wang Fengming, the life and death writing technique of this person has achieved the void character, words of wisdom the boundary of Major Mastery, when with the person fights, he every time writes a character, is one type of attack style. Let the person attack not to be possible to attack. Defends not to be possible to defend. Northern Sacred Academy Dean, Wu Dai works as wind Wu Youdao, mountains and rivers of this person already Major Mastery, did to fight like the drawing, you in unknowingly, will enter in his picture, finally by in dire straits. Nine Great Sect Sect Master get together in Heavenly Sword Sect, naturally is not comes the tea party, but they discussed the important matter, Jian Wuya looked at several other people of one. When first open the mouth and said: „Do several matters by hence, it seems like us have to with Freedom Alliance alliance, not know several what do you think?” Several other people have not spoken, Jiao Hualong complexion is paler. To be honest rising of Black Tiger Group was really too quick, he had not been placed the name to be serious in Northern Divergent Province about hundred Sect this, actually that knows that this Sect in unknowingly rose unexpectedly, even has threatened the Ten Thousand Monster Sect status.

With Freedom Alliance alliance, naturally does not have anything regarding several other Great Sect, they are also happy, but regarding Ten Thousand Monster Sect actually absolutely is not the good matter, because of Freedom Alliance now in Northern Divergent Province, moreover Freedom Alliance present strength. Even if not calculate Zhao Hai, was not worse than Ten Thousand Monster Sect, if were adding on Zhao Hai, that Ten Thousand Monster Sect simply was not the Freedom Alliance match. Jiao Hualong is 10,000 is not willing with Freedom Alliance alliance, if they really with Freedom Alliance alliance, then has given Freedom Alliance on equal to with the qualifications that they treat as an equal, such Northern Divergent Province benefit must be divided by Freedom Alliance half, how Ten Thousand Monster Sect can bear. Other Sect Sect Master also know the idea of Jiao Hualong, but currently they have to with the reason of Freedom Alliance alliance, if they cannot solve the Heavenly Demon Race matter as soon as possible. Really to the Soaring Dragon Realm ten thousand years have commented greatly, that Cultivation World possibly loses entered the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, this regarding nine Great Sect, lost was too big, they rather apportioned Freedom Alliance some benefit. Also is not willing to lose enters the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm. Jian Wuya looks at nobody to speak, complexion cannot help but sinks. Then said : flood dragon Sect Master, by you, after all this Freedom Alliance is also your Northern Divergent Province influence, you most had the word power.” Jiao Hualong looked at Jian Wuya one, he also knows that Jian Wuya this is compelling him to take a stand, in fact he did not take a stand is not good, his deep voice said : with Freedom Alliance alliance I naturally was the agreement, after all can also enter Soaring Dragon Realm this relationship to us, this was the important matter, but how alliance actually must have a regulation, we cannot make Freedom Alliance ride the heads of our nine Great Sect, in that case, will be the everyone/Great Clan day will not feel better with the fear.” Jiao Hualong this saying to is lets several people of secret nods, right that Abbot Numu deep voice said : flood dragon donor said that Freedom Alliance, because has existence of Zhao Hai, the strength no less than our nine Great Sect alliance, at this time, we should alliance get up, if cannot press Freedom Alliance, that later Freedom Alliance in turn will certainly press us.” Abbot word is somewhat improper, Freedom Alliance has existence of Zhao Hai, their strengths equivalent to our nine Great Sect alliance, we should now to him the status of equality, if thinking suppresses them, gave to provoke them, did not have the advantage to anyone.” A delightful sound conveys, source Gui Lingzi of this sound, Gui Lingzi is Sect Master of wonderful sound sect, this sound naturally is very interesting to listen. Snort, but is others flatters, I do not believe Zhao Hai to have that strong strength, if he has that strong strength, he already our nine Great Sect extinguishing, day Demon Realm already had also been given to expel by him, that will wait till the present.” A Meng Wudi coldly snorted sound track. Wu Youdao looked at Jian Wuya one, deep voice said : sword Sect, now the person must give the low-down to everyone/Great Clan, the previous time that Zhao Hai said after Heavenly Sword Sect has held the slaughter demon congress, was planned by you, what subspace has gotten so far as, but also received many Immortal Stage Undead Creature in there real?”

A Wu Youdao such saying, the vision of all people changed to the body of Jian Wuya, they also want to know this answer, because in their Sect some people's in Heavenly Sword Sect Transmission Formation have also been missing, what if Zhao Hai said is real, he can have the present strength, can say that is Heavenly Sword Sect creates completely. Jian Wuya looked at these person of one, deep voice said : he is planned real, where as for was arrived by Transmission, I and don’t know, that was a very strange Coordinate, all the person of that Coordinate in has not come back, we and don’t know his Undead Creature obtained in there.” Wu Youdao they, as soon as listened to Jian Wuya saying that cannot help but coldly snorted, but did not have too many expressions, they also know, now does not haggle over this matter time, said it, their Sect was unclean, dies cultivator in their Sect is also not infrequent. Wang Fengming deep voice said : good everybody, now did not say these times, what approach Freedom Alliance the key is we must use, I agreed that Abbot Numu words, we must press a Freedom Alliance head, otherwise, facing Freedom Alliance time, we passive, moreover reason that Freedom Alliance is so rampant, because of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is completely fierce he is also a person, I think before Zhao Hai, does not use these Undead Creature, certainly has the reason, the limit of has plenty lets him at will use these Undead Creature, moreover is he can use Undead Creature, is needs spiritual force, is. He has 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, these Immortal Stage Undead Creature , outside is impossible to remain helps him fight? Therefore must cope with Zhao Hai, we are the has plenty means that our simply does not need to fear him, if pressed a head by Freedom Alliance now, after us, did not have the date of turning over.” Wang Fengming this saying to was also says several people to nod, good, if Zhao Hai can use these Undead Creature really at will, he dominate Cultivation World, that so will be already honest like like the present. Thinks through this point, in several people of hearts final had scruples also vanish from sight, Jian Wuya deep voice said : good, good that king Dean this saying said that I also agreed that the proposition of Abbot Numu, must press a Freedom Alliance head, otherwise the later everyone/Great Clan day did not feel better, now everyone/Great Clan thinks how must do.” Jiao Hualong cold sound said : also has anything to be open to discuss that sends for giving nine Great Sect to order, making them dispatch troops with our together, defeats day Demon Realm, having a look at them to have anything to respond.” Jian Wuya their knitting the brows head, has not spoken gently, to be honest their although wants to press a Freedom Alliance head, but also undoable goes too far, after all now Freedom Alliance there does not have existence of Zhao Hai, the strength is not weak, really if offends them has suppressed, that is not good. However they change mind think that to thought Jiao Hualong said is also reasonable, sends for ordering directly, this has naturally pressed a Freedom Alliance head, if Freedom Alliance accepted, that naturally also on recognize nine Great Sect compared with them, they must submit to nine Great Sect, if they do not accept, that is thinking that other means are also good.

Thinks of here, Jian Wuya cannot help but deep voice said : well, such has decided that I thought that these time sends for Freedom Alliance there ordering by our nine Great Sect alliance, what response I to have a look at this Freedom Alliance to be, if they obey orders that to be easy to do, if they do not obey orders, that must have must give them a lesson.” Several other Sect Master nodded, nine Great Sect have been used to Cultivation World overbearing, now suddenly braves one to be able with the influence that they contend with, they naturally are is not very willingly, therefore Wang Fengming will say these words, but other talented people will agree. Jian Wuya looked at several people of one, deep voice said : everybody, each person went to Black Tiger Group to transmit orders, has remembered, the skill should not be too low, if Black Tiger Group real becoming angry out of shame, must guarantee that they can the whole body draw back.” Several other Great Sect Sect Master nodded, they to are agreed that the Jian Wuya words, they must press a Black Tiger Group head, if there is anything to lose is not good. However several Sect do not have leave Heavenly Sword Sect, but put out the signalling jade sword to let out, they must summon Heavenly Sword Sect here to come the person, then in instruction well, let their seize the opportunity suppression Freedom Alliance well. Jian Wuya also called Heavenly Sword Sect Expert, this person was Heavenly Sword Sect an elder, the known as Shadowless Sword willow tree unparalleled, although has not arrived at Immortal Stage, actually was also Expert that Heavenly Sword Sect Transcends Tribulation Stage knew how things stand, making him go in Jian Wuya seems like absolutely safe. Nine Great Sect naturally cannot send Immortal Stage Expert to go to Freedom Alliance to transmit orders, if they sent Immortal Stage Expert to transmit orders, that did not transmit orders, but must make war, if Freedom Alliance got angry these Immortal Stage Expert really keeps Black Tiger Group, they may be big on the loss. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }