Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1885

Bang! Sandalwood small table of purification turned into dust of place, turned into the dust directly, then did a sound roar said : he to say really? He said that wants the northern four states? His crazy?” Speech person Jian Wuya, Jian Wuya now already did not have that Sect Master bearing, seemed like kicked a mad dog of foot by the criminal. But in the Jian Wuya side, but also sits several people, these people are nine Great Sect Sect Master, now complexion of these people are not quite also attractive, in that cultivator that look at halls they decide, that is Ten Thousand Monster Sect cultivator, but he is responsible for inquiring the information, was just he looks like Jian Wuya they to report that said Zhao Hai saying that Freedom Alliance must hold the northern four states from nine Great Sect in hand as the Freedom Alliance domain. The latest novel pig Zhu Island novel This information has shocked, if were the average person said that Jian Wuya they possibly will not be serious this saying, but this saying is that Zhao Hai said is different, the Zhao Hai strength was placed in there, he had to select to turn nine Great Sect strengths, he said this to come, nine Great Sect have to attach great importance. That Ten Thousand Monster Sect inquired that information cultivator they were such staring by Jian Wuya, feels some fears, but he is said : real, is Zhao He gives an oral account, moreover his also release words came, so long as obtained the northern four states, he must set up a stone monument to worry, takes down the Freedom Alliance cultivator name that all participates in these time moving.” The latest novel pig Zhu Island novel Two of Jian Wuya air/Qi blood red, Zhao Hai the sets up a stone monument to worry, looks like in Freedom Alliance cultivator is the unsurpassed glory, but regarding nine Great Sect, actually eats slapping the face of fruits, moreover does not hit one time, but how repeated hitting lets be concerned about face-saving such as Jian Wuya of life to be able not to be mad. Other Sect Sect Master also been mad complexion are pale, especially Jiao Hualong, Gui Lingzi, Wu Youdao and Dong Libo, their four Sects Sect is being wanted to take the northern four states in northern four state by the alliance, must tidy up them first was good, in other words, their four Sects is most dangerous. The agreement of Jiao Hualong they being angry also at heart secret complaining of hardship, Zhao Hai was fierce they to know. If Zhao Hong must attain the northern four states, may succeed very much, if Zhao Hong control the northern four states, have driven out their four Sects, they have become the rootless grass, later that also has a face is saying nine Great Sect.

The agreement of four people being angry was also pondering how must handle this matter, comes hardly in their opinion is most bad plan. Moreover hardly comes them not necessarily is the Zhao Hai match, therefore they can only try to find other solution. What means however doesn't come also to have hardly? Now gives in Freedom Alliance these small Sect to deliver the advantage, making Freedom Alliance dismiss? That is impossible, the Freedom Alliance person brings together now, gives them any advantage they not to dismiss What is main, if Freedom Alliance control the northern four states, in Freedom Alliance all Sect will obtain the advantage, that advantage is the domain expands, can expand own strength, such advantage. Nine Great Sect could not give them. said it, even if were these small Sect person leave Freedom Alliance has been able to be what kind , the enemy who now they must face was actually not entire Freedom Alliance. But only then a person, that is Zhao Hai, even if were Freedom Alliance has dismissed, Zhao Hai thinks that was destroying completely these small Sect, that was also not the at any time matter, when the time comes Freedom Alliance feared that did not exist. One Black Tiger Group, Zhao Hai must tidy up them not to have any resistance. This point truth these small Sect Sect Master must understand. Also this, these small Sect impossible leave Freedom Alliance, leave Freedom Alliance they to exterminate an entire family, but keeps Freedom Alliance, they can actually obtain many advantage, such choice question was really too simple, even if were the idiots knows how to choose...., Soft hard is not good, nine Great Sect people, suddenly presently they really do not have the means to cope with Zhao Hai, their all sorts of methods, in the face of the Zhao Hai that formidable strength, simply are nothing to speak. Jian Wuya was mad a while slowly also calm, he also knows that the gravity of matter, nine Great Sect are has gazed by the Heavenly Section horse, moreover before coped with the Zhao Hai matter is they raises, now Zhao Hai actually says wanted the northern four states, if he cannot help Ten Thousand Monster Sect they defend the northern four states, that other how many Sect will see him? Their can Heavenly Section also maintain the position of this nine Great Sect lead goats? Cannot, not be absolutely impossible, therefore he if certainly wants the means to help Ten Thousand Monster Sect their thin northern four states, then Jian Wuya has met with Jiao Hualong their same issues. Copes with Zhao Hai! This tenth nine Great Sect now biggest problem <\;- during a hall fell into to be silent, the breath may hear that this made the entire hall constraining , the air probably in solidify generally. Some little time Jiao Hualong open the mouth and said: I think that Zhao Hai will come quickly, by his strength, swallowed Northern Divergent Province to be too relaxed, in the military strength by our hand, feared that was not the Zhao Hai match, what everybody also had to say?” Jian Wuya they turned the head to look at Jiao Hualong one, presently Jiao Hualong present facial expression calm, their Ten Thousand Monster Sect ten thousand years of base industry must be given to swallow down, such calm that he can actually maintain, this was really unexpected.

Jian Wuya they somewhat are in doubt the meaning of Jiao Hualong, his look at Jiao Hualong said : old flood dragon, what do you have to plan?” Jiao Hualong looked at Jian Wuya one, cold sound said : anything planned that a Ten Thousand Monster Sect ten thousand years of base, cannot ruin my in hand, my Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not have soft Bone, at the worst spelled with Zhao Hai.” The Jian Wuya look at Jiao Hualong appearance, sighed, he also knows that Jiao Hualong hugged must die the heart, his deep voice said : old flood dragon, you said that now these also too early, yes, Zhao Hai strength formidable, we cannot stir up him now, but you must pay attention to a point, Zhao Hai all came this information release ahead of time, without doubt was wish makes us know that he must tell us now, his bottom line was anything, he wanted anything, then he will look how we must do, if north we must cling to tenaciously four states, Zhao Hai was affirmative. Can cope with us, but if I do not defend the northern four states, that Zhao Hai may not cope with us.” Jiao Hualong their some look at Jian Wuya of being perplexed, Jian Wuya look at their appearances, have smiled bitterly next step: I had recalled all that Zhao Hai makes, presently a point, that is Zhao Hai wants to let Freedom Alliance, or said that Black Tiger Group becomes formidable, but he does not want to make our nine Great Sect lose is too heavy, not so fearing will be he ahead of time will not come this information release, his release this information nothing but will be wants to have a look at our responses, we will receive this information, even if must come hardly with him, will be centralized all people, will then fight with him, he can seize the opportunity disposable tidy up us, but we will prepare certainly ahead of time, Will move out your four Sects family property, will not spell with him hardly, this is his point.” Reason that spoke of here, Jian Wuya sighs said : Zhao Hai does not want to make our nine Great Sect lose is too heavy, was because soon arrives now Soaring Dragon Realm commented greatly, he does not want to make Cultivation World lose enters Soaring Dragon Realm opportunity, therefore he wanted our nine Great Sect still to exist, otherwise you think that by his strength, he so with ease will let off us? Will he want the northern four states?” Just Jian Wuya had thought that he presently Zhao Hai absolutely does not say his point for simple showing off, he had the point such to do, for must think them to respond that has thought through this point, a lot can also be able to convince, why Zhao Hai such did, had one very well to explain...., All that Soaring Dragon Realm, Cultivation World makes now for Soaring Dragon Realm, nine Great Sect must tidy up Freedom Alliance, does not think that appears can with the big influence that they meet as an equal, such words will have another influence with their together control Soaring Dragon Realm, in the final analysis, Soaring Dragon Realm there is all root reasons. Jiao Hualong they now actually in thinking Jian Wuya just words, before to be honest them, has not thought toward that aspect, but they actually have to think now, moreover more wants more to think Jian Wuya said is reasonable. Jiao Hualong just said that must let entire Ten Thousand Monster Sect with the Zhao Hai dying war, but he is also clear, he is impossible to achieve this point, must before the Zhao Hai war, he will select some Core Disciple from Ten Thousand Monster Sect, making these Core Disciple have Cultivation Method and these many years in Sect savings leave, goes to several other big, inherits Ten Thousand Monster Sect Dao doctrines.

Dao doctrines regarding one Sect is very important, therefore Jiao Hualong must remain to go all out with Zhao Hai, however Ten Thousand Monster Sect Dao doctrines he must pass around. However now one hear of Jian Wuya said that his understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao has not wanted to extinguish Ten Thousand Monster Sect, he wants is the domain, if Ten Thousand Monster Sect can withdraw from Northern Divergent Province domain that is it would be the best, otherwise he must come hardly, this equal to is finally Communication Disc. Some little time Jiao Hualong turns the head look at Jian Wuya said : old sword, what do you mean? You want to make us withdraw from the northern four states, such gives Zhao Hai to be inadequate the northern four states?” Jiao Hualong one said that other people were also attracted, turns the head look at Jian Wuya, Jian Wuya looked at these person of points, nodded said : well, I am this meaning.” One that Dong Libo shouted has stood, his coldly look at Jian Wuya, deep voice said : Jian Wuya, what do you mean? Do you want to make us put the sufficient Sect ten thousand years of base industry? Such in vain cheap was Black Tiger Group inadequate? Sentimental Zhao Hai has not wanted you ten thousand domains, you are not certainly grieved, I told you, our Eastern Saint Academy did not walk absolutely, at the worst spelled with Zhao Hai.” The Jian Wuya look at Dong Libo appearance, deep voice does said : spell? Do you spell with what? East leaves, calm, now we truly are not the Zhao Hai match, this point we must acknowledge, if your four Great Sect fall back on the southern five states, although a little will not adapt temporarily possibly, but the person in your Sect is not, people on one of the Cultivation World Great Sect, if you keep here to spell hardly, that was you have passed around Sect Dao doctrines, your will four Sects have today such aspect?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }