Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1888
Zhao Hai this Sect level information, on entire Yama Ship in an uproar, must know now these Sect representatives on Yama Ship, may be a batch join Freedom Alliance, if causes any Sect level division, Sect that they are, can become First Grade Sect absolutely, the benefit that later gains much will be many. Therefore the Zhao Hai voice just fell, the one Sect representative cannot bear said : Army Commander, what you said is really? In the pledge can make this Sect level division really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : present alliance leader possibly in discussing this matter with your Sect Sect Master, the level division of this Sect must have, later will also separate for several years to evaluate one time, each level division according to the priority division of alliance, later is different, later the level division, actually must look to alliance for offering to divide, if several years later, what you have not supplied to offer to Sect, is First Grade Sect, must be degraded, what specific is regulation I and don’t know, this looks at alliance leader Result that they discussed.” The people nodded, but on face of their each and every one actually appears a happy expression, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, shows a faint smile, has not made noise, the evaluation of this Sect level, to let these Sect can be positive and progressive, only then such Freedom Alliance can unfold. Zhao Hai was some little time good to their said :, what result this matter finally is, but must look at alliance leader their opinion, does not have no relationship with us. Our present duty are as soon as possible stills another three states. Make the northern four states official turns over to our Freedom Alliance, everyone/Great Clan thinks how should do?” These Sect representatives started to discuss, some little time, had one Sect representative deep voice said : Army Commander, you said before must with quickest stilled three Great Province chaotic situations, I think that was feasible, our these time went receives three Great Province domains, had not to dare, since, killed!” Other people also nodded, this is the Zhao Hai beforehand opinion. Moreover after small Sect that these person also a little selfishness, refuse to accept these to destroying completely, the there Sect domain turns into the place of ownerless, when the time comes their Sect can divide to more benefits. To be honest, they could not have lain to extinguish some Sect. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, wish lets three Great Province stills as soon as possible, must make them fear us, the murder best method, this time we enter Northern Divergent Province, first takes noisy happiest several Sect to operate.” People simultaneously has complied with one, they also know that this three Great Province feared wanted rivers of blood. Yan Liben sits in his study room, on the face is having a will proud full facial expression. Reason that he such happy also has the reason, Sect in recent time show good of very he is, his naturally happy. Sect known as word gate that Yan Liben is, this word gate is very special Sect, their Sect main Magical Artifact is the symbol, all kinds of symbols, Paper Talisman, Jade Talisman, wooden symbol, [gold/metal] talisman. All kinds of symbols, said that they are Northern Saint Province most understand the symbol a Sect point not to be overrated. But said that word gate also has another status, they with have been very near before, Northern Saint Academy that Northern Saint Academy walked sent some students to study manufacture talisman toward their Sect, but they will also send some students to carry on some studies to Northern Saint Academy. It can be said that word sect is branch Sect of Northern Saint Academy.

In the past Northern Saint Academy suddenly withdrew Northern Saint Province, when stylish word gate really very startled. They also want to follow Northern Saint Academy together, but afterward Northern Saint Academy actually sent for contacting with them, making them keep Northern Saint Province here, seize the opportunity shoulders the Northern Saint Province chaotic situation, making Black Tiger Group not have means complete control Northern Saint Province. To be honest just received this order time, Yan Liben somewhat is disturbed, he heard, Freedom Alliance is not the kindhearted generation, especially that Zhao Hai, is the person who nine Great Sect are not willing to provoke, if he has shouldered the Northern Saint Province chaotic situation, feared that will be when the time comes Freedom Alliance will not let off him. However the Northern Saint Academy person also told him, in Northern Saint Province here, is not only then his one Sect will do, when the time comes meets has plenty Sect to do, moreover their these Sect have stick together, can gain attaching great importance to of Black Tiger Group, can gain attaching great importance to of Freedom Alliance, they will have the status in Freedom Alliance. Heard the Northern Saint Academy person saying that Yan Liben has moved, because he knows that they want leave Northern Saint Province not to be impossible, if they must keep Northern Saint Province here, that must gain the even bigger benefit for oneself, but obviously the proposition of Northern Saint Academy, was the best means that they can stick together threaten Freedom Alliance, like this they naturally can also gain more benefits. Then Yan Li originally with the help of Northern Saint Academy person, nearby several Sect alliance with him, has formed a small alliance, and fast has occupied the a piece domain, this domain originally is Northern Saint Academy, before gave them a day to make the courage, they do not dare to occupy this domain, now in hints of Northern Saint Academy cultivator, they actually that domain occupying. Obtained benefit small alliance naturally is unity, but those who made Yan Liben not think, in Northern Saint Province here, unexpectedly appears one after several other small alliances, these small alliances with them almost, has regarded the a piece fat the original Northern Saint Academy domain, everyone came up to nip one. This makes Yan Liben somewhat depressed, but he does not have the means that because of Yan Liben very clear, the back of these small alliances, feared that also has the Northern Saint Academy shadow, otherwise these small alliances do not dare that bold the Northern Saint Academy domain occupying. although now Northern Saint Academy leave Northern Saint Province, but Northern Saint Province here these small Sect, do not have any to dare influence of underestimated Northern Saint Academy to Northern Saint Province, after Northern Saint Academy evacuates Northern Saint Province, Northern Saint Academy domain uninhabited has actually dared to move, now these small alliances dare to project on the Northern Saint Academy domain the idea, that obtained certainly Northern Saint Academy was been good by intent, otherwise they do not dare. Yan Liben although is somewhat discontented with this situation, but they also truly obtained many advantage, especially said the word gate, now can not arrive at two mine, moreover obtained big piece Medicine Fields, this regarding the humane word gate was very important. In Yan Liben , in own study room plans can from these mine and Medicine Fields income many, outside suddenly study room transmits sound speaking sounds: Report, Sect Master, the subordinate has matter to report.”

Yan Liben cannot help but gently wrinkled under the brow, he does not like others disturbing him, but he is Master of a Sect, matter has plenty that first day must process, this situation is also inevitable, therefore he is take deep breaths, deep voice said : comes.” The person of out of the door has complied with one, pushed the door to walk. The person who sees, Yan Liben has cannot help but gawked, then complexion changes said : what sound, but does Freedom Alliance have?” Reason that he will ask such that is the person who because comes, is he places the Northern Saint Province surrounding, person who monitors the Freedom Alliance sound. That person nodded said : is Sect Master, Freedom Alliance army sent out, Zhao Hai lead the army, is bringing his first regiment personally, 7 million people, came toward Northern Saint Province, it is estimated that passed for two days to be able official entry to the Northern Saint Province boundary.” Yan Liben nodded, laid out said : to continue to monitor, Zhao Hai the situation of first regiment, takes one day three newspapers, acts without fail.” That cultivator complied with one hastily, turn around walked. Yan Liben look at that cultivator walked, immediately/on horseback deep voice said : comes the person, invited king mister.” Some people have complied with one, then the sound of footsteps goes far away, before long footsteps sound, then a sound conveyed said : Sect Master, king mister.” Yan Liben immediately/on horseback said : invited quickly.” His voice just fell, a person has pushed the door to walk, this person looks like over 30 years old, a storehouse cyan Literati clothing/taking, the head hand towel, looks like looks like learned Scholar, sees likely is not cultivator. Yan Liben sees this person, has stood hastily, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see king mister to this person, mister please sit down.” King mister also holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Sect Master to Yan Liben, does not know that Sect Master does look today below comes, does do?” Yan Liben immediately/on horseback said : today asks king mister to come really to have the matter, mister, just must report below, Freedom Alliance army soon arrived at Northern Saint Province here, person of Zhao Hai lead the army, along with also seven million army that he comes, asked mister to come below, wants to listen to the opinion of mister.” King mister one hear of Yan Liben said that cannot help but light oh said : oh, finally came, I already calculate that Zhao Hai will come, Sect Master does not need to care, now Northern Saint Province aspect very chaotic, Freedom Alliance army came, does not have what means facing this aspect, moreover Sect Master is best is makes this aspect more chaotic.”

Yan Liben looked at king mister one puzzled, what meaning deep voice said : „is mister this saying? Can mister make me go to other attack Sect?” King mister shows a faint smile said : well, I am this meaning, Sect Master now should attack other Sect, when the time comes the entire Northern Saint Province aspect randomly will become pot gruel, if Freedom Alliance will want to meddle, your alliance will cope with him, if Freedom Alliance will not meddle, you can continue like this to live now.” Yan Liben's puzzled look at king mister said : „, if we want alliance to get up, got up on alliance, why before , can start first?” King mister look at Yan Liben, shows a faint smile said : Yan Sect Master not to imagine Freedom Alliance to be the same, unification entire Northern Saint Province? Sect Master you dispatch troops to make to unify the Northern Saint Province banner, if Freedom Alliance meddles, you said that the Northern Saint Province matter, wants the Northern Saint Province person on one's own side to be solved, if Freedom Alliance meddles, wants one to foreign.” Yan Liben has gawked, then what his finally understand this king mister has hit is any idea, speaks the truth, this does not have what fault regarding him, no matter what, he now is also alliance leader of small alliance, if can like Freedom Alliance, he have more chips to negotiate with Freedom Alliance.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }