Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1877

The Heavenly Demon Commander look at opposite Cultivation World army lineup, sneering said : „the plan of ten groups of army is not cannot help but good, changed to Great Magical Artifact to attack, he he, naive that you think really Great Magical Artifact was useful?” Has stood in Heavenly Demon Commander nearby Moli Ke deep voice said : Sir Commander, we must be careful to well, although said that the Great Magical Artifact impact is not the extraordinary matter, but I heard now command(er) Great Magical Artifact is actually Zhao Hai, not only Zhao Hai this person commanding a war has one, his command(er) Great Magical Artifact method formidable, before our Great Magical Artifact and Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact to time, has not occupied has been to points cheap, can say that his command(er) Great Magical Artifact makes the ability that fights, makes the ability that fights to be stronger than the command(er) army.” Heavenly Demon Commander one hear of Moli Ke said that cannot help but knit the brows said : „saying that this Zhao Hai is threatens the biggest person to our Heavenly Demon Race, do you have to think falls to the type this Zhao Hai directly?” Moli Ke forced smile said : has thought that is useless, this Zhao Hai strength very formidable, he had not revealed before own Undead Creature time, has no less than Immortal Stage Expert fighting strength, moreover his also very good at group war, even if by many elder time Expert attack, he can also calm manipulation, what most important is, he or Space Divergent Warlock , hits runs, everyone takes him not to have the means.” The brow of Heavenly Demon Commander wrinkles was tighter, his then can said : remove him through the hands of Cultivation World these people?” Moli Ke nodded said : to think. Freedom Alliance and contradictions between Cultivation World that nine Great Sect in fact Zhao Hai is are very deep. Nine Great Sect want to remove Zhao Hai, but had not actually succeeded, now nine Great Sect and Freedom Alliance alliance got up, must cope with Zhao Hai difficulty.” Heavenly Demon Commander frowns, look at opposite Cultivation World army, deep voice said : I felt that this Zhao Hai can be a trouble, but I believe that our Heavenly Demon clan will certainly gain the final victory, I do not believe that a person can change direction of war.” Was saying, the Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact army started to charge. Without any hua move, Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact straight overran toward the Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact regiment. The Heavenly Demon army Great Magical Artifact regiment naturally also refuses to admit being inferior, has dispersed attack to the Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact regiment, the Great Magical Artifact distance proximity of both sides fast. Before long has hit together on with a bang sound. Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, Yama Ship has not participated in attack, because on his Yama Ship besides Zhao Hai, 500 Heavenly Sword Sect elders, these people stands in Zhao Hai, fight of look at opposite party Great Magical Artifact. To be honest is these experienced cultivator, when sees Great Magical Artifact to clash, will feel that shock, feels burning with passion, because that scene was really too magnificent. Zhao Hai looked at a while. Wrinkled the brow lightly, Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact quantity the Zhao Hai imagination are more, Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact has Lizzy their command(er), has not fought any small advantage, Zhao Hai knows one must begin.

He turns the head to Heavenly Sword Sect these length Old Daoist: I help, you keep here, has remembered, without my order, no matter anybody orders you to attack is not good, that feared that is Immortal Stage Expert. That feared that is Jian Wuya.” These Heavenly Sword Sect elders very admire to Zhao Hai now, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that all person simultaneously has complied with one. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, these Heavenly Sword Sect elders from Yama Ship, but Zhao Hai actually harnesses Yama Ship to proceed to flush away. in addition that simultaneously Yama Ship also keeping, looks like wild horse that an area ran away. Overran toward the Heavenly Demon army Great Magical Artifact regiment. Boom! Yama Ship hit on Great Magical Artifact, that Heavenly Demon Race, looked like a little Great Magical Artifact like evil dragon, was hit the head by Yama Ship directly, fell toward below, Yama Ship has not actually stayed, directly soars next target. Dogfight of Great Magical Artifact of both sides before Great Formation of both sides, naturally also has brought continuous to the attention of both sides, the attention of all people have placed on these Great Magical Artifact, Cultivation World here cultivator naturally is anxious extremely, because their present military strength itself are less than the opposite party, if Great Magical Artifact were defeating, they lost. Now Great Magical Artifact of both sides in front dogfight, but Jian Wuya they actually frown to sit in there, Jian Wuya and Jiao Hualong their nine Great Sect Sect Master sit in Great Magical Artifact is paying attention to the change in battlefield, but now several people of complexion are not quite attractive. Some little time Jian Wuya deep voice said : this Zhao Hai what's the matter? Why has not seen our Heavenly Sword Sect person make a move, in the words this way, feared that was our entire Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact must lose up.” Jiao Hualong turned the head, deep voice did said : see? Your Heavenly Sword Sect these elders also stayed in behind, Zhao Hai arrive have rushed, didn't they listen to order?” Zhao Hai and Heavenly Sword Sect long hero are contradictory, finally to draw back the fight to threaten the Heavenly Sword Sect matter, other Sect also knew, therefore Jiao Hualong such will ask. Jian Wuya shook the head said : not to be impossible, I said to them, must listen to the order of Zhao Hai, that feared that is Zhao Hai makes them die, they must go, if not listen to the order, punishes according to the guild regulations, definitely is not their matters, is not good, I must ask what's the matter.” Said that Jian Wuya puts out signalling jade sword to let out. Before long a signalling jade sword flew returned to Jian Wuya in hand, after Jian Wuya looked at the content in jade sword, complexion somewhat cannot help but ugly.

Other people look at Jian Wuya complexion, cannot help but stares, Jiao Hualong puzzled said : „is What happened? Zhao Hai makes them remain?” Jian Wuya nodded said : is, said that is Zhao Hai makes them remain, the preparation strikes finally, the bastard, at this time, had not made them send out, waited to fire off has let on them?” do not blame Jian Wuya such worries, now Great Magical Artifact of both sides has damaged more than half, can say that such is spelling, the Great Magical Artifact regiment of both sides feared that must be annihilated, but Zhao Hai a meaning of simply retreat, still command(er) Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact hardly has not been spelling with the opposite party now, now the Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact quantity insufficient original half, remaining more than 700 have only been able to fight, but the day Demon Realm there situation is better, now also remaining more than 1000 can fight. This did not mean that the Zhao Hai command(er) ability is not good, if in fact is not Zhao Hai command(er) ability very formidable, feared that was the present Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact regiment has been annihilated, Great Magical Artifact quantity enough about 3000 that because day Demon Realm set out most from the beginning, but Cultivation World only then 2000, have differed about 1000. The fight is still continuing, Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact is still reducing, but a meaning of Zhao Hai still retreat does not have, fight! Fight! Continues to fight! If the person controls these Great Magical Artifact, feared that was already is frightened retreat now, however was a pity, now operates Cultivation World Magical Artifact was not the person, but was these Undead Creature, their don’t know what was the fear. But day Demon Realm these Heavenly Demon are also is clenching teeth to insist now, if not Heavenly Demon Race itself compared with cultivator combative, they feared that was also retreat, but they actually cannot, they make Fire Qi now, killed red the eye, in their eyes remaining opposite party Magical Artifact, has only sunk opposite party Great Magical Artifact, was their sole point. army of both sides by this frigid incomparable Great Magical Artifact to the war shocking, them has not thought that Great Magical Artifact to the war, can frigidly to this degree, this was too scary. Jian Wuya actually felt own one minute could not wait, look at one's own side the reduction of Great Magical Artifact each and every one, he thought that if in did not make their these elders send out at this time, they lost, therefore Jian Wuya immediately has put out a signalling jade sword, has issued an order to Heavenly Sword Sect these elders, making their immediately/on horseback attack. However after this jade sword release goes, was quick he to receive the reply, saw the letter, a complexion cannot help but paleness of Jian Wuya, cursed angrily said : this bastard, he wanted to do, did he want to lose this war?” Jiao Hualong puzzled look at Jian Wuya said : „did What happened? have an accident?” Jian Wuya turned the head to look at Jiao Hualong one, deep voice said : said that Death Command of Zhao Hai in entering the war under to them, let them before has not been under the order to attack of Zhao Hai, does not permit the attack, even if were I orders to them is not good.”

The Jiao Hualong knitting the brows head, deep voice said : perhaps Zhao Hai has other plan, ok, our look at and that's the end, I looked that Zhao Hai does not want to lose this war, then does not have any advantage to him.” Does not wait for Jian Wuya to speak, listens to Abbot Numu said : „, but you have a look at the present situation, Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact had been in the upper hand, it will not take long our Great Magical Artifact regiments must be defeated, if we do not have Great Magical Artifact to support, but also with the Heavenly Demon Race fight, if Zhao Hai lets Heavenly Sword Sect elder make a move now, we will win, will have many Great Magical Artifact to cope with the opposite party, such we have won, Jiao Hualong, I presently your nearest/recent is always Zhao Hai speaks, do you actually think? Do not forget, Freedom Alliance has the big enmity with your Ten Thousand Monster Sect.” Jiao Hualong horizontal Abbot Numu, coldly snorted said : what manner I have used to him, you cannot manage, no matter you do want, you must recognize, Zhao Hai in commanding a war this aspect, want much stronger compared with you and I, before Heavenly Demon Race had not been repelled, I believe Zhao Hai, supports him, because only then he has that ability within the shortest time to give to repel Heavenly Demon Race, is conversion you, you?” Jian Wuya coldly snorted said : was good, do not quarrel, at this time also quarrelled these to be useful, look at, I to have a look at Zhao Hai actually to do.” They spoke, both sides the war of Great Magical Artifact also arrived at the tail to live, did not need to think, the Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact regiment was annihilated, but Heavenly Demon Race also very arrived at that to go, only remaining more than 100 also active Great Magical Artifact, moreover is wounded, fighting strength insufficient original six layers. The war of this soul-stirring Great Magical Artifact, arrived at the last act, the genuine war actually just started. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }