Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1872

Heavenly Demon Race adopted defensive this to make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental completely, he has not heard the yesterday Moli Ke words, but these three days of Heavenly Demon army the tactics of drilling he knows that the tactic of Heavenly Demon army drilling all was not the defensive, therefore Zhao Hai looked that Heavenly Demon army has taken the defensive completely, knows that Heavenly Demon army had certainly the plot. However Zhao Hai has not actually cared about the opposite party to have any plot, is only the static look at opposite party, the look at opposite party has any plot. Because Zhao Hai believes that no matter Heavenly Demon army has any plot, he can deal with. When with Zhao Hai different, nine Great Sect people have not actually thought Heavenly Demon army has any plot, they looked that Heavenly Demon army has taken the defensive completely, serious of each and every one happy, attack Heavenly Demon army that starts to go all out, as the matter stands their attacks to are appear very fierce are instead fierce, in entire battlefield, has Zhao Hai the attack of first regiment here to be methodical, silk is not chaotic. Zhao Hai attack very special, these cultivator of first regiment, have also composed Circle Formation, face-to-face kills with Heavenly Demon army ripping, Circle Formation of both sides is rotating, everyone almost can enter the war, but the casualties are actually not very big, the attack also appears somewhat tepid. But the attacks of these Undead Creature Zhao Hai release comes were more interesting, their attacks are conducted through cannon of flintlock completely, flintlock attack of cannon, regarding Heavenly Demon Race Heavenly Demon, the injury is really limited, lively fire that therefore both sides here although hits day after day, but the casualties are actually not very big. At this moment. Heavenly Demon army actually suddenly moved. Heavenly Demon army Circle Formation, suddenly shrank small formation toward, but the scrap that shrinks, is the place of Ten Thousand Monster Sect army attack, Ten Thousand Monster Sect army also thinks that Heavenly Demon army was repelled, immediately has killed. But at this time, Heavenly Demon army suddenly has dispersed the counter-attack person to Ten Thousand Monster Sect army, offensive incomparable fierce Ten Thousand Monster Sect army at this time present, oneself penetrated in Heavenly Demon army, all around is Heavenly Demon army. They were surrounded unexpectedly. Jiao Hualong in command(er) Ten Thousand Monster Sect army, has been looking at this situation, Jiao Hualong complexion cannot help but changes, immediately/on horseback said loudly: To. Clashes quickly.” Meanwhile he has put out Jian Wuya to his communication device, said loudly: Ten Thousand Monster Sect Grandmaster was surrounded, supports quickly!” They had been surrounded, Jiao Hualong actually cannot say that sought the character, obviously arrogant to any degree. But Zhao Hai they also almost at the same time received the Jiao Hualong praying for rescue information. The content on look at communication device, Zhao Hai cannot help but coldly snorted said : waste, unexpectedly such quickly was given to surround, Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength although is inferior to nine Great Sect, but is not too weak, a little simple scheme cannot look unexpectedly continually. Really the idiot arrived at the extreme.” Reason that Zhao Hai said that is because Jiao Hualong their attack process Zhao Hai watched, in fact now the bodies of nine Great Sect many cultivator are moistening the Liquid Silver dust, can say that situation of Zhao Hai in regarding entire battlefield, is an item of understanding, therefore Ten Thousand Monster Sect how surrounded he is clear. It looks like in Zhao Hai, Ten Thousand Monster Sect can such be surrounded, was really as stupid as the family, Heavenly Demon Race army has composed Circle Formation, with them to war. Did not drop the wind, among suddenly on appears a gap, this wasn't dubious? But Jiao Hualong actually had not suspected, but also led army to crash in that gap, finally by Heavenly Demon army encircling. This does not blame them also to blame anyone stupid.

Now the situation in battlefield, both sides although at war. However generally speaking is the Cultivation World person is attacking, the Heavenly Demon Race person is defending, if therefore the Cultivation World person wants to draw back draws back, in Jiao Hualong, the after information of praying for rescue comes out, several other Sect in nine Great Sect, immediately sends out the person to support Ten Thousand Monster Sect, such procedure is to let Zhao Hai is very speechless. Generally speaking gets up, if not Zhao Hai Undead Creature, Cultivation World army does not have the Heavenly Demon army population to be many, what they are many are only the Immortal Stage Expert quantity, because now Cultivation World army does not trust mutually, has been divided into ten groups of army, ten groups of army facing defend completely, looks like fist same Heavenly Demon army that grips, originally cheaply does not fight, will not do well will suffer a loss, at this time, they must divide forces to ask Ten Thousand Monster Sect army unexpectedly, this gives day of Demon Realm opportunity. Actually if according to the normal fight, Ten Thousand Monster Sect fell into during the encirclement, other people asked not to have anything, however the present situation is different, the Cultivation World population were few, was actually attacking, but the Heavenly Demon Race population many actually defended, although said that this seemed like Cultivation World is in the upper hand probably, wants to fall back to draw back, but actually was actually, Heavenly Demon Race also had the massive ample forces to attack, nine Great Sect Sect soldiers requested reinforcements Ten Thousand Monster Sect, such military strength dispersed, Heavenly Demon Race completely had the unnecessary military strength to come one to besiege a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements, Cultivation World cultivator that finally suffered a loss. It looks like in Zhao Hai, Ten Thousand Monster Sect although fell into during the encirclement of Heavenly Demon Race, but has not entered the hopeless situation, at this time, ten thousand knew the sect completely to be capable of running out of the encirclement ring with own strength, because of Heavenly Demon Race the encirclement ring in the Circle Formation edge, surrounding very weak, so long as Ten Thousand Monster Sect full attacked toward that weak point, immediately can run out of the encirclement ring, although will lose some people, miserable that too but will actually not defeat, other Sect will not have the danger. However Jiao Hualong this fool, he was shouting clashes, has not told these cultivator to clash in that direction, these cultivator touched command(er) without clear(ly), looked like one flock of not flies same all around chaotic in Heavenly Demon army flushed, instead to was more and more went toward Heavenly Demon army, this equal to brings upon oneself the blind alley. Moreover Jiao Hualong also immediately gives them information to make them rescue, several other Great Sect people have to rescue, in this case, equal to also gave to haul in this whirlpool several other Great Sect, was really stupid cannot in be stupid. Zhao Hai shook the head, was really don’t know said that any was good, but Laura they now not in the Zhao Hai side. Entered in Space. They naturally also know that outside has looked unfamiliar anything, Laura in their several Space is to also shake the head the forced smile, really did not fear that the god same enemy, feared the pig same teammate, has Jiao Hualong such idiot, Cultivation World wants little dead a person to be difficult. But the show of matter also like Zhao Hai they think, reinforcement that nine Great Sect Sect come out, meets Heavenly Demon Race rob and kill, this next nine Great Sect person was more hurried, they think that Ten Thousand Monster Sect fell into the hopeless situation. immediately/on horseback sends for going to support, is rob and kill, nine Great Sect strengths dropped a big truncation, Heavenly Demon army started to carry on the regional counter-attack. Sees this situation. Zhao Hai also knows one wanted make a move, his deep voice said : Laura, your look at battlefield here, I help the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person.” Laura they complied with one, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, appears in Ten Thousand Monster Sect army Battle Formation, now Ten Thousand Monster Sect army randomly has become one group, lineup soon by Heavenly Demon army washing out, but Jiao Hualong this fellow although was also chaotic, was shouting said : to withstand loudly. Withstands, withstands to me!” At this moment, Zhao Hai appears in the Jiao Hualong side, side a Jiao Hualong feeling had the person, a immediately/on horseback fist strike comes, a Zhao Hai capture his fist, said loudly: Flood dragon Sect Master, should not be chaotic.”

Said Zhao Hai no longer pay attention to Jiao Hualong, said loudly: Do not be chaotic, all people cut back the defense. Toward my here accumulation, quick!” cultivator of these Ten Thousand Monster Sect hear this saying to stare, when this type flurried, can hear such an explicit instruction, their also immediately felt that had found the one type of dependence. Pressed has done, Ten Thousand Monster Sect army that directly Zhao Hai did. Starts contraction slowly, toward Zhao Hai and Jiao Hualong here contraction. Before long Ten Thousand Monster Sect Great Formation appeared secret Ji, Heavenly Demon army did not have the means to wash out Ten Thousand Monster Sect army in a short time, Ten Thousand Monster Sect army although was surrounding, has actually stood firm an corner/horn. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, this then said : „, therefore attacks in southeast, quick, fully impact!” Ten Thousand Monster Sect these people the pressure was now smaller, one hear of Zhao Hai said that under whose no matter also this were order, turn around toward southeast full overrunning. The weak point of southeastern there Heavenly Demon army encirclement ring, such was flushed by Ten Thousand Monster Sect army, Heavenly Demon army somewhat could not withstand, before long Ten Thousand Monster Sect army flushed from the encirclement ring. Ten Thousand Monster Sect these cultivator, looked to run out of surrounding of Heavenly Demon Race army, cannot help but cheering, but Zhao Hai actually immediately/on horseback said : ran out of the person in encirclement ring, turned round to aid, cannot make Heavenly Demon army in one time surround.” Ten Thousand Monster Sect these cultivator very trusted Zhao Hai now, immediately has done according to the words that Zhao Hai spoke, before long Ten Thousand Monster Sect army all flushed from the encirclement ring finally, although this loss is not small, they from entry to the encirclement ring, to flushing, altogether have used for two hours, but these two hours of fights, made Ten Thousand Monster Sect army lose about 1 million people, such loss is not small, but no matter what, the majority of people were living. Jiao Hualong dull standing in there, he sees with one's own eyes Zhao Hai simply not to have make a move, is only several simple orders, made Ten Thousand Monster Sect army kill from Heavenly Demon army, this was huge to his attack. In Cultivation World here, doing of large-scale fights very unusually, has, will not have too many command(er) abilities, generally was both sides has rushed fighting with all might, like the army, will not use all kinds of tactics, therefore Cultivation World here, almost few met commanding a war personally. Original Jiao Hualong already strength formidable, is Master of a Sect, the command(er) ability should compared with average person much stronger, even if Zhao Hai, not necessarily are also few on much better in the command(er) ability, however true to the battlefield, Jiao Hualong actually presently completely is not a matter, several ten of millions army command(er) gets up not to be easy, he presently his order simply cannot obtain very good execution, he imagines command(er) army to defer to his idea to fight, the time of but truly carrying out actually presently, simply is impossible. Now looks at Zhao Hai, several simple orders, Ten Thousand Monster Sect army brought back to life, kills the tight encirclement, this let the Jiao Hualong sentiment and to endure. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, his immediately has put out communication device, Ten Thousand Monster Sect has rescued to all person information said :, safe, does not need to send reinforcement, be careful day Demon Realm rob and kill reinforcement.” After ending the information, Zhao Hai turns the head to Jiao Hualong said : flood dragon Sect Master, day Demon Realm looked like wants to cancel you to be swindled, ten thousand were impossible to attack toward enemy Popular Front in easily, in our army also had the matter, first went back.” Said that Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to Jiao Hualong, flashes body vanish from sight.

Jiao Hualong recovered at this time, he holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, just wants to say anything, Zhao Hai vanish from sight, Jiao Hualong opened the several times mouth, does not have a sound to come, finally sighed, then shifted above own attention the battlefield. Ten Thousand Monster army flushed, but Heavenly Demon army has not thought must let off them, Heavenly Demon army still takes the defensive to other armies, but carries on attack to Ten Thousand Monster Sect army, has not received Ten Thousand Monster Sect to run out of the influence of encirclement ring. In fact surrounds Ten Thousand Monster Sect army, an accidental victory that but Heavenly Demon Race obtains, Heavenly Demon Race has not even thought that Ten Thousand Monster Sect will be swindled, has not thought that can Ten Thousand Monster Sect army encircling really, they want Ten Thousand Monster Sect few people, to direct that gap there that they reveal before, then gives Ten Thousand Monster Sect to come ruthlessly, that thinks that the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person, so will be unexpectedly stupid, army was unexpectedly direct on crashing in their Great Formation is surrounded, after being surrounded, on burst in don’t know to break through unexpectedly, but sending out reinforcement that other Sect army also kept unexpectedly, This to Heavenly Demon army, is unexpected joy, Heavenly Demon army naturally will not really let off this opportunity, these other Ten Thousand Monster Sect and Sect tidying up unbearably. Such victory Heavenly Demon Race have not thought that if not their Immortal Stage Expert quantity are too few, they started to counter-attack now fully, but has this, Heavenly Demon Race also started to carry on attack to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, hit Ten Thousand Monster Sect army successively retreat. Zhao Hai returned to on Yama Ship, but he still knows that Ten Thousand Monster Sect there lived anything, Ten Thousand Monster Sect although left the encirclement ring now, however under day Demon Realm attack, the loss is still serious, moreover sees this situation, Zhao Hai also missed my understand Heavenly Demon Race tactic is not anything. To be honest, Zhao Hai did not oppose that Heavenly Demon Race the tactic, Heavenly Demon Race such does, happen to helps him weaken nine Great Sect strengths, later he tidied up nine Great Sect to facilitate, therefore Zhao Hai has not reminded them, so long as he now Gu Hao has been OK, was nine Great Sect has defeated on the place in any case, he can also catch up with returned to day Demon Realm to go Heavenly Demon Race. The fight is still continuing, nine Great Sect army that suffered a loss now have been also careful, the attack started to slow down slowly, but Heavenly Demon army has not called the potential counter-attack, in their opinion, now is also not the counter-attack time, the fight of both sides army was driving slowly is gentle. But with it opposite to is the fight of both sides Immortal Stage Expert, was more intense!! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }