Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1878

Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, now Yama Ship was also tattered, looks like complete cannot move, but this commends certainly, so long as Zhao Hai wants, Yama Ship at any time can restore, but Zhao Hai such has not done, but waves, the Yama Ship body, then the personal appearance moved, returned to the front of Heavenly Sword Sect these elders, then his hand proceeded to wield, deep voice said : attack, has remembered, proceeded to clash fully, your Great Sword do not have any moving to do, looked like Great Magical Artifact is the same, proceeded to clash by all means that how many you were not must by killing artificial point, you were must. Clashes chaotically the lineup of opposite party, now, Charge! Heavenly Sword Sect these elders, nodded, the personal appearance goes toward the forward flight, before Zhao Hai, has set the plan to them, they must continuously toward the forward flight, to day Demon Realm army outside time, can reveal flying sword to come, then toward the forward flight, reckless proceeding clashes. Looked that Heavenly Sword Sect these elders came up, Zhao Hai has then put out Jian Wuya to his communication device, deep voice said : they already, all people are ready, waits for they to have attack, immediately attacks, Zhao Hai!” Uses this communication device to explain that own status, after all this is only writing communication device, if you did not explain that own status, is very difficult to know that who is speaking. Jian Wuya they noticed that this information stares, but looks at the situation in appearance, meaning of their also understand Zhao Hai, Jian Wuya their moods also good many, they were only have not thought before, Zhao Hai can day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact receiving this degree unexpectedly. This stems from their anticipation. However Jian Wuya they not. immediately went to the set person, so long as their there began, their also immediately began. The both sides Great Formation distance is not very far, they went to the distance day Demon Realm army not far place before long, now day Demon Realm army is pressing slowly, it seems like also prepared to carry on the decisive battle with Cultivation World, only pitied their don’t know Zhao Hai also to have the subsequent party to wait for them. Looked at the distance to be similar, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Begins.” Said that he proceeds to wield, his back Great Sword one on appears in his under foot, Great Sword against the wind is then long. Before long becomes like Great Magical Artifact was big, then his command(er) Great Sword is killing toward Heavenly Demon Race army. Heavenly Demon army also present their sounds, they is a person, is somewhat flurried. After all one's own side did not have Great Magical Artifact to prevent the opposite party, if makes the opposite party such clash, that really troubled. Heavenly Demon Commander also saw this situation, his complexion cannot help but changes, immediately/on horseback said : quick, Immortal Stage Expert make a move, blocks to me Heavenly Sword Sect these bastards.” Along with his sound, on day Demon Realm these Immortal Stage day Demon Horse on make a move, direct they have attacked, but these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon just make a move presently some people were waiting for them. Hu Dawei they. Zhao Hai had already thought that Heavenly Demon Race will send inborn time Expert to cope with they, after they flying sword increases, the attack strength is very strong, is however unendurable, because they are Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, after although Magical Artifact increases, general Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator cannot block they, but Immortal Stage Expert, Immortal Stage Expert was higher than Transcends Tribulation Stage level. The level disparity is very obvious, if they really by Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert blocking, them also ended. When they have attack, Zhao Hai they have given to send Hu Dawei, for is protects they. Let they not be blocked by Immortal Stage Expert, such they can wield the maximum attack strength.

But at this time they have crashed in Heavenly Demon army Great Formation. Heavenly Demon in Heavenly Demon army also is not Transcends Tribulation Stage is Nascent Soul Stage Heavenly Demon, their majority of Gold Core Stage even is the army that Heavenly Demon of Law Idol time composes, by such army, is naturally impossible to block Great Magical Artifact attack. They like are hot blade cut the butter, directly Heavenly Demon army army cutting, moreover they forward, probably a resistance is different. At this time Jian Wuya they also responded, immediately/on horseback command(er) army overran, dashes to that by the gap that they cut, Cultivator big army continuous emerged that gap, increasing that gap kept , the Heavenly Demon army lineup to thorough ripping open. Heavenly Demon army these was somewhat flurried, they have not thought this situation, among their Great Formation unexpectedly in the blink of an eye by the opposite party breaking through, this was too scary. The balance of victory started this to incline toward Cultivation World, the aspect in Heavenly Demon Commander complexion pale look at battlefield, he has not thought that can be this, varied some little time Heavenly Demon Commander to turn the head to Moli Ke said : Moli Ke, left side you went, since Cultivation World Great Formation of my person separating, us simply has divided into two, left army give you came command(er), right army gave me to come command(er), we drew back toward behind, stabilized the aspect, then at 200 converging attack.” Moli Ke does not have other means now, can only, be like this good because of this is the gigantic shape battlefield that the millions and millions person fights, Heavenly Demon army besides the ripped open that gap, the following person has not received attack, so long as reorganization well, should be able to stabilize stays in a brothel overnight the surface. Day Demon Realm the changes is very essential, but has been paying attention to battlefield situation Lizzy their immediately present the day of Demon Realm procedure, and told Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai one hear of Lizzy said that cannot help but stares, then his quickly said: You meant that Heavenly Demon Race started changes, turned into two from Great Formation, moreover preparation converging attack we?” Lizzy nodded said : right, they started now change, Elder Brother Hai, what to do do you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that deep voice said : sets out Undead Creature army, constrains their army at the same time, other side making Jian Wuya they cope.” Said that was saying Zhao Hai while has put out communication device, Heavenly Demon army of immediately said : in communication device changed. Is turned into two by Great Formation. The left army is responsible for constraining by me, right army, you must solve as soon as possible, Zhao Hai!” Said, Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in his side, have pressed toward the left army, this Zhao Hai to is not Moli Ke, but is army that Heavenly Demon Commander leads. Position that Zhao Hai is, with Heavenly Demon Commander is face-to-face, therefore the Heavenly Demon Commander left side naturally is the Zhao Hai right. Zhao Hai on such with Heavenly Demon Commander to. Jian Wuya they also saw the message of Zhao Hai, after they see the message, paid attention to situation in the battlefield, the situation in battlefield really like Zhao Hai said. Heavenly Demon army has been divided into two teams, moreover is stabilizing the lineup.

Jian Wuya they cannot help but sighed Zhao Hai regarding sensitive degree of Battle Formation change, but simultaneously they also felt some fears, Zhao Hai regarding fighting opportunity assurance such, if later with him to, that could also really have? Thinks of here, Jian Wuya they were firmer, must as soon as possible except the determination of Zhao Hai. However now they also think, their also immediately before Zhao Hai said that near their right hand Heavenly Demon army have attacked directly. But Zhao Hai is getting his Undead Creature regiment, near direct left hand Heavenly Demon army has attacked, simultaneously Zhao Hai ordered, to let complete duty they to rest, then coordinated Jian Wuya they to move. They just almost Heavenly Demon army holding to putting on, although looks like very happy, but consumes similarly also very enormous, they soon have not managed to maintain the flying sword Great Magical Artifact shape, good Heavenly Demon army has also separated, their duty were also completes. After receiving the order of Zhao Hai. They relaxed finally, then simultaneously changed flying sword is small, draws back returned to Cultivator in behind, immediately has put out restored Spiritual Qi medicine pill to eat. But Zhao Hai now was actually already with army that Heavenly Demon Commander led to, Heavenly Demon Commander is attacking Cultivation World army in command(er) army. However actually suddenly present, own match turned into Undead Creature. Blots out the sky, has many innumerably Undead Creature. Sees this aspect, Heavenly Demon Commander immediately knows that who his match was, certainly was Zhao Hai, thought of here, the eye of Heavenly Demon Commander cannot help but redder, originally was the red eye, now is red soon dropped bleeding to come, he waved said : attack, attack, gave me to tear into shreds these damn Undead Creature fully, I must catch my front Zhao Hai, pulled out his soul, let his experiencing suffering demon fire the suffering!” Along with his order, these Heavenly Demon army also overran toward Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, many Heavenly Demon with Heavenly Demon Commander are the same ideas, they hate Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai destroyed all, if not Zhao Hai, they possibly are not now this aspect. These Heavenly Demon Race people have also battled with Zhao Hai, their very clear, Zhao Hai Undead Creature fighting strength is not very strong, fights strength strong Undead Creature not to be many, Undead Creature mostly comes attack by the spear|gun and artillery they, so long as they can rush to the opposite party , the spear|gun and artillery of that opposite party cannot wield to do to use, when the time comes they can defeat Zhao Hai Heavenly Demon army. Therefore these Heavenly Demon Race people, each and every one clashes fast, but this time they have actually thought mistakenly, Undead Creature army that Zhao Hai these time sends, strength, but very formidable, Heavenly Demon Race army wants to come near body war with Undead Creature army, just and Zhao Hai regard. Under Lizzy their command(er), Undead Creature army has exhibited several Rubik's Cube Great Formation, welcomed toward Heavenly Demon army, but Zhao Hai brings the first regiment to observe in behind now. Undead Creature army and Heavenly Demon army contacted quickly, in a contact Heavenly Demon Race these Heavenly Demon presently these Undead Creature army differences, these Undead Creature army although will not use Law Idol, however the each and every one strength was actually very formidable, moreover these Undead Creature coordination, have gone to the reach a high degree of proficiency situation, simply was not they can block. What most important is, the changes of these Undead Creature army Battle Formation, making Heavenly Demon army come up to eat have slightly owed, these Undead Creature Battle Formation change very fast, moreover went forward or retreated depending upon circumstances, the complete non- mark may seek, Heavenly Demon Race Heavenly Demon presently probably have fallen into the moth in spider web, no matter how struggled, did not have a point use, they more will still be entangled by the spider's silk are tighter, finally was eaten by the spider. Heavenly Demon Commander complexion also changed, he has not thought that Zhao Hai Undead Creature fighting strength so will be unexpectedly strong, look at keeps fluctuates lineup Undead Creature army, Heavenly Demon Commander is knowing finally that before Zhao Hai had not moved the straight standard with them, must otherwise they fear that already was finished.

When angry, his also raised at heart the one type of dilutedness, is having also a fear, he has to face a fact now, that does not have their this invasions, feared that must be defeated, moreover defeated in a hand of person. It is not willingly, Heavenly Demon Commander is really not willingly, this invasion they are all were very smooth, they have pressed Cultivation World nine Great Sect to hit, however the final result is actually this, how this lets him to be resigned. However is not willingly does not have the means that the fact to be placed in there, now Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, the quantity are more than them, fighting strength compared with them, the Undead Creature first armed forces changes the Illusion Formation shape, can lead the life person of large quantities of Heavenly Demon Race day clan, battles in the armed forces with Undead Creature now, two hours, but their losses, already several million, moreover Undead Creature army complete being in the upper hand, even started to carry on to encircle to them. Heavenly Demon Commander knew cannot this way, if this way, they were really ending, he must be Heavenly Demon Race preserves strength/Origin Qi, otherwise was they draws back returned to Heavenly Demon Race, feared that could not escape chasing down of Cultivation World. Heavenly Demon Race can break the Space barrier, kills Cultivation World to come, can't Cultivation World break the Space barrier to kill Heavenly Demon Race to go? Ok, Cultivation World, but beforehand Cultivation World is contradictory layer on layer, therefore has not killed day Demon Realm to go, if this time they lose are too many, that Cultivation World might the type go to day Demon Realm very much, when the time comes Heavenly Demon Race will face was the danger of perishing clan genocide. Thought of here, Heavenly Demon Commander somewhat cannot do, he has stood, deep voice said : order, making Moli Ke close up to our here as soon as possible, simultaneously let assign him to send out the army defended Space passage, after both armies convergence, we draw back great power Demon Realm to go.” His naturally some people transmitted orders, that Heavenly Demon that however transmitted orders is actually a grief and indignation of face, his look at Heavenly Demon Commander said : Commander army, we have not defeated, we will win.” Heavenly Demon Commander deep voice said : transmitted orders, we such were putting together already not any significance, if we lost are too heavy, Cultivation World these fellows will not let off our, moreover do not forget, Zhao Hai was Space Divergent Warlock , outside he can rush to Heavenly Demon Race to cope with us, we throw the military strength that all can fight in here, when the time comes our Heavenly Demon clan what to do? Turns into one in Zhao Hai Undead Creature army? Transmitted orders, retreats!”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }