Chapter 102 Strikes to kill So far, these ordinary mercenary have died, scene only remaining that three Advanced level Warrior and gardens their three Magician. After these ordinary commissions, is at the nature potential in the population, is adding on them is not these Undead Creature matches, therefore they are defeated are inevitable. But these Dead-soldier of surrounding had not run, seven and Zhao Lianling the person was all extinguishing by Zhao, these Dead-soldier must say that is facing the words that fights, simply is not the Warrior match, gathers compares general Warrior that what they must face also to want fierce Undead Creature. Now more than 1000 Undead Creature encircle that three Advanced level Warrior and garden three people in the middle, they want to run are not easy. Green and Merine have not called a halt, still to that three Advanced level Warrior attacks, Green is having to such do, that three Advanced level Warrior killing aura were too full, understands at a glance is Assassin, if such person gives them a point respite opportunity, their seize the opportunity will possibly escape. But garden their there by these Undead Creature left three layers right three layers encircling stubbornly, is impossible to make them run away. The garden also feels depressed, original Light Element Magic can very restrain Black Magic, but he actually has not actually thought that will have Space this kind of abnormal existence, makes these Undead Creature not fear that unexpectedly Light Element Magic, his Light Element Magic these Undead Creature lethality one reduced, now his attack these Undead Creature also really somewhat has lacked the ability to do what one would like. Stone Lingshuang two brothers do not feel better now, Magic that they most are good at summons Stone Giant, Stone Giant fighting strength although very formidable, Magic also very big that but needs, what most important is, but also needs you to go to careful control, therefore they, as soon as summoned Stone Giant to come, was very difficult to use other Magic. If calculates according to the common situation that today they summon the Stone Giant fight are the best choice, Stone Giant super strong, but can also stone to carry on long-distance attack, does not fear the toxin, is tall, copes with general Undead Creature not to suffer a loss. However what is a pity, today what they meet is by Space has strengthened these Undead Creature, these fellow first take to practice although not to do Stone Giant only, but on these many together, Stone Giant share that also only then resists.

Garden presently own Light Element Magic these Undead Creature useless times, his immediately transformed the strategy, with Light Element Magic Magic commonly used one move, has stood in the back of teammate supports them. His attack does not have what use regarding these Undead Creature, however Healing Technique in his Light Element Magic, is actually effective, reason that must know Light Element Magician becomes famous on Continent, besides them to Dark Magician restrain, most famous is their Healing Technique, they are on Continent most receive the happy person, because their Light Element Magic are on this Continent most effective Healing Magic, besides can wound treatment, but can also help person quick restoration Magic. although to Advanced level Magician degree, their attack strength was not weak, but compares compared with Magic of other departments, on the other hand is actually weakest , because of this, therefore one, but in a team has Light Element Magician, everyone/Great Clan well protects him in the safest place, making him give everyone/Great Clan wound treatment, helping everyone/Great Clan restore Magic, naturally, some once for a while release Light Element attack Magic help will attack. Now they use this method, Stone Lingshuang garden protection in the middle, garden often restores Magic to them, once for a while will carry on attack with Light Element Magic to these Undead Creature. That three Advanced level Warrior are also trying meanwhile to find the solution slowly their here depends to come toward the garden, obviously they also present garden their here forms of combat, wants to come in the minute one cup of thick soup, making the garden support their. How however their this small tricks possibly hide the truth from Green, Green one presently their intentions, immediately stepped up the offensive, simultaneously makes these Undead Creature coordinate. although these Undead Creature, turn over to Drunk now their command(er), but these Undead Creature are very intelligent, they knew from Alien there, Green their status they be higher than Drunk, these Undead Creature naturally can listen to Green. Zhao Hai static sitting in Space, look at outside fight of concentrate all attention, the prompt sound that in Space transmits he has not noted. First cannot endure, is really that three Warrior, because they cannot have the Magic support of garden, in adding on them by Green, Merine these two Expert is besieged now, side also has Meg and Drunk they disturbs in one side, is adding on these Undead Creature, they can so long time be very good. That three Warrior although are also very fierce, but was besieged by these many people, but must pay attention not to be been poisonous by the Undead Creature toxin, if they have not had the strictest training, feared that was they are already given to kill by Green. Even if this, now their situation also arrived at the most dangerous time, the bodies of three people were wounded, but in these wounds poisonous, they have to suppress toxicity on wound with Battle Qi, otherwise they feared that will be immediately will be poisoned to death.

Also because they must branch out part of Battle Qi to suppress toxin in within the body, fierce that very therefore their attack strength and defense strength drop, is adding on attack they are 8th level big Warrior and 8th level Advanced level Magician, is not good to deal with, therefore three people of present soon could not endure. The however three people probably are being good at Technique of Joint Attack, therefore their although was struck this, but a short time, Green they, if wants his life, but also is really not that easy. But reason that Zhao Hai such cares about here , because Zhao Qian has dived, is preparing in one to three person to begin. Zhao Qian original attack target is the garden they, but the garden they are Magician, in fight, routine blessing/additional support has protected Magic to oneself, by the Zhao Qian present ability, simply impossible, in three Advanced level Magician blessing/additional support have protected in the Magic situation, carries on to them strikes to kill, therefore he has to change target, the target image rotation that three Advanced level Warrior. However Advanced level Warrior is similar to Magician, when they carry on the fight, certainly will protect oneself with Battle Qi, therefore he did not have opportunity. However with the lapse of time, this opportunity appears , that three Advanced level Warrior after the fight of long time, have been adding on the poison, their Battle Qi protections were lower, has given Zhao Qian opportunity. Zhao Qian calm look at that three people, he also, regarding Assassin, the patience is most important, does not have the patience they are is impossible to complete duty, he and other best opportunity. In this time, opportunity appears , the water dragon technique of Merine in one time is hitting toward three people, water dragon technique although is not considered as that any Advanced level Magic, water dragon technique that but big Magician uses, equivalent to Advanced level Warrior strikes fully, therefore that three Warrior do not dare to neglect, in which two person immediately/on horseback welcomed to that two water dragon, prepared striking before twice two powder of water dragon. At this moment, Zhao Qiandong, his personal appearance suddenly appears in in midair, in hand Rapier fierce punctures toward a Advanced level Warrior back. That Advanced level Warrior underwent a evening's fight, responded that had not started just to be so keen, when continuously Zhao Qian Rapier soon punctures him, he feels realized, but already late. bu, Zhao Qian Rapier pricks from the cerebellum of that Advanced level Warrior, sword tip extended from the mouth, struck to be killed violently.

After puncturing a sword, Zhao Qian simply has not pulled out the sword, but lets go, then several darts one departs from his two hands, directly soars another to meet the approaching enemy the water dragon person. After the dart throws, Zhao Qian also fell the ground, he get lost in underground, vanished in the front of people, but at this time that is fallen the ground by the Advanced level Warrior corpse that he killed. But another Warrior to that several darts asking the price with no intention of buying, but he actually cannot block the water dragon technique of Merine, tied strong/sturdy solid collision by the water dragon technique in underground, one falls lies in the ground, when he has not jumped, these Undead Creature commissions on, ripped the fragment him instantaneously. Another Warrior looked that own two brothers one had been killed, the eye one has practiced, furiously roar, has wielded the military Rapier to flush away toward Green, him just moved, felt that one group of black one gave to tie down him, making him have the feeling that one type of was fettered. Dark Black Magic, imprisonment! He has shouted wildly one, black flashes, one works loose Magic that Drunk release came, suddenly felt that on the foot was stumbled, he lowers the head looks, on own foot by one group of cyan gas tying down, this makes him be angry, he naturally recognizes, this is only Wind element Inferior level Magic, the wind rope technique, if his simply will not care in normally this Magic, however at this time, such Inferior level Magic although impossible him how, but can actually be been slow by his motion degree. When breaking away wind rope technique, the Merine Ice Blade storm arrived, the Ice Blade storm is not general Inferior level Magic, but is one type of Advanced level Magic, this Magic Water element Magic energy, congeals the Ice Blade shape, then lets revolving of these Ice Blade like tornado, this entire is a gigantic shape meat grinder. This person of complexion cannot help but changes, he knows that fierce of this Magic, immediately/on horseback sinks to drink one, black gas appears intermittently, in hand Rapier turned into the pure black, a sword wields like the Ice Blade storm, but the Ice Blade storm has not vanished, but weakened, even if, its lethality is also very strong. This person not bears, has wielded five swords continually, is removes scattering of bottom the Ice Blade storm, he just scattered the Ice Blade storm, Great Sword is dodging cyan light, such as lightning same jabbed into his throat! Green make a move, cyan light Sword Qi, has struck to kill!