Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1893

Two days of in the blink of an eye on the past, in the time, Zhao Hai saw alliance leader of several small alliances over the two days, received the hiring oneself letters of some alliances from Zhang Feng there, in these Great Clan as for Wolf Fang County, Zhao Hai has still not seen. After two days, Zhao Hai also passed to Northern Saint Province these small alliance final opportunity, his although has not informed these small alliances to in many days see him, but these seven days, Northern Divergent Province these small alliances, want the alliance he, can relate through all kinds of channels to him, does not want to relate his, that did not need to relate. The latest novel pig Zhu Island novel Zhao is Hao in the Yama Ship bow, look at following Wolf Fang County, brothers' the situation to Li Kuangge deep voice said : what kind of? Is this several days recuperation good?” Li Kuangge forced smile said : Elder Brother Hai, brothers' opinion, but Eldest Child, continually has rested these many days, the brothers want a bit faster to move.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : good, these fellows, leave alone they, go, told in low grade these fellows first, saw me.” Li Kuangge one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, then immediately/on horseback complied with one, turn around walked, but Zhao Hai actually waved, in the Yama Ship deck, immediately appears a chair and small table, Zhao Hu on the chair, in hand took a Crystal Cup, in the cup is thinking of the red wine. The latest novel pig Zhu Island novel Zhao Hengqing swung wine glass, the red liquor fluid looks like the blood is the same, at this time Li Kuangge was also bringing several Clan Patriarch to Yama Ship side, but Li Kuangge only let that several Clan family Lordship the deck. The servant who these Patriarch bring stayed in Yama Ship outside. in hand of although these servants are taking all kinds of gifts, still does not have the qualifications to step deck one step. These Clan Patriarch saw that these servants do not have the upper deck, in the eye cannot help but to flash through an anxious facial expression, but quick was given to hide by them. Zhao Hu in there, looked at a that several people of appearance, the eye slightly has cannot help but narrowed the eyes, but the smiling face on his face actually has not changed, that several Patriarch arrived around Zhao Hai, bowed to Zhao Hai, said loudly: Has seen mister!” Zhao Hai said : everybody is not needing to be so polite. Invited quickly.” That several Patriarch have stood up accordingly the body, Patriarch to Zhao Hai said : mister, we are apologizes, mister asked army to come Northern Saint Province. Is considers for our entire Northern Saint Province, but I and others at that time to prepare the gift to mister, cannot immediately pay a visit mister, asking mister to forgive.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : does not have relationship, how many do not need so, how many to come me already very happy, but also has prepared the gift? He He, good, I had a look at several to prepare any gift, making them take.” How that several people of don’t know must make these servant upper decks come up. Has not thought that Zhao Hai agreed directly, several people of great happiness, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then the hand has wielded, called in that several servants the deck.

Then Patriarch leads a servant was arriving at Zhao Hai, mister please look to Zhao Hai said : that this is we give first principle that mister prepares, heard that mister was collected some new and odd thing, I think that this thing mister likes certainly.” What that servant in hand is taking is a jade box, that Patriarch was saying while opened the jade box sea to look at thing in jade box, but also has gawked, because in this jade box, unexpectedly was a pisolite. Not wrong, is a pisolite. A green pisolite, but this pisolite actually very unusual body probably is made of emerald becomes, very beautiful, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that this pisolite can certainly plant thing to come, because he felt very strong life aura in this pisolite...., Zhao Hai puzzled look at that Patriarch, that Patriarch quickly said: mister, approximately hundred thousand year ago, has Dao Sect in Cultivation World here, this Dao Sect known as soldier Dao Sect, in this soldier Dao Sect has two thing most to make head painful, same is the puppet technique, puppet strength very formidable that soldier Dao Sect manufactures, fighting strength is very strong, is their lord Battle Soldier type, but their another lets the head pain thing, is Bean Soldier, this Bean Soldier is the bean tree that is from the one type of known as soldier bean, after the soldier bean tree grows into, so long as the bean takes down, when the person fights, pours into own Spiritual Qi to the bean, then. The bean loses, the bean will turn into Bean Soldier, this is in soldier Dao Sect famous, working miracles technique, this Bean Soldier fighting strength very formidable, moreover activates his Spiritual Qi that Bean Soldier needs very few, is in soldier Dao Sect, one type of lets existence of person very headache.” Afterward soldier Dao Sect had been destroyed completely, their puppet techniques were obtained by some Sect, obtains is incomplete, therefore now Cultivation World here puppet fighting strength so will be weak, but Bean Soldier has almost not actually stayed behind, because the soldier bean tree in soldier Dao Sect, had destroyed at that time during the fight, but these bean although can sow seeds, but these many years, nobody has actually been able to dispatch troops to the bean to set up in one type, this is bean that on the soldier bean tree the villain obtains, today on giving mister.” Zhao Hai look at that bean, at heart great happiness, but on the face has not actually displayed, but nodded said : well, is good thing, I accepted.” Said that he jade lid on, the hand turns, threw in the jade box Space, Zhao Hai believes that Cai'er knows how should do. That Patriarch looked that Zhao He has gotten down the bean, he cannot help but relaxed, then waved, another servant arrived at the Zhao Hai side, this servant in hand is taking a tray, is putting the a piece ore in the tray, this ore very special, all over the body is the black, moreover can probably absorb the ray to be the same. That Patriarch to Zhao Hai said : mister, this is our several to second principle that mister prepares, the Black Gold stone, this Black Gold stone is one type of very special Stone, he can absorb the ray, then turns into energy these rays, stores up, had such a piece Black Gold stone, had one on equal to not to be prosperous produces Spirit Stone opportunity.” Zhao Hai nodded, takes up that Black Gold stone to look, then deep voice said : good, this I also accepted.” Said that turns the hand, threw in the Black Gold stone Space. The happy expression on that Patriarch face was stronger. He waved. Another servant walked, this servant in hand is taking a metal box, but this box can actually isolate spiritual force, box golden light sparkles, looks like very precious, in wants thing that comes to install also very precious. The Zhao Hai probably entire spirit by that box attracting, him moved also motionless look at that box, killing intent flashes in that Patriarch eye, his hand has put on the box gently, to Zhao Hai said : mister please look that is I gives the third ritual that mister prepares.” Said that he one cover of box opening, black gas went to toward Zhao Rainbow, simultaneously that takes the servant also fierce palm of box to strike toward Zhao Hai. This servant is only then the strength of Law Idol time, when he ejects this palm. His imposing manner suddenly turned into Immortal Stage Expert, simultaneously on the ship that several Patriarch also toward standing throw in nearby Li Kuangge, this is one kills the bureau unexpectedly. However at this moment the suddenly Zhao Hai personal appearance vanished, all servants who then his several Patriarch and they bring, suddenly by a basket covering, but that Immortal Stage Expert is no exception.

To this time, Li Kuangge responded that some people are kill Zhao Hai unexpectedly, moreover for a person, unexpectedly is Immortal Stage Expert...., At this time the Zhao Hai personal appearance in time appears in the Yama Ship deck, he looked at these Patriarch and that Immortal Stage Expert. Then laughs said : „to plan me? Knows why I do see you to the present? Because I already know that you must plan me, my these days , I have given Northern Saint Province all Sect seven days, now seven days passed by, all have not pledged allegiance to our Freedom Alliance Sect within these seven days, must die, are you Southern Barbarian Province poisonous elder? HaHaHa, no matter you are who, dares to assassinate me, must die!” Said that Zhao Hai wields. The servants who that several Clan Patriarch and they bring instantaneously were punctured the throat dead by flying sword, but that poisonous elder also wants to work loose the iron cage, but he on sorrowful present, he actually takes that iron cage means not to have quickly, at this time innumerable flying grudged him to shoot. That Immortal Stage Expert wants to block here flying sword, but he quickly presently' these flying sword people unexpectedly all are Immortal Stage Expert, moreover more than one, he was no less than ten flying sword inserted in the body instantaneously, could not live shortly. However Immortal Stage Expert life force formidable, his although was dying, does not have immediately dead, his two eyes is staring Zhao Hai, ruthless sound said : Zhao Hai, how are you presently my? My camouflage, uninhabited can see through.” Does the Zhao Hai look at poisonous elder, show a faint smile said : what? to be a understand ghost? HaHaHa, late, I did not tell you, is a silly ghost to go.” Said that his hand wields, these flying sword flew returned to in his hand, vanish from sight, but the poisonous elder when Zhao Hai extracted these flying sword, already life force completely certainly, dying cannot die. Then Zhao Hai wields, on the ship all corpse vanish from sight, at this time Li Kuangge complexion pale had arrived at the Zhao Hai side, bows said : to be unfair to Elder Brother Hai to Zhao Hai, my don’t know they are assassinate your.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to guard, I already know that they must cope with me, in that several Great Clan only then some servants, their family members had been outmigrated, they wait for this to approach my opportunity, then has killed at one fell swoop, but this is also just right, gave me one to tidy up the excuse of Northern Saint Province, transmitted orders, the first regiment set.” Li Kuangge complied with one, turn around transmitted orders. Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in Wolf Fang County, in Wolf Fang County there living the people one were shocked, now in the person who in Wolf Fang County moves, mostly is the Wan Family people, other Clan people are not many. Wan Family these people see these Undead Creature are one startled, at this moment, all Wan Family people hear a sound to transmit said : all Wan Family people, immediately/on horseback returned to Wan Family go, not having the order do not come out.” Wan Family person although don’t know this sound is who transmits, but does not have any hesitation, turn around walks, before long on returned to Wan Family, but the slow Wan Family person who some walks, presently these Undead Creature, is actually slaughtering several other Great Clan people, all killed several other Great Clan people, after falling to the ground, not long after has stood, turned into Undead Creature. But these Undead Creature have not actually come to cope with them, probably is knows them to be the same, but these Wan Family people actually do not dare Wang, each and every one runs fast, used oneself quickest returned to Wan Family. What matter Wanrong also don’t know lived, looked the servants who these exit came back, Wanrong immediately called these people, deep voice did said : what matter know don’t know to live?” Servant naturally don’t know that some come back first lived anything, but actually servant deep voice said : returns to the Patriarch words, just we came back, presently many Undead Creature, are chasing down several other Great Clan people.”...,

Undead Creature? You determined that is Undead Creature?” Wanrong hears Undead Creature several characters, not only does not have a point fear, instead to is asking of face excited. Nod said : that servant makes an effort not wrong Patriarch, truly is Undead Creature.” Wan Rong nodded said : well, is Undead Creature is good, you get down, today does not want leave palace gate half-step, explain/transfer gatekeeper, shuts tightly big gate, anybody can not leave palace one step.” The servants complied with one, turn around ran. At this time Wanxiang also arrived at the side of Wanrong, he has not exited today, what matter therefore outside don’t know has looked unfamiliar, he heard the Zhao Hai sound to run, now looks at Wan-li-ch'iao Station in there, he walked hastily, puzzled to Wanrong said : father, What happened? just that sound probably was Mr. Zhao Hai?” Wanxiang nodded said : well, is Mr. Zhao Hai, today honest dull at home, mister began to several other Great Clan, just the person who runs from outside said that in the city has Undead Creature to chase down several other Great Clan people, you should know that mister becomes famous by command(er) Undead Creature, these Undead Creature certainly are mister, therefore I said that mister began to several other Great Clan.” As soon as Wanxiang listened to Wan Rong saying that cannot help but gawked, then complexion happy said : good, began well, mister began finally, the father, you looked that we do want to send for contacting now with mister?” Wan Rong shook the head said : not to be good, now cannot hit mister, to Master Yu, destroys completely that several Great Clan is turns the hand the matter, simply it will not take long, feel relieved, I want son mister to look for us at one fell swoop.” At this time all cultivator of first regiment also moved, has crashed in Wolf Fang County from Wolf Fang County, the people of first regiment were angry, they have not thought that nine Great Sect person arrived at this time, but also dared play tricks, if Zhao Hong was assassinated successfully, that Freedom Alliance may end, has been adding on them to Zhao Hai admiring, therefore heard Zhao Hai assassination, the eye of each and every one was red. However waits for them to kill in Wolf Fang County time, presently these Undead Creature soon exactly have actually done, important personages in several Great Clan shifted the person, the servant also walked, the person who kept was not many, these people were not the Undead Creature matches, now nine Great Clan soon have exterminated an entire family by Undead Creature, they want to help not to have opportunity.( To be continued., Welcome you to cast recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }