Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1871

sc ipt "……" s c = " http: …… ? p1aceid = 3274 " On incomparably huge Great Sword stands ten people are appearing somewhat spacious, in Great Sword side, innumerable cultivator, guard in Great Sword side. Jian Wuya looked at several other people of one, deep voice said : this time our ten groups of army has attacked Heavenly Demon Race, everyone/Great Clan must pay attention to coordinate, here communication device, we can carry on the relation through this, want to be quicker than the jade sword.” What his in hand is taking is several made of metal small disc, on disc is carving formation, looks like very fine. Zhao Hai each of them received a piece disc, one auxiliary enters the content toward, on immediately on disc reappeared one group of mist, then the middle of mist slowly emptied. Jian Wuya deep voice said : disc has been OK directly in a moment, this disc cannot the Transmission sound, but will actually turn into the writing to demonstrate the sound that we relate through this.” The people nodded, Zhao Hai looked at the distant place, their army have not stopped, is still expunging to the Heavenly Demon army direction. Zhao Hai turns the head to Jian Wuya said : Sect Master Jian, now army in advancing, if nothing, I first went back, has any matter, please freely contact with me, so long as is I can add on busily, I will help, after all this time is my Cultivation World and day Demon Realm decisive battle.” Said that holds the fist in the other hand to Jian Wuya, personal appearance flashes vanish from sight. Jiao Hualong their although still cannot have a liking for Zhao Hai, but they also know right that Zhao Hai said that the present is Cultivation World and Heavenly Demon Race army decisive battle time, no matter at this time you had any idea. Must take repelling Heavenly Demon army as the first important matter. Otherwise what is bad luck is you. Jiao Hualong they have not said anything, but holds the fist in the other hand to Jian Wuya, turn around walked, Jian Wuya also holds the fist in the other hand to them, drives a horse Great Sword, goes toward the forward flight.

Not these communication device that wants underestimated Jian Wuya to take, probably is not Advanced level, but you may probably know that ordinary communication device, basic simply in the battlefield has more than enough. Besides the signalling jade sword, other communication device, attain the battlefield to come up, almost on equal to is the waste. Because in the battlefield Qi Strength overflows, sufficiently fell various disorderly incomparable energy every time, if attains the battlefield to come up some ordinary communication device, these communication device will come under the influences of these energy, simply does not have the means to use, only then signalling jade sword. However signalling jade sword probably writes a letter, although is quick, however changes in the twinkling ten thousand battlefields, actually appears very slow, but the communication device that Jian Wuya takes. although looks like common, but sounds the ability well actually, used in the battlefield most at least compared with signalling jade sword much better. Zhao Hai returned to on Yama Ship, Laura they were sitting on Yama Ship, on Yama Ship also has other cultivator, these cultivator are Freedom Alliance, has Black Tiger Group, there are other Sect, must say that has Freedom Alliance cultivator to be best. All cultivator can sit in Great Magical Artifact moving forward, other Sect cultivator do not have this allowance. On Zhao Hai returned to Yama Ship, immediately/on horseback waves, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in first regiment Great Magical Artifact behind, these Undead Creature quantities will not be less than 100 million. However can look, their single fighting strength are not very strong. However these Undead Creature in hand are taking the flintlock, bodies of some Monster Beast Undead Creature, but also carries cannon. After release these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai turns the head they to nod to Laura, Laura the meaning of their also understand Zhao Hai, Lizzy, Megan and Maggie their immediately has stood, in hand is taking communication device, receives has issued several orders. These order, person immediately of first regiment present, these Undead Creature within the shortest time, have exhibited the lineup unexpectedly, before long incomparably huge Rubik's Cube Great Formation formed. Sees here, these Junior Captain then understand of first regiment, before originally, finger of Zhao Hai said lets Maggie they the matter that comes command(er) they to handle to fight, is not cracks a joke, moreover Maggie they also really have this ability. Zhao Hai release 100 million Undead Creature, originally has appeared the person quantity are few, strength weakest Freedom Alliance army, suddenly turned into ten groups of army, population most, distant can see that they such as giant dark clouds same proceed to press. However quick, another big dark cloud appears , this big dark clouds, were not less than Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release came, even were more, was Heavenly Demon Race army. Cultivation World ten groups of army separates the motion, everyone attack place is different, the place that Zhao Hai chooses was Heavenly Demon army most east side, Heavenly Demon army now has composed also huge Circle Formation, was ready in full battle array in there. The both sides army population are many, can see the opposite party that leaves very much, Zhao Hai command(er) Freedom Alliance army slowly moving forward, when also has about 50 li(25km) to Heavenly Demon Race army stopped, both sides face each other across a great distance, the atmosphere was tight for a while.

It is not Zhao Hai does not think to move now, but cannot the present move, Zhao Hai has reached an agreement with nine Great Sect Sect Master, wants alliance to move, the first attack, wants the everyone/Great Clan unification attack, is waiting for the order on Jian Wuya communication device, cannot order unable to attack. although Zhao Hai regarding Jian Wuya they and have no interest, but also knows, this hundreds of millions people of great battle, if moves at will, does not have the advantage to anyone, therefore he accepted this order. Zhao Hai look at Heavenly Demon army, in eye is not sad not happily, his life possibly did not live like Cultivation World here these several thousand over ten thousand years of Old Monster thing, but this lifetime experience actually is really splendid incomparable, has worked as more than 20 years of Takuda on Earth, in Ark Continent there, from one, was expelled the power core small expensive puts, show gradually expands, then and God Race fights, and demon fights the clan, then enters Underworld, and various Undead Creature fight, then ascend, and is the inexhaustible battle, Zhao Hai presently, since crossing over., The fight accounted for the majority of time probably, although he has used for a long time to improve Space, but the battle has actually followed him. Only is this plants the big fights of hundred million scales, he participated is not once or twice, therefore regarding such fight, Zhao Hai has already been able to achieve calmly faced. Laura they have followed in Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has experienced matter, they have also experienced, therefore each and every one also does not appear anxious, complexion calm look at opposite Heavenly Demon army army camp. But their behind these Freedom Alliance cultivator, did not have such good strength in meditation, person look at Heavenly Demon army army camp, on the face the blood flushes, the breath shortness, obviously was a top ten of minute of anxiety of war. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, he knows , if not make them eliminate that tense feeling, war time, fighting strength of these people are most only to wield six layers, if this really with Heavenly Demon army to, share that only then brings death. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback deep voice said : all people came out from Great Magical Artifact, lines up in formation.” Along with the Zhao Hai sound, these cultivator immediately flew from Great Magical Artifact, before long arranged in order the team, they arranged in order was also only Circle Formation, compared to fall far short with these Undead Creature Rubik's Cube Great Formation. After all people arranged in order, Zhao Hai look at they, deep voice said : brothers, today are we and day of Heavenly Demon army decisive battle, this fought relationship to exist to my Cultivation World life and death, the victory, we can hurry back to the native place Heavenly Demon army, protect our homelands, the defeat, my Cultivation World feared from now was is very difficult in presently such war and Heavenly Demon army to fighting, later we also can only defend our domain, the look at Heavenly Demon Race person's run wild in our Cultivation World ground, result like this, can you accept?” These cultivator is been red by over the face that Zhao Hai said that each and every one burning with passion said : did not meet the love! Does not accept!” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, is cultivator is unacceptable, thing in Cultivation World, is our cultivator, why Heavenly Demon Race comes to divide one, we are absolutely unacceptable, to them catch up with returned to day Demon Realm to go, now fought immediately to start, our Freedom Alliance all cultivator in look at we, look at we brought one to win to them greatly, the brothers, can we disappoint them?”

Cannot! Cannot! Cannot!” Zhao Hai nodded, suddenly noted appears of Jian Wuya on to his communication device to set starts to carry on!” Zhao Hai sighed that own good luck, time that this orders, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback wielded said : to enter the merit in the day before yesterday Demon Realm army direction!” Kills!” All cultivator have bellowed, goes toward the forward flight, but their although toward forward flight, but lineup actually not chaotic, Junior Captain of various squads, obtained Lizzy their order, they do not dare to act unreasonably. But Zhao Hai Undead Creature army also along in the first regiment behind, bygone days Demon Realm army there overran, at this time other nine groups of army, moved, Heavenly Demon army has killed. Heavenly Demon army also moved at this time, Circle Formation starts rotation slowly, entire army in one time has contracted the lineup toward in unexpectedly, looked like must take the defensive completely. Zhao Hai has not actually sent out, but Hu Dawei their 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature had actually let out, with nine Great Sect Immortal Stage Expert, flushes away toward Heavenly Demon army, but Zhao Hai makes the Cai'er time pay attention to Hu Dawei their there sound, so long as Hu Dawei in them has any to have the danger, Cai'er immediately received him Space, after waiting to evade the danger, went in release. Zhao Hai such does not have means that Hu Dawei their strength very formidable, present is a Zhao Hai in hand strongest sign, if were lost is too heavy, that did not have, what most important was, Hu Dawei they can also provide magnanimous Strength of Faith to Zhao Hai, was very useful to Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai will not make Hu Dawei they have an accident. But when day Demon Realm has also carried out demon may plan, their these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon do not have leave Heavenly Demon army, but in the coordination of Heavenly Demon army with, with nine Great Sect Immortal Stage Expert and Hu Dawei their deal with, they gave to tie down Hu Dawei at once unexpectedly. But other Heavenly Demon Race army completely have actually taken the defensive, probably simply does not want to attack is the same, not only to Zhao Hai, has also taken the defensive to several other groups of army, even if Ten Thousand Monster Sect army, they have not attacked. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }