Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1874

After a day of war, finally the battlefield presented the aspects of two army group oppositions, but Cultivation World army also started retreat slowly, brought up the rear by the first regiment and Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, Heavenly Demon Race had not found the pursuit good opportunity. Meanwhile the Immortal Stage Expert also withdrawal from combat of both sides, as the matter stands Heavenly Demon Race can make many Heavenly Demon invest into to the attack of Zhao Hai, but Yi Renlian attack has not actually made any progress, Undead Creature that because Zhao Hai this release comes, the strength is very strong. Heavenly Demon Race looked that inorganic may remain, to does not have the full attack, what because brings up the rear is Zhao Hai, the Heavenly Demon Race person very has scruples regarding Zhao Hai. Cultivation World army in situation that Zhao Hai brings up the rear, safe drew back returned to their Encampment, but now the everyone/Great Clan atmosphere is not quite good, nine Great Sect Sect Master complexion were somewhat cloudy, but these ordinary cultivator, the facial expression was actually somewhat depressed, they think that these time can Heavenly Demon army repelling, has not actually thought that finally unexpectedly was such one type of result. sole has not received anything to affect, was the first regiment, the first regiment and Heavenly Demon army fought is not once or twice, this time they have not eaten anything to owe, but also has taken many advantages, therefore morale of first regiment had not been affected. Because now army also in Ten Thousand Monster Sect, therefore Zhao Hai they arrived at Ten Thousand Monster Sect, nine Great Sect Sect Master, in adding on Zhao Hai also had other small Sect Sect Master in a accumulation Ten Thousand Monster Sect Assembly Hall, but the atmosphere in hall was actually somewhat depressing. All people sit in there quite a while have not spoken. Some little time sat Jiao Hualong on seat of honor turns the head old flood dragon I to thank the rescue of Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai said : in here first. If not mister, my Ten Thousand Monster Sect this loss meets even bigger, the old flood dragon I thank mister.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand to Jiao Hualong said : we now after is the ally, common enemies, you, if had problems , after that we also with bad luck, asking flood dragon Sect Master not to need to be how polite.” Jiao Hualong nodded, turns the head look at Jian Wuya their several people of said : old flood dragon I also to in here thank you several, if your several to not rescue our Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Also will not have such big loss, the old flood dragon I apologized.” Jian Wuya beckoned with the hand said : good the old flood dragon, you do not need to be so polite, we said how copes with Heavenly Demon Race. Today's day of army, our losses are not small, the loss of Heavenly Demon Race is not small, most important the losses of these Immortal Stage Expert, spoke this saying, now the loss of Immortal Stage Expert has been over half, this type loses me is very really difficult to accept.”

Angry glare Vajra sighed said : not to think really that this one day, Immortal Stage Expert lost these many, was good loses because of Heavenly Demon Race Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon was not small. We actually cannot such spell with Heavenly Demon Race, such spells, our Immortal Stage Expert feared that must lose negligently completely.” The people nodded, the sacrifice of Immortal Stage Expert, making the people feel own has pressed a piece Stone at heart probably, if such were getting down, Immortal Stage Expert must die, this did not have any advantage regarding Cultivation World. Zhao Hai looked at people said : „, if our tomorrow with Heavenly Demon Race to war, that do not make Immortal Stage Expert go to battle, I think that Heavenly Demon Race cannot bear such loss. We do not send Immortal Stage Expert to enter the war, they estimated that did not dare to send Immortal Stage Expert to enter the war, if they were sending Immortal Stage Expert to enter the war, gave my Undead Creature to deal with is OK.” The people nodded, except for nine Great Sect Sect Master. Other Sect Master looked that Zhao Hai look some are different, Zhao Hai this was a equal to person received the attack of opposite party Immortal Stage Expert. This makes these Sect feel grateful, is adding on Zhao Hai to bring up the rear today personally, this itself lets these Sect to the Zhao Hai heart fresh favorable impression, is adding on this matter, now their favorable impression to the Zhao Hai is stronger. Zhao Hai looked at these Sect Sect Master one, has not said anything, has not gone to show good will, so long as he enabled these Sect Sect Master to be OK to his heart fresh favorable impression, as for other, later was saying. But Jian Wuya they are actually worrying and matter of Heavenly Demon Race to war now, therefore has not noted this point, their simply don’t know, affects the change of Cultivation World pattern sufficiently occur slowly. The appearance that look at nine Great Sect Sect look distressed, Zhao Hai has to open the mouth deep voice said : we actually most important duty to catch up with returned to day Demon Realm to go Heavenly Demon Race army now, they in here, we will not be peaceful, therefore now is not time of covering-up, if everybody can believe me, please hand over all Great Magical Artifact, gives my Undead Creature to come control, tomorrow we with Heavenly Demon army to the war, first attacks the opposite party with Great Magical Artifact, then army presses, the although day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact quantity are many, but I can guarantee that their Great Magical Artifact operate certain can't compare with I, so long as has destroyed. Their Great Magical Artifact, that Heavenly Demon army lost an arm on equal to, when the time comes they must several without doubt, even if has Immortal Stage Expert not to be impossible to fight us.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that nine Great Sect Sect Master cannot help but have gawked, then the brow eyebrow, Great Magical Artifact regarding any one Sect was very important, if Zhao Hai must strongly use all Sect Great Magical Artifact, then had understood on equal to Cultivation World all Sect Great Magical Artifact merits and shortcomings, this regarding them was not the good matter. In this time, suddenly Bang transmits, the people turn the head to look, discover Jiao Hualong, Jiao Hualong face fierce said : "OK, my Ten Thousand Monster Sect gives mister to come command(er) all Great Magical Artifact, if not make Cultivation World Heavenly Demon Race, that all have not mentioned, keeps these Great Magical Artifact to be also useless, Great Magical Artifact, cannot compare to enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm. ”

The people stare, they have not thought that these time is Jiao Hualong stands to support Zhao Hai, Jian Wuya they have not thought of this point, in retreat, was Jiao Hualong supports Zhao Hai, other Sect then converged side Zhao Hai to draw back, otherwise feared that now was hitting still, now is Jiao Hualong supports Zhao Hai, when did Ten Thousand Monster Sect start to support Zhao Hai? Their enmity are not biggest? However they change mind think, Jiao Hualong said reasonable, Great Magical Artifact very precious, how however to go to the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm in also can't compare with preciously, if they lost went to the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, in adding on with a day Demon Realm war, strength/Origin Qi damaged severely, feared after was, Cultivation World really must fall not, this did not have the advantage to anyone. Some little time Jian Wuya turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : some of some of our Heavenly Sword Sect although also Great Magical Artifact, but was used to make Great Magical Artifact of war truly, was actually our Heavenly Sword Sect elder rank cultivator saber, these sabers to mister, you too could not use, these Undead Creature did not have means control, the person but who I can actually let my Heavenly Sword Sect all elder ranks listened to your verbal command, together to attack Heavenly Demon Race!” A Jian Wuya such saying was also indicated that must support Zhao Hai, it seems like he was also thinks understand, his very clear, if did not hit great power Demon Realm Heavenly Demon Race, this Heavenly Sword Sect Sect Master, feared that was also can only be swindled an earth overlord in own one mu three points of place, therefore he decided to support Zhao Hai finally. As soon as they support, other people looked at one mutually, saw one from the opposite party eye completely, finally them agreed with the request of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at people said : this war, Heavenly Demon Race had the damage with us, I looked at this, recuperation two days, two days later, everyone/Great Clan attacked fully, launched the final decisive battle with Heavenly Demon Race!” Jian Wuya nodded said : truly is needs the recuperation one, depended on mister saying that two days later was fighting a decisive battle with the Heavenly Demon army attack.” Other people had not opposed that Jian Wuya they do not have discover, now Zhao Hai in them, right to speak already getting bigger and bigger, because the Zhao Hai powder appeared the proper strength. Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya their eyes, deep voice said : over the two days the recuperation was not in vain the recuperation, strongly invited everybody Great Magical Artifact to my there, asked the Heavenly Sword Sect various Sect elder to go to my there, over the two days I must as far as possible familiar one various Great Magical Artifact fight methods, talked about the matter of coordination with each other, asking everybody to support.” Jiao Hualong deep voice said : should, we, since complied to hand over in your hand Great Magical Artifact, early delivers the late junction to be the same, so long as can repel Heavenly Demon Race, other all said.” Jian Wuya they also nodded, had not opposed that Jiao Hualong words, obviously their these time was really anxious.

Looked like Jiao Hualong said that so long as can repel Heavenly Demon Race, other all said that has repelled Heavenly Demon Race, they had possibility protect to enter to the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, this regarding nine Great Sect was very important, other was fake. although these decisions are between Zhao Hai and nine Great Sect achieve, these small Sect Sect Master have not been involved, but they actually must decide to do according to this, because this is the decision that the Cultivation World strength strongest a batch person makes, they do not dare, since, specially at this time, if they do not dare, since, that likely will cause nine Great Sect and Zhao Hai does not fall, those who when the time comes are bad luck is they. The matter has decided that that naturally also said that after Zhao Hai returned to Encampment of first regiment, made the first regiment rest, he also has concentrated simultaneously oneself all Great Magical Artifact, was waiting for other Great Magical Artifact arrivals. Nine Great Sect working efficiencies are not slow, Zhao Hai returned to first regiment not long after, various Sect Great Magical Artifact all have sent, the Immortal Stage elder who simultaneously Heavenly Demon Sect there can reassign also arrived at Zhao Hai here. This Zhao Hai in hand altogether had Great Magical Artifact about 2000, is adding on about 500 Heavenly Sword Sect elders, his Great Magical Artifact quantity has been over 2500, this digit is very extraordinary. However Zhao Hai actually also knows that this can be a very difficult war, because the Heavenly Demon army Great Magical Artifact quantity are also many, even possibly also wants compared with them on many, they want to depend on the Great Magical Artifact win, is some difficulties.! ~!