Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1886

Silent, Dong Libo was silent! He does not have the means not to be silent, what because Jian Wuya said is the truth, even Dong Libo thinks that Jian Wuya can speak these words to him, has regarded the person on one's own side him. If Jian Wuya did not say these to them, but makes them spell with Zhao Hai hardly, that their four Great Sect feared finally must play the egg, even if were they sends out Core Disciple to hide several other big to inherit Dao doctrines, but this can Dao doctrines pass around, did not say. Four Great Sect must let these Core Disciple leave, will be bringing thing that their these many years accumulate, to help them use these thing to unfold Sect, but they, so long as enters to the south state, enters several other Great Sect domains on equal to, do not look that now nine Great Sect are in relationship of alliance, any matter everyone/Great Clan discussed is coming, but if four Great Sect Elite really by Zhao Hai destroying completely, remaining some Core Disciple, that several other Great Sect have only been able to cope with them to be possible on two to say. But Jian Wuya spoke in the words this share at this time, this is they regards the person on one's own side Dong Libo, nine Great Sect Sect Master one has not been a fool, but before them , was extremely arrogant, complete has not been serious Zhao Hai Black Tiger Group, but this did not express them directly resetting the intelligence quotient, in fact they when a Jian Wuya saying saying, immediately have thought through between formidable relationship. Dong Libo dejected sat, Jiao Hualong they do not make noise, Jian Wuya looked at several people of one, deep voice said : now we best choice is. Your four Sects withdraws from the northern four states again to get down in south five state to settle down. Maintains own strength, feel relieved, we will help your.” Jiao Hualong look at Jian Wuya said : old sword, do we such let off Black Tiger Group? I am not willingly.” Jian Wuya two eyes flash of cold light, deep voice does said : let off Black Tiger Group? Is that possible? I will not let off Black Tiger Group, the Zhao Hai strength is too just strong, his method extremely in going against heaven's will, us cannot move Zhao Hai, cannot move Zhao Hai, cannot move Black Tiger Group. Therefore now we must do can only endure.” Speaking of here, Jian Wuya let out a long breath said : our nine Great Sect were relying on endures to build up actually, in the past the Wandering Soul Group what kind great strength, our nine Great Sect did not endure to endure. Slowly is saving the strength, finally Wandering Soul Group destroying completely? Before we had not regarded a match Black Tiger Group, but we actually must face up to this match now, even if the Black Tiger Group strength is not strong, the Freedom Alliance strength was not strong, so long as there is Zhao Hai, we cannot move Freedom Alliance, cannot move Black Tiger Group.” Jian Wuya looked at several people of one, said : that then the two eyes none remaining sparkles „, but do not forget, now Zhao Hai has the Transcends Tribulation Stage strength. Therefore he can keep Black Tiger Group here relieved, if he arrived at Immortal Stage, he will also keep Black Tiger Group here? Will he brave the life bit by bit to exhaust, dies keeps here in the here danger? He, after he will not arrive at Immortal Stage, certainly must go to Soaring Dragon Realm, but Soaring Dragon Realm there was not the good destination, person has plenty that the strength went against heaven's will, Zhao Hai to go to there, can come back not to say. Even if Zhao Hai undead in Soaring Dragon Realm there, by his strength and talent, it is estimated that will settle on by Upper Realm, Zhao Hai forever was when the time comes impossible to return to Cultivation World, did not have Zhao Hai Freedom Alliance and Black Tiger Group. That did not have old tiger of tooth, when the time comes we have not wanted to be how what kind of their them. The gentlemen revenge, ten years are not late.”

Jiao Hualong they, as soon as listened to Jian Wuya saying that has gawked, then several people started to lower the head to ponder, to be honest, they had not regarded the match Freedom Alliance before, therefore they wholeheartedly are thinking the quick point gave to destroy completely Freedom Alliance, what probably coped was ordinary small Sect is the same. However now a Jian Wuya such saying, their actually suddenly realized that they must regard one with exist Freedom Alliance to treat, only then they who nine Great Sect treat as an equal can cope with Black Tiger Group with the most correct method like this. Looked like Jian Wuya said that so long as there is Zhao Hai, they were impossible to cope with Black Tiger Group, but Zhao Hai now Immortal Stage, his life is very long, when he arrived at Immortal Stage, when he must enter Soaring Dragon Realm, that Black Tiger Group and Freedom Alliance lost the asylum of Zhao Hai, when the time comes they were coping with Freedom Alliance, coped with Black Tiger Group, that isn't it better? Jian Wuya looked that Jiao Hualong they have perceived, his then said : „, moreover we cannot spell with Black Tiger Group hardly also a little, that is Soaring Dragon Realm, if we spell with Black Tiger Group hardly, loses is too big, Soaring Dragon Realm will not be making our Cultivation World enter, they may how, no matter our Cultivation World cultivator dies, what they must look is only the Cultivation World strength, therefore we cannot die to spell with Black Tiger Group now.” Jiao Hualong they were silent, the lethality of Jian Wuya final these words was too big, if they did not have the means in going to Soaring Dragon Realm there, then regarding their several Great Sect, absolutely was not good information, then on equal to said that they lost contacted higher Cultivation Method opportunity, lost entered to High level Space opportunity, this affected regarding them is too big. Some little time Jiao Hualong clenches teeth said : well, depended on the old sword you saying that we drew back, mother, this enmity, father sooner or later must report.” Jian Wuya deep voice said : „the everyone/Great Clan preparation, makes Ten Thousand Monster Sect withdraw first, is removing other Sect, Zhao Hai does not want the northern four states? We give him, but if he five states south extend the hand to, we have spelled with them, rather do not go to Soaring Dragon Realm, cannot the domains south five states give them, otherwise, was protect entered the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, feared that was we do not have opportunity to go.” Jiao Hualong they nodded, then Jiao Hualong immediately went to inform Supreme Elder this matter, like the big matter, with Supreme Elder did not discuss that definitely was incorrect, but well in this time was not his matter person, Jian Wuya they also asked for leniency.

But Ten Thousand Monster Sect Supreme Elder to has not felt embarrassed Jiao Hualong they, these lived the don’t know many year old fogies, what his is Ten Thousand Monster Sect considers, because they came out from Soaring Dragon Realm, they naturally do not hope after Ten Thousand Monster Sect, nobody can enter Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore they agreed proposition that Ten Thousand Monster Sect outmigrates. Not only Ten Thousand Monster Sect agreed that the western ghost sect, Eastern Saint Academy and Northern Saint Academy person also agreed to move out, their this moved out, all gave Freedom Alliance around the northern domain on equal to, regarding four Great Sect, they were does not certainly give up, but did not hate them also to such do, because such is not them to be only more miserable. Jian Wuya they have not been idling, this time is Ten Thousand Monster Sect their four Sect moves toward the south five states, thing that needs to prepare were too many, four Great Sect, any one Sect population are many, they must move to the southern five states, the matter in aspects were too many, Jian Wuya they must use their influence, coordinates the good this matter to be good. Zhao Hai and don’t know Jian Wuya their discussion, the position that because Jian Wuya they are at now is Ten Thousand Monster Sect Sect inside, Zhao has not received the Space place. However Ten Thousand Monster Sect other place Zhao Hai have actually been monitoring, he already present Ten Thousand Monster Sect there unusual sound, this lets feel that cannot help but feels somewhat strangely. Zhao Hai simply has not thought most from the beginning four Great Sect will take the initiative giving up northern four states, his release that information, for is makes nine Great Sect gather the military strength, then his good together to have tidied up, must know Zhao Hai although strength very formidable, but he after all only then a person, if he does not want to expose too many secret, his Undead Creature army cannot divide forces, can only side him, form greatly enters to nine Great Sect carries on attack. If nine Great Sect really one cruel-hearted, disperses their army, many army together attack Freedom Alliance, that Zhao Hai also really can be the headache, when the time comes both sides feared that must spell to consume, that is Zhao Hai undesired, therefore he said his point that making nine Great Sect know, such nine Great Sect concentrations of effort with fighting one, him have been able to give to tidy up nine Great Sect at one fell swoop, are not many kills people, must hit to be honest they, frightens they the line. However now looks at the Ten Thousand Monster Sect there situation, they actually probably must retreat, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, not only Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Eastern Saint Academy, Northern Saint Academy and Wonderful Sound Pavilion must retreat probably, this may big stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai.

However Zhao Hai defers to original plan, next day sends out with the first regiment, throws toward Ten Thousand Monster Sect, but this Zhao Hai has not put out Great Magical Artifact to add, conversely, he also in the name of must preserve fighting strength, letting everyone/Great Clan advancing placed the one type of very low level. cultivator of first regiment to does not have any opinion to Zhao Hai this procedure, they have gone to the situation that one type of worshipped blindly to Zhao Hai now, how Zhao Hai said how they do, therefore advancing of first regiment is not very fast. Jiao Hualong that is busy moving they also heard this information, heard this information, Jiao Hualong their understand, Zhao Hai this was giving them the time, Jiao Hualong they naturally impossible to have any sense of gratitude to Zhao Hai, but they also sped up. cultivator moves is very quick, some important thing, in an attire toward Space Equipment, raised legs to leave, but this four Great Sect had the resentment to move out, therefore they, not being able to carry off some facilities to their Sect have carried on the destruction, medicine male there there mature medicinal herbs they have not poached. They also want to carry on some destruction to Medicine Fields, but at this time, Zhao Hai Undead Creature suddenly appears in four Great Sect General Hall here, has carried on some attack to four Great Sect, Jiao Hualong they are not the fools, they know that Zhao Hai this is to them a lesson, making them do not go too far, their beforehand destruction Zhao Hai can not haggle over, if also destroyed Medicine Fields, Zhao Hai they obtained four Great Sect domains, the income also few many. How although don’t know Zhao Hai knows their here matter, but four Great Sect truly did not dare to carry on to destroy, tidied up thing, directly on leave Sect Encampment, entered the southern five states, henceforth the northern four states changed the world.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }