Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1887

Four Great Sect draw back was too quick, simply not to opportunity that others responded, only then Zhao Hai knows that what's the matter, some small Sect don’t know this matters in nine Great Sect alliances, when they know this matter time, four Great Sect withdrew from the northern four states. Four Great Sect withdraw from the northern four states, nine Great Sect alliances naturally do not exist, especially small Sect of these original northern four states, they after knowing four Great Sect retreat, the first response very startled, but then actually peaceful, because looks like in these people, they want rebel Freedom Alliance now are impossible, therefore naturally can only wait for Freedom Alliance to receive the domain, how when the time comes has a look at Freedom Alliance to process them. Small Sect of some methods, they before were nine Great Sect iron rod under the hand/subordinate, four Great Sect in retreating, has informed them, these fellows also know, if they in north keeping four state here, later will not have the auspicious day, therefore they have also tidied up thing, followed four Great Sect, when arrived at southern state there not to be impossible in them is becoming ** small Sect, became four Great Sect branch Hall. The changes of northern four states, making all people somewhat be caught off guard, even if Freedom Alliance is the same, Zhao Hai leads the first regiment is arriving at Ten Thousand Monster Sect the time, Ten Thousand Monster Sect there was reminded of dear ones who have left, they have not encountered a point problem, directly Ten Thousand Monster Sect occupying, after having occupied Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Zhao Hai immediately to Zhang Feng sends the letter, making Zhang Feng they organize the person, the first Ten Thousand Monster Sect domain occupying, is then sending for relating Northern Divergent Province originally with Ten Thousand Monster Sect these small Sect. Has a look at them is any opinion, is willing to add welcome of Freedom Alliance, does not want join Freedom Alliance, immediately gets the hell out. Otherwise tidies up them. This order very overbearing, but these small Sect do not have any opinion, almost Northern Divergent Province all small Sect returned to into Freedom Alliance, these did not have join small Sect, was reminded of dear ones who have left, Northern Divergent Province smooth to Freedom Alliance in hand. Northern Divergent Province has succeeded in obtaining, Freedom Alliance very happy, remains from top to bottom was the benefit blows divides. Black Tiger Group this time still minute of draw, they took Ten Thousand Monster Sect part of domains, has apportioned around Ten Thousand Monster Sect some small Sect, then makes these small Sect put out part of domains. Apportions to their near Sect, this equal to is the domain to trading, these small Sect have not eaten anything to owe. Naturally Black Tiger Group also took the big end, Ten Thousand Monster Sect General Hall is taken by Black Tiger Group directly, but they have also let around originally Black Tiger Group some domains. Only retained three bases, naturally they are many of attaining, few of letting, Black Tiger Group domain in an expansion. Method of Black Tiger Group this domain exchange. For those the appreciations of these small Sect, because Black Tiger Group, when the domain exchanges. Achieving of entering quantity will be fair, must know in this domain exchange. Also is the has plenty trick in inside, for example a piece ground what, is only a barren hill, resulted in did not have any use, but that after all was the a piece place, but another a piece ground, actually mine, regarding building Magical Artifact very usefully, if some people made you resign piece of mine to come, why was giving you a barren hill you to be able? Naturally not, but beforehand nine Great Sect have done, this is also these small Sect to nine Great Sect very discontented reasons. The land exchange of this Black Tiger Group is different, they will have any thing to calculate the first land that on must exchange, then in letting carry on the unified exchange, strives to achieve the equal exchange, even if Black Tiger Group with other Sect exchanges time, will achieve this point. This looks like in other Sect is the good deed, but they have not actually thought that through this land exchange, Black Tiger Group almost grasped the qualifications of Northern Divergent Province all mine Medicine Fields, each Sect has any good thing, now Black Tiger Group is clear, these thing although now look like common, but to later Black Tiger Group control Northern Divergent Province, even is control entire Freedom Alliance, has the huge use. Naturally these matters do not need Zhao Hai to be done, Zhang Feng they directly matter doing, but Zhao Hai is bringing the first regiment to expunge toward Northern Saint Province now, the preparation receives the Northern Saint Province domain.

Since Northern Saint Province, has been Northern Saint Academy a monopoly of a single clique, four Saint academies it is said are with one Sect, afterward split, moreover four Saint academies exist, must be longer than Heavenly Sword Sect, can say that must discuss to come to several Great Province control, in nine Great Sect, Great Province control that four Saint academies are at to them what is strictest. But northern four state here, existences of two four Saint academies, now although Northern Saint Academy and Eastern Saint Academy moved out, but Northern Saint Province and Eastern Saint Province there domain fears not that easy control. Before Zhao Hai, reason that after obtaining the Ten Thousand Monster Sect domain immediately marches to other three Great Province , is preparing, is also collecting some information, he also wants to other three Great Province these small Sect opportunity, having a look at them to have anything to respond these days. But those who make Zhao Hai not think will be other three Great Province these small Sect will really have that big courage, after four Great Sect will withdraw, small Sect that these will keep, unexpectedly being established of fast several small alliances, directly blowing have divided several Great Sect domains, can say that besides Northern Divergent Province there, other three Great Province now is a confusion. Zhao Hai has not thought that really three Great Province will turn into this appearance unexpectedly, when he receives information, cannot help but smiled said : to be getting more and more interesting, it seems like these people were think really I do not dare to kill people.” Now Northern Divergent Province already by complete control, these originally with Ten Thousand Monster Sect small Sect already join to Freedom Alliance, moreover somewhat divided some advantage, these small Sect presently the style of Black Tiger Group conduct, with Ten Thousand Monster Sect completely different, they also relaxed, being dead set on with the reactionary gang, Ten Thousand Monster Sect ran after all now, they were not good with Black Tiger Group, because if this matter offended Zhao Hai, they cry to cry not to make noise. Northern Divergent Province there was completely calm and steady. Zhao Hai naturally also reason that if wants situations in means to tidying up another three states, Zhao Hai believes another three states so will be chaotic, these small Sect obtained certainly the Northern Saint Province receiving intent, otherwise they do not dare. The plan of Zhao Hai also understand Northern Saint Province, they want to make these small Sect chaotic, if Zhao Hai copes with these small Sect meetings, will make these small Sect have to give a pretext alliance to get up together to cope with Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group do not think calm and steady control another three Great Province. The situations in another three states are different from Northern Divergent Province, Northern Divergent Province here person regarding Black Tiger Group have some understanding, regarding Zhao Hai understanding, therefore meets the Northern Divergent Province matter regarding Black Tiger Group. These small Sect will not have the too big opinion, but other three Great Province situations are different, Northern Saint Academy, small Sect of Eastern Saint Academy and Wonderful Sound Pavilion to own Great Province. control is very strict, therefore was their leave, the effects on these small Sect was still very big, these small Sect will listen their, therefore now three Great Province so will be chaotic. Zhao Hai sits in the Yama Ship deck. In the deck also sits some people, these people are various Sect representatives, naturally, has Li Kuangge. Now Li Kuangge is taking a piece jade slip. look at inside content, after having looked at the content. angry look flashes on Li Kuangge face does not have, he transfers to look at Zhao Hai said : Army Commander. Other three are Great Province really this situation? If this is really the case, behind that this matter, some people pull certainly strings, I looked that does not do well is three Great Sect does.”

Was saying Li Kuangge while has given nearby one Sect representative jade slip, in that jade slip naturally is three Great Province now the report of situation, this thing is Zhao Hai makes, for is makes Li Kuangge they know, three Great Province present situations. The Zhao Hai look at Li Kuangge appearance, shows a faint smile said : this I naturally to know that three Great Province so will be chaotic, if no three Great Sect incites that to call fishily, you said to look how this matter we should solve?” Li Kuangge stares, he has not thought that really Zhao Hai will ask this issue he hesitant, then look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : this matter looks like takes your time, these small Sect look like probably is very fierce, but some that is fights received pulling strings of three Great Sect, some were actually not, they were possibly misled, if were really such, we arrived are can put their horse.” The Zhao Hai look at Li Kuangge appearance, showing a faint smile suddenly, has then laughed, deep voice said : Kuangge Kuangge, you were too tender, came across this matter, cannot drag, more quickly solved is better, these small weren't Sect is noisy? We kill, kill till them not to dare in the noise, he he, in nearest/recent Freedom Alliance some Sect will also make some petty actions to come out, they think really my Zhao Hai doesn't dare to kill people? My Zhao Hai that hundreds of millions Undead Creature, does not take with others' hand, I just do not think, when Soaring Dragon Realm comments greatly kills too many people, but these people, since dares to do, that must take the consequence.” What Zhao Hai this saying said is average faint, but on Yama Ship many Sect representatives actually started to break into sweat, they knew him finally, Zhao Hai this was taking the opportunity is warning them, these days in Freedom Alliance really had some Sect to make some petty actions, although does not threaten the rule of Black Tiger Group, but regarding these petty actions, Black Tiger Group very dislike, therefore Black Tiger Group nearest/recent also very annoyed, therefore Zhang Feng made Zhao Hai find the way to warn other Sect. Zhao Hai naturally has not declined, because does not have that necessity, these small Sect are also leaving the useful message, they dare to cause trouble in front of Black Tiger Group, Zhao Hai already gave to butcher them, that will let them also free and unfettered in Freedom Alliance. However Black Tiger Group in Freedom Alliance, continuously by fair and rational appearance appears , if Black Tiger Group begins to these fellows, will cause the Freedom Alliance turbulence, therefore Zhao Hai these time warned their, if these fellows have not known good from bad, that Zhao Hai will be impolite with them. Li Kuangge has not actually thought that many, because Great Axe Group is best with Black Tiger Group relationship, Black Tiger Group reached now, but Great Axe Group also profits at someone's expense, now Great Axe Group domain compared with before, but big many, two groups of relationship now still very good, therefore Great Axe Group naturally cannot cause any short rope used to bind animals to Black Tiger Group, is adding on Li Kuangge to Zhao Hai now is worship, therefore his naturally don’t know lived any matter. One hear of Zhao Hai say in Freedom Alliance some people in secret to practice dirty tricks now, Li Kuangge does two eyes cannot help but stand, drinks said : who to dare to be so bold? Also dares to practice dirty tricks at this time? Doesn't their conscience have? Freedom Alliance can have today, may all be mister your merit, now they also dare to practice dirty tricks unexpectedly, did their consciences make the dog eat?” Li Kuangge spoke this saying time, but also often sweeps with the eye these Sect representatives, these Sect representatives have some cannot bring one's strength to bear, lowering the head of slightly, has avoided Li Kuangge look.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Kuangge appearance, showed a faint smile said : well Kuangge, gained the benefit for own Sect, this did not have what mistake, but now is not the time, Northern Saint Province, Eastern Saint Province and Western Demon Province we did not have complete control, now struggles the benefit, too early, Northern Divergent Province had many benefit, in struggling not to select thing, we most should now on was gives to still other three sides, true belonged to our Freedom Alliance by the northern four states, our nature on can gain the even bigger benefit to moment.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to turn the head to look at other these Sect Sect Master one, deep voice said : benefit even bigger that so long as we northern four states stilling, us obtained, but when the time comes various Sect in Freedom Alliance must classify.” Li Kuangge one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : classification? Does Elder Brother Hai, what divide?” Zhao Hai sneers next step: You do not think that our Freedom Alliance so is really selfless, accepts these people to enter to Freedom Alliance in? Before these small Sect, with nine Great Sect, is our enemies, but most from the beginning join Freedom Alliance various Sect, strength also not compared with them, in turn what to do if these fellows do bully most from the beginning these small Sect of join alliance? Therefore in later Freedom Alliance Sect will classify, classifies according to the join Freedom Alliance time, most from the beginning join to Freedom Alliance various Sect, is First Grade Sect, later will obtain more commodities, other Sect will also be divided Second Grade or Third Grade, each First Grade Sect allowance is different, these fellows think that they offended our Freedom Alliance, so long as join Freedom Alliance had finished up in turn, that has that cheap matter.” Zhao Hai this saying is not he temporarily conceives a plan saying that but with Zhang Feng they discussed that later decision, Freedom Alliance is an alliance in such alliance, you cannot make all Sect be on good terms with you, that arrives to might as well win over a batch, suppresses a batch, only then such Black Tiger Group can the control Freedom Alliance alliance leader position firmly. As superior, sometimes wants overbearing some, your overbearing, following these people will not think you to be weak, therefore Zhao Hai they discussed after Zhang Feng, decided that caused such one Sect level to come.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }