Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1866

Thunder not startled one hear of Zhang Feng said that quickly said: Opens Gang Master, I know before our nine Great Sect, works some overbearing, but Gang Master should also understand that in this Cultivation World, your overbearing nobody does not fear you, if not overbearing, nine Great Sect not conventions to the present, if your strength has sufficed, you naturally can such as nine Great Sect same overbearing, the Freedom Alliance strength obtain nine Great Sect recognize now, Sect Master had said that later Freedom Alliance is the same to nine Great Sect, has to send for entering the Soaring Dragon Realm authority at any time, does not know that opens Gang Master what do you think.” Zhang Feng looked at thunder not startled one, to be honest he also really very much appreciates the thunder now not startled, the thunder not startled is used to convince his words, looks like probably is unreasonable, some overbearing, however originally in Cultivation World are so, if you overbearing, instead to will not be nobody will fear you, if Black Tiger Group not overbearing, sits less than today's position. Zhang Feng nodded to is not wrong, but is only such idle talk spoken lines words that said : you said wants to make me dispatch troops, is actually impossible, my Freedom Alliance must dispatch troops certainly is Elite, each loss is not small, if your wish makes our Freedom Alliance dispatch troops, Ok, but trades with thing.” The thunder not startled stares, puzzled look at Zhang Feng said : does not know that what thing opens Gang Master to want?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile, the hand wields, a piece jade slip fell in the thunder not startled hand, the thunder not startled received jade slip, spiritual force searches toward jade slip , was complexion changes. The thunder does not appear in this jade slip is some commodities, the quantities of these commodities are very big, even also some Heaven and Earth Treasure. These thing Heavenly Sword Sect although can take, but the quantity is a little big, he actually cannot take responsibility. The thunder not startled is also the plans deep generation, on his face is still maintaining the smiling face. Turns the head to Zhang Feng said : Gang Master, these thing that you want, the quantity is too big, I do not have the means to take responsibility, please open Gang Master to give me time, I must send the letter to ask that Sect Master is good.” Zhang Feng nodded said : this naturally, but thunder elder, these thing. I do not manage your Heavenly Sword Sect to want, but is tube nine Great Sect together wants, does not make your Heavenly Sword Sect one leave, I stated clearly with you. When these thing deliver to me, when I dispatch troops.” The thunder not startled has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng said : so, then first asked to be excused below.” Zhang Feng nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai. Helps me deliver the thunder elder.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has stood, thunder elder invited to thunder not startled said :.” The thunder is not startled to Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand, has held holding the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng. Then turn around outward walks. Zhao Hai delivered the thunder not startled study room out of the door, this to thunder not startled said : thunder elder. I have assigned the person to give you to arrange Cave Mansion, please come with me.” The thunder not startled was actually shook the head said : to thank the mister good intention. However this matter is important, I want, when area to Sect Master to report.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, if are not many below keeps thunder long old, thunder elder First Senior Brother manages you to want these thing actually, compels unable, Freedom Alliance is different from nine Great Sect, Freedom Alliance invited these small Sect join most from the beginning time, reached an agreement has wanted to come to come, wants to walk walks, now the although Freedom Alliance situation has stabilized, but our Black Tiger Group has not been in the situation of keeping promises, now Freedom Alliance here only then some first regiment Battle Force, population about 5 million, but the first regiment these people, actually not entire were our Black Tiger Group people, had other Sect The person, each war, other Sect these people have anything to damage, each and every one will jump to say this and that is to defend Freedom Alliance fights, these time dispatches troops, if not give them an advantage, these fellows will not do, therefore First Senior Brother cannot open this mouth, asking the thunder elder should not be offended.” The thunder not startled smiles said : mister to consider thoroughly, invited mister feel relieved, I reported certainly the bright situation to Sect.” They said that the voice arrived at Transmission Formation square there, thunder on not startled Transmission Formation, flash of white light, vanished in Transmission Formation.

Thunder that look at vanishes not startled, on the face of Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, these words that he afterward spoke, but to nine Great Sect stairs, lets their little darlings delivers thing, nine Great Sect want to save face at all costs, Zhao Hai such does must let their have such comfort at heart, is also giving a fake information to nine Great Sect, making nine Great Sect think that Freedom Alliance did not have to be given control by Black Tiger Group completely. Thunder not startled appears in Heavenly Sword Sect Transmission Formation, smiling face although on his face also, but in the eye is actually ice-cold one piece, he naturally impossible complete believes the Zhao Hai words, but now is actually not the issue that he does believe that but is they must invite Freedom Alliance make a move, needs help from the person, must accept the request of opposite party, the thunder not startled almost to affirm, Zhang Feng that jade slip delivers to front of Sect Master time, Sect Master will be angry certainly, but will accept the request of opposite party finally. Nine Great Sect these years to following these small Sect, when do not want to be how what kind, want to make them dispatch troops, so long as a signalling jade sword in the past, had that small Sect not to dare from, like the present submissive asked others for help, but must be blackmailed by the opposite party, such matter has not lived in nine Great Sect, today actually lived, this was the shame, was nine Great Sect biggest shames. The thunder not startled is also nine Great Sect people, although his face smiling face, the conduct low key, but is nine Great Sect arrogance he has, he has not really thought that Black Tiger Group dares such to do unexpectedly, this makes nine Great Sect feel sad. Thunder not startled outside Heavenly Sword Sect conference room, deep voice said : Sect, thunder not startled interview.” The Jian Wuya sound conveyed said : from the conference room „not startled, came.” The thunder not startled has complied with one, entered the conference room, present nine Great Sect several Sect Master , the thunder not startled hastily salute to several people. Jian Wuya look at thunder not startled said : „not startled, what kind of that the matter manages?” The thunder not startled shook the head said : to return to the Sect Master words, Black Tiger Group complies to dispatch troops, but besides must their arbitrarily to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm, they have a condition.” The thunder not startled put out jade slip to give Jian Wuya. A Jian Wuya move. jade slip arrived at in his hand, his spiritual force searches toward the jade sword, then complexion changes, his face pale said : Zhang Feng wants these thing?” The thunder not startled nodded said : is. Thunder Bujing said that if not give him these thing, they do not dispatch troops, when thing delivers, immediately/on horseback dispatches troops.” The bang, a Jian Wuya palm crushed his front small table, clenches teeth said : houseboy to bully me, I kill him surely.” Jiao Hualong they somewhat puzzled look at Jian Wuya. Jian Wuya wields, jade slip arrived at Jiao Hualong in hand, after Jiao Hualong looked at the content in jade slip, is a complexion paleness. Then has passed to other people, after several other people looked, complexion is not quite attractive, this clarified is blackmailing, when nine Great Sect have come across this matter. Several people of complexion can be attractive, that called strangely. Abbot Numu coldly snorted said : Black Tiger Group, but also regarded itself a character, thinks really we don't dare to annoy them?”

The thunder not startled looked at several Sect Master one. deep voice said : Zhao Hai also told me that now Freedom Alliance although unified. Because the environment in Freedom Alliance is quite loose, is not calculation that Black Tiger Group said. They want these thing, to other Sect, making these Sect not oppose that they will dispatch troops.” One hear of thunder not startled said that several Sect Master cannot help but stare, anger although on complexion was small, but did not have complete disappearance, their also clearly know this was Zhao Hai says comforts their words, what however was pitiful, their clearly know this was the lie, actually has to him, when the becoming true words listened, was used to comfort itself. Jian Wuya let out a long breath, deep voice said : gives them, trivial this thing can make Freedom Alliance dispatch troops for us to hit to live to kill, this was the value, snort|hum, after waiting to receive Heavenly Demon Race in any case, these thing were our, feared anything.” Jiao Hualong ruthless sound said : these thing cannot make your Heavenly Sword Sect one leave, our Ten Thousand Monster Sect can also leave one, my this makes the person prepare.” Said that puts out the signalling jade sword, inputs the content in let out, several other Sect Master are also same. Jian Wuya turns the head the look at thunder not startled, deep voice said : „not startled, put in great inconvenience you, to Black Tiger Group there, they had feared that hasn't been short to you mistreats? However since this matter give you has done, you achieve lowly, after a while thing sends, you in Black Tiger Group, must let their dispatching troops as soon as possible.” The thunder not startled nodded, deep voice said : is, Sect Master.” Jian Wuya beckoned with the hand, thunder not startled turn around walked. But at this time Zhao Hai was actually sitting in Zhang Feng study room, smiles said : to Zhang Feng First Senior Brother, after these thing send, how do you prepare to process?” Zhang Feng showed a faint smile said : I to believe to other Sect Sect Master, their a while will rush, the matter must be done must be done in public, cannot to nine Great Sect opportunity, I probably be in front of these people, making them have a look at thing that nine Great Sect sent to have many, avoid later troubled.” Zhao Hai one hear of Zhang Feng said that cannot help but shows a faint smile „the completeness that said : First Senior Brother thinks, he he, good, came, these fellows heard that has the advantage to take, each and every one runs fast, First Senior Brother, we go to the big assembly hall.” Zhang Feng nodded, they have stood, walks toward the place, before long arrived at the big assembly hall, big assembly hall here sat many people, these people are various Sect Sect Master, look at them to come, stood to salute to them. After Zhang Feng returns a courtesy, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan please sit down, the waiting a while person came neat, I had the matter to say.” The people sat, Sect Master puzzled look at Zhang Feng said : „does alliance leader, what matter have?” Zhang Feng smiles said : not to have anything, is Heavenly Sword Sect in send people to come, wants to ask us to dispatch troops with their together to cope with Heavenly Demon Race army, today looks for everyone/Great Clan to come for this matter.” As soon as the people listened to Zhang Feng saying that one was silent, to be honest, regarding whether dispatched troops to help Heavenly Sword Sect this matter, these Sect Master at heart was very contradictory, dispatched troops, they were unwilling, did not dispatch troops, actually can only look at Heavenly Demon Race be wild, contradictory.

At this time some Sect Sect Master one after another came, they also from other Sect Master mouths know that Zhang Feng asked them to come for anything, their complexion were also not very attractive. Before long all people arrived, Zhang Feng looked that all people arrived, this open the mouth and said: Was good, the person come was similar, we said the proper business, this Heavenly Sword Sect sent for looking for me, was hopes that we can dispatch troops, coped with Heavenly Demon Race with their together, waited to catch up with returned to day Demon Realm to go Heavenly Demon Race, later our Freedom Alliance Immortal Stage cultivator, can such as nine Great Sect, free entered Soaring Dragon Realm.” A Zhang Feng this saying exit / to speak, these Sect Sect Master somewhat could not sit still, must know this condition is very appealing, reason that they before do not want to dispatch troops to help nine Great Sect , because nine Great Sect these years have dominated are entering the Soaring Dragon Realm method, this makes them be unwilling, if nine Great Sect people can make in their Sect Immortal Stage Expert enter Soaring Dragon Realm, that expelled Heavenly Demon Race this matter to have relationship with their own interests, they naturally cannot oppose to dispatch troops. Zhang Feng looked at these person of one, cannot help but secretly shakes the head, these small Sect people are short-sighted, the a little bit advantage gave to hit them. Zhang Feng coughed lightly said : everyone/Great Clan peaceful, my words have not said.” These Sect Sect Master slowly peaceful, look at Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng looked at these person of one, deep voice said : although entered the Soaring Dragon Realm matter, had the advantage to our everyone/Great Clan, but that advantage was the later matter, the present is nine Great Sect is asking us, we naturally cannot easily promised them, therefore I gave nine Great Sect to open a condition, so long as they accepted this condition, I agreed to dispatch troops, this was the condition that I put forward, everyone/Great Clan looks.” Said that Zhang Feng has put out one pile of jade slip, has given these people jade slip. Zhang Feng already was prepared, these jade slip give thunder not startled that jade slip to be the same with him, inside content is also same, he prepares these many, looks to all Sect Sect Master. These Sect received jade slip, looks at inside content, the expression on face very splendid, some little time Sect puts down jade slip, turns the head look at Zhang Feng said : alliance leader, this, can this be good? How nine will Great Sect accept such condition?” Zhang Feng smiles said : they to accept, do not forget the present is they are asking us, HaHaHa, everybody, making nine Great Sect have to the little darling takes thing, Isn't this better? we received nine Great Sect that many years being mad, these time must air vent well, everybody, this be our Freedom Alliance present strength, HaHaHa!” Zhang Feng that these Sect look at laughed, was huang suddenly, some little time the people responded at heart, then taste appears of not being able to say in their at heart, taste slowly turned into the one type of excited feeling, this excited feeling made them unconscious laughed, in the entire meeting hall, fell the sound of laughing at once sufficiently.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }