Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1896

HaHaHa, you spoke incorrectly, now this Northern Saint Province also is really my family, here is not you wants to come to come, wants to walk the place that can walk.” Zhao Hai look at Meng Wudi, laughs to say. The Meng Wudi look at Zhao Hai appearance, sneers said : big word not to be remnant, depends on you, dares to regard your house/family Northern Saint Province.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : also don’t know is who, was frightened by my a few words travelled, was right, in the past, wants to assassinate me with the poisonous fellow, what a pity, he now also became in my undead army, what kind of? Do you want to see him?” Meng Wudi one hear of Zhao Hai said that the air/Qi results in the tooth to fasten to nip, ruthless sound said : Zhao Hai, my sooner or later must tear you to shreds.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „saying that many wasting breath, attacked.” Said that Zhao Hai proceeds to wield, Undead Creature army immediately has pressed, has launched attack to nine Great Sect allied armies. Is good they also early is prepared because of Jiao Hualong, looked at Zhao Hai to start attack, their also immediately/on horseback met head-on, but their this time study was intelligent, they did not have attack, but the full defense, Zhao Hai this side attack was also not very strong, was mainly is cannon give priority to of flintlock. But when both sides hit make a move greatly, Jian Wuya also received Jiao Hualong to his signalling jade sword, they knew the front already with Zhao Hai exchange hands, therefore their immediately moved several. Several Space Divergent Warlock according to the originally that Black Tiger Group Coordinate, started Space Divergent Warlock , huge Space rift appears in the front of people. Jian Wuya immediately got the person to clash. These time goes with Jian Wuya to the person of Black Tiger Group there fight, and are many. However each one is the elites, has 200 with Jian Wuya Immortal Stage Expert fully, in adding on about 2000 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, fighting strength of this squad, already very formidable. Waits for Jian Wuya they puts from Space that has to arrive in huge cavern, but in this cavern, some cultivator look at they. Jian Wuya looks at these cultivator black cultivator clothing/taking, cannot help but laughs said : Black Tiger Group, I thought how your time copes with us. Kills!” These cultivator also roared to kill toward these black-clothed cultivator. At this moment, in entire Space has heard a grating alarm sound, these Black Tiger cultivator complexion change, turn around walks. Simultaneously Jian Wuya their suddenly felt that on this cavern all around wall appears red lines, these red lines turned into each and every one formation instantaneously, then he felt that entire Space becomes the burning hot is incomparable, meanwhile follows the huge pressure. Jian Wuya stares, his look at all around Space, immediately knows that this was the Black Tiger Group defense system started, his immediately/on horseback broke the wall to person said :, quick!” These cultivator one hear of Jian Wuya said that immediately has revealed Law Idol, hits toward the wall on. When their Qi Strength project in wall, on the wall immediately has emitted intermittent red light, has blocked their attack, attack of these many people, actually at once take these walls not to have the means.

At this moment, the sound of suddenly broken wind transmits, Jian Wuya they turn the head to look that presently large quantities of Black Tiger Group cultivator have caught up toward here, these people had revealed their Law Idol, came up two words they not to disperse attack to Jian Wuya. Jian Wuya their immediately turn around copes with these black-clothed cultivator. However at this moment, suddenly several fire snake of suddenly from the wall, that several fire snake meets nine Great Sect cultivator, immediately is one volume, directly that cultivator volume in inside. That cultivator wants to work loose, actually cannot work loose. Before long by the person pitiful yell of cling, was fired pile of ashes unexpectedly. Jian Wuya saw that this situation stares, he has not thought of Law Idol on this wall also to be able unexpectedly initiative attack, doesn't the Black Tiger Group person fear burning by it fire? Quick he present, the Black Tiger Group person had not feared that really by this fire burning, because of Black Tiger Group these people, the body brought Identifier status thing, these fires actually do not have a point use to them. Moreover the fire element strengths in these formation were getting stronger and stronger, now was Immortal Stage Expert does not dare by that fire to the cling, looked at this situation, Jian Wuya cannot help but at heart startled, he has not thought of Black Tiger Group here defense capability unexpectedly such. Jian Wuya intermittent complaining of hardship, he knows at heart his motion feared must be defeated, Black Tiger Group here impossible Immortal Stage Expert not to have, now Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert did not have make a move, they lost seriously, if Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert make a move, that troubled. Thinks of here, Jian Wuya immediately/on horseback said : opens Space rift, draws back.” Along with his sound, that several by other Space Divergent Warlock of cultivator protection, immediately have been opened Space rift, Jian Wuya led the remaining people to enter in Space. When Jian Wuya they come back, presently with 2000 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that they go, comes back, only then 1500 people, moreover died ten Immortal Stage Expert. Such loss is nothing less than heavy, Jian Wuya complexion is somewhat ugly, Abbot Numu arrives at the Jian Wuya side, deep voice said :that several Space Divergent Warlock because of connection use Space Divergent Technique, had been injured by strength of backlash Space, in a short time cannot use the strength of Space. Jian Wuya has smiled bitterly next step: Has not thought really that defense strength in this Black Tiger Group unexpectedly so astonishing, it seems like our these time has misjudged, sends the letter to the old flood dragon and Lao Meng, lets their retreat, in retreat, the person who they died are not many.” Abbot Numu sighed, has put out the signalling jade sword sends the letter to Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi, the although Abbot Numu temperament was irritable, but met Black Tiger Group such existence, gave to make that him the temperament did not have. But Jian Wuya their these movements during the surveillance of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked that Jian Wuya they eat slightly to owe do not retreat, cannot help but somewhat felt to be a pity that he also wants to let his Immortal Stage Undead Creature make a move, kept some people in Black Tiger Group there. Let Jian Wuya they feel the meat pain. However now Jian Wuya they come back. He has not thought must chase down, as for Jiao Hualong they, Zhao Hai does not want to kill too many people, had him might as well to be about a point the matters of northern four states solving at that time.

Thinks of here, Zhao Hai wields, these Undead Creature stopped attack, Zhao Hai has stood on Alien, has arrived at Undead Creature army front, the look at opposite nine Great Sect allied armies, deep voice said : Jiao Hualong. Meng Wudi, comes out to see me.” Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi have not drawn back far, one hear of Zhao Hai said that their immediately flew. Their puzzled look at Zhao Hai, why among don’t know Zhao Hai suddenly do not hit. Zhao Hai look at their said : you are listening, I know why you run up to here to come, you want to win time to Jian Wuya, making him go to my Black Tiger Group encampment there to disturb, speaks the truth with you, I already knew this point, now Jian Wuya they had been hit by my Black Tiger Group, you should better retreat, I do not want to kill too many people. Did not want to compel me.” Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares, then their complexion cannot help but changes, they have not thought that Zhao Hai already knew these. However Meng Wudi quick is short on coldly snorted said : in there throws a bluff on, is Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng informs your you to know? Also must say nothing which is not resembles to know to be the same.” Zhao Hai look at Meng Wudi, sneers said : person not to need to test me, this Jian Wuya they attack Black Tiger Group, has not met any Immortal Stage Undead Creature, Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert does not have make a move. You go back to ask Jian Wuya, my truth you told that my person although in here, but Black Tiger Group there has my Immortal Stage Undead Creature all the year round guarding, but I to let the Black Tiger Group person am familiar with the defense of base. Therefore has not let these Immortal Stage Undead Creature make a move, if you have not believed. Good, I can tell you, now I have sent several Immortal Stage Undead Creature to go that several Space Divergent Warlock that you look for massacring, after this point you go back, can be confirmed that now immediately/on horseback get lost to me, otherwise do not blame me for being rude.” Meng Wudi and Jiao Hualong one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion becomes the pale piece, half because of the air/Qi, the other half are actually because frightens, they believe that Zhao Hai disdains in deceives at this matter their, if Zhao Hai has done, he was also not Zhao Hai. Meng Wudi and Jiao Hualong although wants to spell with Zhao Hai very much, but their also very clear, if they do, that nine Great Sect ended, although said that nine Great Sect there also leave leeway some Elite, however majority of cultivator was brought by them, if loses seriously extremely in here, that nine Great Sect were really thorough being finished. Meng Wudi and Jiao Hualong looked at one mutually, clenches teeth, deep voice said : removes!” Said that Great Magical Artifact withdraws, nine Great Sect allied armies also start to withdraw slowly, the direct Jade Belt River opposite shore withdraws. Nine Great Sect allied armies that look at goes far away, Zhao Hai has not pursued, but turned the head to look at Northern Saint Province, muttered said : opportunity to suffice to you many, you did not understand to treasure, on do not blame me.” Said that Zhao Hai waved, Undead Creature army expunges toward Northern Saint Province. Zhao Hai Undead Creature army moves, his immediately Kuangge sent the letter to Li, told Li Kuangge, he attacked from south to north, making Li Kuangge attack from north to south, their converging attack, must still Northern Saint Province within the shortest time, was advancing toward another two states. Time that Zhao Hai and Meng Wudi they fight is not very long, both sides fight altogether also for several hours, but these hours , before Li Kuangge their army have arrived at another small Sect General Hall, Li Kuangge has also deferred to before the Zhao Hai method, first sends for that small lot follower final Communication Disc, if they do not surrender in offensive attack. However what makes Li Kuangge somewhat accidental is, that small Sect has surrendered unexpectedly, they comply with unconditional join to Freedom Alliance, becomes Freedom Alliance in Northern Saint Province here branch Hall.

Such relaxed has subdued small Sect, to is makes Li Kuangge somewhat accidental, but he complied with the request of this small Sect, let his join to Freedom Alliance, then army continued to set out, at this time, he received the Zhao Hai signalling jade sword, told him to speed up spending. But at this time Northern Saint Province these Sect also know that Zhao Hai has repelled the matters of nine Great Sect allied armies, this information spread, Western Demon Province and Eastern Saint Province allied armies diverged instantaneously, simultaneously some small Sect in two state started to have the contact with Freedom Alliance. But the Northern Saint Province here situation is some is not quite same, the here person himself has formed the each and every one small alliance, now lets their join to Freedom Alliance , some small alliances will want to put forward some conditions, but they have not actually thought that the condition that they put forward, Zhao Hai all does not accept, moreover all proposed that Sect of request, directly by Zhao Hai destroying completely, including did not have to opportunity that they reformed. Entire Northern Saint Province piece of carnage, Northern Saint Province these Sect only know at once fiercely, remaining some Sect in do not dare to put forward any condition, all initiative carries on the relation with Zhao Hai army. Zhao Hai after destroying completely several Sect, dares to negotiate the terms in also nobody to him, Zhao Hai has not handled the matter certainly, therefore wants join to Freedom Alliance Sect, so long as is unconditionally join, he completely accepts, but Zhao Hai has actually reached an agreement, after these join to Freedom Alliance, later when the Sect level division, belongs to most low grade. These Sect although are somewhat discontented with Zhao Hai the procedure, does not have the means that if they in dare to say anything, Zhao Hai feared that was gives to exterminate an entire family them directly, now Northern Saint Province these cultivator had feared Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is murder Demon King, often extinguished the person whole families. But Freedom Alliance must to all join Freedom Alliance the matters of Sect classification, did not have join knowing to the Freedom Alliance person by other, heard Sect that only then say, will not depend on to arrive at most bottom, these did not have join Freedom Alliance Sect somewhat unable to sit still, their immediately requests join to arrive at Freedom Alliance, but Freedom Alliance although agreed their join requested, but has not told them, they can be evaluated several and other Sect, this by these Sect people some uneasy. Because of the Zhao Hai ruthless spicy method, Northern Divergent Province quick was stilled, Northern Divergent Province these small Sect cannot be controlling the instruction of Northern Saint Academy now, all people have not thought that Zhao Hai so ruthless spicy, does not give you any opportunity, comes up to kill, exterminates an entire family directly, such method anybody will fear. But southern state nearest/recent to compares calm, nine Great Sect allied armies have dismissed, they do not dare to provoke Zhao Hai in a short time, that several Space Divergent Warlock that because they look for were sent Immortal Stage Undead Creature killing by Zhao Hai, in Zhao Hai these words that adding on Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi has, making Jian Wuya their thorough honest, why they not clear Zhao Hai will know their all motions now, because is not clear, therefore they will be scared, before has not known why Zhao Hai knows their all motions, they will be will not begin to Freedom Alliance.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }