Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1870

Void, is stopping a giant throne, this throne is all over the body jet black, the chair goes north to have two curved siliques, on two arm rests, the heads of two devils displays the same carving, the entire throne looks like Demon Qi soars to the heavens. Above this throne, sits a person, a man, his height in 1.8 m about, appearance very handsome, pitch-black long, optional hanging loose after behind, skin ten points ***, but eyeball of two eyes are actually the blood reds. A black cultivator robe, puts on his tall and straight body, to is appears very appropriate, the whole person has been full of the one type of evil different charm. In the opposite of this man, is actually standing large quantities of Heavenly Demon Race, these Heavenly Demon Race respectful standing in there, is very obvious, this man is Commander of these Heavenly Demon Race people. Heavenly Demon Race is Commander unexpectedly a man? If this made the Cultivation World person know, but also don’t know will be startled any degree, in fact Heavenly Demon Commander most from the beginning was also ordinary Heavenly Demon Race, but he after practicing Major Mastery, turned into the Human Race appearance unexpectedly. Heavenly Demon Commander look at these Heavenly Demon Race people, deep voice said : receives half demon the letter, Cultivation World cultivator prepares three days later fights a decisive battle with us, is divided into ten groups of army, nine Great Sect various lead(er) armed forces, Freedom Alliance to become Yijun, everybody has any view.” These Heavenly Demon Race complexion somewhat are heavy, don’t know must say any good, they know that now the Heavenly Demon Race weakest place in there, does not have these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, a Heavenly Demon clan compares with Cultivation World now, Immortal Stage Expert quantity only then the half of opposite party. This is the place that they most suffer a loss. If no Immortal Stage Expert. Only is ordinary cultivator to spelling the words, Heavenly Demon Race does not fear Cultivation World absolutely, Cultivation World these army, in the fighting strength ratio, ordinary can't compare with Heavenly Demon Race, but is in Immortal Stage Expert this point, most makes them feel awkward. Heavenly Demon Commander look at these Heavenly Demon coldly snorted said : „didn't what? have the words to say?” These Heavenly Demon lower the head, reason that this Heavenly Demon Commander can sit this position, besides having very strong command(er) ability, in adding on back influence strongly. A most important point because of his strength, this Heavenly Demon Commander is in itself Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, strength extremely powerful, therefore he can hold on to this Commander position. At this time Heavenly Demon suddenly said : Commander. I think that we should not manage Cultivation World to be divided into many group of army, our only army moves forward to meet somebody.”

Heavenly Demon Commander looks at that person, cannot help but slightly stares, person Moli Ke that because spoke, must say, in entire Heavenly Demon army, accomplished minimum was Moli Ke, other Heavenly Demon also somewhat looked down upon him, but thinks that his match was lets the entire Heavenly Demon Race headache Zhao Hai, other Heavenly Demon were not good to say anything. Why Heavenly Demon Commander look at Moli Ke did said : say? Said your reason.” Moli Ke deep voice said : Cultivation World divides forces ten groups. This is they biggest mistake, divided forces their military strength to disperse, instead to was changes to our threats small, but we believed all military strength, like ate them one after another, moreover after us , the strength concentrated, but can also let Immortal Stage Expert Immortal Stage Expert in army and Cultivation World to the war, can have the support of army, as the matter stands, can make up for our Immortal Stage Expert insufficient this shortcoming.” Other Heavenly Demon static is listening to the Moli Ke words. Most from the beginning they also a little disdain, but more listens more to think reasonable, all person unconscious nods. Waited for Moli Ke saying that Heavenly Demon Commander look at Moli Ke, deep voice said : Moli Ke. Your plan is good, but Cultivation World divides forces to cope with us. We ten will receive enemy, this to us is also very disadvantageous, do you have to think this point?” Moli Ke nodded said : to think, so long as Immortal Stage Expert has been supported, in fearing the attack of Cultivation World Immortal Stage Expert, superiority of Cultivation World in this aspect has counter-balanced, but we can cope with nine Great Sect nine army first, finally in coping with Zhao Hai Freedom Alliance army, although superficially, in these ten groups of army, Freedom Alliance army minimum, is smallest to our threats, but Zhao Hai there has innumerable Undead Creature, can say that in ten groups of army, strongest exactly is Zhao Hai this army, but other nine groups instead to impossible us how, therefore we can use each one. The direction that defeats, takes the complete defensive to other Zhao Hai and Chinese red army soldiers, first fiercely attacks Ten Thousand Monster Sect this.” Speaking of here Moli Ke to stop, looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : Ten Thousand Monster Sect and Freedom Alliance with being at Northern Divergent Province, rising of Freedom Alliance, drew their there Northern Divergent Province many Sect, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength was greatly affected, therefore generally speaking, in ten groups of army, Ten Thousand Monster Sect this should be weakest, we took the defensive to other Sect, coped with Ten Thousand Monster Sect this fully, believes that soon Ten Thousand Monster Sect this army to the dozen remnants, will then be turning the head to cope with several other groups of army, so long as nine Great Sect army to the dozen pain, frightened, they will draw back, and other they. Draws back, we can cope with Zhao Hai fully.” Other Heavenly Demon are listening to the analysis of Moli Ke, not free nod, truly looks like such that demon Ricker said that their most headache is Immortal Stage Expert is insufficient, but counter-balances superiority of Cultivation World with army in Immortal Stage Expert aspect, that remaining was good to hit. But the Northern Divergent Province here situation, the Heavenly Demon Race person also knows, several other Great Province although also some small alliances, but these small alliance simply possibly are not nine Great Sect matches, therefore at the war, they will listen finally to nine Great Sect, can say besides Ten Thousand Monster Sect, other nine Great Sect strengths do not have what loss.

But Ten Thousand Monster Sect is different, but with Ten Thousand Monster Sect divides equally Northern Divergent Province Freedom Alliance, but in Freedom Alliance also has a Zhao Hai such anomaly to exist, Ten Thousand Monster Sect could not order Zhao Hai, naturally does not dare to a Freedom Alliance command(er) stroke of foot, like this their strengths instead to be weakest, was Heavenly Demon Race best attack target. Heavenly Demon Commander has not made noise, but has closed the eye, static is pondering over the Moli Ke words, having a look at the plan of Moli Ke also to have any shortcoming, is thinking, but also there are compared with the plan of Moli Ke well to plan. However has thought the half of the day does not want to come out, finally Heavenly Demon Commander has opened the eye slowly, deep voice said : well, presses the office that Moli Ke said that all people get down the preparation, army builds up, retreat ten li (0.5km), three days of drilling time.” The meaning of audiences Heavenly Demon understand Heavenly Demon Commander, their retreat ten li (0.5km), had buffer zone, can not make Cultivation World army know that they are doing, moreover they happen to use these three days, trains the army coordination, like this with Cultivation World to fighting, them will take the even bigger advantage. The Heavenly Demon army this suddenly sound, truly is makes Cultivation World army somewhat intense, their immediately sends for examining that having a look at Cultivation World army to do. However they after sending for examining, is actually anything cannot see, Heavenly Demon army although in retreat, but has actually sent out stand guard of massive Heavenly Demon around their army, intercepts Cultivation World these scouts, making Cultivation World these scout anything unable to see. although is somewhat astonished erratically, but Cultivation World here does not have any too excessive response, now they must do only then, carries on according to own plan, fights a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon army. But sole knows the person who Heavenly Demon army sound is Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not reminded nine Great Sect, because of Heavenly Demon army with nine Great Sect wars , is exhausting nine Great Sect strengths, to him, only then the advantage does not have the fault. Moreover is he reminds nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect also not necessarily believe that perhaps in nine Great Sect also thinks Zhao Hai is planning them, therefore Zhao Hai is also disinclined to remind them. Three days of said that were long, said were short, regarding cultivator, possibly were only time of sitting in meditation, were really nothing, but if used these three days of drilling tactics well, Heavenly Demon Race such did, they used three days , when has trained by ten sides besieged the tactic, effect although not very ideally, but compared with a preparation actually has not been must much better. But Heavenly Demon Race is just the opposite, is actually nine Great Sect there, nine Great Sect do not say that any tactical exercise, these three days, they light wrangled not to pull in the population. Ten Thousand Monster Sect also knows that now their strength is insufficient, therefore they hope several other Sect in nine Great Sect, can help them support their some manpower, like this they to Heavenly Demon Race time, will have the energy.

However several other Great Sect regarding the request of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, are actually simply did not agree, reason that they must be divided into ten groups of army, not only to besiege Heavenly Demon Race mainly, does not want to reside under others by own area, because of nine Great Sect now although alliance, but the incomplete trust opposite party, feared that by the opposite party planning, in against the opposite party, in this case, how other eight Great Sect possibly to be borrowing the soldier to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, these three days of times, nine Great Sect the energy class fee at this matter, what simply have prepared not. The procedure of Zhao Hai to nine Great Sect is disappointed, but he has not gone to prevent, he could not prevent, nine Great Sect originally were heaviest to his vigilance, if he inserted one horizontally, will only make nine Great Sect get suspicious to him, Zhao Hai in Space, look at nine Great Sect that a face sneered wrangles in there, strengthened him to tidy up the determinations of nine Great Sect. Cultivation World these years, ten thousand years ago, strength not only has not strengthened, to was instead weaker, most important is the suppressions of nine Great Sect to other Sect, so long as other Sect appears anything talents, nine Great Sect will certainly think the means to massacre to hardship that talent, this has the advantage to nine Great Sect exhibitions, but does not have any advantage regarding other Sect exhibitions, other Sect appears Immortal Stage Expert getting harder and harder, nine Great Sect strengths are getting stronger and stronger, but other Sect strength actually become weaker and weaker, entire Cultivation World strength also become weaker and weaker, all these is nine Great Sect creates. But Zhao Hai is to break this aspect, making Cultivation World other Sect also unfold, such Cultivation World strength will be getting stronger and stronger. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }