Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1892

As soon as Wanxiang listened to Wan Rong saying that also has gawked, then how many Great Clan details he frowns said : that we to be clear, depended on their strengths, can mister be what kind of? The father, were you too anxious?” Wan Rong shook the head said : to be careful that a point for good, in this world, copes with the method of person, not necessarily wants coping of bright blade bright spear|gun, especially Expert like mister, is so, mister has great kindness with our Wan Family, we must remind mister are good.” Wanxiang nodded said : is, father, my immediately went to say with the people of first regiment that making the people of first regiment give the mister messenger.” Wan Rong nodded, Wanxiang then turn around walked. But at this time Zhao Hai was actually sitting in Space look at Wolf Fang County here fresh the matter, in fact several other Great Clan in having any idea, Zhao Hai knew, reason that several other Great Clan will have such big courage, dares to disrespect to him , because in their Clan, the person exists, Immortal Stage Expert. Immortal Stage Expert resembled simply unable to cope with Zhao Hai, but this Immortal Stage Expert actually ability, that assassinated, this Immortal Stage Expert can own strength optional hideaway, he be able to make you feel that he was only a Law Idol time or Gold Core Stage cultivator, then when approached you, suddenly to your attack. This has not calculated, this person also will use the toxin, but this person is actually not the Northern Saint Province person, his status is Southern Barbarian Province Immortal Stage Expert, these time presented the commands of nine Great Sect to come to assassinate Zhao Hai. Moreover Zhao Hai also knows. Other Wolf Fang County here several Great Clan people. Shifted, only leaves behind some servants and Patriarch, for copes with Zhao Hai. But these person of simply have not thought that Zhao Hai has not entered to Wolf Fang County time, entire Wolf Fang County on under his Space surveillance, their every action and every movement was impossible to hide the truth from Zhao Hai, how can also plan Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai actually prepares with this matter, when gave a pretext, unification entire Northern Saint Province, he needs a excuse now, but this assassination has happen to given this excuse. However now is also not the time. Zhao Hai must and other time, him now keep Wolf Fang County here, he is to have a look, will have that Sect like Wan Family to pay a visit him on own initiative. If present, he in following great purge, will keep their life, if not, that following great purge, was really great purge. Reminded his procedure regarding Wan Family, Zhao Hai was very satisfied, but he also understand Wanrong this old fox reminded him, because not only absolutely he had great kindness to their Wan Family, but must make a good impression on him. Zhao Hai did not oppose that Wan Family such does. In his advantageous situation, going as far as possible strives for the advantage for oneself, this is, in fact everyone who Zhao Hai permits also such does, this does not have quite strangely what.

However this Zhao Hai has not seen Wanxiang, but made the people of first regiment hit Wanxiang, he still kept in Space to monitor that Immortal Stage Expert and entire Northern Saint Province in Wolf Fang County situation. Northern Saint Province now randomly has become one group, fights between these small alliances, start under instigation of Northern Saint Academy representative most from the beginning, but after moving begins. Both sides also became enemies, exceed hits Fire Qi to be bigger, why they have forgotten to fight. Zhao Hai has not cared regarding this situation, they liked hitting to hit, they get up in any case now do not hit. Zhao Hai well will also tidy up them one. Three days, Zhao Hai has stayed at the same time on Yama Ship has not made an appearance. Why Wan Family although understand Zhao Hai such do not do, has not actually gone to disturb Zhao Hai, in fact by their status, but also does not have the qualifications to disturb Zhao Hai. But person also very honest staying of these three days of first regiments beside Wolf Fang County, without any action out of the ordinary, is more honest than the cat, this also made Northern Saint Province these small alliances wilder, among them the fight was also more intense. Three days passed by, until now, still do not have that small alliance to send for paying a visit Zhao Hai, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, he thinks that will have the small alliance to pay a visit his, does not have to present one, it seems like Northern Saint Province here each every small alliance, but also really not his Zhao Hai, when dish. However Zhao Hai has not been angry, he prepares and other several days, he gives these small alliance seven days, seven days later, no matter has the person to pay a visit him, his great purge must start. But at this time, in Heavenly Sword Sect Jian Wuya study room, nine Great Sect Sect Master was actually sitting in there, Jian Wuya turns the head look at Meng Wudi said : Lao Meng, this poisonous elder went, can tidy up Zhao Hai?” Meng Wudi deep voice said : should, the poisonous elder is not only good at disguise, but also his strength in Immortal Stage Expert is also good, is adding on specially his can hide the strength Cultivation Method, wants to come him, if can approach Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai definitely including using opportunity of Space ability does not have.” Jian Wuya nodded, deep voice said : hopes that this time can succeed, so long as Zhao Hai dies, Freedom Alliance naturally had been finished, Wu brother, you arrange to prepare in the Northern Saint Province there person how?.” Wu Youdao deep voice said : feel relieved, now entire Northern Saint Province chaotic, even if Zhao Hai this undead, he was also very difficult to unify entire Northern Saint Province, moreover Zhao Hai by the Northern Saint Province matter attracting the attention, has not thought of that we will send for assassinating him.”

Jian Wuya nodded, deep voice said : army also building up was similar, so long as Zhao Hai there the matter, our immediately has wielded army, quells Freedom Alliance.” Zhao Hai and don’t know Jian Wuya their plans, he is seeing the person now, this is Zhao Hai arrives at Northern Saint Province the fifth day, on this day finally some people paid a visit Zhao Hai, was alliance leader of three small alliances comes personally, these three small alliances from composing, them did not want to stick together from Freedom Alliance here must to any advantage, but was they have to form the alliance, because other people have formed the alliance, if they did not form the alliance, will be given to eat by other alliances, therefore they can only form the small alliance to come from guarantee. Because before these small alliances, with Northern Saint Academy relationship very general, therefore a Northern Saint Academy simply school of messenger has not gone to their there, they do not think that was listening to the Northern Saint Academy verbal command, therefore heard that Zhao Hai brought army to Northern Saint Province here, immediately to come to pay a visit Zhao Hai. However Northern Saint Province was now in great confusion, Transmission Formation also can only use in the domain in own alliance, left own domain, all Transmission Formation all cannot use, they can only fly by their ability, because of this, therefore they have arrived at Wolf Fang County here to pay a visit Zhao Hai to the present. Besides the people of these three small alliances, Zhao Hai also unexpectedly also received the Zhang Feng signalling jade sword, told Zhao Hai, several Northern Saint Province small alliances, because did not have the means to relate Zhao Hai, cannot prompt overtaking see Zhao Hai, therefore can only relate with Zhang Feng, lets Zhao Hai wanted great purge really time, put that several small alliance horses. Zhao Hai has not thought that really will live this matter, but he careful one wants also really to be this, now Northern Saint Province is in great confusion, all Northern Saint Province Transmission Formation cannot use, what these people don’t know Zhao Hai spiritual force is, without means direct delivers the signalling jade sword to have the contact with him, therefore can only relate Zhang Feng, after must relate Freedom Alliance this colossus, is much easier than alliance Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai sits in the Yama Ship cabin, look at his standing in front that three cultivator, these three cultivator are Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivation level, moreover Master of a Sect, is alliance leader of alliance, but now actually like is child standing in his front, cautious of face. Zhao Hai has not felt embarrassed them, but showed a faint smile said : your purpose in coming I to be clear to them, you wanted join to Freedom Alliance, this did not have the issue, but my condition, that was your small alliances must relieve, you can only be Sect status join arrive at Freedom Alliance, can you agree?” That three people of cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that relaxed, cultivator quickly said: Invited mister feel relieved, our alliances, was only temporary, initially established the alliance time has reached an agreement, so long as join Freedom Alliance, our small alliance immediately dismissed, invited mister feel relieved.” Other they also nodded, simultaneously said : is so, we before were also this.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be so best, this, your three, your this alliances have these Sect to write down to me, starting today, you had the Freedom Alliance person, went back and other several days, the Northern Saint Province matter to solve quickly, was right, in the city Transmission Formation can use, you can return to your Sect with Transmission Formation directly.” As soon as three people listened to Zhao Hai saying that hastily has complied with one, then already prepared good jade slip to take, has given Zhao Hai, one of them said : mister, this was I prepares in the good our alliance all Sect the guarantees of various lists and Sect Sect Master, asking mister to glance.” Said that both hands are holding jade slip, has delivered to the Zhao Hai front.

Zhao Hai nodded, received jade slip to look at inside content one, nodded said : well, you do is very good, now you can go back, was good your domain stabilities, do not attack on own initiative, other matters gave me to manage have been OK, got down.” Three people complied with one, turn around walked. At this time Li Kuangge walked from outside, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, Wolf Fang County Patriarch in that several Great Clan came, now is kneeling outside, only sought an interview one side you.” Did the Zhao Hai look at Li Kuangge appearance, show a faint smile said : What happened? to be tenderhearted?” Li Kuangge embarrassed smiling said : of Elder Brother Hai, I thought that they very much have the sincerity, you look to see them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : sees them to be able, you told them, I two days later goes out, when the time comes met with one side them, goes.” Li Kuangge although understand Zhao Hai this saying is not any meaning, but he had not asked that but nodded, turn around transmitted orders, but he had not actually seen, Zhao Hai after he walks, in two eyes is glittering cold light.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }