Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1895

In General Hall of supple water sect, sits several people, these several people are present running water pledge Sect Master in all Sect, sits in the seat of honor, of one blue clothes is Sect Master of supple water sect. Sect Master of supple water sect looked at several other Sect Master one, deep voice said : everybody, the condition that just we put forward is somewhat excessive, but I want in this case, Freedom Alliance certainly to us to talk that good that so long as we discussed that when the time comes we can reduce some requests, such we can also obtain many advantage, must say, nine Great Sect these time returned to attack, but also was helps our one be busy, I want nine Great Sect these time to return to attack to fear that will be what will not have result, they possible were did not have the points, The Zhao Hai strength was too strong, they want to attack the returned to northern four states, the control northern four states again, are almost impossible.” The latest novel pig Zhu Island novel Several other Sect Sect Master also nodded, they before this, therefore set that excessive request, must with a Black Tiger Group lecture of condition, but their these time has actually made a mistake, Black Tiger Group will not negotiate the terms with them, especially Zhao Hai, will not negotiate the terms with them. At this moment, outside the suddenly hall hears a sound of footsteps, then cultivator ran from outside, his face startled Sect Master to Sect Master said : of supple water sect, is not good, Freedom Alliance army started to attack.” The latest novel pig Zhu Island novel Sect Master of supple water sect stares, then complexion changes, did one stand got up said : they to attack really?” That cultivator nodded said : „, now our Sect enclosing in attack Mountain Guardian Great Formation.” The Sect Master complexion paleness of supple water sect. Then he suppresses sound said : well, good ruthless, Zhao Hai, you are quite ruthless, opportunity does not give me unexpectedly, immediately/on horseback retreats.” The supple water sect ahead of time has also made some preparations, because nearest/recent Northern Saint Province here can be said as the wind and rain floats to swing, everyone don’t know here will then live anything, small Sect like the supple water sect, might be destroyed completely. In this case, the supple water sect ahead of time will make some preparations, some important Cultivation Method and commodities in Sect, in some Expert and Core Disciple to Sect is bringing. If there is foreign enemy to attack , the situation is extremely critical, they will let Expert and Core Disciple in Sect are bringing these Cultivation Method and commodity leave, then looks for opportunity to set up mountain gate/entrance again, inherits Dao doctrines. This situation is not rare in Cultivation World here, some small Sect, they will do such, this does not have the matter of means that small Sect sorrowful not crosses so. Along with issuing an order of supple water sect Sect Master, some Core Disciple immediately of supple water sect were having the commodity and merit of supple water sect cannot leave. The place that they must go to is different, some are go to several other with supple water sect relationship intimate Sect, some will actually go to the barren hill temporary hideaways of some uninhabited.

These Core Disciple in supple water sect just walked, the person in supple water sect transmits the with a bang sound loud noise person on hearing outside, then a war cry transmits, obviously their Mountain Guardian Great Formation broke. The person of supple water sect also knows that they could not be inescapable, this arrived to arouse their ominous, each and every one has killed toward the people of first regiment. However the first regiment was suppressed such long time, currently finally has make a move opportunity, that will keep the hand. each and every one came up to get down the extreme methods, supple water sect originally was small Sect, that could block first regiment such attack, not long after by the first regiment destroying completely. Had been softened Sect Master of water sect packing off with supple water sect alliance small Sect Master of that several Sect, with also Core Disciple of some supple water sects they go. Supple water sect although was extinguished, however the Zhao Hai method also has actually spread over Cultivation World. However Zhao Hai does not have. After supple water sect destroys completely, Zhao Hai command(er) the first regiment is continue forward, but these time makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these small Sect people, ahead of time ran unexpectedly, links with him unexpectedly contacts not to have...., Zhao Hai knows that this is because nine Great Sect suddenly killed returned to Northern Saint Province, gave these small Sect to disappear, therefore these small Sect have tidied up now, ran up to nine Great Sect there. Zhao Hai regarding this situation to is somewhat accidental, he knows that cannot make these small Sect run, otherwise Freedom Alliance obtains, can only be nobody's Northern Saint Province. Therefore Zhao Hai immediately ordered the first regiment to lose headway, small Sect that passed by, so long as did not surrender, tidied up completely, but he actually sped up, welcomed toward nine Great Sect army. Reason that a Zhao Hai minute of clarity, this nine Great Sect come back, not for the seizure northern four states again, so long as in fact has him, nine Great Sect did not have possibly four states north seizure, their this main points were constrain his, so long as has constrained him, Jian Wuya they well attacked Black Tiger Group encampment, if Jian Wuya they went well, that perhaps they also really possible again gave to regain the three people in northern four state, as for Northern Divergent Province, they actually does not want to regain, because there was the Zhao Hai den, their not that. Ability. The Zhao Hai Black Tiger Group there situation, first do not say that the base original defense of Black Tiger Group and makes the ability that fights strongly, he kept enough 500 Immortal Stage Undead Creature in Black Tiger Group base there, considers these Undead Creature make a move, can make Jian Wuya they unable to eat to capture. Therefore Zhao Hai wants the driving past now, with nine Great Sect alliances to, hits finally them, lets around northern these small Sect thorough losing heart.

As for the first regiment, Zhao Hai not, first regiment here has 7 million people, moreover is Elite in Freedom Alliance, will not have the matter, even if will be Western Demon Province and Eastern Saint Province there army attacks them not to have the matter, now Western Demon Province and Eastern Saint Province there small Sect, although collected some armies, the quantity were also many, but fighting strength of these armies, must be too far compared with the first regiment incoming messengers. Moreover Zhao snort|hum time also has made the arrangement, that was makes his Laura they reveal on Yama Ship, told Li Kuangge, if the first regiment must make the war with the person, let Laura their command(er). The people of first regiment regarding letting Laura their command(er), is not dislike, because they know now that their beforehand fights are Laura their command(er), is adding on Laura they are the Zhao Hai woman, they naturally cannot dislike. Laura they naturally not on Yama Ship, but in Space, Zhao Hai is just makes them reveal the face on Yama Ship, then they entered in the Yama Ship cabin, passed on the order through communication device directly, this nobody knew them in there. After these matters process, Zhao Hai toward nine Great Sect army there hurries, now nine Great Sect army are stationed in the Jade Belt River, but actually has plenty northern four state Sect contact with them, obviously now in the hearts of northern four state these Sect, nine Great Sect prestige compared with Freedom Alliance and Zhao Hai on some. Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi sit in Encampment Cave Mansion, they have not seen these Sect Sect Master, in fact these small Sect Sect Master, simply does not have the qualifications to see them. Jiao Hualong look at Meng Wudi, deep voice said : Lao Meng, tomorrow we are proceeding to advance a little, I think that now Zhao Hai should know our information, by the disposition of that fellow, have been able to look our.” Meng Wudi ruthless sound said : naturally, the fellow certainly will come, this time we must give to constrain him, making the old sword they his den carrying, when the time comes I to have a look at that fellow am any expression.” The Jiao Hualong look at Meng Wudi appearance, sighed, he knows that Meng Wudi so hated Zhao to have the reason, because Zhao Hai that poisonous elder of massacring, was Meng Wudi Martial Uncle, but Meng Wudi with relationship of poisonous elder, but the ten points, now Zhao Hai the poisonous elder killing, Meng Wudi hated certainly Zhao Hai...., Must say that hate of Jiao Hualong to Zhao Hai, possibly did not have Meng Wudi to be deep, because Jiao Hualong is Monster Cultivator, the Monster Cultivator world is more brutal than cultivator, in there, only then eats Law of Jungle of fruits, you, you can obtain all, you are weak, your anything cannot obtain. Zhao Hai, therefore he obtained the northern four states, but they do not have Zhao Hai, therefore had been expelled the native place by Zhao Hai, this looks like in Jiao Hualong, is completely normal, if do not do well relationship with other eight Great Sect, Jiao Hualong has not thought to cope with Zhao Hai really now, because Jiao Hualong looks like, copes with Zhao Hai with this plots and schemes, in his opinion is not necessarily able to succeed.

In this time, suddenly is transmitting piece to clamor, Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi stare, they one has stood, just about to outward walks, transmits sound speaking sounds on hearing outside: Report, Sect Master, Zhao Hai came.” Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi stare, then Meng Wudi complexion cannot help but changes, deep voice said : knew, ties, prepares to meet the enemy.” Said that Meng Wudi turns the head quite quickly , the old flood dragon that Jiao Hualong said : this Zhao Hai comes, our together leaves.” Jiao Hualong nodded, left Cave Mansion with Meng Wudi, one looked to outside that their immediately understand why these people definitely were Zhao Hai came, because in their Encampment opposite, appears piece of limitless Undead Creature army, although said that was not first time sees this situation, however Meng Wudi Jiao Hualong could not bear the scalp hemp. At this time has prepared, they got up, flew toward Encampment outside, nine Great Sect alliances in Encampment, flew, has composed Great Formation, followed after two people, but this nine Great Sect allied armies quantity compared with previous time has been short much, the quantity of previous nine Great Sect alliances had about 100 million fully, but now the quantities of nine big getting married alliances, are only about 60 million. Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi command(er) army was arriving at the Undead Creature army opposite kilometer place to draw back, fixed the eyes on to look toward Undead Creature army, quick saw was standing in Undead Creature head Zhao Hai, Undead Creature of Zhao Hai under foot, was Alien. Zhao Hai looked at their appears , cannot help but showed a faint smile said : two well, has not thought, but can also see two in here, don’t know two why returned to this did Northern Saint Province come? To receive this Northern Saint Province?” Meng Wudi look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : few idle talk, Zhao Hai, this Northern Saint Province is not your house/family, I want to come to come, wants to walk walks.”( To be continued., Welcome you to come(.) casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }