Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1880
At this time Zhao Hai had also stood, his hand moved, in hand were many a long blade, Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya they, has sneered said : to come out since my Zhao Hai, countless people want my life, finally actually all dies in my in hand, don’t know your nine can Great Sect be exceptional, come, what strength making me have a look at nine Great Sect Sect Master is.” Jian Wuya they have also revealed weapon, but does not have release Law Idol, because this Cave Mansion is the temporary construction, Space is not very big, release Law Idol comes, instead to is easily does not display in here. Jian Wuya look at Zhao Hai, sneered said : already to listen to your Zhao Hai strength extremely powerful, was under Immortal Stage first, today I to must experience well, all people listen, if today can keep here Zhao Hai, before we accepted your conditions certainly to cash, if who did not strive, do not blame me nine Great Sect got angry Wuqing/ruthless.” Zhao Hai looked at hall Sect Master in other small Sect, these small Sect Sect Master also scooped up weapon at this time, encircled Zhao Hai in the middle, expression some on these faces were fierce, some were actually some does not prefer, no matter any expression, they now are the Zhao Hai enemies. Does Zhao Hai sneer said : this to want my Zhao Hai life? Too was really naive.” Ends the Zhao Hai personal appearance to move, direct Jian Wuya throws, a in hand long blade pendulum, Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades outrageously make a move. A Jian Wuya in hand long sword pendulum, Heavenly Sword Sect Heavenly Sword Sword Technique also full Shi San, at this time delightful zither melody transmitted, was Gui Lingzi make a move, then Buddha. Abbot Numu also make a move, Abbot Numu is Body Cultivator, he in the beginning time, skin receives appears the one type of golden color. Probably turned into Golden Man to be ordinary, this will let his defense capability big enhancement. Then Jiao Hualong their also make a move, Jiao Hualong now is half Monsterized, whole person about three meters high, two hands turned into two fierce Dragon's Claw. Several people encircle the attack that Zhao Hai keeps in the middle, but they quickly presently, they really how Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique dispersing. Under several people of besieging, has room for maneuver, fights with nine people, is actually silk does not drop the wind. Nine people besiege Zhao Hai. Other people presently their simply could not meddle, but they do not dare leave, if at this time their leave, their Sect were waiting for by nine Great Sect retaliations, Freedom Alliance does not fear nine Great Sect. They are fearful, if nine Great Sect cope with them, must give to exterminate an entire family them. But when Jian Wuya they begin to Zhao Hai, nine Great Sect attacked Freedom Alliance army also to meet with the Freedom Alliance army. Also cannot meet, was Freedom Alliance army was already waiting for nine Great Sect armies in there.

This nine Great Sect let altogether set out 3 million army. Simultaneously also 100 Immortal Stage Expert, in nine Great Sect army concentrate when Ten Thousand Monster Sect there and Heavenly Demon army to war. Nine Great Sect can also scoop up these many army to come, was very great. But Freedom Alliance here these time has also concentrated two million army, moreover is placed has dozens on Immortal Stage Expert quantity outwardly, naturally this is also not Zhao Hai keeps Black Tiger Group there Immortal Stage Undead Creature. After both sides meet, does not have too many idle talk, started directly, by nine Great Sect strengths, was in the upper hand steadily, but Black Tiger Group makes Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate these Immortal Stage Undead Creature suddenly kill, one hit nine Great Sect one to be caught off guard, nine Great Sect Immortal Stage Expert butchering more than 30, nine Great Sect army then could not withstand, retreated directly, but has not actually drawn back was too far, was still preparing the second attack. But at this time Zhao Hai and Jian Wuya their war also near the end, nine Great Sect these Immortal Stage Expert after they were given by Hu Dawei massacres the person more than 100 people, in could not withstand, withdrew directly, as soon as they withdraw, Hu Dawei they kill toward Cave Mansion, nine Great Sect these small Sect Sect Master look at this situation, two words, turn around did not run, they must face, but Immortal Stage Expert, if in does not run, must die in there, moreover these Immortal Stage Undead Creature appears , they escape, nine Great Sect are not good to be strange they. Jian Wuya they also present this point, their complexion also very difficult looked, but they do not have the means that is good, when several people collaborate with the Zhao Hai war at the winning side, after several people collaborates compels to draw back Zhao Hai, fast from Cave Mansion another passage leave Cave Mansion. Direction that Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya they go far away, has not pursued, is not he is incapable of pursuing, conversely, he must pursue is very relaxed, in fact he when they fights with Jian Wuya, simply does not have fully, he does not want they to keep here Jian Wuya, that will only let nine Great Sect with their Freedom Alliance undead continuous. Zhao Hai wants to destroy completely nine Great Sect, but his also understand, destroys completely nine Great Sect, in the short-term looked that probably has the advantage to Black Tiger Group very much, but in the long run actually not necessarily is the good deed, is insufficient because of Black Tiger Group low yun, if destroys completely nine Great Sect, wants his fully make a move, by that time was he gives to extinguish nine Great Sect, however Black Tiger Group strength actually also not necessarily President many, moreover at that time entire Cultivation World Black Tiger Group did not have the match on equal to, this regarding Black Tiger Group not necessarily was the good matter. Without the match, lost the competitive power on equal to, lost target, then may not have what advantage to Black Tiger Group, therefore nine Great Sect should better or is remaining, leaves behind an evenly matched match to Black Tiger Group, progress that such Black Tiger Group person can keep. In if must destroy completely nine Great Sect, first all destroys completely nine Great Sect Immortal Stage Expert, is also giving to destroy completely nine Great Sect some Elite, such, not only nine Great Sect, entire Cultivation World can strength/Origin Qi damage severely, such as was Soaring Dragon Realm these people came, thought that the Cultivation World strength was too weak, cannot enter Soaring Dragon Realm, they not on gain does not equal the loss.

Therefore Zhao Hai has not thought must give to destroy completely nine Great Sect with own strength, he wants with his strength. Make Freedom Alliance more formidable, making Black Tiger Group more formidable. Jian Wuya their leave Cave Mansion, immediately returned to in army, and built up all armies. Expunges toward Freedom Alliance, they have not kept there, waits to cope with Zhao Hai. Jian Wuya their very clear, a good Space imprisonment technique expiration, Zhao Hai can returned to Black Tiger Group at any time, remain unable to wait for Zhao Hai. Jian Wuya they guess did not have the mistake, Zhao Hai now already returned to in Black Tiger Group, Zhang Feng and Hu Liang early morning they were discussing in Zhang Feng study room how must cope with nine Great Sect army. Zhao Hai suddenly on appears in in the room. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Zhang Feng cannot help but gawked, his quickly said: Little Hai, do you come back? The people of first regiment came back for sometime.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : I make them come back first. I stay behind how to come to see nine Great Sect to me, HaHaHa, will also be disappoints me somewhat, Heavenly Demon Race just retreated, their immediately began. Also did not fear that other Sect are disappointed.” Zhang Feng sneers said : nine Great Sect these fellows to call you still cope with us outside, they have not actually thought that our here had already made the arrangement, now nine Great Sect army kept off by us. You came back, they are wanting to cope with us. Was more difficult, how I to have a look at them then to do.” Hu Liang early morning look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai. What sound nine Great Sect do army have? Did he also come toward here?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, nine Great Sect army also came toward here, it seems like they want to expel to press directly with army, gives to expel us.” Hu Liangchen sneers said : looks like we are unavoidable with nine Great Sect wars, but Little Hai do you want to do? Directly nine Great Sect destroying completely?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, if nine Great Sect destroying completely, our Cultivation World strength will drop a political integrity, then comes an advantage not to us, will not do well Soaring Dragon Realm these people to think that the Cultivation World here strength will be too weak, gave to kick Cultivation World us directly, therefore we cannot destroy completely nine Great Sect now, but actually must give them a lesson.” Zhang Feng nodded said : right of Little Hai, the qualifications of this Soaring Dragon Realm we want protect, now Martial Uncle is Immortal Stage Expert, he was qualified to Soaring Dragon Realm, if there are if possible, made Martial Uncle go to Soaring Dragon Realm there to have a look, but cannot cheap nine Great Sect, Little Hai, you and I wanted to be steady this opportunity, Northern Divergent Province swallowing?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, your appetite is really small, only swallowed Northern Divergent Province you to satisfy? We must use this time opportunity, scoops up minimum four in Cultivation World 9 Province, like this we have the qualifications to meet as an equal with nine Great Sect, let nine Great Sect person understand, our Freedom Alliance, our Black Tiger Group, has the qualifications to treat as an equal with them, making them little have our ideas.” Hiss! Zhang Feng and Hu Liang early morning they were startled, they have not thought that the Zhao Hai ambition so will be big, Zhang Feng they also want to take Ten Thousand Monster Sect now, but generation it, making Black Tiger Group official becomes one of the nine Great Sect, but Zhao Hai actually wants to meet as an equal with nine Great Sect, is alone the places of four state, was this ambition probably too big a point? Hu Liang early morning look at Zhao Hai, somewhat scruple said : Little Hai, you have the ambition I not to oppose, but the matter must gradually comes, our Black Tiger Group strength is not strong, the inside story is insufficient, if one eats up the places of four state, exempted a little?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present is good opportunity, we naturally must swallow some domains, if other nine Great Sect get strength back, we in want to swallow these domains not to have easily, moreover around this place, is not our Black Tiger Group swallows, but is Freedom Alliance all Sect alliance swallows, as the matter stands these small Sect on understanding to us, moreover these small Sect of nine Great Sect all with their heart, many people by nine Great Sect compelling, them have to walk with nine Great Sect in together, therefore all around we must swallow, may not with all Sect. Enemies, so long as tidied up nine Great Sect to be OK, other small Sect, we can definitely let their also join Freedom Alliance.”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come the beginning(.) casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power.) rt! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }