Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1875

For that Cultivation World these Great Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai uses is very simple, so long as makes these Undead Creature understand that these Great Magical Artifact performance, he can use freely. These Great Magical Artifact do not need Zhao Hai to worry, now Zhao Hai attention centralized to him in front of these 500 people, but these 500 people in Heavenly Sword Sect the person of elder rank, they can increase their flying sword, turns into the Great Magical Artifact appearance, is the Jian Wuya faction submits to Zhao Hai command(er). The Zhao Hai look at these Heavenly Sword Sect people, these Heavenly Sword Sect elder one face arrogant look at he, he cannot help but show a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand to these elders said : everybody, below Zhao Hai, I thinks that everybody also knows me, today calls everyone/Great Clan, to cope with Heavenly Demon Race, everybody is the Heavenly Sword Sect elder, your in hand sword can turn into Great Magical Artifact, this time I to nine Great Sect Sect Master proposed that must concentrate the use all Great Magical Artifact, therefore everybody will arrive at here, following two days, are our recuperation time, over the two days I hope that everyone/Great Clan gives with my together does. Some coordination, with the aim of can in the future better tackled Heavenly Demon Race.” look at Zhao Hai that these Heavenly Sword Sect elders decide, they also received such order obviously, some little time Zhao Hai deep voice said : I hoped in the two days, everybody can listen to my order conduct, attacked coordinates with me, if that does not want to coordinate me, now can leave.” Heavenly Sword Sect these elders have still not spoken, but on the face appears an anger, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, have actually thought little, deep voice said : „, if nobody leave, you must turn over to Freedom Alliance first regiment Commander. In the first regiment, the custom, in this first regiment, under me the order is the truth, anybody can not violate. If I ordered, but you have not achieved, then I will process you according to the military discipline, can you listen to understand?” Heavenly Sword Sect these elders stare, then on face cannot help but appears an anger. In which elder look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : „, if under you order is makes us bring death?” Zhao Hai looked at his one eyes, deep voice said : that you must die, because I will not make you bring death in vain, you died, can revive more people.” HaHaHa, Zhao Hai, you dare so to speak unexpectedly. You peaceful what heart? Are you want to make us bring death?” Makes you bring death, that is by the battlefield decided that if the war need, you must die, I naturally hope that each of you are living. But if to must make the sacrifice time, wanted some people to sacrifice.” Do not waste breath Zhao Hai, you must weaken our nine Great Sect influences taking advantage of this opportunity, especially our Heavenly Sword Sect, because our Heavenly Sword Sect has planned you, therefore you have borne a grudge in the heart. Is right?” The elders of Zhao Hai look at these speeches, deep voice said : your Heavenly Sword Sect have planned me, I bear certainly a grudge. However after wanting me to revenge must waited for Heavenly Demon Race to walk, now our Cultivation World all people, need one to foreign, because we had a common enemy, I at this time, will not crack a joke with the Cultivation World future. Will not revenge with this matter, understand?” I do not believe. Can you live up to one's words? If you what to do, when makes the war to plot against us?” The good Heavenly Sword Sect elder still said. Zhao Hai look at that Heavenly Sword Sect elder, deep voice said : „, if you are untrustworthy I, you can leave, I do not detain you, to be honest, has you to be also good, you have not had anything at the worst, have not been serious oneself, you is a Heavenly Sword Sect elder, is not worthwhile me to use this method to cope with you, my Zhao Hai is not Heavenly Sword Sect, disdains in using this method.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Heavenly Sword Sect elder cannot help but complexion changes, then he sneered said : what? by me in the concern, must catch up with me to walk, I did not walk, can you I be what kind of?”

Zhao Hai looked at that Heavenly Sword Sect elder one, sneers said : „you are disturbs? He He, is good, some people think, when Houzi/Monkey, I naturally cannot disappoint his good intent.” The personal appearance moves, vanished in same place. Zhao Hai beforehand speech time, that Heavenly Sword Sect elder fully has been alerting, sees Zhao Hai to vanish, his immediately/on horseback called out one, communicate own Law Idol, was paying attention to all around vigilantly. However at this time, Zhao Hai suddenly appears in the sky of that elder, Zhao Hai has not used Law Idol, but his in hand is taking a long blade, this Great Blade very enormous, sets upright to fear that has dozens meters, a Zhao Hai blade divided in the head of that elder Law Idol. Throws! that Elder Law Idol looks like in soap bubble by an acupuncture is been same, had broken, a Zhao Hai blade wields, cut directly in the head of Heavenly Sword Sect that elder, his blade actually stopped in the head of that Elder, the blade wind blew the chaotic dance the head of that elder with the wind. That elder dull look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought obviously can be such aspect, Zhao Hai look at that elder, coldly snorted said : depends on you, I must kill you, easy as pie, but also serves a need to plan you, but my first regiment does not keep your such person, rolled to say to Jian Wuya that your such thing, my first regiment did not want.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, his in hand long blade vanished, that elder face pale look at Zhao Hai, in the eye full is the hatred. Zhao Hai is actually simply does not care, his look at that long Old Daoist: Go away, was calling my present is happy, is keeping here, I butchered you.” That elder snort|hum, turn around walked, he also knows one remain not to ask, Zhao Hai has not used Law Idol to tidy up him, if moved Law Idol, he can only die is quicker. At this moment, suddenly another Heavenly Sword Sect elder deep voice said : is slow, Zhao Hai, do not go too far, if he withdrew, all of us withdraw, the grandfathers did not accompany you to play.” Zhao Hai goes along the prestige, presently is an age is not very big cultivator, this person of although is also an appearance, the sword that but he carries on the back looks is not every, Zhao Hai saw this person on understand his status, officer second generation, this fellow certainly was the Heavenly Sword Sect that Great Clan person. The meaning of Zhao Hai also understand that fellow, he is to guarantee that expelled fellow. First promotes itself the status in Heavenly Sword Sect these will of the people, two must win over through this matter by that elder who Zhao Hai drives away. However Zhao Hai mouth solution has actually shown a smiling face, deep voice said : „is this your opinions? If his leave, all of you do want leave?” Why that person of although do not understand can also smile in this time Zhao Hai, but he is said : good. If he wants leave, our leave.”

Zhao Hai is sneering said : well, is very good, you get lost, turned head I to look for Jian Wuya to say personally. I to have a look at the explanation that Jian Wuya will give me anything to want.” That Heavenly Sword Sect person has not thought obviously Zhao Hai must drive away them unexpectedly directly, a meaning of admitting defeat does not have, but one hear of Zhao Hai last, he has actually smiled, his look at Zhao Hai sneers said : HaHaHa, making Sect Master give you explain/transfer? Do you wear?” Zhao Hai sneers said : I to wear, Jian Wuya knows. To my first regiment, must obey the custom of my first regiment, does not obey the custom to get the hell out, two days later we must fight a decisive battle with Heavenly Demon army, I to have a look at Jian Wuya to give me an explanation. Did not explain to me, Ok, my Freedom Alliance first regiment withdrawal from combat, your nine Great Sect abilities, oneself go to fight with Heavenly Demon army, the father has not accompanied you to play.” Said that Zhao Hai wields. Great Magical Artifact that all drilled stopped, then Zhao Hai face upwards to cry loud and long, before long the first regiment ** ends the collection. Zhao Hai deep voice said : all people, on our Great Magical Artifact, prepare to retreat at any time.” Meanings of first regiment these person of although not understand Zhao Hai, but nobody asked that anything, on turn around Great Magical Artifact of first regiment, nobody said anything. Then Zhao Hai turns the head look at Heavenly Sword Sect these people. Sneers said : to dare with me to speak the last words? Ok, you get lost now. Told Jian Wuya, I gave him the two hours time, if after two hours, he did not give me a satisfactory answer, my Freedom Alliance first regiment immediately/on horseback withdrawal from combat, returned to Freedom Alliance.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, returned to on Yama Ship, then the whole person entered in the cabin, was not making an appearance. But at this time Heavenly Sword Sect these people had realized finally, they face is not other Sect Sect Master or any small Sect Sect Master, what they face is Zhao Hai, on Zhao Hai is bringing several hundred Immortal Stage Undead Creature level Expert, if the Zhao Hai real withdrawal from combat, their Jian Wuya will not let off their, depending on them, simply is impossible to threaten Zhao Hai, because they do not have that qualifications. Now Heavenly Sword Sect these people in look at each other in dismay, how were really don’t know have handled, that Heavenly Sword Sect elder who before spoke, a complexion paleness, he turned the head to look at other person of one, deep voice said : walked, goes back, I do not believe that Sect Master we will be what kind.” Said that leads the Heavenly Sword Sect all Elders round trip to walk. Jian Wuya and don’t know here lived any matter, he is handling the Heavenly Sword Sect here matter now, Heavenly Sword Sect army in this fight, loses very miserable to be also heavy, if processing not well, the effect on fighting strength is very big. In Jian Wuya , in own Cave Mansion handles these matters, suddenly outside transmits sound speaking sounds: Report, Sect Master, Elder Zheng interview.” Jian Wuya one hear of these words, the brow cannot help but wrinkled, that person of although had not said that who Elder Zheng is, but the sword unparalleled had guessed correctly that this Elder Zheng is, this Elder Zheng, was a Heavenly Sword Sect Zheng Clan talent, young, has actually achieved not Transcends Tribulation Stage, now although is only one did not have what the elder of real power, but the status in Heavenly Sword Sect, will not be definitely low in the future. This Zheng Clan makes him come out, for smelting trial, contributes to some military exploits, after going back, is good to prepare to his Level Up. Must say that the Heavenly Sword Sect present situation is also similar to Black Tiger Group initially, major aristocratic family Lin Li/everywhere, this Sect Master cannot achieve to keep promises, Zheng Clan wants the right and wrong to make this Zheng people work as a real power elder, he also has to agree.

Originally all well, moreover looks like in Jian Wuya, delivers to Zhao Hai in hand this Zheng people, opportunity that he renders meritorious service will be more, because Zhao Hai then wants command(er) Great Magical Artifact, that is the strategic place in front of all people, although has some dangers, opportunity that however renders meritorious service also increases, moreover Jian Wuya does not believe that Zhao Hai really will be what kind of their Heavenly Sword Sect person, if Zhao Hai dares to do, to him, but an advantage not. However now this Zheng people suddenly runs up to his here to come, he had the one type of unlucky premonition, Jian Wuya is very clear, the Zhao Hai that first regiment, inside military discipline, but in all army strictest one, this Zheng people is a supercilious person, won't he offend Zhao Hai? Thinks that here some of his cannot help but headaches, simultaneously his also immediately/on horseback said : asked Elder Zheng to come.” Out of the door has complied with one, then a person pushed the door to walk, finally threatened the Zhao Hai that Heavenly Sword Sect elder, his angry-looking held the fist in the other hand to Jian Wuya, deep voice said : has seen Sect Master, Sect Master, that Zhao Hai went too far, asking Sect Master to uphold the justice for us.” Jian Wuya one hear of Zheng people said that darkly sighed, then deep voice said : „, then people that said that what's the matter? Zhao Hai his What happened? Zheng people angry-looking said the first regiment there fresh matter, naturally must have adds inflammatory details turns, talked into overbearing to be mindless Zhao Hai, to the Heavenly Sword Sect intention illegal dictator, talked into the warrior who him has not feared the might. Jian Wuya is not three -year-old child, he is certainly impossible entirely to believe that the words of Zheng people, although said that he is not with Zhao Hai is a friend, but he to Zhao Hai or have some understanding, he knew about Zheng people, therefore he knows that the words of Zheng people he can only believe six points, the remaining four points basically are the lies. although Jian Wuya also darkly hates Zhao Hai overbearing, but these days he also looked, was because of Zhao Hai overbearing, therefore the custom of first regiment that strict, because the custom of first regiment was strict, therefore fighting strength of first regiment such, Jian Wuya can affirm, even if were Zhao Hai does not use Undead Creature, his command(er) first regiment , can defeat double fully in his other Sect army, this on was the disparity, therefore to the Zhao Hai overbearing procedure, his although hated darkly, actually also knew at this time, this overbearing was must. When Zheng people said the matter, Jian Wuya sighed said : „, then people that you must know that the present is we with the critical moment of day Demon Realm war, if at this time Zhao Hai walked, to us, the influence was very big, therefore these time in any event, has no alternative but to Zhao Hai this face, I to look at this, you transferred the first regiment, other people also returned to the first regiment to take orders, your feel relieved, this enmity, our sooner or later bulletin.” Zheng people are not a fool, he also knows that this time he comes Jian Wuya here to be noisy, will not obtain any result, but he must come, because of so many elder look at he, moreover he does not want to mix in Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, therefore he comes noisily, now the point has achieved, he naturally cannot make, therefore he has not made noise.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }