Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1883

Jian Wuya gloomy face, look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : does not know good from bad, Zhao Hai, I think you am a talented person, this your waste such talkative, you really think that is becoming you, can block my nine Great Sect hundreds of millions army?” Zhao Hai sneered said : not to waste breath, Jian Wuya, you should know that in Cultivation World, the fist great ability was the top priority, began, if your fist were hard enough, we have defeated, was sincerely convinced.” Jian Wuya take deep breaths, turned the head to look at several other people of one, deep voice said : everybody, since Zhao Hai were besotted, we did not use were polite, began.” Several other people nodded, hand proceeds to wield, Cultivation World army has pressed slowly. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, waved, Undead Creature appears one after another, these Undead Creature quantities, complete Jian Wuya their imagination, nine Great Sect army cannot help but had stopped, because they consider as finished probably, presently now appears in their front Undead Creature, the quantity crosses 500 million, enough is their five times. Jian Wuya their complexion also change, they have not thought really Zhao Hai in hand unexpectedly so many Undead Creature, but this is calculates that besides ordinary human-shape Undead Creature, massive Monster Beast shape Undead Creature, Undead Creature each and every one build incomparably huge of these Monster Beast shapes, is throwing over armor unexpectedly, the movement is also uniform, looks like an only army is the same. Besides Undead Creature of these Monster Beast shapes. Zhao Hai unexpectedly also release large quantities of Monster Beast. These Monster Beast will fly . Moreover the quantity is numerous, before these Monster Beast Jian Wuya them, has not seen, but looks like is actually fierce incomparable . Moreover the bodies of these Monster Beast have some Heavenly Demon Race characteristics, lets Jian Wuya their status feel suspicions to these Monster Beast. These Monster Beast are actually Insect Race, evolution that Insect Race can keep, so long as gives them some finer gene, these Insect Race that evolution that they can keep, Zhao Hai release comes now. Passes through evolution later Insect Race, but these Insect Race evolution time, has absorbed the part of Heavenly Demon Race gene, even therefore Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon gene. Therefore they will have the Heavenly Demon Race characteristics, what most important is, these Insect Race present fighting strength, have achieved the astonishing Gold Core Stage above strength, even if they cannot doubt to have Law Idol to come, fighting strength also compared with general Gold Core Stage cultivator in many. Now nine Great Sect suddenly present, they probably have been at leeward, no matter in the population on imposing manner, the population they have 100 million, but Zhao Hai is only human-shape Undead Creature has about 500 million. In adding on about 200 million Monster Beast Undead Creature, about 10 million Insect Race, the total military strength have achieved about 710 million, this made nine Great Sect army immediately stop, nobody dared to go forward one step. Zhao Hai look at nine Great Sect army one hear, laughs said : nine Great Sect, what's wrong, did you fear? HaHaHa, makes me give you today a lesson, making you know. Your nine Great Sect are not invincible existences.” Said that Zhao Hai proceeds to wield, Undead Creature army is arranging the neat formation, pressure slowly, before hundreds of millions people presses, that huge constriction. Make nine Great Sect army appears understanding chaotic.

At this time, heard the Jian Wuya sound to transmit said : broken day to cut. behead! behead! behead! Vajra Leo roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!” Bites the soul Ten Thousand Ghosts sound! Get up! Get up! Gets up!” Flood Dragon Dancing Sky, overwhelming, Yun Ju!” Ten thousand beasts come toward, beast chaotic world!” Seven strings seven kill the sound, the [gold/metal], wood, water, fire, earth and King Wen sorrow, Martial King drafts!” Able to move unhindered 19, black fight with bare hands continuous, Zhen jade kills!” Book from heaven pen, the good book from heaven, the representative issues an imperial order, kills!” Endless landscape endless chart, endless killing endless executes, kills!”

Along with calling out, nine Great Sect Sect Master finally make a move, their very clear, if now make a move, they do not defeat, moreover miserable that very can defeat! Along with beginning of nine Great Sect Sect Master, sees each article becomes incomparably gigantic Great Magical Artifact, attacks toward Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, their Great Magical Artifact become very enormous, if this projected on Undead Creature big in the formation by other people, feared that is one must kill several ten of millions Undead Creature, must know Undead Creature suspends, but Rubik's Cube Great Formation, but is not that Great Formation of plane, Rubik's Cube Great Formation three-dimensional, if got, but that one dies on is one pile. HaHaHa, I was already waiting for you, how did you think this to be able really I? Too naive!” Along with sound, Zhao Hai personal appearance appears in the Undead Creature Battle Formation front, his hand revolution, in hand were simultaneously many Fang Xiaoyin, then Zhao Hai throws toward Space little seal, deep voice said : Vermillion Bird seal present, the Fire God city leaves, burns completely world, the suppression executes the day!” Along with the Zhao Hai sound, that Vermillion Bird seal lived probably generally, then the sound of resonant Vermillion Bird sounding, has spread over the entire battlefield, then that Vermillion Bird opens mouth, a city suddenly flew from the Vermillion Bird seal, then that city with the wind rises, instantaneously becomes very enormous, in that big city, indistinct can see the innumerable person's shadows unexpectedly, then on this big city direct nine Great Sect Great Magical Artifact hits. This big city although incomparably huge, but is actually very fast, entire big city is probably same in outward the torching, such as is being together same in the meteor that in the atmosphere rubs, is bringing long flame tail, hits toward nine Great Sect Great Magical Artifact on. Boom! is similar to Spark hits Earth to be the same, the Zhao Hai Fire God city hit with nine Great Sect Great Magical Artifact finally in together, area very enormous of Fire God city, a city could go against nine Great Magical Artifact area, this next ten Great Magical Artifact one hit in together. Has to recognize nine Great Sect the treasure of town gang have real skill, these clashes, made the Fire God city have a vibration unexpectedly, must know that although Zhao Hai does not have the means integrating in Liquid Silver Magic Staff the Fire God city now, but the Fire God city he used to be very convenient, moreover after several times and Heavenly Demon Race war, Zhao Hai also directly caught in Heavenly Demon of many injury Space, after surrendering, has cured the wound to them, lost Fire God city here, currently Fire God in the city did not have under Heavenly Demon surely, the these days demon can in the Fire God in the city comfortable life, at the same time they. Strength of Faith that provides can also use to the Fire God city, kills two birds with one stone. Because has existence of these days demon, therefore Fire God city present fighting strength, compared with before, was don’t know many, the Vermillion Bird seal was, the originally Vermillion Bird seal seemed like not very special, but now the Vermillion Bird seal is actually all over the body fiery-red, that Vermillion Bird was flutters to fly, looked is good thing, these were when Zhao Hai after the Fire God city has delivered these Heavenly Demon, the change of appears , it seems like that the Fire God city also slowly was restoring, restores to the elegant demeanor of his heyday. Must say that nine Great Sect Great Magical Artifact are very good, but unfortunately, they have met Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai Fire God city the treasure that gets down from Upper Realm, although this treasure now is not the heyday, is actually not their Magical Artifact can compare, just that hit, the Fire God city was only trembled lightly two, a Zhao Hai even wound not, nine Great Sect nine Great Magical Artifact, directly were actually given to hit going back by the Fire God city, Jian Wuya they were also the complexion big changes, then a blood has spurted coming out, several person one face panic-stricken look at Zhao Hai, They have not really thought that Zhao Hai in hand really also has such same formidable Magical Artifact, they have misjudged, therefore begin the exchange suffered a loss.

Now they have been incapable of carrying on two attack in command(er) nine Great Magical Artifact, naturally they do not hope that their Great Magical Artifact falls to Zhao Hai in hand, therefore several people of immediately have taken back their Great Magical Artifact, they received quick, not so Zhao Hai fortunately must begin to snatch, regarding these Great Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai may be very greedy. Zhao Hai looked at the opposite party to take back Great Magical Artifact, his hand proceeded to wield, said loudly: Attack!” Meanwhile his Fire God city downward pressure, is similar to tank same proceeding presses, this next nine Great Sect alliance was more flurried, they saw the power and influence in Fire God city, now the Fire God city flushed, these nine Great Sect cultivator know one are impossible to block this Great Magical Artifact, each and every one has cried out strangely, fast hides toward the one side, some intelligent cultivator, simply does not hide toward the one side, because the Fire God city was really too big, they were hide toward one side cannot shunt, their simply body toward a submersion, straight fell toward the ground., Because compares toward the one side hides, falls toward the ground , is actually the shortest distance. Nine Great Sect Great Formation were chaotic, but Zhao Hai Undead Creature army actually not chaotic, they are suspending the neat formation, proceeds to rush ahead to go, all keeps off in their front cultivator, directly was given to massacre by them. Nine Great Sect these time has not sent Immortal Stage Expert to come out, changes the war, because of nine Great Sect person very clear, Zhao Hai Immortal Stage Expert quantity are many, if they send Immortal Stage Expert to enter the war, then delivers the dish on equal to to Zhao Hai, therefore they had not made Immortal Stage Expert enter the war. Zhao Hai has not made Immortal Stage Expert enter the war, Immortal Stage Expert is the Cultivation World here ultimate military force, so long as the Cultivation World here Immortal Stage Expert quantity suffices, that Cultivation World strength will not be despised, therefore Zhao Hai these time has not used Immortal Stage Undead Creature, Fire God city Zhao Hai also made him proceed to a while, received, after all Might of Fire God city was too big, so long as ran upon by him, that had the dead Unborn aspect. although Zhao Hai received the Fire God city, but nine Great Sect army actually collapsed, in nine Great Sect army, has plenty cultivator, simply does not want to attend this time war, they and Heavenly Demon Race army, that is foreign, but makes the war with Freedom Alliance now, that was internal, Freedom Alliance also did not have any enmity with them, did they attack others to do? Is adding on many small Sect, regarding nine Great Sect the procedure, not being able to get used to seeing, therefore nine Great Sect although have hundred million army, is morale is low, by attack that the Zhao Hai Fire God city and Undead Creature regiment turn continually, morale falls the bottom, finally collapsed directly. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }