Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1900

In Zhao Hai felt when own spiritual force is purer, suddenly Zhao Hai felt in sky appears some chaotic spiritual fluctuation, these spiritual fluctuation not very formidable, moreover appeared somewhat disorderly, probably some people of release came was the same. When Zhao Hai is puzzled, his suddenly felt these spiritual fluctuation simultaneously wells up toward Battle Sword Monument , looks like the child who is lost finally found own home to be the same. Zhao Hai frowns to feel these spiritual force, his understand these spiritual force what's the matter, why these spiritual force will not come to monument, these spiritual force were extremely disorderly, the strength that although gathers is much stronger than his spiritual force, because extremely in disorderly simply about . Moreover the light is these spiritual force, makes the inadequate any injury to monument, monument is only Stone, does not have existence of spirit. spiritual force attack, regarding cultivator was to say although is the one type of very formidable attack method, what thing but this must think you to use on, there is consciousness life form, you used the spiritual force attack nature yes, did not have wisdom life form, did you use spiritual force attack to be useful? You use spiritual force attack to a piece Stone, even if you, Stone or Stone. At this time Li Kuangge they also noted these spiritual force, because these spiritual force were really too many, moreover together welled up toward monument, this made them somewhat restless, many cultivator started to alert. At this moment, these spiritual force fell above monument unexpectedly directly, mentioned also strangely, these spiritual force fell to monument above, probably one by monument absorbing. But Zhao Hai notes is actually, that spiritual force falls to monument on, he characters that in these articles on monument carves. Slightly will dodge golden light, in dying in battle list that simultaneously he carves, the name also with the flashes light, this situation has continued for a long time, attached on monument to all spiritual force. After waiting for all disorderly spiritual force to attach on monument. Entire monument has emitted thick faint golden light unexpectedly, this golden light although is only flashes, then vanished above monument, but Zhao Hai they actually clearly saw. When golden light vanishes, Zhao Hai they are looking at monument. Actually presently monument greatly changed, on monument died in battle the personal name on list, almost all turned into the golden color, but that article that behind monument Zhao Hai writes, turned into the golden typeface, the golden color in that typeface, to the feeling of person probably is live is the same. Probably is the one layer golden ability, is flowing in these characters. Along with flowing of these golden light, Zhao Hai they can feel clearly, all around Spiritual Qi slowly gathers toward monument above, probably this monument is cultivator. Is being same in the practice that there keeps. Zhao Hai look at these turned into the golden dying in battle list, suddenly had enlightenment at heart, this monument such change, absolutely not because of him, because these died in battle cultivator.

These do to fight with nine Great Sect with Heavenly Demon Race, but death cultivator, they have obsession. That must protect own Sect, protects Freedom Alliance. Because has this obsession, therefore they after dying in battle. Their spiritual force not complete disappearances, but turned into the one type of pure consciousness, exists in Heaven and Earth, perhaps will want for a long time to vanish. But Zhao Hai sets up a stone monument to worry, carved all the names of person of dying in battle above monument, Zhao Hai also has written simultaneously down their merit. Zhao Hai writes very attentively, this made his spiritual force in unknowingly in produce a resonance with spiritual force that these people of dying in battle left behind. spiritual force that moment that finally when he puts away one's pen, these people of dying in battle left behind, has regarded their energetic reposing monument, naturally attached to above monument. Zhao Hai when above monument carves the names of these people, meets not on own initiative thinks that person, thinks he has handled matter , because of this, his spiritual force turned into a guide, spiritual force of person of that dying in battle, coursed the name of that person, therefore these spiritual force of person of dying in battle will attach in their names. But their obsession must protect Freedom Alliance, protects own Sect, but the protection needs the strength, therefore these spiritual force although lost the self- consciousness now, actually still wants to obtain the even bigger strength, therefore they slowly will be absorbing all around Spiritual Qi, expands itself. although don’t know think is right, but Zhao Hai actually thinks that is very likely, otherwise on monument fresh change, really does not have the means to explain. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately lets Laura they in Space, has made three huge incense with most high grade spice, the flash Universal Machine fragrant has only manufactured. Zhao Hai turns, took three huge incense, arrived at the monument frontage, meets to begin to wield, stone cauldron appears in front of monument, Stone Dingli has put the sand. Zhao Hai in hand fire flashes, did not light three fragrances, look at both hands has been lifting three fragrances, turned the head to look at Li Kuangge their eyes, deep voice said : has lined up in formation!” Li Kuangge they stare, actually does not dare to neglect, with oneself quickest lined up to complete, Zhao Hai stood forefront the team, in hand was lifting the fragrance, deep voice said : fellow brothers, you and others to protect your Sect, protected Freedom Alliance dead in battle, I and other forever do not dare to forget fellow brothers, looked at fellow brothers' Divine Soul, can still protect my Freedom Alliance, Zhao Hai asks here!”

Said that Zhao Hai is taking huge incense, to the monument three bows, then inserted in huge incense the stone cauldron, mentioned also strangely, after Zhao Hai inserted huge incense to the stone cauldron, Battle Sword Monument unexpectedly suddenly shone golden light, then golden light more gathered, finally that golden light unexpectedly faintly turned into an appearance of person, this person cultivator face, however his face was actually is changing, but the person of first regiment the faces of these appears , before died in battle. Then this keep changing the person of face, to the Zhao Hai bow bowing, the personal appearance hidden was entering in monument, monument although did not have what change superficially probably, but all saw the monument person, actually felt that in this monument were many imposing manner, this imposing manner such as Shan Rushi, such as the sword like the blade, as if can support Heaven and Earth to be common. This monument such change, let Li Kuangge their finally understand what's the matter, Li Kuangge their one face serious did obeisance three to do obeisance to monument, stands does not make noise in there. After Zhao Hai has done obeisance monument, after turning the head look at people said : „, sets the custom, this monument seventh day sweeps clear one time, all the year round burning incense can not break, so long as Freedom Alliance exists for day, must carry on according to this, later this is also the custom of my first regiment.” Li Kuangge they have complied with one seriously, Zhao Hai deep voice said : was then good, goes back to rest, we in the here more than ten days, the opposite did not have what sound, should not have any matter, crossed several days here to leave behind one team of people to guard has been OK, other people went on returned to respective Sect, right Kuangge, a while has let a person there tower stone building, I must put some to greatly fragrant.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has referred to a Drinking Elephant Mountain place, there leaves monument is not very far. Li Kuangge complied with said : is Elder Brother Hai, my a while got down on explain/transfer.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : was good, goes back to rest.” Li Kuangge nodded, getting people to get down, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at monument one, sighed lightly, turn around walked. Li Kuangge movement is quick, Zhao Hai explain/transfer ends not long after, he organized the person to build up a stone building in the place that Zhao Hai assigned, this stone building very enormous, but in actually very spatial ore. Zhao Hai constructs after the stone building, on inside has put a large quantities of fragrance, this fragrance may be specially-made, the wind blows unceasingly, the rain pouring does not extinguish, moreover an incense can select fully on for seven days, seven days later was trading fragrant has been OK, he put this one layer fragrance, don’t know must use many years. These are in Space manufacture, is the high-quality goods, will put how long not to have the issue, after having done well these, Zhao Hai then returned to in Space.

This more than ten days he almost in carving tablet of keeping, spiritual force high centralism, even if by the Zhao Hai present strength, felt exhausted, after Zhao Hai returned to Space, first went to Hot Spring there to soak the bubble well, sat under hundred Spirit Tree, was drinking hundred Spirit Tea, relaxed well. Meanwhile he also in recalling the change of these days, these days he has been completing to the first regiment all people's commitments, the energetic shackles completely go, spiritual force became pure, what most important was, Zhao Hai also felt that in own spiritual force were many thing, but was any thing, he somewhat did not talk clearly. Zhao Hai spiritual force has existed by the Rubik's Cube appearance, that Rubik's Cube is the silver, moreover in increasing of keeping, after this time accident, in his spiritual Rubik's cube, actually had golden color, moreover spiritual Rubik's cube to be unexpectedly small, did not mean each every small surface in that spiritual Rubik's cube to tail off, but said that entire Rubik's Cube changed small, each every small also changed small, but gave the feeling of Zhao Hai is actually, this Rubik's Cube congealing. Before this situation Zhao Hai, has not met, he also real don’t know lived any matter, how that golden spiritual force comes, he does not clarify. Undead Creature has plenty in although Zhao Hai Space, many Undead Creature are opens the fresh time Old Monster, matter has plenty that they understand, but Space them thing of meeting, reorganized, has stored up, but Zhao Hai from these person of there has not actually known that doing about this golden spiritual force uses. although don’t know that golden spiritual force is useful, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, that golden spiritual force does not have what fault to him, he tries to transfer that golden spiritual force, that golden spiritual force is the same with other spiritual force, does not have what difference, very listens to his command(er), saw this situation, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved. Has rested in Space well several days, Zhao Hai then walked out from Space, looked to Drinking Elephant Mountain there that since Drinking Elephant Mountain there has established permanent Encampment, the scale is not very big, only suffices the hundred thousand person to guard all the year round, this is also the Zhao Hai request, is not suitable in the army of here guarding are too many.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }