Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1876

Standing of Zhao Hai calm in there, he knows that this Jian Wuya definitely will endure this tone, because Jian Wuya they need him now, if he is bringing under the hand/subordinate leave, by nine Great Sect strengths, absolutely possibly is not the Heavenly Demon Race match, because he has looked like nine Great Sect people to demonstrate his formidable command(er) ability. However Zhao Hai also knows that more is such nine Great Sect more will not let off him, his strength is stronger, the threat to nine Great Sect is bigger, therefore after had repelled Heavenly Demon Race, nine Great Sect will immediately certainly tidy up him, this point Zhao Hai can affirm, but Zhao Hai is also waiting for the coming of that time. Really, before long Heavenly Sword Sect these elders returned to first regiment here, Zhao Hai actually have not taken the lead in presently that the elder who causes trouble, does not have presently Zheng people. On these Heavenly Sword Sect long shameless although are also bringing angry look, but has to endure, when these people look to arrive when Zhao Hai on Yama Ship, hatred flashes in their eyes does not have, then a Heavenly Sword Sect elder has arrived around Zhao Hai, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, below Heavenly Sword Sect Outer Sect elder, this time is to present the life of Gang Master, takes orders Master Yu, please mister feel relieved, we in the first regiment in this period, all motions let us can obey the mister words, is mister dies by us, we will not wrinkle an under brow, other, Sect Master Let me tell mister, the person who before took the lead in causing trouble, had been removed from the post of elder, but Zheng , then the people elder was also adjusted return to Sect, does not know that mister can also satisfy to such handling?” Zhao Hai look at, he can feel clearly from coming out the intermittent hostility. However Zhao Hai has not cared, he shows a faint smile said : well, I am very satisfied, now we can start to practice.” Said Zhao Hai in time release these Undead Creature. Let these Undead Creature go to familiar Great Magical Artifact, but he is leading the Heavenly Sword Sect elder, entered in the Yama Ship meeting hall. After waiting for all people to sit down, Zhao Hai look at they, deep voice said : your Heavenly Sword Sect all elders, can increase their flying sword, regard Great Magical Artifact to use, but said a strength. If spells really hardly, your flying sword may not put together Great Magical Artifact, because your flying sword is a person is operating after all, uses is also your Spiritual Qi. although your flying sword do regarding the Spiritual Qi increasing spoke with very obvious, but if the time grew, your flying sword do not consume overroasting Crystal Stone Great Magical Artifact.” Heavenly Sword Sect these elders have not made noise, these that Zhao Hai said are very ordinary matters, the entire Cultivation World people know Heavenly Sword Sect elder flying sword the characteristics. That is the durability, because increases after flying sword, flying sword cannot use to others, does not need to burn Crystal Stone. Therefore undertakes the consumption of entire Great Magical Artifact on a equivalent to person, that feared that has achieved Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator. Also is very difficult to be long-time maintains the flying sword combat capability, after all Spiritual Qi of person is limited. Zhao Hai looked that they do not make noise. Then said : „, but you have the merit, that is flexible, is quick, compared with other Great Magical Artifact, your Great Magical Artifact is quicker, flexible, this is you biggest merit, I will arrange you am one team, letting you your merits complete wields.”

Heavenly Sword Sect these elders somewhat changed countenance, that before Zhao Hai said feared that was makes them die, they cannot the hesitant words, making these elder hearts of Heavenly Sword Sect live dislike, they think that Zhao Hai will make them bring death, now Zhao Hai said that must arrange them is one team, that was Zhao Hai really do not make them bring death, this made the Heavenly Sword Sect these elder feel the accident. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : to think that I will make you bring death really? That is impossible, if I have done, that isn't equal to is helping Heavenly Demon Race? Good, now listened to me saying that tomorrow I can command(er) all Great Magical Artifact clash with Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact attack, the Great Magical Artifact attack, you should know that what appearance that can be, when I and Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact attack, you did not want make a move, without my order, your anybody did not permit, even if were Jian Wuya orders you, you did not permit, even if were all our Great Magical Artifact is ruined, you didn't permit to move, listen to understand?” These Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator cannot help but look at each other in dismay, their understand Zhao Hai this saying is not any meaning, Zhao Hai look at their said : and other order, when our Great Magical Artifact and Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact spells mutually wounded, you will send out, your target are not Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact, but is the Heavenly Demon Race person, you are responsible for attacking Heavenly Demon Race army this, clashes a gap to me Heavenly Demon Race army, when the time comes our Cultivation World army press on can seize the opportunity on, routs Heavenly Demon army at one fell swoop.” understand, these Heavenly Sword Sect person understand, the plan of Zhao Hai said that is not really complex, in fact after a today's day of fight, Cultivation World cultivator also present, in this plants in the battlefield that hundred million rip to kill, too complex tactical simply useless thing, even if in complex tactic, always needs the person to go to the value line, the person are more, the ability of execution on is the difference, therefore at the war, the tactic certain is simply is better. Now Heavenly Sword Sect these elders presently Zhao Hai really want to defeat Heavenly Demon Race, does not want to weaken nine Great Sect strengths with the hand of Heavenly Demon Race, they cannot help but somewhat before oneself the matter that handles feels to blush. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, know that they in thinking anything, he showed a faint smile said : to be good, do not think that many, everybody, you were the same Sect come out, coordination should very good, but you must remember, what this time you must face was Heavenly Demon Race, what you must do was clashes Great Formation of enemy side for entire Cultivation World army, your duty were very heavy, now I can only teach you one type of very simple Charging Formation, later you under practicing one, under you listened well, this Battle Formation name was called arrow......” Arrow is the one type of very ordinary attack lineup, but wants to wield to a big way this lineup Might, is actually not anybody can achieve, arrow most major characteristics are, lineup like arrow, offensive like arrow, but the characteristics of arrow be only, one does not turn head. Does not draw the turning head arrow, the arrow is used for attack, the shoot out arrow must kill people, therefore the arrow most has aggressiveness weapon, but arrow also most has aggressiveness Battle Formation.

Heavenly Sword Sect these elders are sword cultivator, the sword cultivator attack strength in all cultivator, is strongest, therefore Zhao Hai makes these elders study arrow. In Cultivation World here, the people are willing to believe all kinds of formation, even if in fight, can arrange becomes some formation and enemies fights, some Great Sect have special makes formation that cultivator coordinates to use, Heavenly Sword Sect have such formation. Such formation is very formidable, but this formation is more suitable for the rivers and lakes battle, is actually not applicable to army making the war, because coordinates extremely in complex, moreover these formation impulse are not strong, therefore Zhao Hai has to take now arrow this very simple Battle Formation, teaches these Heavenly Sword Sect elders. Arrow not very complex, but also needs to coordinate, each every link cuts cannot make a mistake, if has made a mistake, looks like a poor arrow is the same, the poor arrow cannot hit a target target. Zhao Hai very detailed spoke arrow attack style to Heavenly Sword Sect these elders, thing when with coordinates to pay attention, Heavenly Sword Sect these length Old Ten minutes earnest is listening, they have to recognize, this they not see Battle Formation, real very suitable battlefield rush. Spoke later Zhao Hai to lead Heavenly Sword Sect these elders to come out from Encampment, finds a very spacious place to start to train, was mainly trained Heavenly Sword coordination between these elders, must make them adapt to arrow all sorts of changes. Arrow although very simple, but coordinates also not very easily, moreover a little very heavy wants, that is arrow is also one type of very dangerous Formation, arrow must have the arrow to be sharp, but this arrow sharp is actually in entire arrow most dangerous existence, others attack the attack arrow will be certainly sharp first, therefore arrow in the coordination, the arrow sharp this position, will prepare several people, one, but acted as the sword tip person to be killed or left the words of any accident, that other person on used the quickest degree to make up a that position, this was. The test person coordinates. Heavenly Sword Sect these elder although stem from one Sect, but the together coordination makes opportunity that fights is not many, is good is close because of their Cultivation Method, has experienced the several times war, some tacit understanding, underwent some time training, finally can use arrow decent.

Two days of are very short, is good fights because of previous both sides mutually has the damage, the 2 Realms people are licking wound, therefore the two days time arrived on the other hand is very peaceful. After two days of trainings, Undead Creature was very flexible regarding the operations of these Great Magical Artifact, was having Lizzy in addition their command(er), Zhao Hai believes that these Undead Creature can certainly make Heavenly Demon Race these Heavenly Demon be surprised. Heavenly Sword Sect these elders who naturally Zhao Hai pays attention, Great Magical Artifact to the war, looks like in Zhao Hai, looks like two Infantry square-shaped formation in the hedge, spells is fighting strength of operations as well as both sides of Great Magical Artifact. But Heavenly Sword Sect these elders, Zhao Hai give their localization are actually Cavalry, they send out, must like Cavalry, shatter the lineup of opposite party at one fell swoop, lets then in the division match, decides important existence of war direction. Two days later, Cultivation World army builds up, Zhao Hai has not planned to cover-up, he has put in front of all Great Magical Artifact Great Formation, he has not made the Great Magical Artifact platoon become Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, because of simply that necessity, in adding on the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation impulse is not strong, is used to defend good, is used to attack is not good, therefore Zhao Hai with Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, he has not been placed Great Magical Artifact before Cultivation World army, by the Heavenly Demon Race person understood at a glance why he wants, after Zhao Hai the Great Magical Artifact prepare, Heavenly Demon Race there has also made the adjustment, they also adjusted all Great Magical Artifact . Before Great Formation, both sides both understand, the Great Magical Artifact hedge is today's subject.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }