Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1891

sc ipt "……" s c = " http: …… ? p1aceid = 3274 " Wolf Fang County here several Great Clan, although listened to the words of that Northern Saint Academy representative before, probably prepares the noisy matter to be the same, but any person understand, now Northern Saint Academy in Northern Saint Province here is past tense, their has own small scheme at heart, the surface is obedient, not necessarily really will help Northern Saint Academy handle the matter. What Wan Family is different from several other, they do not have that big ambition, several other want to make a good impression to Northern Saint Academy, because their Northern Saint Academy people one day will be killing, therefore they for their benefit, for the Northern Saint Academy face, they do not have first to relate with Zhao Hai, even prepares alliance Wan Family, dries in the sun Zhao Hai several days, perhaps can also select the matter noisily, compelling Zhao Hai to accept their some conditions. However they have not actually thought that Wan Family simply with them is not a heart, looks like in Wan Family, Northern Saint Academy in wants to return to Northern Saint Province to fear that was difficult, so long as Freedom Alliance had Zhao Hai this big god to sit, do not say Northern Saint Academy, even if were nine Great Sect gates, that also honest standing out of the way. Threatened Freedom Alliance might as well saying that at this time with it this opportunity stood directly on the side of Freedom Alliance, this cannot obtain any advantage, most at least can the protect present status. Wanrong before the decision such does, to Zhao Hai, Black Tiger Group the style to the understanding that has deciding, his very clear, no matter Zhao Hai or Black Tiger Group, are not the kindhearted generation. Moreover the Black Tiger Group also characteristics, that is they seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, do not think that Black Tiger Group is the how magnanimous faction, person who so long as offended their. Few will have the good end.

Because knows this point, therefore Wanrong decided that contacts with Black Tiger Group, but is not threatens Black Tiger Group, obtains more advantage. In his opinion, if Black Tiger Group wants control entire Northern Saint Province, certainly to eliminate some Northern Saint Province existing strengths, is moving into Northern Saint Province the part of Freedom Alliance strength, only then such Black Tiger Group can true control Northern Saint Province. He does not want to be eliminated by Black Tiger Group, therefore he rather can only protect now some status on the line. However Wanrong has not actually thought that Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly natural, not only let Wanhua join to Black Tiger Group. Moreover gave back to him to promote strength Potion, must know that his age was not small, normally arrived at this age also to stay in Nascent Soul Stage, this do not think for a lifetime was entering Transcends Tribulation Stage. However listens to the meaning in Zhao Hai words, he can actually through drinking these Potion, arrives at Transcends Tribulation Stage in less than a month, this regarding him, absolutely is excellent information. Wanrong now present. Decision of own initially how correct, just they obtained these many advantage join to Black Tiger Group, even if after is, any advantage does not have, he also thought the value. But Wolf Fang County several other Clan. And don’t know Wan Family obtained any advantage, but after they are not glad to the person. They already by Wan Family first one, moreover among them that alliance also collapsed of itself. If they are doing against with Freedom Alliance now, Freedom Alliance can definitely send army to tidy up them, then gives Wan Family Wolf Fang County, like this no one could say anything to come, because Wan Family was the Wolf Fang County person, Freedom Alliance this is not considered as that contends for the Wolf Fang County domain. The Great Sect gate handles the matter, usually only needed a excuse to be OK, but now Wan Family has hired oneself Freedom Alliance, that Freedom Alliance helped Wan Family take Wolf Fang County, was logical, anybody could not discover the problem. Several other Great Clan could not sit still, the Northern Saint Academy person also ran in any case, they do not need to be Northern Saint Academy die have gotten down loyally, therefore their also immediately moved, goes to pay a visit Zhao Hai, but actually by the people of first regiment blocking, said that Zhao Hai is closing up, cannot make anybody disturb. These Great Clan people have flustered, they do not believe that Zhao Hai is closing up, shut any pass at this time, this clarified has not wanted to see them, these Great Clan people have to the branch target, go to Wan Family directly, sought an interview Wanrong. Wanrong already knows that these fellows will come, yesterday Zhao Hai leave time on explain/transfer he, these Clan Patriarch , to seek an interview through him, all keeps off, had Zhao Hai the explain/transfer Wanrong to know how should do. Now Wanrong feels grateful to Zhao Hai extremely, because in yesterday Zhao Hai leave not long after, had Black Tiger Group cultivator by his family, Wanhua picking, moreover yesterday he has also drunk one cup of Zhao Hai in the evening to his Potion, now he felt that he did not have sound Nascent Soul Stage Spiritual Qi for a long time, in one time considerably grew, according to such, it will not take long he can arrive at Transcends Tribulation Stage. Transcends Tribulation Stage only misses 1st level with Nascent Soul Stage although, but is actually the difference between Heaven and Earth, entered Transcends Tribulation Stage, not only strength big promotion, what most important was, his life will become will be longer, but the life was thing that cultivator most regarded as important.

When Wan Rong heard Patriarch interviews of several Great Clan, he is not accidental, but calm invites to servant said : that reported.” The servants complied with turn around to walk. Before long the servant led the person who several appearances were varying to walk, these person Wolf Fang County several Great Clan Patriarch, Wan Rong noticed that several people have come, showed a faint smile to hold the fist in the other hand said : several to come to several people, has to lose to welcome, forgives.” That several Patriarch have also held holding the fist in the other hand to Wan Rong, said after several modesties, both sides divide the guests and hosts to sit down, after sitting down, Clan Patriarch smiles said : to Wan Rong Brother Wan, this several of us come, the matter wants to ask Brother Wan you to help, hopes that Brother Wan can look in our several these many years friendship , helping us.” Wan Rong smiles said : several brothers is really too polite, we several common wielding Wolf Fang County, for these years, we are the brothers, has difficult, several help, several brothers have the matter, I naturally fully help one another.” Wan Rong this saying saves is talks nonsense, their several wield Wolf Fang County together not wrong, but must say that they several relationship harmonies how are actually save are talk nonsense, their several are not only unharmonious, opposite also when has the friction, but before , on them has Northern Saint Academy to press, therefore their several have not made any matter. However colored sedan chair everybody lifts, said that some polite speeches want, moreover now their several also truly are also the association bright given name, Wan Rong said that does not have what incorrect. However several other Patriarch actually do not think of pleasant to hear that their very clear, Wan Rong said that can handle the matter to them, that also was really two says. This time Wan Rong sends for seeing Zhao Hai alone, beforehand has not informed them, obviously Wanrong also has own small scheme, several other Patriarch although are discontented, but was not good to offend Wanrong at this time, therefore also smiles the name is, before had Brother Wan with that Patriarch then said : that Wan Rong spoke this words we also on rest assured, this time sought an interview Brother Wan, was only hopes that Brother Wan helped to present under Mr. Zhao Hai, Mr. Zhao Hai yesterday just to Wolf Fang County here, on please Brother Wan welcome to the family, have wanted Brother Wan to know with Mr. Zhao Hai that we also want to pay a visit under Mr. Zhao Hai, Looks at reverently the mister appearance, asking the brother to help.” Wanrong ships out an awkward appearance, how many person of said : to how many, was open about the facts you saying that this time my was invites Mr. Zhao Hai, I made Little Xiang pay a visit Mr. Zhao Hai, everybody also knows that according to the instruction of Northern Saint Academy elder, we must unite, the noisy matter, was then good to want some advantage from Black Tiger Group there, but by our how many strengths, possibly was the Freedom Alliance match? Therefore I want to make Little Xiang pay a visit, do not hate, has not actually thought that mister that the opposite party offends came to my family in unexpectedly directly, but mister also came to walk, we have not spoken the a few words words to mister, there was considered as on familiar, as for everybody said that made me present mister to you, did not fear to tell everybody, I did not have this ability, mister was the what kind status, what was I status? I have any qualifications to give mister presentation person that.” The appearance of look at Wanrong, other how many Patriarch are actually look at each other in dismay, then complexion one becomes very difficult holds, very fat Patriarch one has stood, is pointing at Wanrong said : Wanrong, you are short in there install pitifully, this time you do not attend to me and others, pays a visit Zhao Hai secretly, is what mind? Now makes you help to present Zhao Hai, you also refused, you said that was you speaks our anything malicious remarks in front of Zhao Hai.”

I who Wanrong face calm look at this Fatty, coldly snorted said : everybody, should say had said that everybody believes also well, does not believe that followed not to have no relationship below, came the person, saw a visitor out.” That several Patriarch one hear of Wan Rong said that one of the sigh has stood, before that with Patriarch that Wan Rong spoke, look at Wanrong, coldly snorted said : Wanrong, your other proud, even if were you hires oneself Zhao Hai to be what kind, my non- position Zhao Hai can also be what kind of us, we walked.” Wan-li-ch'iao Station, coldly snorted said : was good not to deliver.” When that several Patriarch walked, Wanrong immediately/on horseback said : goes, called Wanxiang.” immediately had the servant to comply with one, turn around walked, before long Wanxiang arrived at the hall. Wanrong wields draws back the servant, to Wanxiang said : Xiang'er, you may drink that Potion, how feels?” As soon as Wanxiang listens to Wan Rong such to ask that cannot help but face excited said : good, fantastic, the father, I have estimated that so long as in drinking about two cups, I can achieve Nascent Soul Stage.” On the face of Wanrong also reappears a happy expression, his deep voice said : good, but after arriving at Nascent Soul Stage, you must stabilize first your boundary, then can take Potion, but this time I ask you to come, actually for this matter, the matter that just several big Patriarch did come you do not know?” Wanxiang nodded, Wanrong then said : these big Patriarch are makes me help them cause Mr. Zhao Hai, but mister has the command, I naturally cannot help them present, normally I do not present to them, their being angry should be, but they should not dare to live to disrespect to the line are right, was afterward they, does not have the slight respect to mister, this very strange, what subsequent party it seems like these Great Clan possibly had, are you have a look at must tell mister this information one, was early prepared by mister?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }