Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1868

Zhang Feng thinks truly not wrong, Zhao Hai truly has also made the arrangement in Black Tiger Group, just as is such that Zhang Feng thinks, Zhao Hai Undead Creature quantity may not only 1000, Zhao Hai besides Hu Dawei their these fight Undead Creature that prepares momentarily to adjust, other Immortal Stage Undead Creature have all given Cai'er, lets Cai'er when necessary, sending them to support Black Tiger Group. Now Zhao Hai returned to Encampment of hundred hua valley first regiments, one to first regiment Encampment, Zhao Hai immediately was called in all Sect representatives the Yama Ship conference room. These days the people of first regiment in hundred hua valley there recuperation, in adding on the people of first regiment also need to train well, lets these recruit understand in calculation that in the first regiment who said that therefore Zhao Hai has not made the first regiment have any motion, everyday is makes these veterans have the recruit together training. To be honest, these veterans in first regiment, some were really also inferior that these recruit strength, after all these recruits the skilled person who elects from various Sect, each strength is not weak. However in the first regiment, the Zhao Hai words is the imperial decree, nobody dares to violate, even if these recruits does not dare, because they have experienced the Zhao Hai power and influence, their very clear, even if were Zhao Hai gives to butcher them, their Sect impossible for they got angry with Zhao Hai, the courage that because their Sect have not gotten angry with Zhao Hai, got angry with Zhao Hai, represented their Sect to by Zhao Hai be destroyed completely. It can be said that now gets up besides nine Great Sect alliances. That Sect does not dare to speak the last words with Zhao Hai. Even if any in nine Great Sect do not dare independent with Zhao Hai speaks the last words, they can only alliance get up. Because of this, therefore training and consolidation very smooth of first regiment, dares to say this and that without any cultivator, their very clear, today's Zhao Hai, is not they can offend. These Sect representative appears stare in the Yama Ship conference room, because in the conference room besides Zhao Hai, several women, these woman each is the world is outstandingly beautiful. They stand in Zhao Hai peacefully, once for a while talked in whispers in a low voice. These Sect representative although feel very strange, but does not have what to indicate that their these cultivator. originally is the heart such as iron stone several people of women is long in attractive, is impossible to vacillate their mental state. Zhao Hai and other people arrived, this deep voice said : first I said that these were my wife, they can say that was also the person of first regiment, but everyone/Great Clan had not seen them.” A Zhao Hai such saying, was makes all people stare, these person of puzzled look at Zhao Hai, do not understand Zhao Hai this saying was any meaning.

Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : not to fear that spoke frankly with everybody. My madame's strength is not very strong, however their command(er) abilities are actually very formidable, before the several times war, our first regiment did to fight the time, was their command(er), just to facilitate command(er), what they used was my voice.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, the following person cannot help but buzz one has blasted out, they have not thought that command(er) they have done unexpectedly are the Zhao Hai wives who fights. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one. deep voice said : peaceful, quarrelled anything, my madame command(er) how, I told you, when made the war. I must listen to my madame, you have anything to be quite noisy.” All people shrank neck not to make noise. They were also think understand, who the tube was coming command(er), Zhao Hai said that whose made command(er) come command(er) to be good on whom, they did not have what word power. Looked that the people were honest, Zhao Hai then nodded, looks at people said : „the first matter to introduce that my wife knew to everyone/Great Clan, later makes the war, he will follow in my side, the words that they spoke are the words that I spoke, in the battlefield must fully the execution, if who dares not to listen, do not blame my impolite.” These cultivator simultaneously complied with said : is, Army Commander.” Zhao Hai satisfied nod, then said : „this second matter, is the good deed, everyone/Great Clan should also know that nine Great Sect sent for running up to our Freedom Alliance to request reinforcements unexpectedly, but also was given by us just had knocked one, but everyone/Great Clan do not think thing that knocked did not have no relationship with everyone/Great Clan, the first regiment must set out frontline to do over the two days to fight with Heavenly Demon Race, everyone/Great Clan do not count on me, because my Undead Creature some reasons cannot always release use, therefore made the war, thing that must by you, these time knock, has thought by first. The regiment dispatches troops to knock for the reason, therefore advantage each of you have, this is your, everyone comes up to lead one, has remembered, after these thing you go back, wants average apportions in your squad all people, if who dared to covet, is known by me, my impolite.” These cultivator have not thought that really also has such good deed, for no reason for no reason obtained these many good thing, their each and every one one face happy expression has complied with one, two eyes bright look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at their looks, cannot help but show a faint smile, ridicule said : to look at your each and every one such, is really, leads thing, after leading thing, immediately goes back, after thing, making everyone/Great Clan be ready, we momentarily can leave.” The people complied with one, immediately have lined up to lead thing. Zhao Hai had already thought of Space Bag these thing, therefore leads very fast, before long led, after leading thing, Zhao Hai waved, making the people get down.

He is confident to these people, after such training of long time, their although is not elite troops, but most at least in Cultivation World here was Elite. Laura they looked that these people walked, this has encircled, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, did you tell them are our command(er) this? Will they agree?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, had me, they had anything not to agree.” Laura they did not have to say anything, they also know. Now in Cultivation World. Dares to offend Zhao Hai few, the people of first regiment have not dared to offend Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai deep voice said : these time dispatches troops to cope with Heavenly Demon Race, we must add carefully, not only wants against counter-attack of Heavenly Demon Race, wants against nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect are not good thing, will have opportunity they not to let off our, certainly will begin to us.” Laura nodded said : „, this time we were offending to suppress nine Great Sect, if they must cope with us. We must be careful, this arrow that shoots from the back, but is most difficult to defend.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time the first regiment has seethed with excitement. cultivator of first regiment does not have to think own anything has not done, unexpectedly for no reason resulted in that many good thing, although to go to battle, serious of each and every one actually excited. Zhao Hai has only given these cultivator day of setup times, then made these cultivator get up Great Magical Artifact, left in the Ten Thousand Monster Sect direction, when Zhao Hai must leave, the thunder not startled ran up to first regiment here through Transmission Formation unexpectedly, this although made Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, has not actually felt embarrassed him. Let him keep in the first regiment. The first regiment all people sat Great Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai these time did not have to hide contraband, own in hand Great Magical Artifact let out, these sword shuttles, these thing was he, when hundred hua valleys had, now takes with also normally, he has exposed more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature in any case, are many some Great Magical Artifact also no big deal. army advancing is not slow, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect leaves hundred hua valleys the distances not to be near, even if with Great Magical Artifact fully flight words. Also several days time, but Zhao Hai they such on a grand scale supports Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Heavenly Demon Race impossible don’t know.

In fact the Heavenly Demon Race person has paid attention to the Freedom Alliance here situation, regarding the Heavenly Demon Race person, the Freedom Alliance person looks like lies in side of their bed fierce tiger. May throw to eat them anytime , because of this. Therefore the day Demon Realm person arranged in Freedom Alliance here has measured quick Heavenly Demon greatly, was used to monitor Freedom Alliance. Therefore Zhao Hai one dispatches troops, Heavenly Demon Race person immediately knew, regarding them, this absolutely is not good information, before the Heavenly Demon Race person knows that Freedom Alliance has a grudge with nine Great Sect, they do not need to worry that Freedom Alliance and nine Great Sect meet alliance to cope with them, has given them with opportunity that Freedom Alliance and nine Great Sect deal with get down. However now Freedom Alliance this dispatches troops, explained that Freedom Alliance already with nine Great Sect alliance in together, this regarding Heavenly Demon Race absolutely is not good information. Nine Great Sect have about thousand Immortal Stage Expert, Zhao Hai in hand has more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, but Heavenly Demon Race now only then about 1000 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, in Immortal Stage this level, Heavenly Demon Race lost, but the Immortal Stage Expert quantity, often decides the war trend the key. All Heavenly Demon army heard that Freedom Alliance sent for supporting Ten Thousand Monster Sect, entire Cultivation World Heavenly Demon army immediately lived the change, all Heavenly Demon army started to build up toward Ten Thousand Monster Sect here, completely gave up to several other Great Sect attack. Nine Great Sect people presently the Heavenly Demon Race sound, know that they were any meanings, Heavenly Demon Race army wants to concentrate all military strength, has fought a decisive battle with Cultivation World army, they in delaying time, so long as, when the Soaring Dragon Realm ten thousand years commented greatly, they can also keep Cultivation World here, they have won, therefore a Ten Thousand Monster Sect here war, unknowingly turned into relationship to the 2 Realms direction decisive battle unexpectedly. Heavenly Demon Race invades Cultivation World army, total over 100 million, approximately in hundred million 50 million about, in the military strength that Northern Divergent Province here they put is not most, in military strength that Central Saint Province and Eastern Buddha Province there they put, near 20 millions, there is the Heavenly Demon Race scheduled below main battlefield, but day Demon Realm all plan, failed because of Zhao Hai appears , finally they have to place Northern Divergent Province here the main battlefield, this is Heavenly Demon Race invades Cultivation World most from the beginning the time, the result of not having thought. Nine Great Sect also start to build up army toward Ten Thousand Monster Sect here, the army total that nine Great Sect Sect come out is also no less than 130 million, in this type army in front of surely, Freedom Alliance five million army has probably been short, but actually nobody dares underestimated they, because in their teams, there is a man called Zhao Hai!( To be continued..)! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }