Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1869
Jian Wuya sits in the Ten Thousand Monster Sect conference room, in the conference room besides nine Great Sect Sect Master, was Zhao Hai also has other cultivator, these cultivator mostly were some small Sect Sect Master, but did not have Freedom Alliance Sect Master. Now Cultivation World must carry on with Heavenly Demon Race has fought a decisive battle finally, for better tackled Heavenly Demon Race, Jian Wuya feel relieved anybody, only cannot sit personally, other Sect Sect Master are also this meaning, therefore ten thousand know in the conference room of sect to meet appears these many Sect Master, but sits on the seat of honor is actually not Jian Wuya, but is Jiao Hualong. here after is Ten Thousand Monster Sect, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect with one of nine Great Sect Heavenly Sword Sect shares the honor, in Heavenly Sword Sect, sits on the seat of honor naturally is Jian Wuya, but to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, that sat on the seat of honor naturally was Jiao Hualong. But in these people Zhao Hai position actually very interesting, his position in nine Great Sect Sect Master behind, can look from this point, nine Great Sect Sect Master, have regarded to be able with them Zhao Hai to exist equally. Zhao Hai has not actually cared about these, he is only curious look at these Sect Sect, he can look, nine Great Sect although strong trends are incomparable, gave to press small Sect of their, has obtained nine Great Sect various alliance army control power, but these small Sect, was not feel relieved nine Great Sect, all in this crucial time, these small Sect people, will come look at, feared that nine Great Sect regarded the cannon fodder the person in their Sect. From this point, control ability of nine Great Sect to their army. Feared that is must under Freedom Alliance, these most essential reason, possibly because of nine Great Sect extremely in overbearing, extremely in resorting to all means. They before to the suppressions of other small Sect were really too ruthless, let these small Sect, unconscious will have the one type of feelings of distrust to them. Zhao Hai actually nobody makes noise, he is sizing up these Sect Sect Master complexion curiously, their complexion are similar to nine Great Sect Sect Master complexion, complexion of all people very heavy, obviously their decisive battle to this suddenly arrival, preparation not very sufficient. Jiao Hualong looked at people one eyes. deep voice said : everybody, this Heavenly Demon Race has gathered hundred million 50 million army, prepares with our decisive battle, we must solve them in the shortest time. Cannot make Heavenly Demon Race in escaping time, if in letting Heavenly Demon Race delays the time, before us, all that makes, did not have the opinion, therefore I will prepare to fight a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon Race in the near future. What opinion does everyone/Great Clan have?” Jian Wuya looked at Jiao Hualong one, right that deep voice said : flood dragon Sect Master said that we cannot drag, to tow not to have a point advantage to us. I also approve to fight a decisive battle with day Demon Realm in the near future.” Nine Great Sect several other Great Sect Sect Master also nod the performance agreement, at this time in hall the vision of all people centralized to the body of Zhao Hai. No matter nine Great Sect these small Sect are the same, they in look at Zhao Hai. To have a look at Zhao Hai is any opinion. The opinion of Zhao Hai is very important, because his strength is placed in there, day Demon Realm suddenly has concentrated why the military strength, all person understand what's the matter, because of Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai suddenly does not dispatch troops to Ten Thousand Monster Sect here, Heavenly Demon army will not build up, will not have the arrival of Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Zhao Hai in hand control is not weak in nine Great Sect strengths, will have the strength to have the right to speak, therefore people vision centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, how wants to have a look at him to say. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, shows a faint smile, deep voice said : everybody does not need to visit me, I also agree with and Heavenly Demon Race decisive battle as soon as possible, after all Heavenly Demon Race on our Cultivation World dull one day, will plunder our commodities, in Heavenly Demon Race withdraws troops after our Freedom Alliance, we present, in our Freedom Alliance, important practice commodity, by Heavenly Demon Race plundering many, many mine had hollowed out directly, I think that everybody is also similar in the place, now is letting Heavenly Demon army in the words that our Cultivation World stays, even if will be they will retreat in the future, the loss of my Cultivation World can also. Big, is adding on Soaring Dragon Realm relationship, if not expel Heavenly Demon army, we lost enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, that can be the heavy loss of our entire Cultivation World, therefore we, not only need fight a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon army, moreover was quick, the war decided.”

Jian Wuya look at Zhao Hai, what deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai this saying said is of pleasant to hear, but mister only brought 5 million armies to come, this and was the Freedom Alliance strength probably incompatible?” Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya, shows a faint smile said : Sect Master Jian to have not to know war that our Freedom Alliance before and day Demon Realm turned continually, is the loss was serious, therefore has to make majority of cultivator rest, these 5 million people, are full strength that we can take.” Jian Wuya one hear of Zhao Hai said that was also only coldly snorted one, in the connection, Freedom Alliance there was not any situation he and don’t know, Zhao Hai said that this was the entire force that Freedom Alliance can take, he naturally cannot believe that but does not believe that he did not have the means that by his strength, he has not forced the Zhao Hai ability. Zhao Hai has not cared, said, did not shut up, but other small Sect Sect Master actually approved the Zhao Hai words, Heavenly Demon army retreated, these small Sect people naturally must the domain receive Heavenly Demon army has occupied, when took back the domain they present, Heavenly Demon army was stationed, has carried on plundering of very critical to the place that they were, that completely was one type of destructive plundering, can say the injury comparison in a big way to Cultivation World. Jiao Hualong looked that all people agreed that his then said : I agreed that Mr. Zhao Hai words, we must as soon as possible fights a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon army, now various Sect army just arrived, but also needs recuperation, I look at this, three days, I give the everyone/Great Clan three days of recuperation time, three days later, we set out all army, fights a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon army, what do you think?” All people make noise, obviously agreed the speech of Jiao Hualong, Jiao Hualong looks at nobody to oppose, this then said : these time with the Heavenly Demon army duel, relationship is significant. Thinks that is divided into nine groups army is good, by various our nine Great Sect lead(er) one teams, nine groups of army advances in unison, must expel Cultivation World Heavenly Demon Race.” His words just said. Listens to person said : to be divided into nine groups of army I not to oppose, but my Freedom Alliance 5 million armies, actually do not calculate that in nine groups of army, my Freedom Alliance army wants the go it alone.” The people look, is Zhao Hai, Jiao Hualong angry look flashes in eye does not have, his look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai, now what we must face is more than 100 million people of Heavenly Demon army. What your 5 million people can go against to use, the go it alone, are 5 million people to previous 100 million many army, a point with do not have?” Zhao Hai looked at Jiao Hualong one. deep voice said : my Freedom Alliance although now only then army about 5 million, but do not forget my Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, my in hand Undead Creature also has me, my these Undead Creature besides me, nobody can command(er) result. Army quantity that therefore my Freedom Alliance can set out, are not absolutely less than you, therefore my Freedom Alliance wants the go it alone, but I with coordination. Asked everybody not to need to be worried.” Jiao Hualong one hear of Zhao Hai said that does not have the means. He can only nod said : to hope mister to live up to one's words, but mister in hand Immortal Stage Undead Creature. How can don’t know use?” Zhao Hai looked at Jiao Hualong one, deep voice said : how has used this point flood dragon Sect Master not to need to be worried, to using I naturally can use.” Said that is not managing Jiao Hualong. You......” the Jiao Hualong air/Qi results in complexion to be pale, a short time could not speak, Jian Wuya their complexion were not quite attractive, Zhao Hai this cannot blatantly nine Great Sect faces, how they can swallow under this tone.

But these small Sect Sect Master are was feeling that venting spleen, their these depend upon nine Great Sect survivals small Sect, each and every one has not been short by nine Great Sect air/Qi, they have a dream want to make nine Great Sect bad luck, gives them to leave the one breath well, now Zhao Hai blatant hits the faces of nine Great Sect, making them feel that an intermittent comfort, the difference has not only smiled to make noise. Jiao Hualong face pale look at Zhao Hai, some little time coldly snorted, no longer pay attention to Zhao Hai, then said : ten groups of army alliance moved, protects coordinate very heavy to want, if this time cannot repel Heavenly Demon army, that bad luck was we, but our Immortal Stage Expert quantity, is now higher than Heavenly Demon Race, I believe final victory certainly was we.” Abbot Numu looked at following these person of one, deep voice said : this relationship to my Cultivation World life and death war, I hope that everybody can put out the real skill to come, must know, under the compound nest, secure has the egg, if everybody fully, that finally bad luck also can only be we.” Jiao Hualong also nodded, deep voice said : good everybody, everyone/Great Clan can go back to rest, reorganizes good army, three days later fights a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon army.” The people have complied with one, stands up beyond the communication to walk, Zhao Hai also stood got up to walk outward, but in his back, nine Great Sect Sect Master, with having the killing aura look was looking at Zhao Hai one. After Zhao Hai also noted oneself north, vision that shot, he has not cared, but showed a faint smile, took a step leave the hall, flashes body returned to in the first regiment, entered Yama Ship, simultaneously in all Junior Captain Yama Ship gave to call on Yama Ship. Zhao Hai the leave hall, Jiao Hualong two eyes killing intent was also hiding does not live, he turns the head look at Jian Wuya several people of said : this Zhao Hai not to eliminate, my nine Great Sect forever peaceful day, therefore this Zhao Hai must die.” Jian Wuya coldly snorted said : „the present must make him strive, waits to tidy up day of Demon Realm, in turning the head to tidy up him, I do not believe that he when copes with Heavenly Demon Race, a strength, moreover must say really that this Zhao Hai with the Heavenly Demon Race enmity, is older than us, Heavenly Demon Race hates his bone to inter the body, these time with the Heavenly Demon Race war, target that does not do well Heavenly Demon Race item wanting copes with Zhao Hai, snort|hum, I to have a look at Zhao Hai and Heavenly Demon Race mutually wounded appearance.” Abbot Numu deep voice said : has this Zhao Hai, later these small Sect will be many a choice, not necessarily submitted to our nine Great Sect, by that time they were getting stronger and stronger, our become weaker and weaker, Cultivation World slowly feared that was their Freedom Alliance and Black Tiger Group world, we cannot make such matter live absolutely.” Several other Great Sect Sect Master also nodded, but these are also deepest with the Jiao Hualong feelings, because of Freedom Alliance and Black Tiger Group in Northern Divergent Province, is Ten Thousand Monster Sect that most directly threatens, now the Ten Thousand Monster Sect momentum has been not as before, missed compared with several other Great Sect much, all these because of Black Tiger Group, because of this, therefore Jiao Hualong most hated a Zhao Hai person. Zhao Hai knows certainly that nine Great Sect Sect Master hate him, he Great Sect begins and other, when the time comes he can open and aboveboard tidied up nine Great Sect, let a monopoly of a single clique of Black Tiger Group in Cultivation World. Zhao Hai wants to go to Soaring Dragon Realm there, but he also knows that could not have gone by his present strength Soaring Dragon Realm, although his has plenty Immortal Stage Undead Creature, the strength is not weak in general Immortal Stage Expert, but wants to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, actually must achieve Immortal Stage, will otherwise receive the repel of Soaring Dragon Realm Law, simply cannot go in Soaring Dragon Realm. However this is also good, Zhao Hai cannot go in now Soaring Dragon Realm, he can arrange helped Zhang Feng unfold Black Tiger Group, he must the Black Tiger Group generating be Cultivation World first large Gang, nobody can fierce move the Black Tiger Group status, like this he enters Soaring Dragon Realm, can feel relieved.

Zhao Hai regarding the Black Tiger Group sentiment is very deep, is adding on him to comply with Hu Dingshan, must help Hu Dingshan protection Black Tiger Group well, therefore he must make Black Tiger Group formidable. cultivator settles on regarding the commitment, because each commitment will leave behind branding in your spirit, this branding looks like each and every one Heart's Demon, if you cannot achieve the commitment the matter, that Dao Heart will be damaged, regarding cultivator was saying that affected is very big. although said Zhao Hai, because has practiced the Heavenly Demon Race Cultivation Method reason, he does not fear Heart's Demon, even can regard the tonic Heart's Demon, but Zhao Hai actually is also the person who ten points pledged again, the matter of commitment must achieve, therefore Zhao Hai will help the show that Black Tiger Group was going all out, for must let Black Tiger Group in Cultivation World a monopoly of a single clique, this has also completed to the commitment of Hu Dingshan. In Zhao Hai returned to Yama Ship not long after, the people of first regiment all Junior Captain ranks arrived, after all people, Zhao Hai deep voice said : just I went to Ten Thousand Monster Sect to meet, everyone/Great Clan one to decision, three days later fights a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon army dispersing, my first regiment ** becomes armed forces, by my command(er), to fighting Heavenly Demon Race.” The following person has not spoken, but Zhao Hai can look, they somewhat were worried that is not these people does not have the confidence to him, but was this their enemy is really too many, 100 million many Heavenly Demon army, this quantity they will sound to be scared, therefore they will have such performance. Zhao Hai deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan does not need to be worried when the time comes I can release Undead Creature help everyone/Great Clan, all your Junior Captain listened, Laura under them the order, you must meticulously the execution, otherwise do not blame me for being rude.” People bang complied with one, morale restored much, in them had many people to see the Zhao Hai release Undead Creature scene, such they also has a vivid memory to the present, heard that Zhao Hai wanted release Undead Creature to enter the war, they naturally also on feel relieved. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }