Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1884

Nine Great Sect army retreated, Zhao Hai has not actually pursued, he received his Undead Creature army, then made these Freedom Alliance cultivator start the battlefield cleanup. What this battlefield cleanup said is of pleasant to hear, but this battlefield did not have what to be good to clean in fact, these massacred cultivator, had gotten so far as in Space to turn into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, besides these killed cultivator, in this battlefield did not have no thing. Before this time war likely is not, with Heavenly Demon Race to the war, both sides also had Great Magical Artifact at that time, both sides will tow damaged Great Magical Artifact, especially finally Heavenly Demon Race and Cultivation World fight a decisive battle time, Great Magical Artifact of both sides has almost all abandoned, Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, has taken away Great Magical Artifact that Freedom Alliance leaves, has taken also away Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact much, but for nine Great Sect do not get angry with Zhao Hai, what has not said that must say really that now Zhao Hai in hand Great Magical Artifact may be many, Zhao Hai actually cannot take to come out, if he too quick takes to come out these Great Magical Artifact., Will only annoy the person to suspect, now he do annoys the matter that the person suspects were many, cannot be many. These were ordered battlefield cleanup first regiment cultivator presently a little tragedy, their is in the battlefield cleanup, in the battlefield almost what has not stayed behind, what do they clean? These crushed flowers and plants holding? However they have not said anything, but transferred in the battlefield, on returned to Encampment, then in twos and threes poly was chatting just that war in there. Currently their strength to the Zhao Hai also has understood. To be honest. Now these people have had the one type of fear feeling to Zhao Hai, Undead Creature that look at that blots out the sky, these people said that is not afraid that is fake, is afraid the Undead Creature strength is an aspect, on the other hand is actually being afraid thing that these Undead Creature represent, these Undead Creature are representing the Zhao Hai success, represents Zhao Hai to kill many people, thinks of here, they feel their at heart some jiao. Zhao Hai actually don’t know these, come back after battlefield. Zhao Hai called in various Li Kuangge and Sect representatives own Cave Mansion, in any case in his Cave Mansion , the conference room, he can meet in there. After waiting for all people. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, these time called everyone/Great Clan, was tells everyone/Great Clan one, our Freedom Alliance target.” People somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, what meaning is don’t know Zhao Hai this saying, Freedom Alliance target? Freedom Alliance what target? Doesn't repel nine Great Sect? Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan does not think that our Freedom Alliance this time target repels nine Great Sect? To be honest, repels nine Great Sect, is only beside our target. We have another target, this target is, swallows the northern four states!” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then one of the entire hall bang has blasted out, these people have not thought that target that Zhao Hai said can be this unexpectedly, they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, they by Zhao Hai the target frightening. Zhao Hai look at their said : I come time, believes that alliance leader summoned various Sect Sect Master. Our time target swallows the northern four states, then north four states are the bases, divides equally Cultivation World with nine Great Sect, at that time, our Freedom Alliance in did not need to fear nine Great Sect.” People look at Zhao Hai. They soberly have not come from the shock now, Zhao Hai looked at these person of one. deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan being startled, thinks me in talk nonsense? No, what I said is real, is absolutely real, Cultivation World here is any situation, everyone/Great Clan is clear, I did not have was saying, the meaning of my originally wanted directly to fall face down nine Great Sect dry, our Freedom Alliance lorded over Cultivation World, but the matter also caught up was skillful, at this time has met Soaring Dragon Realm big commented, if we must unify Cultivation World, must destroy completely nine Great Sect, that Cultivation World strength by big weakening, we possibly cannot enter Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore we can only give up this idea finally, only took half, took the northern four states.”

Northern four states that Zhao Hai said that separately is Northern Divergent Province, Northern Saint Province, Western Demon Province and Eastern Saint Province, these four Great Province positions, the comparison approaches the Cultivation World north, in adding on these four Great Province and Central Saint Province, Eastern Buddha Province, Western Saint Province , between Southern Barbarian Province and Southern Saint Province , but also is away from Jade Belt River, therefore these four states were also called the northern four states. But the northern four states with south five state separated Jade Belt River, actually absolutely is the Cultivation World first perpetual flow, the river breadth in the thousand li(500 km) about, enormous and powerful, the mighty waves are turbulent. Reason that can give this kind of name , because this Jade Belt River such as the fellow-student of the same department is the same in the jade belt of young girl waist, divides into two Cultivation World 9 Province, will therefore be given this kind of name. Cultivation World big, nobody knows, but Cultivation World 9 Province area on very enormous, greatly to is nine Great Sect does not know that the Item body has many, because of extremely in the far away place, their simply has not gone to search checked, because Cultivation World was too big, they are the strength, also impossible to extend the tentacle to the first inch place, therefore nine Great Sect are also disinclined to send for investigating there. But will not be drier like Black Tiger Group, beforehand Black Tiger Group defends own one mu three points of place to be difficult, but also discussed anything to expand, therefore this Cultivation World big, clarifies to the present also nobody. although said that Immortal Stage Expert flight is quick, can investigate this Cultivation World in a big way, but will not have any Immortal Stage Expert to handle this bored matter, had that time, they must close up the practice, enhanced own strength, promoted own life. But before Northern Divergent Province, at entire Cultivation World most north, here originally is a Monster Beast paradise, because afterward variously compelling not to have means survival cultivator to run up to Northern Divergent Province here by other Great Sect, slowly established all kinds of asking factions, moreover was in the majority by Monster Cultivator Sect, therefore was called is Northern Divergent Province, can say Northern Divergent Province in Sacred Sect these Sect eyes. Absolutely is wasteland. Because of this. Not only Central Saint Province there cultivator looks down upon Northern Divergent Province cultivator, together with for Northern Saint Province of northern four states, Western Demon Province and Eastern Saint Province looks down upon Northern Divergent Province cultivator, Sect that in Northern Divergent Province here, sole not looked down upon, has Ten Thousand Monster Sect, in fact that is also only in the surface respects, in the back feared that will be looked down upon. However generally speaking, the strengths of northern four states, compared with the south state. In the difference some, this is only not because south state were more than a state the northern four states, on the cultivator average levels, the northern four states compares also to have certain disparity with the south five states. After all Cultivation World most from the beginning show time, is first may the southern five states unfold, after the northern four states belong, unfolds, spoke the inside story to come, the five states fell far short. May be this, by the Freedom Alliance strength, wants to swallow the northern four states is also not that easy matter, after all Freedom Alliance now is also only the nest in Northern Divergent Province, if not counted Zhao Hai, Freedom Alliance strength also with Ten Thousand Monster Sect quite. By such strength, to swallow the northern four states, feared that will be swallowed. The expressions of Zhao Hai look at these people, deep voice said : everybody, we must swallow Northern Divergent Province, did not mean that must destroy completely all Sect, we must cope, only then four in nine Great Sect, other these small Sect, we can definitely let their join to Freedom Alliance, in any case we are an alliance. Not?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the eyes of people cannot help but one bright, their really somewhat has also thought mistakenly, if they must all Sect besides Freedom Alliance massacre the northern four states in, that has the help of Zhao Hai. Feared that is also impossible.

Zhao Hai look at people, deep voice said : in northern four state here. Four Great Sect control domains are biggest, moreover they have die loyal small Sect with them, these people are our enemies, so long as expels the northern four states them, their domains were our, the advantage when the time comes various Sect obtained will not be few, this regarding us, was a rare show good opportunity, if has missed, that may forever lost this opportunity.” The eyes of people were brighter, Zhao Hai then said : I think that this several days everybody will receive the order of your Sect Sect Master, reason that I said these in here to everyone/Great Clan, wants everyone/Great Clan to tell all people this information, we have great target, but you, realize this target person.” All people somewhat were excited, this regarding them, the important matter that but goes down in history, their some reality potential to the end, had almost feared that was for a lifetime impossible becomes Immortal Stage Expert, some have not arrived including Transcends Tribulation Stage, they later died, became common existence, but if this time matter were successful, they may on be extraordinary, they will become in Freedom Alliance, existence that forever been on everybody's lips. Zhao Hai look at these people, deep voice said : although I have many Undead Creature, what I must say to everyone/Great Clan, my Undead Creature because of some reasons, cannot the use of long time, finally must therefore fight you, you must be ready, does not want, because front has Undead Creature top, sees a play in behind, if when the time comes because of seeing a play, but has harmed fighting opportunity, looked how I tidy up him.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these people one calm, their immediately/on horseback nodded, said loudly: Invited Army Commander feel relieved, we completed certainly, will not harm fighting opportunity absolutely.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, good that so long as you display, after this time war ended, I will make alliance leader set up a stone monument to worry to you, making the Freedom Alliance person forever remember you, moreover my also gift delivers.” The bang, Zhao Hai this can these to remove the bottom excited. As the saying goes the person leaving a good name, Yan Guo keeps the sound, they are in Cultivation World some ordinary cultivator, even if they becomes Immortal Stage Expert is also same, Immortal Stage Expert in Cultivation World were through the ages many, but remembered and how many have? Do not say other Sect, even if in Sect, some people will not remember beforehand Immortal Stage Expert name. cultivator is also a person, they same are also seeking fame and fortune, thing that but they struggle, with others not too, on degree that but regarding the name, cultivator same settling on, this point is concerned about face-saving from cultivator can look. cultivator settles on the face, pays great attention to inherit, cares about own reputation, if some day own name, is known by Cultivation World all people, moreover forever hands down, that will be a how glorious matter, how these cultivator will not have excitedly. Zhao Hai look at these people, did not have to say anything, but showed a faint smile, he knows that the crucial moment has sufficed, later this did not fear that these cultivator made the war fully, what most important was, he must through these cultivator mouths, pass on their points, making nine Great Sect know. Nine Great Sect will certainly make some preparations to cope with them, but Zhao Hai did not fear, in his eyes, nine Great Sect do not have what to be good to fear that he must make nine Great Sect make some preparations, then he is giving to defeat nine Great Sect, like this they can in the northern four state coming to a stop feet. Some little time these cultivator calm, their look at two eyes sparkling with divine light look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at their appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I live certainly up to one's words, now, everyone/Great Clan goes back to prepare, has remembered, told all people this matter.” The people rumble has complied with one, turn around leave, only then Li Kuangge remained.

Li Kuangge now also face excited look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what you said is real? Can you be really everyone/Great Clan set up a stone monument to worry?” Li Kuangge these people continuously with Zhao Hai, their relationship very good, therefore he one will ask. Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally real, I do not need to deceive you with this matter, when the time comes my make a move, levels off hilltops for the tablet personally, carves the names of all people on the tablet.” Li Kuangge take deep breaths, bows said : I to thank Elder Brother Hai to Zhao Hai for all cultivator you, can in the your subordinates potency, be the matter that my Li Kuangge this whole life most is honored.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, pats Li Kuangge shoulder said : to be good, rests, rested for day, tomorrow we marches to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, first took Northern Divergent Province, had a look at the responses of nine Great Sect, if they little darling gave us the northern four states to, otherwise, on do not blame me for being rude.” Li Kuangge has complied with one, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around walked, the Zhao Hai look at Li Kuangge back, shows a faint smile, the personal appearance moved to enter in Space, but when Zhao Hai entered Space, entire Encampment has actually caused a stir. These Sect representatives told all cultivator the decision of Zhao Hai, these cultivator believe regarding Zhao Hai, now heard that Zhao Hai must set up a stone monument to worry to them, all people were excited, entire camp fell into one type of frantic, all people wish one could to clash to fight a decisive battle with nine Great Sect now, expelled the northern four states nine Great Sect, their names, forever kept above monument, respected for the people of later generation. But Zhao Hai actually sits in Space now, outside look at all, toward smiling, this is the result that he wants, these people are various Sect Elite, he through this matter, can these to be dead set on to him, after this pair of Black Tiger Group handles affairs, will be of great advantage. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }