Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1894

Zhao Hai sits in the Yama Ship deck, in his standing in front two people, one is Wanrong, another is Wanxiang, their one face respectful standing in there, lowers the head. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : „the Wolf Fang County here fresh matter you also knew, several other Great Clan were in conspiracy with the person to assassinate me unexpectedly, had been given to destroy completely by me, their family members actually already shifted, later this Wolf Fang County my give you, well handled, after waiting you went back, Transmission Formation establishes, first had the contact with the pledge , the later matter, in the pledge naturally met explain/transfer you.”. Wanrong complied with said : is, invited mister feel relieved, I completed certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded, beckoned with the hand said : to get down.” Wanrong and Wanxiang complied with one, turn around walked, after they walked, stood in Zhao Hai behind Li Kuangge Elder Brother Hai of deep voice to Zhao Hai said :, how do we then want to do?” Zhao Hai looked at distant place one noisily, deep voice said : Northern Saint Province also sufficed for a long time, I gave their time also to suffice many, should let they were honest the time, the army built up, advanced to Northern Saint Province, meets Sect, if had does not fall, complete extermination!” Li Kuangge has complied with one, has arranged, the people of first regiment built up now, along with the order of Zhao Hai, all people expunges toward Northern Saint Province in Yama Ship. army that the Wanrong in returned to, look at went far away, let out a long breath, deep voice said : Northern Saint Province, must raise carnage.” Wanxiang Wanrong, not so said : father, I am looking at Mr. Zhao Hai very temperately, does under he meet really went well?” Wan Rong turns the head look at Wanxiang, sighed said : Xiang'er. You were too young, the temperateness of Mr. Zhao Hai, was only to the person on one's own side, treated the enemy, he never had temperately. This point you must study study Mr. Zhao Hai.” Wanxiang somewhat puzzled has complied with one, does not have to distinguish to refute anything, but he apparently did not have entirely to believe Wan Rong's words. Wanrong also knows Wanxiang's small thoughts, but he has not been saying anything, the fact will prove all. When Zhao Hai command(er) army advances toward Northern Saint Province. Jian Wuya in Heavenly Sword Sect also received information, Jian Wuya received the signalling jade sword, looked at Jiao Hualong their eyes, deep voice said : motion failed, the poisonous elder had been killed by Zhao Hai, Great Clan of Zhao Hai excluding Wan Family has all destroyed completely Wolf Fang County, now is wielding the armed forces to attack Northern Saint Province.” Jiao Hualong they disappointed sighing. Jian Wuya looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : „the although motion failed, but Zhao Hai truly in Northern Saint Province there difficult Doppelganger, I thought that now we can carry on the second plan.” Jiao Hualong nodded said : well, I also thought that the second plan is much better compared with the first plan. Now I arrange.” Said that his standing body gets up to walk outward, Jian Wuya they have not been idling, has stood, walks outward.

Their immediately command(er) army was throwing toward the northern four states to outside Jiao Hualong, exhibits one to seize the appearances of northern four states, but at the same time. Jian Wuya is bringing a Elite squad, simultaneously is bringing a batch Immortal Stage Expert, passes Space Divergent Technique. Kills toward Black Tiger Group encampment. This is Jian Wuya their second plan, they let Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi lead army, the deceptive attack northern four states, constrains Zhao Hai, simultaneously is getting a Elite squad by Jian Wuya, kills Black Tiger Group encampment. Jian Wuya their second plan. Actually with the Zhao Hai study, Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock . He can use the Space fight, escapes, even can support Sect that oneself are. But Jian Wuya they can also cope with Zhao Hai using Space, in this world absolutely not only Zhao Hai Space Divergent Warlock , even if other Space Divergent Warlock can't compare with Zhao Hai that formidable, but Jian Wuya their in hand resources are many enough, by nine Great Sect strengths, found meets the Space Divergent Technique person, is not the difficult matter, therefore Jian Wuya they looked for several Space Divergent Warlock , making these Space Divergent Warlock collaborate to cooperate, delivered to Black Tiger Group encampment there to go them directly, they directly carried on attack to Black Tiger Group. Moreover Jian Wuya they move, besides Northern Saint Province and Northern Divergent Province, several other Great Province these small Sect moved, Eastern Saint Province and Western Demon Province build up army to dash to Northern Saint Province, but their army quantity are many, in adding on nine Great Sect allied armies dashes to Northern Saint Province under the leadership of Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi, it can be said that eight side winds and rains meet the Saint state, at this time, if Zhao Hai goes back to rescue Black Tiger Group there, that first regiment will possibly make the person eat, if he does not return to rescue, that Black Tiger Group there was dangerous, can say that nine Great Sect this hands truly were very sinister. Nine Great Sect there move, Zhao Hai received information, first he receives is not Black Tiger Group there by attack information, but is nine Great Sect army toward information that Northern Saint Province here comes, simultaneously Eastern Saint Province and Western Demon Province dispatch troops to Northern Saint Province information, can say that now the first regiment is three faces the enemy in Northern Saint Province here. After Cai'er there knows this information Zhao Hai stares, his understand nine Great Sect do not want to do, why among suddenly will have such big sound, they think really can cope with him? The answer came out quickly, Zhao Hai does not have immediately to make extremely in the intense response, he still gets the first regiment to expunge toward Northern Saint Province, now he leaves first Northern Saint Province Sect not to be far. Jian Wuya their second set of plan, has order successively, they let Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi lead army to attack Zhao Hai they, after them and Zhao Hai exchange hands, in copes with Black Tiger Group, only then such Zhao Hai does not have the means to withdraw, otherwise by the Zhao Hai Space Divergent Technique ability, he can in at any time catch up with returned to Black Tiger Group, their plans cannot carry on. Zhao Hai too understand Jian Wuya they want to do now, because Cai'er told him, in nine Great Sect army that this only kills, Expert is not many, possibly said that the ratio fights with his initially, but must miss on. Moreover Cai'er added that has not come Northern Saint Province here in the Heavenly Sword Sect there nine Great Sect Elite squad, this made Zhao Hai more puzzled, before they sent out fully, was not own match, now actually leaves behind Elite, with these ordinary cultivator was to only cope with him, wasn't this courts death?

In Zhao Hai puzzled time, Lizzy suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, can they want to tow you in here, then direct attack encampment there?” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled said : „won't they be then stupid? Attacks encampment there? encampment there I kept many Immortal Stage Undead Creature, moreover encampment there defense strength very astonishing, how do they possibly kick in encampment?” Lizzy smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, you were muddled, you know these, but these person of don’t know, they think that drags you in here, the defense of that Black Tiger Group there was weak, they are concentrating the gentleman of Elite to attack Black Tiger Group, can when the time comes certainly take Black Tiger Group at one fell swoop, if our encampment lost, these small Sect will see us? When the time comes Freedom Alliance feared that wanted chaotically, even if were Elder Brother Hai your skill is exceedingly high, can defend Black Tiger Group to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, but then he shook the head said : that not to be right, if is really such, they do plan to go to Black Tiger Group? Must know that they now are not near to the Black Tiger Group distance, is impossible with the Transmission Formation words, now Black Tiger Group there has not opened big Transmission Formation probably, the person who if goes to has been short, is not of use.” Lizzy knit the brows said : this point I unclear, perhaps they want to send a small number of people to enter Black Tiger Group through Transmission Formation first, then control Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation, more person Transmission in the past.” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : „to have this possibility, but their don’t know, our Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation has possibly improved, can carry on the seal in the distant place to Transmission Formation, so long as a Transmission Formation seal, that other was easy to do.” Laura open the mouth and said: „Can Elder Brother Hai, tell First Senior Brother one this matter?” Zhao Hai thinks that shook the head said : to consider as finished, does not want, happen to have a look at First Senior Brother they base there control how, must know that base that we design, fighting strength, but very formidable, even if were Immortal Stage Expert has gone, so long as were good base control, same can his in dire straits in inside.” Was in this time, Li Kuangge open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, to the supple water sect, they opened Mountain Guardian Great Formation, prepares to make the final resistance, what to do?” Because Zhao Hai just they have been speaking with Laura, therefore he is closes one's eyes, therefore Li Kuangge will call Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai spirit withdrew from Space, opens the eye, Sect of look at eye, deep voice said : has sent, gave under them final Communication Disc, if they also dared rebel, extinguished them.” Li Kuangge nodded, immediately sends for supple water sect there conveying a message, the person who before long conveys a message came back, person complexion that conveys a message is not quite good, that person arrived around Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, other supple water sects and several Sect have formed a small alliance, the known as running water pledge, they put forward the condition to you, said that wanted join to Freedom Alliance, but needed recognize their status, their alliances must have the equal status with Freedom Alliance.”

Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but laughs said : to have the same status with Freedom Alliance? Are they crazy?” cultivator said : that conveys a message they added that now nine Great Sect army have killed returned to Northern Saint Province here, if they do not accept their conditions, they hire oneself nine Great Sect.” Li Kuangge one hear of this saying cannot help but said : nine did Great Sect come back? What he said is really?” Person said : of that conveying a message is not evidently false, possibly real, otherwise they do not have that big courage, dares to negotiate such terms to us, moreover I thought that their also holds the appearance that not fears, was not tells the lie likely.” Li Kuangge turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you look?” Zhao Hai sneers said : nine Great Sect to be what kind, I have with them have fought, small alliance that several Sect compose, wants to contend with us, transmitted orders, the army attack, extinguished the person in supple water sect, not a chicken or a dog left!” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }