Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1867

The thunder was not startled in time appears in Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation, just appears in Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation, the thunder not startled felt atmosphere very fishy, because around Black Tiger Group the Transmission Formation, has encircled many people unexpectedly. Thunder not startled puzzled look at these people, presently these person of each and every one smiling look at he, probably are waiting for him to be the same, what most important is, in these people, various Sect people have, not only Black Tiger Group person. Thunder not startled puzzled look at these people, he came Black Tiger Group before time, these people have very intense hostility to him, now so is why good to his manner? The thunder not startled does not certainly know that now he in the eyes of these people, turned into a greatly triumphant child, not only a greatly triumphant child, represents nine Great Sect triumphant children, these cultivator want in here look at, how look at nine Great Sect to look like them to lower the head. When Zhang Feng said with various Sect Sect Master blackmails nine Great Sect, this information has spread quickly also over entire Freedom Alliance, in Freedom Alliance many cultivator ran up to Black Tiger Group here to come to see to live it up, they came to see the thunder not startled. These year of these small Sect by nine Great Sect bullying unbearable, currently has this kind of opportunity look at nine Great Sect to a slap in the face, their will let off, therefore now entire Black Tiger Group roaring flame valley base here, lively like new year's celebration. Thunder not startled don’t know these people are any meanings, but he is maintaining the smiling face, this mister to nearby Black Tiger Group cultivator said : invited, has the important matter to with Gang Master discuss below. Requests mister to report one.” That Black Tiger Group cultivator. A look at thunder of face smiling face not startled, in his smiling face has one to play the taste, but he is said : mister does not need to be polite, Gang Master in big conference room wait for you, please come along with me.” Said that directs the thunder not to be startled toward the base in walks. More walks toward the Black Tiger Group base , the thunder not startled more feels curious, he presently Black Tiger Group here today other Sect cultivator especially many, these people in look at he, this make him somewhat unable to feel the brains probably. The quick thunder not startled arrived at in front of the door of big conference room, that Black Tiger Group cultivator said loudly that gets him to come: Gang Master. Thunder being startled elder does not seek an interview.” The Zhang Feng sound conveys said : to invite.” That cultivator turns the head thunder elder to invite to thunder not startled said :.” The thunder is not startled to the good person holds the fist in the other hand, this entered the big conference room.

Enters to the big conference room, thunder not startled stares, because he presently unexpectedly sits these many people this big conference to. He somewhat puzzled look at these people, quick presently, these people unexpectedly are other Freedom Alliance Sect Sect Master, this presently makes not startled somewhat surprised, profound is in the eye actually flashes through killing intent. Thunder not startled originally thinks that Zhang Feng wants these thing, can apportion other Sect many, most parts branch are remaining, therefore he has not thought that will run into other Sect elders in conference room here, this makes him somewhat surprised. However he is also a smart person, changes mind thinks that his understand why outside these cultivator will come to see him with that eye. Zhang Feng such does clearly eats the fruits is hitting the faces of nine Great Sect, this Zhang Feng seriously is the good poisonous feelings. The thunder not startled knows, today, nine Great Sect in these small Sect hearts dignity, when complete vanished negligently completely, these small Sect at heart dreaded to nine Great Sect that will also vanish negligently completely. In the thunder is not alarmed a air/Qi pain, reason that his very clear, before nine Great Sect can suppress these small Sect, besides the formidable strength, the ruthless spicy method, that Great Sect dignity is also very essential. However Zhang Feng actually uses this, one nine Great Sect dignity breaking, having let these small Sect understand, nine Great Sect will also lower the head. What most important is, the thunder not startled knows. Their followup plan will not have possibly to implement, before Zhao Hai told him. Freedom Alliance is not Black Tiger Group a monopoly of a single clique, this saying thunder was not startled to has believed several points, therefore he also said to Jian Wuya, prepared after Freedom Alliance dispatched troops, they giving Black Tiger Group delivered the thing matter to say to Freedom Alliance all small Sect, because he believes that Black Tiger Group will surely not give these small Sect all thing, he did not give these small Sect, happen to by nine Great Sect uses, these small Sect is known Black Tiger Group coveted their thing, on will live the gap with the Black Tiger Group heart, when the time comes Freedom Alliance on disunity, but nine Great Sect just right seize the opportunity won over the differentiation, Freedom Alliance on will collapse of itself., When the time comes they are tidying up Black Tiger Group, did not have any issue. However now Zhang Feng invited all Sect Sect Master, clarified must make these Sect Sect Master look at assign these thing, as the matter stands these Sect Sect Master could not say anything to come, all subsequent parties of nine Great Sect arrangement also on wasted in vain. Thinks that the here thunder not startled cannot help but darkly hates, he has not thought really that Zhang Feng is young, will really have such plans, no wonder can young sit the Black Tiger Group Gang Master position. Zhang Feng look at thunder not startled appearance, shows a faint smile, deep voice said : thunder elder, don’t know my condition nine can Great Sect comply? If nine Great Sect do not comply, you are not no need saying that please return, when achieves these that I said that you and that's the end.” Thunder not startled take deep breaths, calm one own mood, look at Zhang Feng said : Gang Master feel relieved, our Sect Master accepted the Sect Master condition, these open thing that Sect Master wants.” The thunder not startled has put out several Space rings, has given Zhang Feng.

A Zhang Feng move, that several Space rings arrived in his hand, his spiritual force searches toward, then nodded said : well, so below on thanks a lot Sect Master Jian, you please have put the lord, our Freedom Alliance as soon as possible will certainly dispatch troops.” Was saying Zhang Feng while has given nearby Sect Master that several Space rings. After that Sect Master received the ring, spiritual force searches toward, then nod of face happy expression, has given other people the ring. Zhang Feng actually thunder elder please get down to rest at this time to thunder not startled said :, the matters concerned that our prepares to dispatch troops , ensure cannot harm nine Great Sect matters.” The thunder not startled also knows that was keeping here not to have what meaning, must hold the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng, turn around walked, to out of the door, naturally had Black Tiger Group cultivator to get him to rest. The thunder not startled walks, Zhang Feng then turns the head to smile said : to various Sect Sect Master everybody, how, I said that nine Great Sect will certainly comply, now thing has sent, my Black Tiger Group does not hide contraband absolutely, currently Sect's Disciples has in the first regiment potency, we disciple in the first regiment assign according to various quantity of Sect these thing, doesn't everyone/Great Clan have the opinion?” Various Sect Sect Master shook the head, they can have any opinion, Zhang Feng, they are the wool fish are less than one, now had these many thing, their also has any opinion. Zhang Feng looked that the people do not have opinion, he then nodded said : well, everybody does not have the opinion well good, now on minute thing, after having divided thing, do not forget to branch out one to give Little Hai, making Little Hai take away to the person of first regiment, this time we fished these many advantage, naturally will not treat unjustly them.” Various Sect Sect Master have also complied with one, Cultivation World is a very realistic place, even if various Sect disciple is also same, they for what Sect has made for offer, Sect to their what rewards, after otherwise, how you also make these disciple be Sect strive. The matter of assignment to is very smooth, the first regiment has many people, various Sect many people, Zhao Hai is clear, various Sect are also clear, naturally cannot some people take, some people little will not take, before long thing assigned, after assigning thing, various Sect Sect Master, has put out one, has given Zhao Hai thing. After Zhao Hai received these thing, holds the fist in the other hand to Sect Master said : everybody, then returned to the first regiment the matter that below prepared to dispatch troops, at meeting.” Said that he holds the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng, personal appearance flashes on vanish from sight.

After Zhang Feng these Sect send off, returned to own study room, Hu Liangchen and Han Ren calls in his study room, after they arrived, Zhang Feng turns the head to their said : Uncle Hu, Uncle Han, now our equal to has had no consideration for face with nine Great Sect completely, now nine Great Sect to cope with day Demon Realm, will not cope with us, so long as Heavenly Demon army were repelled, they in turn will certainly cope with us, we must early prepare to be good.” Hu Liangchen nodded, deep voice said : I have already thought this day, Little Hai must battle with Heavenly Demon army, so long as Heavenly Demon army were repelled, nine Great Sect will certainly begin, if they give to tie down Little Hai outside, then sends for coming attack base here directly, to is also a trouble, we must make some preparations to be good ahead of time.” Han Ren nodded said : „, must make some preparations to be good ahead of time, Little Hai strength although formidable, but actually the weakness, he must bring all Undead Creature in the side, as the matter stands the guard in our Sect was weak, if nine Great Sect wield the armed forces to attack, to is really somewhat troublesome.” Zhang Feng one hear of Han Ren said that on the face the strange facial expression does not dodge not to have, Zhang Feng is very clear, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, not necessarily must stay in his side may not, later Black turtle old person just join to Black Tiger Group time, Zhao Hai in Wandering Soul Group base there, he equally changing color five always kept raging fire valley base here, frightens Black turtle old person, making Black turtle old person not dare to act unreasonably, but this matter knew the person to be few. But was they have had a falling out with nine Great Sect now, won't Zhao Hai have the subsequent party? Zhang Feng knows that Zhao Hai in hand absolutely continues that 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, the beforehand war, fallen Immortal Stage Expert is not one or two, that many Immortal Stage Expert fallen, how may the energy flow fee now the Zhao Hai in hand Immortal Stage Expert quantity be certainly many by the Zhao Hai disposition. But nine Great Sect want to tie down Zhao Hai, that must make majority of Immortal Stage Expert keep there to cope with Zhao Hai, otherwise their simply does not have the means with Zhao Hai, but such one, nine Great Sect can send to cope with the Black Tiger Group military strength not to be many, if Zhao Hai kept some Immortal Stage Undead Creature in Black Tiger Group, when the time comes nine Great Sect feared that was really must suffer a loss. Thinks of here, Zhang Feng thinks that does not smile is not good, he believes that Zhao Hai such will certainly do, because he understands Zhao Hai.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }