Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1889

The subject that the benefit will weigh forever, Northern Saint Academy representative king mister, has given Yan Liben the Northern Saint Academy a piece domain, has given Yan Liben the benefit, for is enables Yan Liben to listen to his order conduct. Reason that Yan Liben will listen to the king mister words , because this king mister gives the advice that he offers, does not have what fault regarding him, but can also make him obtain the advantage, driven by benefit, Yan Liben naturally can listen to the king mister words. These time heard that Freedom Alliance army must arrive, Yan Liben wants to negotiate with Freedom Alliance directly, but the king mister words made him begin, so long as Northern Saint Province here got down randomly, that Freedom Alliance was not good to take over, if he can depending on his strength, unify Northern Saint Province here all Sect, he had the even bigger qualification to negotiate with Freedom Alliance. Yan Liben is not a fool, reason that his very clear, Northern Saint Academy the withdrawal , because Northern Saint Academy cannot stir up Freedom Alliance, but his not being able to stir up Freedom Alliance, even if were he unified entire Northern Saint Province, he could not stir up Freedom Alliance. Moreover Yan Liben does not think after Northern Saint Academy, has opportunity returned to Northern Saint Province to come, even if after is, Northern Saint Academy returned to Northern Saint Province, so long as his in hand control entire Northern Saint Province all Sect, that Northern Saint Academy is not daring him to be what kind. In because of some these considerations, therefore Yan Liben will agree that king mister means that after packing off king mister, all Sect Sect Master of Yan Liben immediately in this alliance invited, then said own plan. These Sect Sect Master did not agree most from the beginning. However Yan Liben said this is the meaning of Northern Saint Academy, in adding on the obligation of benefit, these Sect Sect Master agreed finally, their immediately the several Sect gentlemen in of Elite gathered, started to carry on attack to another small alliance. But when Yan Liben they carry on attack to that small alliance, entire Northern Saint Province also all messed up, Northern Saint Province here altogether has every large or small alliance dozens now, but is almost at the same time, these every large or small alliances start mutually attack, Northern Saint Province probably randomly has become in the flash pot gruel. Zhao Hai regarding Northern Saint Province there situation completely understand. Northern Saint Province chaos regarding Zhao Hai, as he expected, regarding Northern Saint Academy that acrobatics, Zhao Hai simply has not paid attention. Even if Northern Saint Academy Zhao Hai has not paid attention, do not say these small Sect. Now these small Sect are so chaotic, center Zhao Hai below cherishes, Zhao Hai also had killing intent in any case, no matter these fellows are how chaotic, when the time comes his army drives past, direct flattening out and that's the end, he does not believe that these cultivator all do not fear death. Two days of in the blink of an eye on past, the first regiment close Northern Saint Province slowly, after saying. Very obvious borderline of Northern Saint Province with Northern Divergent Province, this borderline is a mountain, this mountain known as wolf's fang mountain, the mountain is very high, altogether has mountain peak more than 1000, each every reaches to the sky, the steep difficult line, is similar to wolf's fang is the same, therefore acquires fame. However this mountain does not have doing of any stop to use regarding cultivator, cultivator is flying in the sky. Has the mountain not to have the mountain to be actually same.

Yama Ship steady is driving forward especially, Zhao Hai stands in the Yama Ship bow, in his side with Li Kuangge, but Laura their several also stand in Zhao Hai not far away, is directing to the wolf's fang mountain. Low voice was chatting. Li Kuangge look at wolf's fang mountain, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai. Has wanted the wolf's fang mountain, crossed the wolf's fang mountain is Northern Saint Province, do we want to prepare?” What does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : to prepare? You think that Northern Saint Province these Sect also do have to dare to come attack our courage? feel relieved, they did not dare, crossed the wolf's fang mountain, first found a place to let everyone/Great Clan recuperation, then we were moving.” Li Kuangge nodded, deep voice said : „the wolf's fang mountain, big city, this big city originally has been a Northern Saint Academy transaction point, afterward generating slowly big city, this city called Wolf Fang County probably, before continuously by Northern Saint Academy control, after the Northern Saint Academy person walked, this big city probably by several Immortal Cultivator Clan control, these Immortal Cultivator Clan, originally is being the disciple foundation of Northern Saint Academy, Northern Saint Academy walks, has not taken them, in these Clan has several his Nascent Soul Stage cultivator fortunately, is can blow the scene, in adding on the present. Northern Saint Province here chaos, nobody manages them, they have regarded the local despot in this Wolf Fang County, I thought that we can go to this Wolf Fang County recuperation.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, in any case we in that city recuperation, first do not move that several Clan in Wolf Fang County, I to have a look, Northern Saint Province these Sect can also play any hua type to come.” Li Kuangge has complied with one, arranged. At this time Laura arrived at the Zhao Hai side, look at Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, you were for sometime not killing intent, how did this time you plan to do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : when to use what method, what method can make me achieve my point most quickly, what method I use, the murder is one type of of method.” Laura nodded, after deep voice said : „the northern four states still, can you also the rest, what you have to plan well some time these days? Thinks that Heavenly Demon Race there does transfer the extension?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that Laura actually will ask this issue, does he stare, turns the head look at Laura said : what? you to make me receive in Space a Heavenly Demon clan? Must say that this race also is really interesting, so long as unexpectedly subdues immediately to provide Strength of Faith, interesting.” Laura deep voice said : „this Heavenly Demon clan must say that is very interesting, if received Space also good, but looks like does not have what advantage.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, regarding Heavenly Demon Race, Zhao Hai that thoughts, his Fire God in the city has not thought of many Heavenly Demon Race people really now, moreover these Heavenly Demon Race people started to form the family now, later the Fire God city was these Heavenly Demon Race families, Zhao Hai did not have the thoughts to receive other Heavenly Demon Race to enter Space. Laura said that makes him go to day Demon Realm there to transfer the extension, in other words said but oneself, they such progressed with Zhao Hai, any scene has not seen, Heavenly Demon Race there, but also did not have really attractively what. Now in Zhao Hai Space, soon became small Universe, all kinds of races are innumerable, lives on respective planet, can provide inexhaustible Strength of Faith and all kinds of commodities to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai that will also care about Heavenly Demon Race. However Zhao Hai to did not oppose that Heavenly Demon Race there, is mainly because he wants to go to Heavenly Demon Race there to have a look, has a look Heavenly Demon Race there also has some him not to see Magic Beast, he wants to get so far as in Space these Magic Beast, lets in Space also many several species. Moreover now Zhao Hai shifted some Heavenly Demon Race toward Space, these time with the Heavenly Demon Race war, Zhao Hai grasped many Heavenly Demon Race to enter Space, these Heavenly Demon Race actually mostly were the male, the Zhao Hai preparation in grasping some female Heavenly Demon enters Space, in such Space can have own Heavenly Demon Race. although said Space to be able now Level Up, but Zhao Hai collected various species the problems actually not to change, he still liked collecting all kinds of thing, then got so far as in these thing Space, making thing in his Space more and more, species also more and more entire. Zhao Hai and don’t know, he such does is most correct, Space truly is very mysterious, especially after can Level Up, collection all kinds of thing that if the ordinary person, after Space can Level Up in rising, not to do everything possible like Zhao Hai, such Space although still meets Level Up, but Space throughout is Space. However after Zhao Hai collected that many thing, Space Level Up although not quick many, but Space is actually living some not for the person change, before , turns into planet each every Space plane, is one type of of this change, this pair of Zhao Hai later show, very heavy wants. Zhao Hai don’t know these, he has not arrived at that level now, likes collecting thing toward Space , but also is only his interest, he is liking becomes by his Space is the same with outside big thousand Universe, therefore he such will do. Is thinking these thing, while Yama Ship has passed through the wolf's fang mountain, official entered the Northern Saint Province domain, at this time Li Kuangge walked, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, the order has passed around, we in the Wolf Fang County there recuperation, I told that did not make them make the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, person who deep voice said : we low key, I to am have a look at to have Northern Saint Province first contacts with us, after we contact is any manner, if the sincerity thinks that join to Freedom Alliance, that is not no need saying that later is our Freedom Alliance person, if dares to come with me horizontal, I do not need to be polite.”

Li Kuangge nodded said : I to think that should some people want join to Freedom Alliance, these small Sect by nine Great Sect pressing was too long, now is separated from nine Great Sect opportunity with great difficulty, can they not agree?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that to be possible not to say certainly, the sometimes person will always be confused by the present benefit, made the wisdom dizzy, these words placed that to be effective, our Freedom Alliance has moved in Northern Divergent Province after all, the Northern Divergent Province there water has been thought highly of by several other Great Province, perhaps this Northern Saint Province person, but also has not been serious us.” Li Kuangge coldly snorted said : one group of only arrogant idiots, with nine Great Sect good, but also looks down upon our Northern Divergent Province, snort|hum, this Heavenly Demon invades, Elder Brother Hai your make a move, depends on nine Great Sect these fellows, feared that was present Cultivation World by Heavenly Demon Race occupying.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, let alone these useless, we coped with Heavenly Demon Race, for us, did not have no relationship with them, making everyone/Great Clan prepare, these days gave me the low key, after a period of time some were opportunity makes them kill people.” Li Kuangge nodded, to be honest, he has not seen the Zhao Hai murder, although Zhao Hai so many Undead Creature, but Li Kuangge actually does not think that these Undead Creature deaths all have relationship with Zhao Hai, in his opinion that is impossible, a person in ruthless heart, is impossible to kill that many people, therefore he does not believe.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }