Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1890
Report, Patriarch, Freedom Alliance army came, to arrive at outside the city.”

In the Wolf Fang County city in study room of big mansion, young man was reporting the first armed forces fireball whereabouts to a style uncommon middle-aged person. That middle-aged person nodded, deep voice said : sends for contacting with them, I want by our status, not to see Zhao Hai, but is absolutely impossible to neglect, did I let Spirit Wine that you prepare before? Delivers.” That young man complied with one, turn around walked, the middle-aged person sighed said : that several idiots, actually is also thinking the Northern Saint Academy person came back, Northern Saint Academy also hit runs, their that does not dare to hit also had the courage to come back, now Northern Saint Academy such does, but looked to Freedom Alliance slightly troublesome, such matter, was your such people can participate, acted recklessly.” The middle-aged person sits in study room, puts out in a piece jade slip, during the content in careful look at jade slip, study room fell into to be silent. But at this time, just young man that exited from his room, led several servants to leave the palace gate, on this door writes two characters, Wan Residence! Of Wan Family this Wolf Fang County city Great Clan, Wan Family has Old Ancestor, is the Northern Saint Academy elder, but is not Immortal Stage Supreme Elder, is can only the Transcends Tribulation Stage elder, latter arrived in this Wolf Fang County to settle down, has established Wan Family in here, became one of the Wolf Fang County control. However currently did Wan Family have Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, what in the family is strongest is the contemporary Patriarch Wanrong. The strength of Wanrong has Nascent Soul Stage. Does not arrive at Transcends Tribulation Stage, but the method of this person is actually not weak, after Northern Saint Academy withdraws, other his immediately alliance several control Wolf Fang County. However before , several days Northern Saint Academy actually in one time sends, making their Wolf Fang County several Great Clan also form an alliance, then makes entire Northern Saint Province chaotic, its these Great Clan Patriarch somewhat were excited, only then Wanrong has not moved. Wan Family beforehand although is the Northern Saint Academy person, but currently in Clan had for a long time not to have disciple to enter Northern Saint Academy, can say that is not very dense cuts with Northern Saint Academy relationship. This Northern Saint Academy does not fight to walk, disappoints Wanrong, but simultaneously he also saw the great strength of Freedom Alliance, therefore Wanrong although on outwardly with that Northern Saint Academy representative empty by winding. However has actually saved has hired oneself the heart of Freedom Alliance, therefore heard that now Freedom Alliance army arrived, his immediately was brought Spirit Wine to go to seek an interview by own son, has a look at Freedom Alliance to them is any manner. Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, the Wolf Fang County city of look at not far away, in Wolf Fang County family is very static, on the street cannot even see a person, Zhao Hai looks at this posture, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he knows that the opposite party wants with the manner that this type does not cooperate to him demonstration of authority. However he actually does not care. In this time, suddenly is departing several black spots from Wolf Fang County, before long that several Black Tiger arrived in front of the first regiment, but they did not have, when nearby Yama Ship, by the people of first regiment blocking, now Zhao Hai is any status, that can be who wants to see can see. although was blocked, but Zhao Hai actually heard clearly that several people of speech contents, these people represent Wan Family to seek an interview unexpectedly, delivers some Spirit Wine to distribute rewards while convenient. This to was makes Zhao Hai produce a curiosity to this Wan Family. He beckoned with the hand said : to make him come.” The people of first regiment have complied with one, that young man and his side several servants putting. Zhao Hai looked, this young man should not be old, the strength also only then about Gold Core Stage, such strength places in general Sect possibly is not anything. Also is ordinary Inner Disciples, but outside these Clan. Feared that was Expert that in Clan knew how things stand.

young man flies nearby Zhao Hai Yama Ship, does not dare to embark, long bows, in the mouth said : Wanxiang has seen mister, the Patriarch Wan Family Patriarch Wanrong, the specially appointed villain comes to distribute rewards, the small family delivers the Spirit Wine hundred altars|jars especially, asking mister to kindly accept.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, shows a faint smile said : well, Spirit Wine I accepted, embarks to speak.” Wanxiang has complied with one, careful embarking, but his several servants have not actually embarked, still stands in outboard, each and every one facial expression respectful serious. Wanxiang stepped Yama Ship carefully, still the bow the body, is actually not daring to gain ground, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not to need to be afraid, was on the rise the speech, I am Zhao Hai.” Wanxiang according to word gaining ground of slowly, one hear of Zhao Hai from the report name, his cannot help but jumps at heart, Zhao Hai is which person, in Wanxiang at heart, that is such as the day common character, now such character unexpectedly so polite spoke with oneself, Wanxiang's excitement at heart not to mention. Wanxiang in one time does obeisance to Zhao Hai, excited said : Wanxiang had already heard the mister given name, mister can bestow to see today, Wanxiang is most honored.” Zhao Hai look at Wanxiang, shows a faint smile said : your Wan Family to be very good, I arrived at this Wolf Fang County, your Wan Family is first pays a visit, feared evidently is also only one by one pays a visit, this, Kuangge, transmitted orders, army is stationed in outside the city, oneself find the place to rest, cannot cause trouble, who dares to make the matter, I have dug up his skin, you with me, we go to Wan Family to sit.” Li Kuangge has complied with one, transmitted orders, but Wanxiang was actually listens silly, his very clear Wan Family strength, what existence Wan Family was, but was in Wolf Fang County small Clan, even if were his father Wanrong came, Zhao Hai must say does not see, that did not see, they do not dare to put one fart, if Zhao Hai saw, that was gives their huge faces, now Zhao Hai actually said that must their family sit, how this can not be excited by Wanxiang. However Wanxiang also knows that this matter must inform in the family as soon as possible, if otherwise in the family does not have a point preparation, that may trouble. Thinks of here, Wanxiang immediately/on horseback bows said : mister to go to Zhao Hai my family, is my Wan Family unsurpassed glory, asking mister to allow me to send the servant to go in home to inform one first.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile. Beckoned with the hand said : well. You go to the person.” Wanxiang fast has arrived at the Yama Ship, waved to call a servant, to that servant whisper several, this has let that servant leave. When that servant leave, Wanxiang arrived around Zhao Hai, was bowing to Zhao Hai, stands was not speaking in one side, Wanxiang very clear, by him now such status, if Zhao Hai did not speak. He should better not to make noise, because he is unqualified speaks with Zhao Hai on own initiative. At this time Li Kuangge also came back, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, arranged.” Zhao Hai optional nod. Turns the head to make the your house/family servant also to Wanxiang said : come up, we go to the Wolf Fang County city.” Wanxiang has complied with one hastily, beckoned with the hand, making the servants of his family get up Yama Ship, after these servants got up Yama Ship, standing cautiously in Wanxiang, the atmosphere does not dare to leave. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, Yama Ship slowly expunges toward Wolf Fang County, before long arrived at the sky of Wan Residence, at this time in Wan Residence also departed the gang. This group of people have always have few, has the male to have the female, respectful standing outside Yama Ship.

Zhao Hai arrives at the Yama Ship, Wanrong immediately bows said : Wan Rong to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, small can come to my humble home, my humble home awning wall to live the splendor first.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Wan Family main to be polite, beginning Zhao Hai Northern Saint Province, only then Wan Family came to distribute rewards, the regard of Wan Family to my Freedom Alliance, Zhao Hai declined with thanks. Freedom Alliance will never treat unjustly any person who is Freedom Alliance is for offering, this matter I have taken down, afterward has thanks again.” Wanrong one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but an excitement, his quickly said: Does not dare. Can be mister handles the matter, book is also the villain should help. If mister does not shut out, may sit to the young person in slightly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have this intent.” Said that led Li Kuangge to get down Yama Ship, fell toward Wan Residence, but Laura they did not have. Wanrong and Wanxiang follow in the Zhao Hai side, other Wan Family people, follow in their, cautiously is sizing up Zhao Hai, actually nobody dares to have meaning of the disrespecting. Zhao Hai not direct falling to Wan Family courtyard, but fell on Wan Family palace in front of the door, this let Wan Family person very grateful, this was saved face to Wan Family, Wanrong arrived at side Zhao Hai hastily, mister invited to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai nodded, under the accompaniment in Wanrong, walks toward Wan Residence. This Wan Residence is really not small, after Zhao Hai entered Wan Residence, under Wanrong's guidance, arrived at the hall in Wan Residence, in the hall in Wan Residence has been placing many chairs, can look at these chairs not to suspend temporarily, but already suspended, in hall was center, was placing one chair, this chair obviously on was the seat of honor. Wan Rong asked Zhao Hai to sit down to seat of honor there, Zhao Hai not polite, after sitting down, looked at Wanrong behind Wan Family person one eyes, made the your house/family people go back to Wanrong said :, does not need to defend in here, was right, that youngster remained.” Said that Zhao Hai has referred to Wan Family a child in person, this child looks like about ten years old, the long tiger's head tiger brain, is very adorable. Wanrong has complied with one, waved, making the Wan Family person get down, in the entire hall only leaves behind Zhao Hai, Li Kuangge, Wanrong, Wanxiang also has that child. Wanrong gets that child to arrive at the Zhao Hai side, that child very sensible bows to Zhao Hai, crisp sound said : Wanhua pays a visit mister.” The Zhao Hai look at Wanhua nodded, shows a faint smile said : youngster to be good, body root is very good, turns head I to look for good Master in in the gang to you, and you get down.” A Wanhua face complied with one excitedly, turn around walked. An excitement of Wanrong and Wanxiang also face, Wan Family had for a long time nobody join to that Sect, this fearing slowly was Wan Family must fall did not have, but if Wanhua join to Black Tiger Group, that later Wan Family definitely reached. Wanrong and Wanxiang hold the fist in the other hand said : thanks a lot mister to help to Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : is his body root is good, if puts your in hand, feared that was most is also Nascent Soul Stage Dingtian, but placed in Sect, if trained, perhaps will become a Immortal Stage Expert person, was good, you also sat, I did not like you such standing am speaking to me.” Wanrong and Wanxiang one face sat excitedly, they were also recalling the Zhao Hai words, Wanhua may becomes Immortal Stage Expert, this for them, absolutely is good information, to entire Wan Family, is good information. After three people sit down, Zhao Hai looked at Wanrong one, shows a faint smile said : you to be very good, he he, in these fools like Wolf Fang County, has not thought that the Northern Saint Academy fellow can also returned to Northern Saint Province come, I have said that I will not treat unjustly any person who is Freedom Alliance strives, this several days I will live in Wolf Fang County here previous some time, after I walk, this Wolf Fang County was your Wan Family Wolf Fang County, was my Freedom Alliance wolf's fang branch Hall, can you understand?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Wanrong cannot help but stares, then one happy, he has stood hastily, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : is, Wanrong understand.” Wanrong was real understand, his understand this Zhao Hai arrived at Northern Saint Province here, certainly will not make the happy fellow to be polite to these, moreover several other in this Wolf Fang County, feared that must be finished, after this Wolf Fang County, really wanted surnamed Wan, this regarding him, absolutely was good information, Wanrong was also rejoicing simultaneously own choice. Zhao Hai looked at Wan Rong to say understand, this nodded said : your understand to be good, over the two days I have stayed on Yama Ship, you do not need to pay a visit, if there are others to contact with you, you do not need to look for me, if wanted to look for me through you, how you should also understand help, this several days I do not want to disturb me.” Wanrong has complied with one. Zhao Hai has then stood, hand wields, in hand were many a jar, this jar carves all over the body to green Green Jade, very beautiful, Zhao Hai wields, jar to Wanrong, then his deep voice said : this is one bottle of Potion, each small cup, must take to one water, you drink five cups almost to arrive at Transcends Tribulation Stage , he drinks up this bottle, almost can arrive at Transcends Tribulation Stage, has remembered, separates for five days to take one time.” Said that walks outward. Wanrong received the jar, one hear of Zhao Hai said that is actually a pleasant surprise of face, he thanks a lot mister helps to Zhao Hai said : hastily.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, with Li Kuangge to outside, Wanrong received the jar, pursues hastily in Zhao Hai exited, has delivered to Zhao Hai Yama Ship, this careful drew back returned to Wan Residence. Wan Residence here sound, has naturally alarmed entire Wolf Fang County, several other Great Clan in Wolf Fang County look at this situation, hates the tooth to be itchy, but they do not have the means. They want to get up with Wan Residence also alliance, lets entire Wolf Fang County full dry in the sun the Zhao Hai two days, because all of them participate, this law does not punish numerous offenders, when the time comes they, so long as looks like Zhao Hai clothing/taking soft, that can definitely obtain many advantage, but Wan Family one such does now, their beforehand thoughts have actually wasted, but also was given to forestall by Wan Family, they in the past, feared that now was also and does not arrive with the Wan Family same advantage. Other Wolf Fang County here Clan and don’t know Wan Family has obtained any advantage, but Zhao Hai can go to Wan Family personally, that has given the Wan Family face very much, as for that person who Northern Saint Academy sends, when Zhao Hai has not entered Wolf Fang County, ran.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }