Chapter 103 I pat you Among in the blink of an eye, three Advanced level Warrior died in battle, if not Zhao Qian appears , these three Warrior were not easy dead in battle, Assassin although was impossible to change a war, but if Assassin utilized well, can actually change a fight the result. That three Advanced level Warrior this dies, other all people were centralized to the garden their there, the garden they not too attractive complexion became were uglier. They also know that today feared could not be inescapable, gathered round by more than 1000 Undead Creature, but also wants to escape, they really do not have this confidence. Undead Creature that garden look at gathers slowly, in the eye the cold light twinkle, deep voice said : garden request and Mr. Zhao Hai see.” His this saying exit / to speak, Green their offensive to stopped, how arrived at once is don’t know must handle, but Zhao Hai actually noted in Space, this garden two eyes cold light sparkled, certainly has not settled the good intention, therefore immediately/on horseback at heart to Zhao seven an order, having made Zhao seven pretend to be him to see the garden. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also ordered, making Zhao Qian give Zhao ghost Staff seven, must know that Zhao seven are Undead Creature, he will not speak, he and person communicate through the spiritual connection, such words will see garden immediately to reveal the secret, so long as Zhao Hai will take ghost Staff not to be different, Zhao Hai can speak through ghost Staff, will not be heard by the garden . Moreover the garden has not seen Zhao Hai, now Zhao seven they put on also will be black Magic Robe, believing the garden should divide does not come out. This was just Zhao Hai transferred two thoughts matters, reason that will elect Zhao seven, was because Zhao seven and Zhao even/including just cleaned up these Dead-soldier of surrounding cleanly, therefore the garden has not seen Zhao seven, believes that he will not begin to have suspicions. Under the shields of these Undead Creature, Zhao Qian has handed over in Ghost Staff the Zhao seven hands, after Zhao seven is taking Magic Staff, on immediately carrying on the back of Undead Creature, this Undead Creature is not Alien, Zhao Hai remained Alien to the garden they very near place, waits to make Alien come with spiritual Magic to them ruthlessly. Before he had still not found opportunity, after all Alien spiritual Magic attack, is not very strong, was used for sneak attack also becomes, if really the frontage resistance, he possibly were not the garden 8th level big Magician match.

The position that Zhao seven stand they are not near to garden, fully about 30 meters, such position on the other hand is very safe, general Magic does not have target of means attack such long-distance range, even if the opposite party throws Stone to come attack with Stone Giant, Zhao seven have the time to evade. Zhao 71 stand the body of that Undead Creature, Green they stares, they are constantly together with Zhao Hai, naturally recognizes that is not Zhao Hai, law Zhao seven their several statures are only similar, therefore Green cannot divide this is in Zhao seven them that. although cannot distinguish clearly is in Zhao seven them that but the procedure of Green to Zhao Hai actually very approves, by his life story, naturally can look at the garden these time to call Zhao Hai to come out is the restless good intention, he wants to remind Zhao Hai, but thinks own this reminder, the garden will possibly feel that is not right, therefore he can do now, on is tight is staring at the garden, so long as they one has the change, he on immediately/on horseback attack. However saw Zhao seven his feel relieved, Zhao Hai made Zhao seven replace him, can guarantee that his safety, regarding Green them, had sacrificed Zhao seven not to have no relationship, so long as the Zhao Hai security, that all said. After Zhao seven stand firm, on the Zhao Hai sound people transmits said : not to know that what gal Mister Blue does see my behavior? Does mister want to talk openly with me?” Zhao Hai this saying suffices to damage, obviously in the satire garden, the complexion paleness of garden, he is a God's favored one type character, since childhood intelligent, otherwise has not become in such big age 8th level Light Element Magician, because he is a character of talent, therefore almost all people follow him, holds him in the control, a harsh language does not have, his there has received taunting like this. However the garden endured this tone, deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai do not taunt me, the sighted person did not speak the code words, Mr. Zhao Hai knows that my name, naturally also knows that we were do do, this time disturbed Mr. Zhao Hai is we are not right, I apologized to mister in here, so long as mister is willing to put our leave, is willing to give mister below to seal|confer demon the iron volume that oneself used, didn't know mister what do you think?” Was saying while extend the hand to bosom, has curled to take that to seal|confer Motie. The Zhao Hai sound then conveys said : why I to put you, so long as has killed you, I can certainly obtain to seal|confer Motie to curl.” His voice just fell hears garden angry voice said loudly: You die.” Said that one opened to seal|confer Motie to curl, a white light direct impact horizon. Green and Merine secret passage is not good, they almost simultaneously moved one to support Magic protective shield on the Zhao seven bodies, another likely garden attack.

However Green attack actually by that two Stone Giant blocking, but Merine protective shield although has supported, is actually not effective, that [say / way] white light that flies from the garden book, flies in sky, immediately turned into a giant light sword, straight toward Zhao seven detachments. Merine sees this sword ray not to know well, because she recognizes this sword ray, in this sword ray Light Element Magic one type of attack Magic of most non-solution, the blade edge of known as trial, is one type of 7th level Magic, this Magic consumption Magic, moreover time very long that discharges, but attack strength actually very strong, almost disregards any defense, even if 8th level Expert, if were not beforehand to oneself blessing/additional support massive protective shield, will be divided dead by a sword. Plum protective shield simply that wants this release to come in a hurry cannot blocking attack of blade edge of this trial, therefore Merine saw Magic that this garden release comes unexpectedly is the blade edge of trial, knows that this time Zhao seven are more unfortunate than fortunate. However when that sword falls, Zhao seven and between these Undead Creature suddenly of his side one vanished, then one cut in the light sword the open area, five meters sword mark appears in the ground, this sword mark had more than one meter depth together fully, half meter many wide, obviously Might of this sword. The face of garden proud saw this situation cannot help but one has tarried, even if he is the fool also knows one these have made the useless merit, let alone he is also not a fool, his understand, that piece of Undead Creature did not arrive at that. His understand however Merine their actually completely understand, just Zhao seven they already by Zhao Hai receiving, light falling although very fast of sword, but does not have the rapidness that the Zhao Hai thought transfers, a Zhao Hai thought that Zhao seven they were received. When sword ray vanishes, Zhao seven they appears in there, probably just their simply had not moved have been same, the Zhao Hai sound in one time conveys said : to know that you will come this, against you, the grandson, were already waiting for death you.”( This read with Beijing dialect finally) The garden actually recovers, sneering look at Zhao seven said : „? I do not think that today will die in here, Brother Shi Clan, here on give you, I will revenge for you.” Said that in one time opened to seal|confer Motie to curl, white light in one time shone, this white light entire has wrapped in inside the garden, slowly could not see the body of garden unexpectedly. Merine sees that to roll white light, quickly said: attack that rolls white light, that is the Light Element Magic Saint light escapes.” She said that they listens to Green, but Zhao Hai also heard. Zhao Hai although sits in Space, but two eyes has actually been staring at the garden, in the eye killing aura is steaming, this time he was angry, just luckily he was careful, if he exits, feared that was dangerous, he cannot guarantee that Great Sword divided from own head, oneself can also be so calm.

Hears the Merine words, Zhao Hai cannot help but loudly scolds said : me to pat your bastard.” The intention moves, huge Fly-Swatter appears in that rolls on white light, is rolling a white light ruthless racket to that. After this Fly-Swatter is Ranch clears , a some function, 10% opportunity can make to strike to kill, but can also bring to use to Space outside, is at present the only one by one single body attack skill of Zhao Hai meeting. The people who has played the Farm game know that wielding of Fly-Swatter has relationship with your hand, the rapidness that the person presses, hits is quicker, but Zhao Hai this person does not have what merit, the sole merit is, his hand is quick, most at least compared with normally wants on quickly. The speed of hand becomes the erect with the reaction capacity of person , the response of in other words Zhao Hai be quicker than the normal person on, although is only a point, but this was very good, therefore this firmly decides to pat the garden, almost one wielded several rackets in the flash, must know present Fly-Swatter not with hand control, but was Zhao Hai uses head control directly. 10% strikes to killing rate, not very high, in other words you make ten, be only one must kill, several other are normal attack, but normal attack escapes regarding the Saint light is not useful. Space is digitization thing, digitization thing has characteristics, will be they will not make the mistake, will only do according to a fixed pattern, this will be a merit is a shortcoming, the merit naturally will not make mistakes, the shortcoming will not be accommodating, in other words this 10% will strike to the killing rate not enhance, in average ten under attack, on having under one must kill. But Zhao Hai just one wielded several rackets in the flash, happen to caught up with one to strike to kill, saw that Fly-Swatter is similar to strikes was the same, that to a big fly patted rolls white light scattering that patted pats the garden in underground, the garden is similar to one mud is now same, probably Bone of whole body these patting, has bled profusely from the head broken, saw with own eyes is could not live.