Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1882

Along with the arrival of Zhao Hai and first regiment, entire Freedom Alliance Encampment one has lived it up, all people know that Zhao Hai came, but Zhao Hai in Freedom Alliance human spirit that was nobody can compared with resulting in now. Victories, the incomparably powerful strength, these make Zhao Hai Freedom Alliance Divine Protector, made Zhao Hai in Freedom Alliance here many innumerable adorers. cultivator also worships Expert, especially these with Zhao Hai together has fought cultivator, they regarding the worship of Zhao Hai were nobody can compared with resulting, therefore Zhao Hai just an arrival, the entire Encampment here atmosphere one became very good, before Li Kuangge some morale issues of worry one was solved. Li Kuangge also finally experienced the Zhao Hai shade to shout the strength, an influence of person can arrive at this degree, looked like in Li Kuangge, this person was immediately/on horseback died also the value, naturally he also knows that was impossible, Zhao Hai was impossible that dying easily, his strength was placed in there, wanted kill he, feared that was turns head to be given kill by him. Along with the arrival of Zhao Hai, the attacks of nine Great Sect completely stopped finally, not only stopped, but also toward retreat section of road, they have not dared the frontage and Zhao Hai obviously encounters. The person courage of this do not blame nine Great Sect are small, nine Great Sect army have not arrived, by them now is less than 3 million people of armies, if dares to attack 7 million people of Freedom Alliance armies, then with courting death not to have what difference, moreover now in the Freedom Alliance army, Zhao Hai assumes personal command, they do not dare. However Zhao Hai they do not have calm and steady several days. In Zhao Hai they arrive at frontline the fifth day. Nine Great Sect army came finally, now nine Great Sect army, passed through with a Heavenly Demon Race war, about 100 million people, these 100 million people of army such have pressed, to be honest, is really very scary. Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, nine Great Sect army that look at is busy pitching camp, the corners of the mouth are having a smiling face, turns the head to standing in his nearby Li Kuangge said : Kuangge. You said that if this time we give to hurry back nine Great Sect fellows, they also did have the guts to cope with us?” Li Kuangge these days was very good with Zhao Hai relationship, therefore Zhao Hai such will call him, one hear of Zhao Hai said. Li Kuangge shows a faint smile said : well, if nine Great Sect gathered hundred million army unable to cope with us, after them, was not surely having the courage to attack us.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : I to want nine Great Sect people extinguishing in here, but alliance leader does not let, now Soaring Dragon Realm evaluates our Cultivation World, whether can also keep the Soaring Dragon Realm critical moment, if we nine Great Sect hitting was too ruthless, feared that Soaring Dragon Realm gives to kick us, that was more troublesome. Therefore also can only give them one to teach.”

Li Kuangge has smiled bitterly, entire Cultivation World also dares to speak this saying on Zhao Hai, but he also really had saying that this saying qualifications, nine Great Sect most should was not when has not solved Zhao Hai, coped with Freedom Alliance, this is they biggest mistake. Zhao Hai looked at nine Great Sect these person of one, beckoned with the hand said : we to go back, nine Great Sect army just came, I think that they did not have the time to cope with us, they must repair and maintain evidently for two days.” Li Kuangge nodded said : just to fight with Heavenly Demon Race. These cultivator feared that will feel also tired, wanted the recuperation to here one, but nine Great Sect these fellows, the command(er) ability may be not much, they do not understand these.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to let everyone/Great Clan stand guard. If nine Great Sect fellows attack, we gave them one to teach well.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves. returned to own Cave Mansion. A side is about hundred million army, confrontation that another side actually only then 7 million, this type differs so much as to be beyond comparison obviously, has launched between nine Great Sect and Freedom Alliance, but nine Great Sect people actually do not dare to treat it lightly, what because they must face is Zhao Hai, when makes the war with Heavenly Demon army, nine Great Sect people see Zhao Hai the place of formidable, a Zhao Hai person have been able to block the Heavenly Demon army several ten of millions person, that was not saying plays. Finally after three days of conditioning, nine Great Sect army moved, hundred million army direct Freedom Alliance here have pressed, Zhao Hai also obtained information, he stands on Yama Ship, in his is 7 million Freedom Alliance armies, 7 million armies stand in there, looks like also many, but compares with hundred million army, has actually been short much, probably is a walnut is the same with a watermelon. However Freedom Alliance these cultivator nobody are scared, their looks concentrate to arrive in team forefront Zhao Hai there, they believe Zhao Hai. Nine Great Sect army aggressive presses toward Freedom Alliance army, but both sides, when about the distance kilometer stopped, in nine Great Sect army, the Great Magical Artifact quantity is not many, their Great Magical Artifact mostly when damaged with the Heavenly Demon Race war, now had not supplemented with enough time that similarly, the Freedom Alliance here Great Magical Artifact quantity were not many, both sides distant opposition. At this time Great Sword, departed from nine Great Sect Great Formation, afterward was a giant decorated vehicle, four corner/horn of this decorated vehicle looked like look like a house, in all around of house was all kinds of flowers, but these flowers were made of metal, equivalent to each and every one small Little Bell, the decorated vehicle moved, the Little Bell jogging on vehicle, broadcast the sound of intermittent sharp ear.

Then is huge wooden fish, this wooden fish very big, is standing a Buddhist priest on wooden fish, is lowering the head chanting sutras, the facial expression not sad is unhappy. In wooden fish side is actually a incomparably huge bugle, this bugle is ox horn makes probably, very enormous, a guy stands above the bugle, two eyes sparkling with divine light look at Zhao Hai. In side of decorated vehicle, is actually Flood Dragon, this Flood Dragon makes threatening gestures, ten points formidable might, in the head of Flood Dragon, is standing a person. In Flood Dragon side also two Great Magical Artifact, these two Great Magical Artifact very special, Great Magical Artifact looks like looks like a guqin, the above string makes you see clearly, is standing a person of Literati appearance on the guqin. In side of right zither, is actually a giant checkerboard, above the checkerboard the black white able to move unhindered during, kills inextricably involved, probably is two people kept plays chess to be the same, is also standing above the checkerboard a person of Literati appearance. But in the other aspect, bugle side, is two very unusual Great Magical Artifact, Great Magical Artifact looks like probably is a giant pen, on this pen even also has the inking, probably some people were just used for him to write to be the same. But last Great Magical Artifact, is actually a picture, keeps changes records the picture of picture, that marks looks like endless long general, trundle that two scroll paintings stop, but the picture that marks is also changing. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said :interestingly, copes with Heavenly Demon Race continually time, has not given up with good thing, actually to take now, nine Great Sect, he he, but also really disappoints me. Stands in Zhao Hai Li Kuangge face indignant look at nine Great Sect, deep voice said : Heavenly Sword, the wonderful sound decorated vehicle, singing in praise of the Buddha wooden fish, ten thousand fish bugles, Flood Dragon Incarnation, seven string treasure qins, Zhen jade wrestles Yi plate, the book from heaven pen, endless landscape chart, nine Great Sect the treasure of town faction, if nine Great Sect already took these thing, how Heavenly Demon Race dares to be so rampant, they do not need these thing to cope with nine Great Sect, actually copes with us with him, is really disappointed.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the look at nine Great Sect people, deep voice said : have not thought, everybody to cope with our Freedom Alliance, unexpectedly pressing the bottom treasure took, great, it seems like our Freedom Alliance also wanted hateful that compared with Heavenly Demon Race, copes Heavenly Demon Race has not given up with thing, used on us unexpectedly, what huge mistake my don’t know our Freedom Alliance has violated, will let everybody such dragging in too many people unexpectedly?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that nine Great Sect people, cannot help but somewhat blush, reason that this nine Great Sect take the treasure of town gang , because they know that the light depending on their in hand present strength, feared cannot win Zhao Hai, in order to as soon as possible Zhao Hai tidying up, them could not use the treasure of this town gang. Now by a Zhao Hai such saying, even if the person facial skin of nine Great Sect is thick enough, there is a slight fever slightly, does not have the means that Freedom Alliance after is the Cultivation World strength, moreover said strictly, when Freedom Alliance any mistake, nine Great Sect such dragging in lots of people, have not coped with Heavenly Demon Race has not given up with the treasure of town gang took, this somewhat could not really be justified. The however nine Great Sect people are also the generations of wily old fox, they will certainly not be affected by Zhao Hai a few words, within two breath, has adjusted own mentality, Jian Wuya deep voice said : few idle talk, Zhao Hai, we admire the strength of person, but Freedom Alliance exists for day, to Cultivation World, is a unstable factor, now Soaring Dragon Realm must evaluate Cultivation World whether is capable of keeping the Soaring Dragon Realm critical moment, Cultivation World needs to stabilize, decided that does not allow any unstable factor to exist, Zhao Hai, if you comply to dismiss Freedom Alliance, our immediately/on horseback stops fighting, simultaneously my nine Great Sect will award your elder. The position, your concurs the positions of nine Great Sect elders, the scenery is infinite, how do you look?” HaHaHa, Jian Wuya, you so are still naive, nine Great Sect elders, I am not rare.” Also of pleasant to hear, what that Zhao Hai look at Jian Wuya, laughs said : your nine Great Sect to say the ratio of sings for the stability of Cultivation World, the Cultivation World unstablest factor is your nine Great Sect, our these small Sect do not want to receive your oppression, alliance, you presently we can threaten you, therefore found an excuse to cope with us, what nine Great Sect elders, nine were Great Sect very great? My Zhao Hai has not paid attention to, like your, the internal strife expert, outside fights the amateur person, why to rule the roost of Cultivation World, you do not match!” Good!” Zhao Hai drinks to scold, caused in the Freedom Alliance regiment to hear a cheer, Zhao Hai can say the aspirations of these people, these people already were hated to nine Great Sect seriously, but they may not have the courage like Zhao Hai carried on to drink to scold to nine Great Sect, now Zhao Hai scolded, they were listening to also satisfying. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }