Chapter 101 War! „It is not good!” Green simultaneously calls out in alarm with Merine, the response of Zhao Hai is quick, now he looked that the screen looks like when watching the television is the same, always feeling not that real, but with, this also makes him be able by the vision of one type of observer at look at this matter, is at the one type of absolute calm condition. Because of this, therefore he first responded, the intention moves, Drunk their immediately appears in their scheduled positions, Green they had also been placed. Now does not need others saying that Zhao Hai also knew, that garden has put Light Element early warning Magic in own tent, when this Magic puts, Zhao Hai they in have not seen unexpectedly. Along with this sound, entire camp one has lived it up, first is the Magician tent, the moon's orbit has fired into the horizon together instantaneously, illuminates entire camp well-illuminated. Simultaneously yellow light shines together, their tents encircling. But that three Advanced level Warrior, immediately flushed from their tents, but sees outside situation, even if their Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice same faces, one changed the color. Now their entire camp complete changing, has been standing everywhere huge Undead Creature, these Undead Creature have more than 1000 fully, a person looked like crazy bison was the same, running in all directions in camp, so long as saw living person to come up is. But these with ordinary mercenary, has plenty have not come out from the tent, by these Undead Creature stamping, these that even if coming out, obviously is not these Undead Creature matches, 300 people of teams, only pass the flash remaining unexpectedly less than 100. Those who most make that three Advanced level Warrior surprised is, these Undead Creature are bringing deadly poison, so long as these ordinary Warrior bump into these Undead Creature, immediately will be poisoned, has to suppress the spread of toxicity with Battle Qi, if not suppress, among that in the blink of an eye the whole body will be green, falls to the ground dead. Only in their this dumbfounded skill , more than 20 Warrior die a violent death, is the poison dies completely, these Undead Creature lethality were really too big.

But makes that three Advanced level Warrior feel what is shocking, these Dead-soldier of their surrounding arrangement, unexpectedly not presently these Undead Creature trails, moreover until now, cannot turn back in order to help friendly forces, feared that is also more unfortunate than fortunate. When they stare, two blue water dragon, clash to them, that three Warrior immediately recover, three people simultaneously explode drink one, has extracted own Portable weapon. Their weapon are not on Continent common Great Sword, but is one type of thin Rapier, this thin Rapier some people will not be taking on Continent generally, when weapon uses, is Noble is not used in the waist for decorative or ornamental purpos. However the Rapier obvious differences of these three people, their Rapier all over the body dark, but also is passing red light, entire sword not belt blade edge like traditional sword, but like the circular cone of large size, only then before most , more than ten centimeters place that closes operates the blade edge, other places are perfectly round all over the body, looks is one type of invisible efficient instrument for murder. Two in three people jump to welcome toward that two water dragon, but another person actually directly soars the Merine direction to come, obviously wants to capture the ringleader first. But at the same time, Meg and Blockhead they with these ordinary mercenary to, the showdowns between these Expert naturally did not have their anything matter, they do not dare to be involved, if they participate, feared that is don’t know how the successive dies. Three people of although do not have no Battle Formation to experience, but their strength in that pendulum, these ordinary mercenary now is being the soul flying balls mourning, the ten layers strength went to seven eight layers, how possibly is three people of matches. In this time, can only with a bang sound, the garden their three institutes that tent splits, stands up two huge Stone Man from the tent. These two Stone Man very tall and big, each 78 meters high, probably are constitutes by the pieces boulder, on the round head, is growing the fuzzy human five senses, giant both hands although is also the manpower appearance, but actually is also by the pieces every large or small boulder constitution, stands steadily such as the mountain is ordinary in there. Obviously these two Stone Giant were Stone Lingshuang the two brothers summoned, worthily was name of Stone Lingshuang, these two Stone Giant light from selling likely already very formidable. Now Stone Lingshuang standing one on the left and other on the right in the side of garden, but garden is taking Magic Staff, takes that to seal|confer Motie to curl, Undead Creature that coldly look at these run all over the place in all directions, coldly snorted said : shameless villain, thinks that sneak attack does have the stratagem which ensures success? Met to incur saying that has opened oneself in hand to seal|confer demon iron volume, one group of white light were similar to the shell same direct impact horizons, exploded in sky, turns into one group of even bigger white light, slowly downward fell, if this white light had substance to be ordinary, the time of falling, has not diverged, but was similar to a giant cover same has pressed.

Merine looked that this situation cannot help but stares, complexion changes said : Holy Light Descent, damn, in his to seal|confer demon iron volume seal unexpectedly is this Magic.” Holy Light Descent is one type of Light Element Magic, but this Magic really swallow is not attack Magic, but is Healing Magic of one type of wide scope, belongs to 6th level Magic, although does not have what lethality in this Magic regarding humanity and Magic Beast, but regarding Undead Creature, has very tremendous influence, although cannot kill level high Undead Creature, but can actually cause the damage to them. At this time garden release this Magic could be said as most is effective, because of this Magic can tremendous influence Undead Creature fighting strength, as the matter stands was not only influential to these Swamp Undead Creature, even if they will have very tremendous influence to Drunk. Outside dozen of so lively Zhao Hai are pleasantly surprised for another matter in Space, he just when Zhao Qian was attacked, thinks that Zhao Qian had been killed, when their release went to Green, he felt that was not, Zhao Qianbing and his spiritual connection have not broken, although felt that probably was injured, but actually can also fight, is only his whereabouts by the dew, the surprise attack is now impossible, has to give to hide own personal appearance. In this time, Holy Light Descent Magic of garden is pressing from sky, Zhao Qianjiu is to hide cannot shunt, Zhao Hai looks in Space worries, the silk does not have the means boldly. When Zhao Hai worries, the suddenly Space prompt sound transmits said : presently the radioactive ray, absorbs the ray, this ray is the radioactive treatment ray, in Cyborg-type object to Space has the injury, improves Cyborg-type object, the improvement turns.” Along with disappearance of prompt sound, sees in camp all Undead Creature suddenly green light flashes, all Undead Creature Bone clear, but just also appeared very painful Undead Creature, actually one jumped for joy, probably was that Holy Light Descent does not have to their influence. Zhao Hai dull look at all these, his don’t know, normally only then Space received beside this ray, can carry on to absorb the improvement, now hasn't he opened Space rift, Space will carry on the improvement to these Undead Creature? In Zhao Hai puzzled time, his suddenly felt that Zhao Qiandong, this felt Zhao Qiandong, he one was shocked, then immediately understand why Space can carry on to improve to these Undead Creature, because of Zhao Qian, Zhao Qian body is also bringing Ghost Staff, but Ghost Staff can use all functions in Space, naturally can also receive this Light Element Magic, such Space naturally can also carry on to improve to these Undead Creature. Thinks through this, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs, he does not have to think one just had not taken back Ghost Staff also is really right, if receives, that today's these Undead Creature will certainly have the loss, now is uncertain. Both sides that in camp fought also noted this point, just Holy Light Descent just used time, truly has had certain influence to these Undead Creature, the motions of these Undead Creature one slowed down, the body probably was also sprinkled the sulphuric acid to be the same, one intermittent braved the light smoke.

However on them green light flashes, then has then been all right, probably was more aggressive than before, this situation do not say these Warrior not understand what's the matter, even if garden not understand what's the matter. Only then Green and Merine their understand, this is Space makes certainly. Reason that Zhao Hai dares to make Zhao Qianna run Ghost Staff everywhere , because this Ghost Staff binds with him, others do not have the means to use, Zhao Qian also can only take, even if had been snatched, Zhao Hai wants to take back, is a thought matter, therefore he does not have to take back Magic Staff anxiously, has let Zhao Qianna, has not actually thought that really also has the unexpected benefit. The garden looks at the responses of these Undead Creature, cannot help but the complexion big change, the hand book of sealing demon is turning, his all around immediately has hiked up a piece by piece white luminous spot, these luminous spots slowly have composed one around his body white light Angel/Emperor's Emissary, this Angel/Emperor's Emissary is similar to the height of normal person, the body wears a white Chinese-style gown, a pair of giant wing outstretches has about five meters fully, this Angel/Emperor's Emissary uses in hand to take a white big shield, the lion design overwhelming power in shield exceptionally. This is Light Element 6th level Magic, protecting of Angel/Emperor's Emissary, this Angel/Emperor's Emissary is not real Angel/Emperor's Emissary, but by three-dimensional projection type thing of Light Element Magic elemental composition, can only be used to defend. After protecting of release Angel/Emperor's Emissary, garden to seal|confer Moshu has returned own bosom, in the mouth in a low voice is reciting Incantation. But at this time Brother Stone Lingshuang on their surrounding cloth one layer earth yellow protective shield, had actually been pointing at Stone Giant and Undead Creature make war. This Stone Giant ten people of fierce, super strong, moreover can become oneself Stone light the shell same loses, then earth element on absorption earth, from the new composition body, very difficult deals with. However Zhao Hai these Undead Creature are not good to cope, these Undead Creature are also super strong, moreover body also after strengthening, but also by Space strengthening strongly is living the function, general attack their simply did not fear, at once that two Stone Giant unexpectedly only then the strength of defense, does not have the energy of attack.