Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1865

Thunder not startled slowly all around can see clearly, he just appears in Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation, this time he had presented the order of Jian Wuya, to be honest, he does not like this assignment, but actually has to come. The thunder not startled is sizing up all around, presently here is cavern, very big cavern, in cavern portrays many Transmission Formation, some people who now these Transmission Formation, kept pass and out, nobody looks at his one eyes. In he sizes up all around time, suddenly sound speaking sounds: This mister looks unfamiliar very much, don’t know does mister come my Black Tiger Group institute what Gui to do?” The thunder is not startled along the prestige goes, now his Transmission Formation not far away, is standing cultivator, look at of face smiling face he, on the thunder not startled face is also hanging ten thousand years of invariable smiling face said : „below Heavenly Sword Sect thunder not startled, presents the life of Sect Master to come to pay a visit Black Tiger Group Gang Master, requests the circular.” Reason that Jian Wuya sends the thunder not startled Black Tiger Group here, because of managing thunder not startled characteristics, no matter , the thunder not startled is smiles throughout, his nickname spring breeze swordsman, because his smiling face always gives people one type of such as to wash the feeling of spring breeze, but understood that his person knows, he is not the good-hearted person, this fellow is a pure person with kindly face and cruel heart. That Black Tiger Group cultivator one hear of Thunder Bujing said that he is the Heavenly Sword Sect person, cannot help but complexion changes, the eye narrowed said : you saying that slightly you were the Heavenly Sword Sect person?” The thunder not startled looked that Black Tiger Group cultivator appearance knows the opposite party reported to him has strong being hostile to mood, but he was smiling said : „. Presented the order of Sect Master to come to pay a visit Zhang Feng Gang Master below.” At this time thunder not startled suddenly felt his all around peacefully one. The thunder not startled looks at all around one, the surprised color flashes through the eyeground, he can look, Black Tiger Group the Transmission Formation foreign, not only in Black Tiger Group cultivator that here passes and out, other Sect cultivator, he when saying one are the Heavenly Sword Sect person, these cultivator have revealed the hostility to him, this is the thunder not startled has not thought. The thunder not startled is certainly impossible to know, after willow tree unparalleled their leave. Zhang Feng ordered to Freedom Alliance nine Great Sect, and attack his matter told all Freedom Alliance small Sect Sect Master, these small Sect Sect Master hear this information, that is also one piece clamors. They have not thought that can be this. In Freedom Alliance strength strongest is Black Tiger Group, nine Great Sect not only ordered to Black Tiger Group directly, but also dared attack Black Tiger Group Gang Master, this extremely arrogant to what degree, if will change into is they will be what kind of? These small Sect Sect Master almost first think toward their body this matter that finally they thought understand a matter, if changed into is they, nine Great Sect will be impolite. Thinks of here, these small Sect Sect Master almost want to send the letter when same to Black Tiger Group, although said that now Freedom Alliance is Black Tiger Group a monopoly of a single clique. But they must submit to Black Tiger Group, but Black Tiger Group works justice, although sometimes is stronger, but compared to nine Great Sect to come is actually on good a lot of times, they do not hope that Freedom Alliance also met the area clothing/taking in nine Great Sect, they gave Black Tiger Group to send the letter, expressed the support to Black Tiger Group. Moreover this matter has also spread over entire Freedom Alliance within the shortest time, Freedom Alliance is comprised of some small Sect, before they frequent was suppressed by Great Sect, had some mood of being hostile to Great Sect. Is adding on this matter, being hostile to of entire Freedom Alliance to nine Great Sect, has reached the peak, in this case, Thunder Bujing said one are the Heavenly Sword Sect person. Freedom Alliance cultivator naturally cannot have any good complexion to him.

Thunder not startled don’t know these, he presently these cultivator have certainly a hostility to him. Also thinks that because of the previous willow tree unparalleled their matter, he has not thought that the smiling face on face has not changed. That Black Tiger Group looks at the Transmission Formation cultivator look at thunder not startled appearance, coldly snorted said : our Black Tiger Group has not said with nine Great Sect anything, please return.” The thunder not startled cannot help but stares, but the smiling face on his face has not changed, but smiles said : this mister, I am pay a visit Gang Master, you such hit me, probably is not quite good? Is exhausted you to notify one.” Black Tiger Group that cultivator one hear of thunder not startled said that cannot help but has gawked, in he hesitant unceasing time, a sound conveys said : to lead him to see First Senior Brother, I also happen to must see First Senior Brother.” The people go along the prestige, presently Zhao Hai is standing in Transmission Formation square outside, a look at thunder of face smiling face not startled, surroundings all Freedom Alliance cultivator see Zhao Hai, immediately salutes said : to see Zhao Hai Martial Uncle to Zhao Hai( mister).” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to be busy the people, this is the Heavenly Sword Sect thunder elder, please come along with me.” The thunder not startled had already recognized Zhao Hai, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai in the here cultivator eye, prestigious unexpectedly such high, he bows said : thunder not startled to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai hastily.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to be polite, walks.” Said that turn around walks toward , the thunder not startled follows hastily, however in his eye actually flashes through haze. Before thunder not startled, to any one Sect, these Sect people are not respectful, even if to nine Great Sect in other Sect, these people were also polite to him, but makes anything, must invite the character with one, that like Zhao Hai, will ask him to leave unexpectedly directly, not startled looks like in the thunder, this is Zhao Hai to his insult. The thunder not startled actually does not think that what status Zhao Hai is, in hand has more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, serves a need to be polite to his Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator? said it, this thunder not startled Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator, Zhao Hai did not need to be polite to him. Quick they arrived at the Zhang Feng room, Zhao Hai not politely, turns the head to thunder not startled said : thunder elder, please wait a bit, my going in circular.”

On thunder not startled face is hanging ten thousand years of invariable smiling face, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : thanks for your trouble mister.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile , not startled holds the fist in the other hand to the thunder, has arrived at Zhang Feng room in front of the door, shoves open the door. Simultaneously said loudly: First Senior Brother. You in?” The thunder not startled looked that moving of Zhao Hai does cannot help but stares, then two eyes actually narrows the eyes, currently in Black Tiger Group has one to know to status of Zhao Hai newly, he has not thought that Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group status such high, the Zhang Feng room he can say unexpectedly enters. Zhao Hai enters the Zhang Feng room, after closing, to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, the fellow I have brought, these time must knock his one maliciously. After nine Great Sect prepared to cope with day of Demon Realm, in any case was coping with us, at this time, we proposed that what condition, they will comply most probably.” Zhang Feng smiles said : well „. Should knock his one well, first takes back an interest, if they dare to cope with us in the future , one of our both capital and interest quickly asks.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : nine Great Sect these years accumulations, good thing to be definitely many, so long as they dare to begin to us, their good thing were our, when the time comes our Black Tiger Group can use these thing, the quick show expanded, became Cultivation World first Great Sect.” Zhang Feng two eyes twinkling brightly. Muttered said : Cultivation World first Great Sect, good, if had such one day, my Zhang Feng died, was willing.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : you may unable dead, good First Senior Brother, sees that fellow.” Zhang Feng nodded, Zhao Hai has then stood, arrived at in front of the door to open the door of room, to thunder not startled said : thunder elder please come in. Gang Master must see you.” The thunder is not startled to Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand, this entered in the Zhang Feng room, after entering the Zhang Feng room, the thunder not startled saw to sit is on record following Zhang Feng, thunder not startled immediately/on horseback good big ritual said : thunder not startled had seen Gang Master. Opens Gang Master completely secure.” Zhang Feng he he chuckle, quickly said: Thunder long Old Lady Express. Please sit down quickly.” The thunder not startled then stands up, holds the fist in the other hand said : to thank to Zhang Feng sits.” After waiting for the thunder not startled to sit, Zhang Feng look at thunder not startled said : does not know that the thunder elder these time comes Black Tiger Group, so-called what?” The thunder is not startled to Zhang Feng holds the fist in the other hand said : these time to come below \; first, gives Gang Master to apologize, previous Elder Liu they have misunderstood the meaning of Sect Master completely, to opening Gang Master will disrespect, Sect Master has punished them, hopes that opened Sir Gang Master to be massive, do not haggle over with them.”

Does not wait for Zhang Feng to speak, listens to Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : to my Black Tiger Group, but also shouted to my Black Tiger Group Gang Master hits to shout " kill ", nine Great Sect seriously were overbearing.” Thunder not startled quickly said: mister please appease anger, this matter truly is our mistakes, asking mister to forgive.” The thunder is not startled is very low, this that the stance has put puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person, the average person did not have the means with him. Zhang Feng beckoned with the hand said : well Little Hai, you do not need to feel embarrassed thunder long old, this matter such considers as finished, thunder elder, you not specially to apologize? Said the proper business.” Thunder not startled immediately/on horseback said : is, opens Gang Master, this time I have presented the lives of nine Great Sect Sect Master, represents nine Great Sect Sect Master, after invites Freedom Alliance leaves, jointly to cope with Heavenly Demon Race army.” Zhang Feng has selected eyebrow said : oh, asking our Freedom Alliance to dispatch troops? What advantage then has to us? Now day Demon Realm hasn't army dared in model|pattern my Freedom Alliance jiang territory, I not to need to put together life and death with Heavenly Demon army?” Thunder not startled immediately/on horseback said : Gang Master this word difference, Heavenly Demon army these time invades Cultivation World, not only absolutely to seize the Cultivation World domain, their final points one time comment greatly to the Soaring Dragon Realm ten thousand years, I think that the Soaring Dragon Realm matter will open Gang Master not don’t know, if has commented to the Soaring Dragon Realm ten thousand years really greatly, Heavenly Demon army in my Cultivation World domain, that Soaring Dragon Realm person very much might still cancel our Cultivation World to enter to the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, will then give Heavenly Demon Race this qualifications, that on was the loss of our entire Cultivation World, please Gang Master must . The general situation considers.” Zhang Feng look at thunder not startled, sneers said : I naturally to know the Soaring Dragon Realm matter, but does Soaring Dragon Realm also with our Black Tiger Group, what relationship have with our Freedom Alliance? Our Black Tiger Group, our Freedom Alliance these years Immortal Stage Expert are also many, but did how many year nobody enter Soaring Dragon Realm? Soaring Dragon Realm, hey, that is nine Great Sect private thing, what relationship has with us? Why can we be nine Great Sect private thing go all out?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }