Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1863
Zhang Feng is sitting in own room handles the Freedom Alliance matter, now before he compares, has been busy, before he only needed to handle the Black Tiger Group matter to be good, but currently has the entire Freedom Alliance matter to turn over to him to process, what his day is busy is serious. Now Zhang Feng also understand why iron Zhan Tian beforehand cultivation level progressive was so slow, because of his present simply many time practices, everyday has not had the matter that cannot handle, that also has the unnecessary time practice. However fortunately, Zhao Hai has given his some Potion, these Potion his normally can work as the water to drink, express of absorption, making his cultivator not bog down. although now he very busy, but Zhang Feng actually still very happy, now Freedom Alliance strength his very clear, even if not calculate Zhao Hai, Freedom Alliance can also in any with nine Great Sect compare favorably, because has Zhao Hai relationship, these small Sect in Freedom Alliance do not dare to disrespect to Black Tiger Group, in adding on him handles affairs fairly and just, these small Sect take him, now the Freedom Alliance interior has stabilized, these small Sect also present, establishes this alliance, compared with before, truly was better on many. It can be said that because of existence of Zhao Hai, is adding on his style, the Black Tiger Group this Freedom Alliance alliance leader position was holds on to your hat. Zhang Feng look at a piece jade slip, in jade slip is Zhao Hai gives him now, reported to him the situation of first regiment, currently total number of people of first regiment has 5 million people, was still stationed in Hundred Flower Valley there, before Hundred Flower Valley there now already gave to spend money recklessly, and Hán Bùlí they have managed, they did also good. Has not had any contradiction, is adding on there to have Zhao Hai to assume personal command, to does not need him to worry. Zhao Hai writes this jade slip point to Zhang Feng tells Zhang Feng, the first regiment will not have any movement in a short time. He and other responses of Great Sect. The meaning of Zhang Feng also understand Zhao Hai, he also agreed that the Zhao Hai procedure, these many years, nine Great Sect have been pressing them, now Zhao Hai must let nine Great Sect officially them, places in them an equal position, did not oppose regarding this point Zhang Feng that he also wants to make Zhao Hai such do. In the content in Zhang Feng look at jade slip. Was deliberately considering how must reply Zhao Hai time, suddenly outside transmits sound speaking sounds: Report, Gang Master, nine Great Sect Sect representatives come to seek an interview.” Zhang Feng stares. Then two eyes one bright, deep voice said : finally came, asking them little to sit to the conference room, simultaneously sent for informing Elder Hu, Elder Han. Goes to the conference room.” Outside that voice complied with one, turn around walked. Zhang Feng has then stood, shows a faint smile said : nine Great Sect, your finally send people to come.” Said Zhang Feng one revolution. Has put out a jade sword, has input the content in. Released for flight, this jade sword to Zhao Hai. He must make Zhao Hai come back to have a look at nine Great Sect representatives is any appearance. After Zhang Feng release jade sword, then has stood, walks toward the conference room, before long Zhang Feng arrived at outside of conference room, actually presently Hu Liangchen and Han Ren arrived, they are standing in in front of the door of conference room are waiting for him. Zhang Feng nodded to them, three people took a step the conference room, this was only a small conference room, inside most can accommodate twenty people to meet, is a conference room that Black Tiger Group used, now in the conference room is sitting nine people, these nine sitting in big horse Golden Blade in there, everyone was proud Se of face, saw that the Zhang Feng three people have come, nine people have not set out to salute, still sat in there, disdaining of face. Sees these nine people of appearances, the heart of Zhang Feng sinks, he these nine people of appearances somewhat are presently strange, probably does not come Black Tiger Group to seek help.

Hu Liangchen and Han Ren look at several people of appearances, is complexion changes, they were the characters who the person always became a ghost, naturally presently these nine people of facial expressions was not right. Zhang Feng take deep breaths, how decided first to listen to several people saying that then in making decision, he held the fist in the other hand to several people said : „below Black Tiger Group Zhang Feng, does not know that several were?” In several people the person of that back sword, deep voice said : „below Heavenly Sword Sect willow tree unparalleled, has seen Gang Master, opens Gang Master, today we have presented the lives of nine Great Sect Sect Master, came to transmit orders.” Transmitted orders?” Zhang Feng noted these two characters in Liu Wushuang words, his deep voice did said : what command pass on?” Willow tree unparalleled coldly look at Zhang Feng said : nine Great Sect Sect Master alliance transmitted orders to Freedom Alliance, after assigning Freedom Alliance sends army three day appears , goes to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, converges with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, turns over to the Ten Thousand Monster Sect leader, attack Heavenly Demon army, acts without fail.” Said that willow tree unparalleled two eyes bright look at Zhang Feng said : has to dare to disobey orders, punishes mercilessly!” look at willow tree that Zhang Feng decides unparalleled, but Hu Liangchen and Han Ren are actually a scowl of face, their Freedom Alliance present strength, comes not to be only weak compared with nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect also dare to order to them unexpectedly, moreover dares saying that if defies, punishes mercilessly this, this simply is to their insults. HaHaHa!” Zhang Feng laughing suddenly, his look at willow tree unparalleled they, have smiled out of breath, heard in this world probably the funniest joke. Willow tree unparalleled they look at the Zhang Feng appearance, complexion cannot help but sink, looked that the Zhang Feng appearance they know, today's matter did not have the means friendly, several people cannot help but have alerted. Some little time Zhang Feng has stopped the smiling face, on his face is actually ice-cold, then deep voice said : my Freedom Alliance does not turn over to nine Great Sect to manage, why they ordered to us, but also dares to say punishes mercilessly, simply was extremely arrogant not short to the extreme, your several, immediately rolled to me, told them, wants to let our Freedom Alliance make a move, on little darling sent for asking, in dares to order, my Freedom Alliance first extinguished his nine Great Sect, go away!” As soon as willow tree unparalleled several people listened to Zhang Feng saying that cannot help but complexion changed, willow tree unparalleled look at Zhang Feng said : insulted nine Great Sect, did not listen to the verbal command, today I give you a lesson.” The willow tree does not have both hands to move, his back Liu Yejian comes out of the sheath, punctures toward Zhang Feng. Other simultaneously with Qi have actually locked Hu Liangchen and Han Ren with several that he came, letting them make a move to assist. Zhang Feng complexion cannot help but changes, he has not thought. This willow tree unparalleled unexpectedly so extremely arrogant, dares unexpectedly in Black Tiger Group to his make a move, but his strength, unparalleled comes compared with this willow tree. Also must miss on, when Zhang Feng just about to the use the cultivation resistance, suddenly in his front appears Space rift, then a fist stretched out from Space rift, a fist strike on Liu Wushuang the sword, heard with a bang sound, Liu Wushuang the sword to be struck to non-stop fly, Liu Wushuang complexion is also a paleness. Then a person's shadow slowly flew from Space rift. His face cool-colored looked at willow tree unparalleled their several people of one eyes, deep voice said : has dared to disrespect to Gang Master, today I have abandoned you, I to was have a look at nine Great Sect to take my Freedom Alliance to be what kind.” Said that this person of personal appearance moves. Direct willow tree unparalleled they throw.

Zhang Feng sees this person, is actually complexion happy said : Little Hai.” As soon as willow tree unparalleled they listen to Zhang Feng this saying to know that who the person was, Zhao Hai, before this, in the Cultivation World hear has not listened to name, now actually became in Cultivation World the first celebrity. Zhao Hai before throws. The personal appearance actually changes into nine, simultaneously toward nine people of attack, willow tree unparalleled their complexion cannot help but changes, simultaneously make a move attacks toward Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai personal appearance actually suddenly vanish from sight. Next quarter Zhao Hai suddenly appears in several people of back, a fist strike has carried on the back after several people. Several people of never expected Zhao Hai will come such one. This makes them virtually impossible to guard against, by a Zhao Hai fist strike in carrying on the back. Then they felt that extremely powerful Qi Strength passes the back to enter, among in the blink of an eye their Qi Strength striking are defeated and dispersed by this Qi Strength, simultaneously their meridians also all discarded, a several people of blood has spurted, they know that they ended, meridians were abandoned, later they were the disabled people, only if were flowered massive Heaven and Earth Treasure can remould the meridians for them, but was such, their strengths were impossible to restore to the present level, moreover from now cultivation level in difficult to have the little advance. Several people of complexion are pale, the facial expression dispirited, Zhao Hai returned to the Zhang Feng side, several people with incomparably had been hostile at this time, but is also bringing frightened vision look at Zhao Hai. Zhang Feng looked at nine people of one, knows that nine people of present is any condition, he has not cared, but coldly snorted said : immediately/on horseback get lost to me, tells nine Great Sect people who my words does not fall, go away.” Nine people looked at Zhang Feng several people of one maliciously, walking outward staggering, sits Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation leave before long. When nine people walk, Zhang Feng then turns the head fortunately Little Hai your prompt appears to Zhao Hai said :, otherwise today I feared must suffer a loss, has not thought really that nine Great Sect so will be unexpectedly bold.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : nine Great Sect idiots, they want to press our head with this method, making our Freedom Alliance in not dare with them for the enemy, forever lowers their head, these idiots really can think that I have not gone to trample flat them, they strove for taking, now also dares to annoy these many matters to come, really courted death.” Zhang Feng coldly snorted said : nine Great Sect have been used to arrogantly, is crazy from Major Mastery, thinks really the entire world people should submit to them, ok, did not say these, walked Little Hai, went to the room to discuss.” Said that walked out of four people from the conference room, go toward the Zhang Feng room. Before long four people arrived at the Zhang Feng room, after sitting down, Zhang Feng deep voice said : this Little Hai gave to abandon willow tree unparalleled them, what response don’t know nine Great Sect will have, if nine Great Sect coped with us really reckless, to was somewhat troublesome.” Hu Liang early morning deep voice said : I looked that nine Great Sect may not look for our troubles, we are not after all big to their influences, they will not do well will have tidied up day Demon Realm first, then will cope with us, after all they will not tidy up day of Demon Realm, must lose enters the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, regarding them, will enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm to them is most important.” Han Ren nodded said : I also to agree with the view of Old Hu, but we must be ready, Gang Master, I look at this, we tell all small Sect the matter that nine Great Sect Sect people transmitted orders, making them also know that what's the matter, these small Sect got rid of nine Great Sect control with great difficulty, definitely does not want that condition before returned to, at this matter, they certainly to support us, if some people get up the opposition, we also happen to can know that there are these people with us is not a heart, when the time comes we on can begin these are not give to tidy up with a person of our heart. Falls, then coped with nine Great Sect in full preparation.”

Zhang Feng nodded, then he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you speak the truth with me, your Undead Creature can release come how long, why before you, doesn't need these Undead Creature to fight? What has to limit?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to limit, these Undead Creature I think that release comes how long to come how long on release, but these Undead Creature strengths are not very strong, most Undead Creature, do not arrive at the Law Idol time the strength, most is also builds up the god time the strength, therefore I little put them to come out to fight, because I do not think that these Undead Creature have anything to lose.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Zhang Feng they somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, wants to come in them, Undead Creature is not used to fight? Lost had anything to be important. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, has smiled bitterly next step: I do not want to fight with Undead Creature , because very heavy of these Undead Creature regarding me want, because these Undead Creature although fighting strength are not strong, but they can actually provide the Saint strength to me!” A Hiss! Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Zhang Feng their how many people cannot help but have held breath a cold air, Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you said that all your Undead Creature can provide the Saint strength to you? That did not say that your in hand does have over 1 billion to the disciple who you provide the Saint strength?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, in fact the quantity must be more than this, my practice was so quick, had been lucky these Undead Creature, provided the Saint strength without them to me, my simply impossible practice rapidness of such, what was a pity, because these Undead Creature were I subdues, their Saint strength were impossible to provide to others, I tried many methods not to have the Saint strength that the means collected them to provide, therefore until now, my wife they did not have the means to use the Saint strength that Undead Creature provided.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : your wife? Do you have the wife?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to have, moreover more than one, they lived in hundred prostitutes'quarters there before, afterward by my secret receiving here, was arranged not to see valley there, now they also in there, just their fighting strength are not very strong, therefore I had not let their appears , I feared that by other people are known their existences, threatened me with them.” Zhang Feng nodded, then has smiled bitterly next step: You you, your youngster is too careful, in my Black Tiger Group, who active has resulted in the sister-in-law, said it, by your strength, but also serves a need to fear that others do know existence of sister-in-law?” Zhao Hai in said : First Senior Brother, you may favor me painstakingly, must know that these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, I am nearest/recent obtain, before my strength was also not too strong, ran into powerful enemy to run, if were tied down by care of one's family, I feared that could not be inescapable.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng they he he chuckle, but does not have to discuss that this topic, each cultivator had own secret, Zhao Hai can say these many to them today, was very good. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }