Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1879

Jian Wuya their don’t know Zhao Hai there has hit how, now what in fact they face has with Zhao Hai has fought repeatedly Moli Ke of experience, number of times that because Moli Ke fights with Zhao Hai were many, command(er) the rise of ability also straight line, his command(er) is Heavenly Demon Race Elite, to Jian Wuya they, naturally is a point owes not to eat, the although population are few, but Jian Wuya still takes Moli Ke not to have the means. At this moment Moli Ke received the Heavenly Demon Commander order, Moli Ke also knows that Heavenly Demon Commander had certainly suffered a loss to Zhao Hai, he also knows that the choice of Heavenly Demon Commander was most correct, therefore his immediately command(er) Heavenly Demon army has been depending toward Heavenly Demon Commander there. Jian Wuya their although don’t know Zhao Hai there hits how, but they actually present Heavenly Demon army trend, their opposite Heavenly Demon army insane same attacks to them, their army unexpectedly one by Heavenly Demon Race breaking through. Zhao Hai although gets the first regiment to stand in Undead Creature army behind, but has actually been paying attention to Jian Wuya their there, he has not thought really that Jian Wuya their waste to this degree, linked 50% Heavenly Demon army not to tidy up unexpectedly unexpectedly. However Zhao Hai also from the Heavenly Demon army trend present some issues, he presently Heavenly Demon army probably must retreat, he has not thought must keep here Heavenly Demon Race, that will only expose his strength, does not need to do, therefore Zhao Hai has not returned to the strong attack, but was Undead Creature army attack has slowed down. This has happen to given Heavenly Demon army opportunity, Moli Ke command(er) Heavenly Demon army. Converged with Heavenly Demon Commander army directly, then Heavenly Demon army slowly draws back. But at this time Zhao Hai actually received majority of Undead Creature, especially these strength formidable Undead Creature, then with Jian Wuya their together. About soldier one, pursues Heavenly Demon Race army. However Heavenly Demon army although in retreat, but actually draws back but is not chaotic, opportunity to Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai they have not pursued, the pursuit to Space passage there, Heavenly Demon army has drawn back returned to day Demon Realm from Space passage, then sends for defending Space passage there. Has repelled Jian Wuya their several times attack. Jian Wuya they looked at have hit returned to Heavenly Demon Race in day of Demon Realm, that vigor also has dispersed at heart, attack being incapable, Heavenly Demon army has defended Space passage with ease. Then was calling the Cultivation World army retreat recuperation time, simply Space passage sealing up. Not only Ten Thousand Monster Sect here Space passage, Heavenly Demon Race invades day Demon Realm most from the beginning time, the Space passage quantity has several, Heavenly Demon Race returned to day Demon Realm. immediately gave to seal up all Space passage, moreover removed blocking of bottom, wanted to probably open these Space passage, did not compare breaks Space barrier easy many directly. What most important is. The Space barrier has self-recovery ability, before Heavenly Demon Race in Space passage there arrange formation. Let the Space barrier not have means self-recovery, now they remove that formation. In Space passage one, the Space barrier slowly can restore automatically on.

But saw this situation, Jian Wuya immediately convened the people, naturally also included Zhao Hai, all people arrived at Heavenly Sword Sect army Encampment. To Encampment temporary Cave Mansion , after Jian Wuya has let all people sit down, being all smiles said : everybody, these time with Heavenly Demon army to the war, we have obtained win, caught up with returned to day of Demon Realm to go Heavenly Demon Race, this regarding our Cultivation World, was the important matter, was the celebration, today looks for everyone/Great Clan is tells everyone/Great Clan, today, everyone/Great Clan can returned to own Sect.” These small Sect Sect Master naturally are happy extremely, Heavenly Demon army does not draw back, they must keep here, although keeps here to deal with the Heavenly Demon Race person, but they keep here, actually throughout is under others' leadership, that feeling is poor. Jian Wuya looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : with according to our beforehand agreements, after Heavenly Demon army has drawn back, various alliances must dismiss automatically, I hope that everyone/Great Clan can honor this agreement.” These were saying in happy small Sect Sect Master one hear of Jian Wuya that has gawked, then all people changed Zhao Hai the vision, because of them presently, Jian Wuya this saying to Zhao Hai, goes to Freedom Alliance obviously. Reason that Freedom Alliance now can treat as an equal with nine Great Sect, because of their alliance, has composed Freedom Alliance, if Freedom Alliance dismisses, their strengths dispersed, they naturally did not have the qualifications to treat as an equal with nine Great Sect. Zhao Hai sits in there has not spoken, probably is simply has not heard the Jian Wuya words to be the same, the Jian Wuya look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but two eyes narrows said : Mr. Zhao Hai, your was Freedom Alliance must dismiss according to the beforehand agreement?” Difficult! This is seize the opportunity is difficult! All person understand, today this time meeting, had feared that opens for Zhao Hai, nine Great Sect must approach Freedom Alliance to be difficult. Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya one, sneers said : agreement? What agrees? Our Freedom Alliance may not have to participate in the agreements of nine Great Sect, no matter what nine Great Sect came what tube to my head?” Jian Wuya one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion sank said : to say Freedom Alliance didn't plan to dismiss? That has violated the agreement, if violates the agreement, do not blame us for being rude.”

Does the Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya appearance, cannot help but laugh said : impolite? Your can impolite be what kind of? Jian Wuya, have not installed in there, when Heavenly Demon Race had not been expelled, nine Great Sect started the secret assembling army, built up toward our Freedom Alliance there, even also has many Immortal Stage Expert, you, when our Freedom Alliance what also don’t know? Jian Wuya, you were really too naive.” Jian Wuya one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, his then coldly snorted said : you know that can be what kind, depending on the person of your alliance, can block our nine Great Sect army? Freedom Alliance strongest fighting strength is not others, but is your Zhao Hai, but now your Zhao Hai also in here, but our army started to attack to Freedom Alliance, you want to rescue also without enough time.” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : to rescue? Why do I want to rescue? Jian Wuya, I said you to be naive, you also are really naive, I already think that your nine Great Sect will come this, when my leave, Freedom Alliance there had already completed the arrangement, nine Great Sect Main Force do army still in here, how many you send to attack the Freedom Alliance army to be able now to have? But our Freedom Alliance, only then can the first regiment 5 million people in here, how many army Freedom Alliance there set out? You feared that hasn't calculated? Right, you have Immortal Stage Expert, but doesn't Freedom Alliance have? Do not forget, our Freedom Alliance original these Immortal Stage Expert, may not come with me, they still assume personal command in Freedom Alliance there now, moreover I do not fear to tell you, I also kept some Immortal Stage Undead Creature in Freedom Alliance there, depends on the army that you send to tidy up Freedom Alliance? Do not have a dream, who tidies up who is uncertain.” Jian Wuya complexion is pale, he presently this issue now one hear of Zhao Hai had not said before really that he also really felt somewhat lacks self-confidence at heart. At this time Abbot Numu look at Zhao Hai, how sneered said : is your Freedom Alliance can block our army to be able, so long as today keeps here you, we were wielding the armed forces to attack Freedom Alliance, what did they also take to keep off? Your Zhao Hai is the Freedom Alliance biggest dependence, removed you, tidies up Freedom Alliance to be easy as pie.” Zhao Hai look at Abbot Numu does said : remove me? Do you have confidence to remove me?” Jian Wuya sneers said : to remove you, we have abandoned not the small thoughts, I know that you are Space Divergent Warlock , to fear you uses Space Divergent Technique to escape, we sent out Space Divergent Warlock that can therefore find, has arranged the Space imprisonment technique in this all around, do not think that was escaping using Space . Moreover the your first regiment also has been surrounded by us now, if you dare to walk, your first regiment cannot live, Zhao Hai, you must die today.” Does the Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya appearance, sneer said : to make me die? Depending on you?” Jian Wuya laughs said : Zhao Hai, we know that your strength is very strong, but haven't you felt the differences in this hall?”

Zhao Hai stares, then his complexion cannot help but changes, he presently Spiritual Qi in this hall resembles among suddenly becomes was very thin, Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya said : Spirit Restriction Formation?” Jian Wuya sneers said : well, you responded finally, Spirit Restriction Formation, this hall had gotten down the Space imprisonment technique and Spirit Restriction Formation, moreover outside was also being surrounded by other Immortal Stage Expert, Zhao Hai, you are unable to escape even with wings today.” Zhao Hai look at does Jian Wuya, how sneer said : is this can? Your don’t know I also so many Immortal Stage Undead Creature? Why you think that can block me?” Jian Wuya sneers said : Zhao Hai, you do not need in delaying the time, useless, the Space imprisonment technique can imprison all Space, your Undead Creature in your summon Space? Now can you also use your summon Space? Cannot use your summon Space, do you also come your Undead Creature release? Cannot put your Undead Creature, died.” Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya deep voice said : has to acknowledge, you plan very accurate. However you were underestimated I, before here met, I summoned all Immortal Stage Undead Creature, has put on Yama Ship, now these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, should clash, moreover a little you possibly returned don’t know, on my Yama Ship had Transmission Formation, can return to Freedom Alliance first regiment Transmission, now the people of first regiment should fearing was similar, Jian Wuya, depended on you, you think really can block under me?” Jian Wuya one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, at this time outside had also heard rumbling the fighting sound, that sound very enormous, one hear listens to know the sound that fights is not small . Moreover the both sides strength that begins is not weak, Jian Wuya almost can affirm that what Zhao Hai said is real, fearing that outside fights is Zhao Hai Immortal Stage Undead Creature and nine Great Sect Immortal Stage Expert. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }