Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1899

Li Kuangge one hear of Zhao Hai said that what immediately understand Zhao Hai said is what matter, his facial expression excited said : Elder Brother Hai, do you want really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile „the matter that said : promises the brothers, how I can not achieve, rests for day, tomorrow we go to Drinking Elephant Mountain.” Li Kuangge complied with one, turn around ran, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, has not said anything, but showed a faint smile, the personal appearance entered Space in a flash. Next morning, Zhao Hai another appears in the deck, Li Kuangge and other Sect representatives was waiting for him, looked at Zhao Hai to come out, these Sect representative immediately Zhao Hai enclosing, one of them said : Army Commander, can you set up the spleen to worry in Drinking Elephant Mountain there really?” Good, is sets up a stone monument to worry, Zhao Hai had already said that so long as stilled chaotic of four state, he must set up a stone monument to worry in jade belt river bank, making Freedom Alliance all people know that they have made anything today, therefore a Zhao Hai saying has complied with brothers' matter, Li Kuangge immediately knows that was any matter. The Zhao Hai look at these Sect representatives, showed a faint smile said : naturally, this was I promised the brothers, how I can renege on a promise, he he, walked.” These people were one cheer, fly Yama Ship, ran to tell all person good information, in the not long after first regiment has heard sound of the cheering. Is entering in this, how many people on hundred ghost mountains flew, lead Zhong Wuhun, Zhong Wuhun to Yama Ship on, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : mister, how such anxiously walking? Not in here in rest several days?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need, these days does not have what fight, simply not to need to rest, we must go to Drinking Elephant Mountain there, later will be stationed in there some time.” Zhong Wuhun nodded said : so that's how it is, then did not disturb mister below, if mister had anything to have a need for the Hundred Ghost Group place, must open the mouth.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to need with me to be polite, you go back to close up, more early closes up to your advantage bigger s goes.” Zhao Hai saw that Zhong Wuhun knows, Zhong Wuhun yesterday goes back later not to close up, waits for today to see his. Zhong Wuhun one hear of Zhao Hai said. Also was not saying anything, but bowed said : so to thank mister to Zhao Hai on me.” Said that gets the people to fly toward Hundred Ghost Group, but Zhao Hai Yama Ship also flies in the Drinking Elephant Mountain direction. Before long Zhao Hai sees a distant place incomparably huge elephant, is entering jade belt in the river the nose. Probably is the same in the potable water, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed that said : „is really mysterious, unexpectedly such looks like.” Li Kuangge nodded said : „, looked like.” That elephant Drinking Elephant Mountain that they see, before long they brought the first regiment really not to be young to Drinking Elephant Mountain here Drinking Elephant Mountain, except for seeing beside that part of likely elephants, other places did not have what difference with other mountain range. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, deep voice said : pitched camp Li Kuangge to comply with one in here, has passed around the order, but Zhao Hai has actually flown Drinking Elephant Mountain there, the look at broad jade belt river, the spirit actually entered in Space likely. After the Zhao Hai spirit enters to Space. immediately makes Laura they use Universal Manufacturing Machine ¤ to count a blueprint, he must construct big monument, in the names of all people the first regiment carves above. Laura their immediately caused a blueprint with Universal Manufacturing Machine, when Zhao Hai attains this blueprint, is actually very satisfied, because in this blueprint monument. Is depends upon Drinking Elephant Mountain to construct unexpectedly, and shape very beautiful. When Zhao Hai spiritual force returned to in own body Li Kuangge arrived at the Zhao Hai side, the first regiment has moved outside these days. Regarding pitch a camp, they being used to it, simply have not needed to manage.

Zhao Hukai eyes, turned the head to look at Li Kuangge one, deep voice said : Kuangge, the here matter have handed over give you, I must exiting a while.” Li did Kuangge comply with one, deep voice said : mister has been possible to want me to help?” Zhao Hai shook the head, the personal appearance moves, flies toward Western Demon Province, Zhao Hai one time must pick Stone, he in Western Demon Province here present one type of very hard Stone, this Stone degree of hardness may compared with the fine steel, be used to manufacture monument it would be the best. Zhao Hai arrived on a Western Demon Province mountain, on this mountain produces that Stone place that Zhao Hai said that because this mountain only produces that very hard Stone, but corpulent this Stone besides can be used to construct the house, does not have other use, therefore the entire Western Demon Province simply nobody cares this Stone. Zhao Hai arrived on the mountain, has sized up all around situation, has flown by summit stone huge Stone, this Stone is the semicircle, the diameter feared that has about hundred meters, the altitude of dew in ground, has about fifty meters, looks like holds up a day of great column to be ordinary. Zhao Hai felt, this giant stone column not under kilometer high, moreover toward really under is thicker, was used for him to manufacture monument not to have well. Thinks of here, in Zhao Hai Magic Secret Art pinches, silently said: Earth gets up!” The Magic Secret Art that Zhao Hai uses now is not pure Spell, but also added some Earth element Divergent Technique in inside, 22 unions can use this Spell. Along with the Zhao Hai sound, earth yellow radiance departs from in his hand together, fell above that stone column directly, yellow radiance fell to the stone column on, immediately entered to the stone column, swept that stone column to start to shiver gently, then shivered was getting quicker and quicker, before long saw that stone column looks like the bamboo shoots of early spring is the same, fast upward put from the place, before long entire stone column unexpectedly appears in ground. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, received in the stone column Space, then flies in the Drinking Elephant Mountain direction, before long on returned to Drinking Elephant Mountain there. Drinking Elephant Mountain there had been constructed many Cave Mansion by the people of first regiment, Zhao Hai has not managed them, later here must garrison, Cave Mansion constructs to be better. Drinking Elephant Mountain here although is not Spirit Vein, but Spiritual Qi is not weak, builds the armed forces in here \; first, can guard against opposite shore nine Great Sect, two will not harm the practices of these cultivator, it can be said that kills two birds with one stone. Li Kuangge in Drinking Elephant Mountain there is waiting for Zhao Hai likely, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, his immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Zhao Luo arrived at likely there, looked at likely head terrain. Then nodded, had haggling over at heart. Li Kuangge puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what matter does What happened? have?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be all right.” The hand wields. Earth yellow radiance departed together, falls likely the middle of head, then that earth yellow radiance submerged front the Drinking Elephant Mountain shape, there ground slowly downward fell likely. Must know this here may all be Stone likely, moreover this Stone also very hard, now these Stone actually slowly downward falls. Quick a depth about hundred meters big hole appears , but this big hole was square, looked like very neat, probably was the blade chops general of pitching chisel. The big hole did well later brown to wield, that giant stone column appears on shape, but he has not fallen, but floated in in midair.

Zhao Haonian moved, flew, then in hand suddenly appears a incomparably huge long blade, a blade in the hand, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has called out one. A blade strikes off toward the stone column. When, works as...... A blade chops the sound of Stone. Sees Zhao Hai to practice the blade to be the same in there probably, dividing of blade blade above that stone column, but the stone column does not have any change, probably simply had not been chopped by Zhao Hai has been same. However one side is standing Li Kuangge actually knows that what's the matter, he knew that stone column actually already by Zhao Hai, reason that now is not maintaining appearance n of stone column because of the Law Force bunch technique of Zhao Hai, otherwisecolumn already changed. The here sound, naturally hides the truth from these cultivator in first regiment likely. These cultivator are good with Zhao Hai relationship, so long as in fight moment, their motions is not very free, therefore hears the here sound, has encircled. How many are with Li Kuangge relationship good cultivator, to Li Kuangge said : Kuangge, Army Commander this is doing in a soft voice? Is making monument?” Li Kuangge nodded said : is, otherwise Army Commander is all right to divide that Stone to do, Army Commander has promised us, must set up a stone monument to worry, I think that he is certainly manufacturing monument.” The people also nodded look at that stone column that then two eyes shines, it will not take long, their name appears on that monument, for generations will look at reverently by Freedom Alliance cultivator, thinks that here they cannot bear excited. Some little time Zhao Hai draws back, then Zhao Hai waves, on that stone column stone blocks minutes of abscission, has revealed inside true colors, this is really huge monument. This monument about hundred meters place, a base, this base week also has the stone fence that encircles, in the below of base, a a piece about hundred meters long section, looks like looks like handle is the same, but this monument main part shape also very special, looks like looks like a sword. A Zhao Hai downward pressure, monument bottommost that seems like handle same thing, straight falling to that big hole that in Zhao Hang has arranged, the solid perfect fitting of seams, does not have a point crevice. Waits for monument not, when downward falls, the monument base happen to falls to likely the here ground, looks like placed there to be the same probably. imposing manner looks like uncommon, the big main part, looks like a sharp sword, above also has some patterns, looks like very beautiful. Zhao Hai fell monument to look at one directly, then the in hand Great Blade flash turned into one to be thin and long Rapier, Zhao Hai is taking Rapier, started to wield on monument, along with his wielding, the stone powder fell off in abundance. Li Kuangge they now have flown also in midair, a look at Zhao Hai quarter character, meets Zhao Hai to write, died in battle list Li Feng, Zhang Dragon, Ma Yu......” then each and every one name appears above monument, this cannot help but makes Li Kuangge stare, they have not thought first Zhao Hai carves actually died in battle the list, moreover this list Zhao Hai was remembers probably was very clearly same. On the main part the appears name are getting more and more, complexion of people are also getting more and more dignified, because some people in these names, saw the name of oneself friend, but their friends, are when makes the war with Heavenly Demon Race and nine Great Sect army died in battle, has not thought that Zhao Hai actually still remembers their names, moreover remembers such clearly. The air was solidify was probably same, nobody spoke, squeak that only then Rapier in Zhao Hai came out, vision Hu of all people the Zhao Hai movement was rotating. A day passed by, two days passed by, three days passed by, Zhao Hai has used three days of fully, dying in battle the list carved, then Zhao Hai started to carve to participate in the war list, each and every one name appears above, these cultivator saw their name on monument.

For ten days, Zhao Hai carved the name of last person finally on monument, 13 days, Zhao Hai in has carved 13 days of names that there watched. After Zhao Hai carves last name, his then let out a long breath, he turns the head to look that presently Li Kuangge they stand in his, face excited look at he, his cannot help but said : What happened? your how such look at I?” Li Kuangge and the others simultaneously bows to Zhao Hai, said loudly: thanks a lot Army Commander, Army Commander great kindness, I and others engraved on one's memory.” Zhao Hai stares, is blocking showing a faint smile, beckoned with the hand said : to result, has not completed.” Said that Zhao Han arrived at the monument back, in hand Rapier in one time has wielded, one line of character appears on monument: Battle Sword Monument , Space was shattered, the Heavenly Demon attack, formed an alliance to oppose the enemy, only for free, thus is called Freedom Alliance, the alliance forms an army, the beginning for the first regiment, raises Battle Sword and a Heavenly Demon war...... Yang-yang sprinkles big article, why the first regiment is established, after having been established, has experienced many wars, remembers clearly, lets all person understand, why they must set up this monument. Also has used three days , the Battle Sword Monument back article carved, this article good hundreds of thousands characters, to carve on monument, truly needed for a long time. When Zhao Hai has written the article, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, feeling suddenly own spirit fast jumped several, probably is spiritually originally is fettered, now one has all untied, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then he looked at monument, suddenly understand, originally because of this monument. Commitment that the people made, looked like shackles, the spirit of person fettering, if were the average person, perhaps did not have no relationship, but regarding cultivator was saying that this was really very awfully, therefore any cultivator, easily will not promise any thing. But Zhao Hai in cultivator to first regiment promised that must set up a stone monument to worry to them, commitment that the first regiment several million people, Zhao Hai to these several million people of promising, if he irrealizable, that this commitment like shackles, continuously locked Zhao Hai spiritual force, increase that even if Zhao Hai spiritual force keeping, this shackles have also existed, probably was the ordinary person, the body upper back one has carried a heavy load to be the same. But now Zhao Hai has become the commitment, this shackles have naturally untied, Zhao Hai will feel that relaxed. Thinks through this point, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, he presently own spiritual force because of the these days high degree of concentration, unexpectedly cannot help but purer than before.( To be continued.. p { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }