Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1897

Zhao Hai sits on Yama Ship, now the first regiment already not in Northern Saint Province, but has arrived at Western Demon Province, Northern Saint Province there was removed the still of bottom, Eastern Saint Province stilled, Freedom Alliance official control these two states, some join to Freedom Alliance small Sect, in these two sect Li, have divided most from the beginning many advantage, some small Sect were simply has moved to Northern Saint Province or Eastern Saint Province there their General Hall, domain that because they obtained in there, was bigger than their originally domain, they naturally on moving. These small Sect original domains, with the method of land exchange, traded more lands, but Black Tiger Group these time also used the method of this land exchange, obtained the even bigger domain, believes that so long as after Zhao Hai Western Demon Province to still, Black Tiger Group can links encampment and original Ten Thousand Monster Sect General Hall, this was very big a piece domain. Zhao Hai naturally also looked regarding these changes of Black Tiger Group in the eye, the domain that Black Tiger Group wants now all was Northern Divergent Province, Northern Saint Province, Eastern Saint Province and Western Demon Province here although can vacate many domains, but Zhao Hai has not prepared to make Black Tiger Group want, they can open several branch Hall in here, but these branch Hall will certainly not occupy the too big domain, they mainly managed Northern Divergent Province. It looks like in some small Sect, Northern Divergent Province is a barren mountains and untamed rivers domain, wasteland, but Zhao Hai actually wants to let Black Tiger Group management Northern Divergent Province well. The Northern Divergent Province there practice commodity truly does not have several other Great Province to be so rich, but absolutely are also many. Moreover is this far away place. More is nobody will snatch, so long as Black Tiger Group managed the Northern Divergent Province domain, ten thousand years of base industry on also protect, therefore Zhao Hai has not made Zhang Feng they occupy the domain in several other states greatly, because did not have that necessity. in recent time, nine Great Sect to very honest, this has not stemmed from unexpected of Zhao Hai, nine Great Sect suffering a loss of one after another in his hand, if dishonest, that was really some does not know the practice. What most important is. in recent time, the Soaring Dragon Realm there ten thousand years one time commented greatly must arrive, nine Great Sect want anything to move , after when comments greatly. However these days happen to enables Zhao Hai to digest the northern four states smoothly. When north tidying up four states, have also taken beyond some efforts besides Northern Saint Province there, Eastern Saint Province and Western Demon Province here has not encountered the too big resistance, these small Sect person very clear, they are impossible to block Freedom Alliance army, in this case, they are resisting, that courted death in oneself. Now is not having that Sect to dare with a Freedom Alliance lecture of condition, Sect of all lecture of conditions by Zhao Hai extinguishing, Zhao Hai this ruthless spicy method. Gave to deter all people, not only Northern Saint Province, Eastern Saint Province and Western Demon Province here Sect, some Sect in original Freedom Alliance also by the Zhao Hai method shaking, have also dared to make the matter in nobody, following these petty action also all vanish from sight. Western Demon Province here majority of Sect has been ahead of time with Zhang Feng they have related, now is the Freedom Alliance person, Zhao Hai these time comes Western Demon Province here, has almost not resorted to violence. However Western Demon Province here he must come, he must Western Demon Province here to know their strength. Avoid these people in any crooked thoughts. Now Zhao Hai although sits on Yama Ship, looks like probably in the look at Western Demon Province scenery, actually his thoughts all in here, he now are actually not thinking is that Soaring Dragon Realm big comments what's the matter.

Li Kuangge stands in the Zhao Hai side, has not spoken. However his once for a while will look at Zhao Hai one, in that look full is the color of worship. Was in this time. Zhao Hai suddenly said : Kuangge, how long to jade belt river bank.” Li Kuangge considered as finished next time said : in having about one hour arrived, Elder Brother Hai, now the northern four states are our Freedom Alliance, what you also had not happily?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : not to have, but the Soaring Dragon Realm ten thousand years one time commented greatly must arrive, I have not known that what Soaring Dragon Realm these time commented to be greatly.” Li Kuangge nodded said : I to listen to Sect Supreme Elder saying that ten thousand years one time comments greatly is actually very simple, the Soaring Dragon Realm person sweeps Cultivation World with spiritual force, then can decide that Cultivation World was qualified for Soaring Dragon Realm.” Zhao Hai stares, then knit the brows said : to sweep with spiritual force? Cultivation World is so big, can see clearly with spiritual force?” Li Kuangge shook the head said : that on don’t know, heard that governs the Soaring Dragon Realm person, each is the strength is exceedingly high, perhaps they have other method not to be uncertain.” Zhao Hai nodded deep voice said : perhaps, was right, Kuangge, does front have the sect to let?” Li Kuangge thinks that nodded said : to have, front also has one Sect, this Sect name was called hundred Ghost Sect, was Ghost Cultivator Sect, before was not much sight, before hearing hundred Ghost Sect, with Wonderful Sound Pavilion relationship, strength no less than nine Great Sect, afterward by the suppression that Wonderful Sound Pavilion turned continually, now degenerated into small Sect, can only defend own mountain gate/entrance.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : this hundred Ghost Sect to have join our Freedom Alliance?” Li Kuangge nodded said : already join, moreover Western Demon Province a batch join our Freedom Alliance person, their Sect mountain gate/entrance on the front hundred ghost mountain on, heard that there Yin Qi is rich, most suits the person practices of hundred Ghost Sect.”

Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : like Sect, we should support, after a period of time I said to alliance leader, before we extinguished Wandering Soul Group time, but also obtained many Cultivation Method anything, if they need, to can give them some.” Li Kuangge stares, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „does Elder Brother Hai, support them to do? These Ghost Cultivator fellows, each and every one is stealthy, likely is not any good thing.” Zhao Hai look at Li Kuangge, shows a faint smile said : Kuangge, you cannot such do, Cultivator three thousand Grand Dao, each [say / way] existed, has his Dao in inside, Ghost Dao is also in three thousand Grand Dao mainly together, the way of because just practicing is different, therefore appears somewhat different, now they were our Freedom Alliance people, you cannot look down upon them.” Li Kuangge one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but on face one red, lowers the head said : is, what Elder Brother Hai lesson is.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, pats Li Kuangge shoulder said : to be all right, I told you, just I to these words that you spoke, but in other words listened to the bystander, these were the polite speeches, my genuine point was not that you status in Great Axe Group were not low, later will come across all kinds of matters, by these pendulums in outwardly on words not deceiving.” Li Kuangge stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what do you mean? You said words that you just spoke, puts on outwardly? Is genuine point that you such make what?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice has said : your paid attention to the Hundred Ghost Group mountain gate/entrance position?” Li Kuangge thinks hundred ghost mountains that said : Hundred Ghost Group is, is very close to the jade belt river, but that mountain, because grotesque rocks on mountain are too many, can always leave the sound of intermittent howling, moreover in the mountain also has several very big cavern, inside Yin Qi is dense, does not have anything special.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : did not make you say on that mountain to have anything specially, but made you say that mountain geographical position.” Li Kuangge puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : is very close to the jade belt river, didn't I just say?” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, is very close to the jade belt river, moreover you also know that Hundred Ghost Group has a grudge with Wonderful Sound Pavilion, now nine Great Sect alliance, said on equal to that he has a grudge with nine Great Sect, but hundred ghost mountains that Hundred Ghost Group is, to jade belt river nearest/recent, jade belt river opposite nine Great Sect , to cross the river attack we, Hundred Ghost Group definitely knows, so long as we support them, that Hundred Ghost Group will certainly be grateful to our Freedom Alliance, nine Great Sect want to receive to sell him not to be impossible, he is we places the jade belt river bank advanced post, nine Great Sect will have anything to change we to know, Therefore regarding such Sect, we can winning over and support of entering quantity, understand?”

Li Kuangge one hear of Zhao Hai said that finally understand, his quickly said: Is Elder Brother Hai, my understand.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : to hundred ghost mountain there has a look, to rest.” Li Kuangge complied with one, army directly soared hundred ghost mountains to go. In Hundred Ghost Group Cave Mansion, sits old person, this old person looked like had over 100 years old, and beard was all white, on the face appears the old person spot, he was very thin, wears a black cultivator robe, on the cultivator robe is embroidering the each and every one severe Ghost Picture case with the silver silk thread, he was Hundred Ghost Group Gang Master, Zhong Wuhun. The Zhong Wuhun opposite is standing several cultivator, these cultivator seem like not old, the strength also in Transcends Tribulation Stage, now their one face respectful look at Zhong Wuhun, these people are the Hundred Ghost Group promising youth, the status in Hundred Ghost Group is not low, but they actually very respect regarding Zhong Wuhun. In fact in Hundred Ghost Group, almost nobody does not respect Zhong Wuhun, because Zhong Wuhun was were too many, Zhong Wuhun young time that Hundred Ghost Group did, was the talent that in Hundred Ghost Group became famous, young is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, was considered as in Hundred Ghost Group, possibly most quickly became the Immortal Stage Expert talent. However afterward Hundred Ghost Group was suppressed by Wonderful Sound Pavilion, Hundred Ghost Group old Gang Master was plotted against by Wonderful Sound Pavilion until death, Hundred Ghost Group the group dragon does not have for a while, must die to running on by Wonderful Sound Pavilion shortly, at this time, Zhong Wuhun received the position of Gang Master, after he takes office, gave up with the idea that Wonderful Sound Pavilion puts together hardly, the relation, has paid many prices in every way, finally has preserved Hundred Ghost Group, then turns the management of pains, lets Hundred Ghost Group in this Western Demon Province, but can also hold place once. But as the matter stands, his cultivation level actually delayed, waits for Hundred Ghost Group to stabilize the time that finally, he passes the best time of practice, wants in into Immortal Stage Expert, almost to be impossible, is for this reason, therefore Zhong Wuhun now although is only Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, however in Hundred Ghost Group, actually nobody does not respect him, even if these Immortal Stage Supreme Elder, is respectful to Zhong Wuhun, obviously status of Zhong Wuhun in Hundred Ghost Group.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }