Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1864

Jian Wuya they sat in the conference room and other information, Jian Wuya have told Liu Wushuang, if Black Tiger Group dared not to comply, gave a Black Tiger Group lesson, he concluded that Black Tiger Group does not dare to be what kind of willow tree unparalleled them, what after all willow tree unparalleled they represented was nine Great Sect, so long as were Black Tiger Group has not had no consideration for face with them, does not dare to move willow tree unparalleled them. Therefore they believe that willow tree unparalleled they will have information to pass on quickly. The time regarding cultivator, is really the indifferent matter, except for these lives near cultivator, other cultivator, will not care about the time, therefore several people close one's eyes to sit in the conference room, has probably sat in meditation. In this time, the out of the door of conference room has been hearing a sound of footsteps, this sound of footsteps very rapid, his sound of footsteps to conference room outside, said loudly: Report, Sect Master, Elder Liu they came back.” Jian Wuya one hear of this sounds, this slowly opened eye said : to come back to make them come, their people?” Out of the door that person of said : Elder Liu their was then broken the meridians of whole body, was being treated and cured, must wait a while to give Sect Master answering.” Jian Wuya one hear of this saying cannot help but stare, is actually complexion changes along with it, his immediately/on horseback said : „were their nine people broken the meridians?” That person of said : is.” One of Jian Wuya their several people of sigh has stood, half step walking of outward, to in front of the door of conference room, saw the out of the door of conference room to stand cultivator, this person is only Heavenly Sword Sect ordinary cultivator, he looked that Jian Wuya they are staring at him. Cannot help but somewhat restless lowering the head. Jian Wuya has not actually managed him. deep voice said : leads us to have a look at unparalleled them.” That cultivator complied with one, immediately has guided in front, walked toward Heavenly Sword Sect. Before long several people arrived at Cave Mansion, that cultivator directed several people to enter Cave Mansion, this Cave Mansion was very big, inside was suspending many medicine-chests, several cultivator are manipulating medicinal herbs in there, looked at Jian Wuya to come, that several cultivator, immediately/on horseback bowed said : to see Sect Master.” Jian Wuya beckoned with the hand. Walks toward. In this Cave Mansion, is one specifically is actually used to treat and cure the place of person, gets married like Heavenly Sword Sect greatly, unavoidably will have some cultivator, when makes duty or contends in martial arts with the person. The body is wounded, some wounds do not have the means to make with ordinary medicine pill, must therefore arrive at here to treat and cure, treats and cures to here is to need flower show Sect contribution points, therefore generally also only then Inner Disciples or Core Disciple will come. Now in this Cave Mansion, is lying several people, complexion of these people are pale, does not have the scarlet, clothes were escaped, the whole person was smeared the one layer thick medicinal ointment. That medicinal ointment leaves air/Qi of delicate fragrance, looks is good thing.

Several people close one's eyes, face the color of dying embers, they know one ended, this has abandoned for a lifetime, regarding cultivator, did not have any ratio cruelly. Jian Wuya sees this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, his quickly has arrived at Liu Wushuang the side, extended make a move to cross into Liu Wushuang within the body own Spiritual Qi. This crosses into to know that to Liu Wushuang within the body Jian Wuya the willow tree unparalleled has abandoned completely, the meridians of willow tree unparalleled within the body have broken to pieces completely, moreover on meridians that these break to pieces, but also adheres to stick cohere Qi Strength, making his meridians not have means heal/fuse. The person of starting carries the person good ruthless spicy method. At this time Liu Wushuang also felt that some people were crossing into True Qi toward his within the body, he has opened the eye slowly. Looks unexpectedly is Jian Wuya, he struggles to stand, Jian Wuya was also busy at holding down his said : well unparalleled, you lay down were being good, told me that you have come across any matter in Black Tiger Group there.” Willow tree unparalleled one hear of Jian Wuya said that cannot help but complexion changes, then he suppresses sound said : Sect Master, you must revenge to me.” Said that Liu Wushuang arrived at the Black Tiger Group there later matter him, original originally this said to Jian Wuya, Liu Wushuang knows that his simply does not need to add inflammatory details, is only these matters that Black Tiger Group handles, these words that spoke, will make Jian Wuya they have to cope with him, he too has known about Jian Wuya, Jian Wuya is not the person who that type owed has damaged to be able not to hit back, others dare such to him, his certain ten times, hundred times of presenting also to go back. Jian Wuya one hear static is listening, however his complexion is actually by Bai Bianhong, by red is changed azure|cyan, is grow darked green, probably the five colors light bulb is the same, several other Great Sect Sect Master, complexion is also good unable to see that to go. When Liu Wushuang said that Jian Wuya deep voice said : you recuperate well, this enmity I will report for you.” Said that Jian Wuya turn around walks outward, has manipulated medicinal herbs cultivator said : to outside him to these fully the treatment they, lacks anything to send for looking for me.” That several cultivator complied with one, Jian Wuya then turn around outward walked. The quick several people returned to conference room, just entered the conference room, Jiao Hualong on chair of a palm the smashing that places conference room, shouted angrily said : to go too far, Black Tiger Group, you went too far!” Several other Great Sect complexion also same is unattractive, Jian Wuya looked at Jiao Hualong said : well the old flood dragon, sits below, we discussed how must to pay Freedom Alliance.” Jiao Hualong snort|hum, sat, Jian Wuya looked at several other people of one, deep voice said : everybody, what also heard the Freedom Alliance person saying that what to do did everybody has a look at this matter to?” Abbot Numu two eyes glares angrily now, obviously has been mad the extreme, his deep voice said : Al tuo Buddha, Freedom Alliance was really too lawless, if also kept them in the world, my Cultivation World the constant disorder and unrest, must punish surely.”

Meng Wudi coldly snorted said : dares to injure my Ten Thousand Beast Sect person, I must rip the fragment him surely.” Jian Wuya is also face pale sitting in that early morning, in making noise, the Gui Lingzi delightful sound had transmitted said : at this time present also not with Freedom Alliance has no consideration for face, if really with Freedom Alliance has no consideration for face to do, that culmination Demon Realm below cherishes, now the day Demon Realm offensive had been blocked by us, they stepped on take the defensive, may depend in Cultivation World does not walk, their point being clear, on is must, when ten thousand years in a big way comment, replace our positions, we well think that this matter, has solved this matter first., Is tidying up Freedom Alliance not to be late?” The words that Jian Wuya their coldly snorted, although Gui Lingzi spoke obviously are reasonable, but lets their feel very uncomfortable at heart. Some little time Jian Wuya said : now our most important duty copes with day Demon Realm, must as soon as possible catches up with returned to day Demon Realm to go Heavenly Demon Race, otherwise our troubles will be very big, right that Gui Lingzi Sect Master said that after Freedom Alliance we can, tidying up slowly, if we lost really entered the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, that anything ended.” Several other Sect Master although are also angry, right that but actually also has to recognize Jian Wuya say, Jian Wuya looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : must cope with Heavenly Demon Race, only depends on our strengths truly were somewhat strenuous, I looked that was inferior we stood firm Freedom Alliance first, making them strive for us, let them while convenient, when coped with Heavenly Demon Race, lost some manpower, when the time comes we will be tidying up them to be also more relaxed.” Several other Great Sect Sect Master nodded, they also thought that the office is so better, first stands firm Freedom Alliance, waited to tidy up day of Demon Realm slowly in tidied up Freedom Alliance not to be late. They possibly not presently, they now already slowly regarded Freedom Alliance can exist with them equally. Abbot Numu let out a long breath said : that can only send for Freedom Alliance there, resigns some benefits unexpectedly, first has stood firm them, all waited to tidy up Heavenly Demon Race to say.” Jian Wuya nodded, deep voice said : „this person of sending, must send one experienced, cannot make Freedom Alliance these fellow seize the opportunity difficult, so long as they are willing to dispatch troops to cope with Heavenly Demon Race, all said.” Several other people also nodded, several people discussed that this time they decided that sends out Ten Thousand Swords Sect one to hold old acting, goes to Freedom Alliance there well discussed with Black Tiger Group, making Black Tiger Group dispatch troops to cope with Heavenly Demon Race. Several people have actually forgotten, the Freedom Alliance there situation, with other place not too, other place you their part of effective strengths extinguishing, their strengths will drop, but Freedom Alliance there, so long as Zhao Hai is all right, their all these plans are the useless merit.

But those who make them not think, their all plans during the surveillance of Zhao Hai, original Heavenly Sword Sect General Hall here, the protection are very strict, Zhao Hai was impossible to monitor, but this Zhao Hai has actually put some Liquid Silver dust on the willow tree unparalleled their bodies, making the willow tree unparalleled their brought in these Liquid Silver dust Heavenly Sword Sect General Hall, therefore Heavenly Sword Sect General Hall also under the surveillance of Zhao Hai, what Jian Wuya they discusses now, the nature hid the truth from Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai sits in Space Jian Wuya several people on look at screen, the smiling face that the corners of the mouth have cannot help but revealed disdaining, nine Great Sect these methods in his expected, to be honest, he to nine Great Sect also are really somewhat disappointed, their dominate Cultivation World time was too long, making them extremely in arrogant, dealt with the person, will not trade the pattern. Laura sits in Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, your time they said to First Senior Brother our matter, does want to lead us in the side?” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at Laura their said : you to stay in Space, the understanding outside world, can only through the screen, this too be suffering from injustice you, therefore I want to lead you, lets your open and aboveboard appears in outside world, making all people know you, knows you.” Laura look at Zhao Hai, gently according to the body of Zhao Hai, in a soft voice said : „, so long as can follow in your side, does not matter in there, actually we very like staying in Space, because here is our world, we want to be why good, to outside might as well was casual in here.” After Zhao Hai smiles said : you exit, stays on Yama Ship, wants to enter Space on the returned to Yama Ship cabin, wanting the extension to have a look, all right.” Laura nodded, then looked at screen said : Elder Brother Hai, they? How do you prepare to deal with them?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile bamboo pole that said : delivers, does not knock does not knock in vain.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }